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Poof Report: April 19, 2008

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se to keep the pumps primed so a new contract doesn't have to be created and have the thousands of trustees sign all over again. Yes dotson is in the deliveries. The trustees have them in hand..I was told the primary courier is brinks but dhl is subcontracting, so there is still no way anyone would know who'd be showing up at your door. Please understand, I'm linked to the lien holders so I'll know when they have gotten access, as the trustees will be able to dump immedi ately upon that clearence. One said last night, there were only 18 left and that's out of thousands across the planet, and the rest have been waiting on pins and needles to get busy, only 2 days and they'll be done with the bulk of deliveries. That means they could be whacking this thing out as early as later today. Just try to stay calm, this is the end. > p