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Casper Update: April 18, 2008

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 The last 48 hours have been especially difficult. Some of BUSH'S D.C. attorneys were over heard laughing yesterday about how naive we are and how easy it is to mislead us about what is going on. In addition to their constant snowstorm of disinfo they create further confusion by moving the packages to and fro and delivering just enough to make us believe deliveries are underway in earnest.
There were deliveries Wed night and Thursday but it was a continuation of the limited deliveries we have described before to those who can't access even with package in hand. This has been going on for a very long time.
Some have received multiple deliveries with no access to anything. Remember, we call these "O" packages for lack of a better description and because the recipient always seems to be in "O" only. Our driver contacts were delivering some of them a year ago and even further back than that. ( Believe it or not...we KNOW someone who rec'd their delivery SEVEN YEARS AGO...and to this day..can not access the funds.) They trigger nothing, not the "big drop" or announcements. This is not the big drop and does not hasten the big drop. Because almost all onshore money has been moved offshore cards in the packs reflecting offshore deposits have led some to believe these are the offshore packs. No, this is the onshore stuff sometimes called FIP (fines interest & penalties). The offshore will follow the onshore in May unless the schedules continue to be delayed.
 There are hundreds of lawyers in D.C. with meetings and fights going on everywhere. The POPE said to one group yesterday "if the peasants think they are going to get this money they have another think coming. It will never happen". Opposing groups of lawyers say it is he who has another think coming and funds previously distributed to the VATICAN and others will be retrieved. Somehow BUSH and the CORPORATION managed to con the VATICAN to the tune of $7T which they can't pay back. 
Simultaneously FITZ is saying he has the packs back at the COURT and they will never be delivered. WE can't explain this. If we were to try we would guess that virtually everything coming from D.C. are lies and the true reasons for delay are up there somewhere above our pay grade.  In-out-up-down around and around and around.
BUSH'S lawyers have a point. While we work around the clock chasing windmills other things are happening we either don't know about or find out about 24/72 hours after the fact.
For example, a handful of smaller Trustee's of smaller programs have not signed off and they are holding up "the big drop" until that is taken care of even though those programs have nothing to do with us. We hear they were told to "sign or be replaced and lose your money".
There are other "behind the scenes" activities involving ongoing Global Negotiations and on the premise we see only the tip of the iceberg, we are intentionally led astray, we are naive and easily manipulated, only God knows what else may be going on but whatever it is likely the real reason for delay.
WE are upset and frustrated and angry about the CRUELTY and EVIL nature of these psychopaths who laugh out loud, get their kicks and derive pleasure from torturing their fellow man. Washington D.C. must be the sickest city on earth. What difference is there i ask you, between the al-Qaida savages in IRAQ and the D.C. savages who are already responsible for the deaths of untold numbers of our people who have been tortured mentally and emotionally to the point of taking their own lives?  I still expect them to K.O. Obama so that only the Illuminati hand selected stooges remain for the people to "choose" between. Even when they go to the extreme of offering up two Skull and Bonesmen to "choose" between the average citizen still can't seem to understand that "they" don't care which horse we bet on as they own them both.
WE are attempting to lay hands on the actual Bankruptcy Document from 1933. It is being suppressed with a vengeance both here and abroad. It will identify who sucessive administrations and Congress's actually work for and to whom the people have been enslaved since 1933. WE have many important and peripheral and related documents. We need the Bankruptcy Document itself negotiated in GENEVA in 1930 and filed by FDR  March 9, 1933. The IMF would have a copy. Also the BIS, the VATICAN, the QUEEN, Q.BEATRICE, the WORLD COURT, SWITZERLAND, BRUSSELS?? and there would be several copies deeply hidden in the U.S..  
If you can assist with this or know someone who can (STORY????) please send a private communication to Fourwinds.
There are layers of disinformation and misdirection and attendant frustrations yet there is one overriding positive which we can and must hold on to.
There is forward progress on all fronts. WE have a hundred, even more, bits and pieces of Intel from all over the world which collectively tell us "it's happening". This "big picture overview" seems undeniable. As for the sons of Satan who are having such fun at our expense, their day will come.
What goes around comes around gentlemen in this life or the next. 
You are waist deep in other peoples blood whether you realize it or not.
Your day will come.
             casper   4-18-08