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11 BIGGEST holiday health mistakes

S.D. Wells

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Canola, canola, it’s everywhere you turn. Check those organic salad dressings. It’s even lurking where you least expect it. Bugs won’t eat it. It’s mixed with millions of American products to keep them from spoiling, while it “spoils” your health. Lab tests show canola puts weight gain into overdrive. It also dampens memory, as tested on lab rats. Canola can even worsen dementia. The majority of products that are “preserved” with canola oil will blow your mind. Start reading the ingredients on every prepackaged item you buy and you will see. If you’re wondering why obesity is such a problem in this country, it’s not just the sugar. It’s rapeseed oil. It’s an insecticide reduced down for a slow kill.

Treats, treats and more treats add up to health carnage at the holidays

How many little baked treats loaded with sugar and canola oil will you sneak into your mouth this week? Add up all the parties, get togethers, movie snacks, TV snacks, restaurant desserts, office treats and whatever you ordered off Amazon, and it might be enough to catapult inflammation and reduce immune function to the point of getting ill.

Any way you slice it, alcohol is poison for the system. Sure, the skin of grapes in your wine serves a good purpose, but the alcohol content does not. It leads to dehydration and overworking cleansing organs, especially over time or when it’s over done, like typically at big holiday dinners and throughout New Year’s Eve.

Take the test and see how many of the top 11 holiday health mistakes you could avoid this year

Pot luck dinners are often Trojan horses. They look harmless on the outside, but you don’t usually have a clue as to what’s all in it, or if the people who made it were sick at the time, and sick with what? What kind of oil did they use? What kind of sugar? Were they sick as dogs, or just sick but “asymptomatic” when they mixed it with their bare hands? Lastly, how much of it will you eat, especially if it tastes good and it’s “the holidays?” (so you say, what the heck, right?)


Then, you’ve got the allopathic folks, about 2 out of every 3 people on average, who believe that all their prescription medications, corporate-concocted food choices and lab-mutated gene therapy jabs are protecting their health, and you’re hanging out with lots of them at holiday parties and events. Is it “rubbing off?”

Take the test, and see how YOU fair. It’s the top 11 holiday health mistakes. If you are guilty of more than 3, you fail:

  1. Eating lots of canola oil.
  2. Eating lots of GMO corn sugar.
  3. Overdoing any kind of alcohol.
  4. Dining out and ordering take out more than occasionally.
  5. Drinking and eating from the same glass, fork, spoon, or “buffet” as other people.
  6. Eating “pot luck” dishes at parties.
  7. Kissing and/or shaking hands with lots of people, especially the immune-compromised.
  8. Thinking the Covid jabs, masks, and social distancing are protection from catching and/or spreading infections, including severe cases.
  9. Eating anything with artificial sweeteners (in order to avoid sugar), including aspartame and sucralose, because they can cause anxiety, irritable bowels, weight gain and cancer.
  10. Drinking and driving puts your health and life at risk, not to mention others, so use a Uber or Lyft (cab) service.
  11. Getting a COVID clot shot or a Fauci Flu “booster” (Omicron spells ‘moronic’ rearranged).

So how did you do on the test? Happy holidays and eat clean. Also, watch out for misinformation about the Fauci Flu on mass media. Bookmark for updates on experimental vaccines and boosters that can cause blood clots, ADE and other horrific side effects.

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