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Top 10 anti-aging foods to nourish your skin from the inside

Michelle Simmons

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Image: Top 10 anti-aging foods to nourish your skin from the inside

Healthy eating not only makes you feel great, it also makes you look great. Eating the right kinds of food can keep your skin healthy from the inside. There are certain foods that protect the skin cells from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, keep your skin hydrated, and fight skin damage from harmful free radicals. Here are 10 foods to eat to keep your skin healthy and younger-looking:

  1. Avocados: Avocados are good for the skin because they contain the antioxidants vitamin A and vitamin E — both protect against UV rays and keep the skin moisturized. In addition, they contain glutathione, which is a potent antioxidant that also keeps the skin healthy, as well as nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), a compound that may have anti-aging effects. Avocados are also packed with healthy fats that help develop and maintain healthy cells and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  2. Blueberries: Blueberries, which are one of the most popular superfoods, contain high amounts of antioxidants which help fight free radicals. These fruits have a relatively mild flavor and can be added to breakfast foods like pancakes, afternoon smoothies, dinner salads, or eat them directly as a snack. All other types of berries, such as blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries also contain antioxidants.
  3. Green tea: Aside from water, drinking green tea is a great way to stay hydrated. It keeps the skin healthy because it has antioxidants, vitamin B3, and a chemical called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). (Related: Using purified water boosts the antioxidant content of green tea, study finds.)
  4. Kale: Kale is a green leafy vegetable that contains high amounts of potassium, which keeps skin cells hydrated and firm. It also contains the antioxidant vitamin K, which prevents blood clotting and may help with circles under the eyes, scars, and spider veins.
  5. Oranges: Oranges are good for the skin because they are rich in water, which keeps the skin hydrated. These fruits are also rich in vitamin C, which is needed by the body to produce collagen, a protein that keeps the skin firm and combats the visible signs of aging. Eating a single medium orange can provide more than 100 percent of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C.
  6. Pomegranates: Like oranges, pomegranates are loaded with vitamin C. They are also rich in other antioxidants that fight off free radicals and promote healthy skin tone.
  7. Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes keep the skin healthy because they are loaded with vitamin C and beta-carotene, which is converted by the body into vitamin A and antioxidants.
  8. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are also packed with vitamin C. In addition to this, tomatoes are also loaded with lycopene. This powerful phytochemical is an important antioxidant that protects the skin from sun damage by fighting off free radicals caused by UV rays. In addition to its skin-protective effects, lycopene also promotes circulatory health and protects against cancer.
  9. Watermelons: Watermelons are juicy summer fruits that contain about 92 percent water, which keeps the skin hydrated. Similar to tomatoes, watermelons are also loaded with lycopene. An average watermelon even contains nearly 40 percent more lycopene than raw tomatoes. Eating watermelons can protect the skin from aging, wrinkles, and even skin cancer.
  10. Wild salmon: Wild salmon is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which can keep the skin hydrated, reduce inflammation, and fight against cancer.

You can also keep your skin healthy by cutting your consumption of processed, refined, and manufactured foods; restricting your calorie intake; limiting your consumption of alcohol; reducing your stress levels; quitting smoking; and getting enough sleep.

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