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College graduate posts breastfeeding graduation photo

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

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June 10, 2014

Here at Natural News, we're all for breastfeeding babies thanks to all the amazing nutritional benefits of mother's milk. A young mother named Karlesha Thurman apparently agrees, and she decided to celebrate her joy on the matter by posting a college graduation photo with her baby engaged in what can only be called "full-power breastfeeding." (4)

The photo has stirred up all sorts of controversy across the 'net. Apparently there are people who don't yet realize that women have breasts and they feed babies with them. Somehow, when certain people see breasts, they can only think weird, perverted, shameful thoughts... and that tells you way more than you might want to know about the odd things happening inside their own heads.

But let's face it: female breasts have a crucial practical function in raising healthy, high-IQ babies. To observe a mother feeding her own child in the most natural way possible isn't weird; it's LIFE. Only in a bizarre, disconnected society is the act of nourishing a baby considered strange or "socially inappropriate."

Natural News salutes Karlesha Thurman and hopes her courage will inspire other women to feed their babies breast milk instead of formula.

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