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Pharmaburger documentary launches as episode one of Food Investigations series

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

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Food Investigations ( features short documentary videos (under 10 minutes each) exposing little-known facts about fast food and processed food products. The videos are free to watch at the website, and they're also available at www.NaturalNews.TV where thousands of other holistic health videos can be viewed for free every day.

The Pharmaburger mini-documentary takes issue with the doctor from Imperial College London whose study, published in the American Journal of Cardiology, led him to recommend that statin drugs be handed out like ketchup packets at fast food restaurants. This, he claims, would "counteract" the heart risk dangers of fast foods.

Just pop a pill every time you chow down a junk food cheeseburger, in other words, and the health risks will be cancelled out. It's a juvenile, short-sighted point of view about health and nutrition, of course, but the idea has a surprisingly large number of followers among practitioners of mainstream medicine (many of which are arguably illiterate when it comes to nutrition in the first place).

Ultimately, the idea seeks to turn fast food restaurants into pharmacies, lining up gullible customers to be dosed with powerful prescription pharmaceuticals based on no diagnosis, no doctor visits, and absolutely no consideration of their current health condition or possible drug interactions. To call it "medicine" is an insult to the very definition of the word.

The sad truth of the matter is that some members of the medication profession want to intoxicate everyone with dangerous chemical medications, and they are hoping to use fast food restaurants to achieve that goal. This Pharmaburger mini-documentary tells the rest of this story which will surprise most viewers.

Watch "Pharmaburger" at or www.NaturalNews.TV (search for "Pharmaburger").

Sept. 21, 2010