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S.D. Wells

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NOTE:   It is always wise to carefully consider the recommendations on food by Natural News, and to use common sense.  Moderation is the key.  Personnaly I would never cut out eggs and dairy products and grains from my diet.  Food additives and other chemicals are a major problem in creating body chemistry imbalance, which leads to diet problems.  It is not necessarily the fault of the basic foods that cause problems.

Over 100 million Americans right now suffer from diabetes or pre-diabetes. This puts them at risk for amputations and even going blind. Have you been told by M.D.s or other know-it-alls, “Don’t eat anything that has sugar in it or turns to sugar in your body?” They remind you of the condition where there’s “too much sugar in your blood.”

This is American medical advice getting regurgitated by chemical-medicine hucksters. “No pasta, no rice, no fruit, no potatoes, and no bread!” You have over done sugar, they tell you, and now you must inject insulin for the rest of your life in order to “control” your blood sugar and survive. You can not be healed of this – so the myth goes. But wait. Japan has one of the lowest rates of diabetes in the world, and no doctors there tell their patients this U.S. propaganda and supposedly “science-based” consumption advice. Noodles and rice, ironically, are staples in the diet there. So what gives?

Could every single U.S. medical doctor be entirely wrong about diabetes treatment?

Could it be that all 1.1 million U.S. medical doctors are wrong, or that they simply never took nutritional classes that explained the real root causes and the true exacerbating catapults, like meat, dairy, and eggs? The answer is yes to all. U.S. medical doctors are wrong and know little-to-nothing about nutrition as it affects human cells, immunity, or organ cleansing.

Is your fat (intramyocellular lipid) blocking your glucose from entering your cells? Quitting all sugar won’t fix it. Your fat needs a “key” to get into your cells and it’s called insulin, as well-explained in laymen’s terms in a Dr. Neal Barnard video embedded at the bottom of this article (that, by the way, has over 1.7 million views).


What if the entire reason your glucose can’t enter your cells is because animal fat and vegetable oils are blocking the “entrance?” What if you found out you could fix that problem by essentially cutting out those fats, without even counting “carbs” or calories anymore?

Research is proving that cutting out the meat, dairy, vegetable oils, and eggs results in significant weight loss in overweight or obese consumers fighting diabetes. Plus, it lowers their blood sugar back to safe levels. Imagine right now 100 million Americans who have zero clue about this, all because nutrition classes have been all but eliminated from American medical colleges and universities, across the board, thanks mainly to the highly corrupt racketeering outfit known as the American Medical Association (AMA).

Bacon, sausage, eggs and vegetable oils are more of an enemy to diabetics than sugar itself – get the facts

The genes that influence your body to suffer from diabetes, cancer, or dementia are greatly affected by what you eat. Those types of genes do not dictate that just because your parents or grandparents have “diabetic’s” genes that you must too suffer for life from diabetes. Ready to turn diabetes into “non-existent?” Starve it of its fuel.

Bottom line: Plant-based foods clean out your arteries so blood can flow, delivering nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body. Gorging on chicken, bacon, hot dogs, deli meat, hamburgers, fried anything, milk, ice cream, butter, cheese, and eggs clogs your arteries, leading to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and dementia of all kinds.

Are you on the diabetes REVERSAL diet, or are you on the chemical-medication, no sugar, diabetes FOR LIFE diet? Are your loved ones suffering from egg and meat disease?

Did you know Americans in total eat a million animals per hour? One in every three babies born this year will get diabetes at some point in their lifetime, and it’s all due to bad advice from mainstream media, junk-science marketing, chemical medications, and M.D.s.

Maybe it’s time to get some actual advice on root causes and healing. Listen to Dr. Neal Barnard at a TED Talk convention explain the die-hard truth (pardon the pun) in this short video clip:

Tune in to for tips on improving health and even your vision by simply changing what you eat, and consider the miraculous healing effects of a raw, organic living foods diet.

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