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What else are they hiding? . . .What else are they hiding? . . . .

Mat Staver

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The CDC was wrong (again) and admitted it overreported COVID deaths—including deaths that had NOTHING to do with COVID!

The CDC quietly removed “72,277 deaths [for COVID] previously reported across 26 states, including 416 pediatric deaths,” stating it had been “accidentally counting deaths that were not COVID-19-related,” Reuters reported Friday.

These new numbers from the CDC drop the total number of COVID deaths by 7% and children’s deaths by 23.6%. The CDC’s original numbers were false. Yet, the CDC used these fake numbers to push the COVID shots for children ages 5-11.

Relying on the erroneous edits from the CDC, about half the states have or are in the process of implementing Vaccine Passports.

Vaccine Passports and COVID shot mandates pose a serious threat to freedom. Send urgent faxes to state and national leaders demanding they end the mandates and Vaccine Passports. — Mat


“Trust the experts,” we were told.

“Believe the CDC,” we were urged.

“Numbers don’t lie,” we were warned—except they did.

We are helping expose the growing number of mistakes and outright lies that the CDC spread and bring the truth to light. About 19% of all COVID cases have been found in children; however, less than 0.26% of cases resulted in death, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

To support its push to vaccinate children under 18, including ages 5-11, the CDC inflated the deaths by nearly 24%. These fake totals were used by Pfizer to push for (and the CDC to justify) approval of injections in children 5 to 11 years old.

As of yesterday, 1-in-4 children ages 5-11 have already been injected with these shots. That number is staggering—and very concerning.

After her second Pfizer shot, 12-year-old Maddie De Garay complained: "It feels like my heart is being ripped out through my neck.” This healthy, happy pre-teen suddenly experienced a wide range of symptoms that included “gastroparesis, nausea, vomiting, erratic blood pressure, heart rate, and memory loss.” Now Maddie is confined to a wheelchair and can’t even hold up her head. "She still cannot digest food. She has a … tube to get her nutrition,” her mom shared.

As of March 1, 2022, we now know that Pfizer provided the FDA with 1,291 known adverse reactions to its shots. Who knowingly would take any drug that logged 1,291 many serious adverse injuries in just one year?

Yet, people are still being forced to get these shots. And many states are implementing Vaccine Passport technology to track and trace you and with the goal of forcing compliance. Even when (if) COVID goes away, there will be another virus, another vaccine, and more pressure to comply.

We are on the front lines of this fight helping thousands of people.

We have a multipronged approach, which includes legislation to protect your choice! Make your voice heard to legislators and governors with critical faxes. DEMAND AN END to mandates and Vaccine Passports!

Imagine … someone hands you a drug and then places in your hands a list of 1,291 known side effects. The list is so long each effect listed is only the name of the condition, separated by a comma, in a single-spaced, nine-page document on 8.5 x 11 paper.

Then they tell you that the drug can affect your DNA in as little as six hours.

Would you want to take that drug? … I wouldn’t.

But millions of people didn’t have that choice. Our military members are still facing mandates for these shots, and we are assisting in lawsuits to help them as well as employees and students also under shot requirements.

Facing a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request for Pfizer documents, the FDA balked and begged the court to give it more than 75 years to comply. No joke! The judge ordered the FDA to release 55,000 pages per month beginning March 1. Now we know why the FDA wanted to take 75 years—the first release of documents is damaging and raises serious concerns. This is how we know about the 1,291 adverse reactions to the Pfizer shots.

Millions of Americans believe the “safe and effective” narrative ... and now nearly 26,000 of them are dead.

It is unconscionable that people are still being forced to get these shots! Employees, travelers, military members and so many others are being pressured to get the shots. This is wrong!

This assault of freedom must stop now. Urge your state and federal leaders to stop Vaccine Passports and freedom-killing mandates.

About a year ago, I wrote, “Reported deaths associated with COVID injections have risen to 2,342 people, which is just a small fraction of actual reactions and deaths.” (April 14, 2021)

Today, the number of deaths is more than 10x the deaths from less than a year ago. Now there are 25,641 reported deaths associated with these shots. And the actual number is far greater!

Thanks to our Challenge Grant, the impact of your gift will be DOUBLED. I ask you to give your best gift today to help our mission or sign up for recurring monthly donations to keep us moving forward.

Join me in praying for our nation. And join us in this fight for freedom.

Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action


P.S. If you don't want politicians and employers making your health decisions before you travel, work, dine or shop—now is the time to make your voice heard. Join our extended Challenge Grant that will effectively DOUBLE the impact of your donations! Select here to equip our staff to fight this battle for free and fair medical choices.

P.P.S. Send faxes to key leaders demanding they do not mandate a vaccine. And sign our petition to these leaders to be delivered at critical moments in this fight against mandatory vaccinations.


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