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CDC is hiding this data from you . . .

Mat Staver

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A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention spokesperson admitted the CDC is hiding data because “it’s not yet ready for prime time.”

Kristen Nordlund said this secrecy was because data might be “misinterpreted” as the vaccines being “ineffective,” reported the NY Times.

While the CDC withholds the data, everyday Americans are being forced to choose between these ineffective shots and losing their job. Our military members are being forced to take these shots or get kicked out of the service. Some are even being told they are responsible for paying Uncle Sam the costs of their training!

People are desperately pleading for help as their deadlines are in the next 24-48 hours or soon thereafter. My team is working on multiple fronts to fight for nurses, soldiers, government contractors and so many others against unlawful shot mandates.

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The CDC is essentially claiming that you are too stupid to see the truth in the facts—or, more likely, the narrative they want you to believe.

The CDC knows the age, race and vaccine status of COVID hospitalizations in America. However, this information has been hidden from the public.

Now we are two years into COVID, and the CDC "has published only a tiny fraction of the data it has collected,” said the NYT.

One epidemiologist who helped run the Covid Tracking Project said, “We have been begging for that sort of granularity of data for two years.”

Two weeks ago, the CDC claimed it published data on the effectiveness of boosters in adults younger than 65. But, in fact, this “data” left out a massive section, all 18- to 49-year-olds. This so-called information eliminated two-thirds of the supposed dataset it claimed to address.

If the data backed up the CDC’s talking points, you can be sure it would be trotted out as “scientific fact.” The CDC’s omission is highly concerning.

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The CDC is not the only government agency blocking the truth.

Last week, Scotland stopped reporting some COVID numbers regarding hospitalizations and deaths according to vaccination status. It gave the same reason the CDC gave, that anti-vaccine groups would misrepresent the figures.

The data actually shows that those who are vaccinated are MORE likely to contract COVID.

An outbreak in Massachusetts found that three-quarters of those infected with COVID were people who were vaccinated.

Vaccine expert Dr. Paul Offit pleads, “Tell the truth, present the data.”

Experts like Offit said they were forced to use data coming out of Israel.

Dr. Yvonne Maldonado, chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Committee on Infectious Diseases, has been begging the CDC for information about how contagious someone with COVID is five days after symptoms begin. Frustrated, this doctor said, “They’ve known this for over a year and a half, right, and they haven’t told us!”

This is outrageous! When the data benefits their narrative, it is published within a week, but when the truth counters their narrative, it is hidden.

It is time for key congressional and state leaders to stand up and restore individual freedom of choice for these shots. Send faxes to state and federal lawmakers. Say NO TO MANDATORY COVID SHOTS AND VACCINE PASSPORTS!

Countless lives have been damaged and destroyed by these shots.

Before Emily King got the COVID shots, she was healthy and used to work out for an hour every day. She says, “Now I feel like there is a war raging inside my face and my head, and I’m now 13.5 weeks into it, and it’s just gotten progressively and progressively worse. … Now it’s in my scalp. I have pins and needles and neuropathic pain going down my legs and in my feet. My muscles are weak, my arms are weak. I have muscle spasms, internal vibrations, absurd pain with the most insane, grotesque sensations running down my face.”

More than 1.1 million other people have reported adverse reactions. There are almost 24,000 people who have died after these shots and over 43,000 who are permanently disabled. One report estimates the deaths at more than 400,000.

As far back as October 2020, the FDA knew about the serious adverse events from these shots. The FDA flashed a slide for just 1-2 seconds on screen listing serious shot reactions, including death, stroke, convulsions/seizures, anaphylaxis, Guillain-Barré syndrome (partial paralysis), narcolepsy, cataplexy, myocarditis, thrombocytopenia, arthritis and arthralgia/joint pain, vaccine enhanced disease (a more severe reaction to the virus after you are “vaccinated”) and 18 other known side effects.

The VAERS data confirms what the FDA knew about these drugs 16 months ago. The CDC’s silence is confirming that these shots do not work.

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We cannot sit on the sidelines while freedom is destroyed. This is a critical moment in America, and I’m grateful to be standing with you.

Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action


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