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Charles Miller

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by Charles Miller
June 26th 2018

All of the hoopla surrounding 'net neutrality' fails to recognize the basic facts of law, regulation of privileged use of the air waves, and commercial realities. Simply put, the People have the highest equity, chattel property, interest in the internet . We also have the only valid claim to TITLE BY OWNERSHIP in not only the net but its licensed use and regulation as well.

At the very least the NET is in fact, the function, and use of a public utility created for the benefit of all the American People. These statements are verified completely under the direct statement and context under which the Republic of The United States Of America was created beginning July 4th 1776.

The good Peoples Authority created governments, both state and national, for the exclusive benefit of the creators. THEREFORE; We the People are the first and only legitimate publicly documented beneficiaries of ALL governmental actions! THUS; All other individuals, administrators or users of governmental actions are servants and self-confessed debtors under their own actions owing the People honest services.

What this means in very simple direct terms is:
  1. The law of The Bill of Rights controls the internet service providers and its commercial for profit users.
  2. All licensed users are corporate entities subject to the restrictions in The Bill of Rights, that attach upon issuance of the corporate charter by the governments allowing them to exist.
  3. Governments hold no power to create or allow corporate entities to operate outside of the law. . . any law.
  4. All government acts, such as creating corporations, carry with those acts, the limits of government itself found within The Bill of Rights. This is because the issuer, the State, the licensing agency issuing a TAX ID, are government agencies bound to operate in all facets of operations under The Bill of Rights, which attaches to all acts.
  5. No corporate entity is ever authorized to circumvent the law, any law, particularly the laws of the issuers of charters, licenses or use permits. The People never granted any law making body anywhere the authority to place the People in second position ever for any reason whatsoever.
  6. Service providers of NET access, the air, or electronic waves, are subject to the jurisdictions controlling them.
  7. Misuse or abuse of privilege to operate corporately is a crime; abusing the People while being subject to the Peoples laws is a crime; overcharging the People for services while using the public properties and privileged positions for corporate life is a high crime.
  8. When the corporations abuse their privilege the result is always a human rights abuse, which is good cause for forfeiture of corporate privilege and the purchased position to do business with the People.
  9. Human rights abuse always begins with corrupted, greedy, controlling individuals. Witnessing the political forum at the moment is a perfect example.

Once the People come forward declaring ownership of the internet with full interest in how the internet property is administered. . . things change. NOTE: the People are always to be held in the highest most beneficial position under any government act.


The Internet

The People are the only legitimate Beneficiaries and owners of the internet technology from the beginning. Those using the Peoples internet property do so under varied and numerous licensed privilege carrying with each the requirement they operate under the law that allows them to exist. Each of these points is provable by six statements.

  1. 'We the People' paid for creation of the internet and now pay to access it.
  2. No corporation is authorized to operate outside the law. The 1st and 4th Amendments apply to internet operating in public commerce, access device manufacturers, service providers and most specifically to subject supervising regulators.
  3. No one may waive their 1st or 4th Amendment protections with out fully informed consent. No one, particularly government, is ever authorized to deceive the People under any circumstance.
  4. When the government regulators fail, or refuse to properly regulate those subject to legitimate government powers, the result is that 'We the People' are denied access and protection under Our law. . . The Constitutions.
  5. This failure makes the regulators individually liable to the People because only legitimate lawful acts by government actors are immune from suit.
  6. Governments in America have no Sovereignty because we the people never gave it to them. We placed our individual Sovereignty in trust for the governments we created to protect.


I think not!



Please open a web based dialogue on the points presented below. In order for such dialogue to have any meaning it must be limited to issues of law, facts, right to access the law and its protections and most importantly simple good manners.

What would happen if a lot of Americans presented the points below to President Trump with a request he review the facts and show 'We the People' why we don’t own the net and why we should pay exorbitant fees to the service providers for using our property?

  1. The internet concept and construction of working scalable communications was designed and built by Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET). The ARPANET was initially funded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the United States Department of Defense.
  2. The United States Department of Defense is a federal entity under Command and Control of the Office of President. The United States Congress funds the U.S. Department of Defense.
  3. All officers, employees, and contractors serving the Department of Defense, are "duty contractually bound",  to the principle that ALL governments operating in America are servant to the People who constructed them.
  4. DARPA, the identifier of ARPA since 1972, is a federal executive branch franchised entity operating under the Chief Executive Office, the President.
  5. The Chief Executive is also the Chief Magistrate charged with enforcing the law of the United States which holds powers over ALL executive and corporate operations operated under United States license. License in this context meaning a tax identifier and corporate charter which authorizes commercial operations to do business with and affect with the People. Review of the Bill of Rights in particular 1st, 4th 9th and 10th Amendments exposes who is to be protected first, last always by any law or regulation whatsoever; THE PEOPLE. Licensing and regulation executed by the Executive CEO controls all internet service providers. This position provides the Chief Magistrate with the tool to address and control corruption and rights abuses by media and internet service providers or licensed commercial users of internet or air waves for their business operations.
  6. The supreme law of the land is the federal Constitution and its limited and specific powers. The supreme law is controlled and guided by The Bill of Rights, simply the laws in motion.
  7. All governmental powers from local government all the way to the top of the federal government are granted for only one purpose. That purpose is to protect the People in their rights. This is simply because 'We the People' created the governments to serve us. What this means in simple terms is that any and every company or corporation that operates across state jurisdiction lines is subject to federal regulation. All federal regulations are to benefit and protect the People from day one of federal government existence. Read abuse by Google, Facebook, MSM and a host of other abusers operating corruptly.
  8. There is no set of circumstance authorizing any act of government, such as corporate charter or interstate business, to delete the effects of The Bill of Rights for any one or anything, including  corporations, existing or being created under government powers. "'We the People' never granted power to government to immunize artificial persons from the effects of any law whatsoever."
  9. 'We the People' granted powers to the federal government through our states to regulate commerce among the states. This means commerce done across state lines is subject to federal power. This also means we have a property interest to be protected by the law and it’s administration because we granted the power, we back the paychecks for the administrators and we paid for all the equipment and buildings.
  10. Further the People as first equity holders in the internet may exercise our property rights at anytime through one simple question. "Under what law or theory of law does the federal government authorize commercial users of the internet to violate or operate outside the 1st and 4th Amendments when dealing with the People?"
  11. All Internet traffic crosses state lines. This one fact attaches government, in particular The Bill of Rights 1st and 4th Amendments to every actor subject to regulation.
  12. We the People never granted Congress, or Federal Judges, the authority to immunize artificial persons from being held to the fundamental law. We the People never authorized judges to assign exclusive powers of the People, "Our political will and creator standing", to artificial persons or corporations, which gave the corporations political standing.
  13. We the People provided all of the backing for the paychecks of every DARPA employee, provided all of the equipment and buildings for them to operate in. We also authorized generally and directly through our governments the existence from the beginning of DARPA.
  14. THEREFORE; We the People have the controlling property right and controlling equity position in all the WEB operations of the Internet from the very beginning. The People hold the highest equity title possible in the operation of the Internet because we paid for its development. We also granted the right for corporations to exist. We authorized the existence of corporations in our state constitutions.
  15. The political and legal structures of this country require our PROPERTY interest be protected first, last and always. The properties to be protected generally is our law of constitutions, specifically the properties of the air waves crossing state lines via internet, phones, and telegraphs.
  16. No government operation whatsoever holds the authority to grant corporations providing Internet, cell, and phone service across state lines, with the position of unjust enrichment and abuse of the people's property or our rights in the Internet. Unjust enrichment takes the form of huge profits. The fundamental definition of unjust enrichment In this matter: Unjust enrichment means when a person unfairly gets a benefit by chance, mistake or another's misfortune for which the one enriched has not paid or worked and morally and ethically should not keep. A person who has been unjustly enriched at the expense of another must legally return the unfairly kept money or benefits.
  17. The Peoples misfortune, mistakes and chance is that through our collective failure to properly supervise our government, it’s servants, allowed CORRUPTION to grow like well fertilized weeds. The fertilizer of course being privately owned money protected by secrecy and force through the courts crushing of complaints exposing corruption.
  18. No government agency is granted authority to regulate the Internet in any manner whatsoever that does not benefit the People first, last and always.
  19. The use of the Peoples properties assigned to licensed and regulated entities by and through government actions, requires that the unjust profits generated by such use, be returned to the equity owners. This is a fundamental of property law from the beginning of laws dealing with property.
  20. The licensing authorities first duty is to the People. The licensing and regulations governing the use of public property like the internet is a proper government function. Failure to hold licensed regulated entities to the laws is founded on negligence resulting in conclusion that the regulators are participating in rape of the People. This rape takes the form and function of allowing the users of public properties to abuse the laws, while enriching themselves, by committing human rights violations. The violation of rights takes the form of THEFT OF INFORMATION. The violation of the rights takes the form of circumventing The Bill of Rights.

The first step to resolving any conflict, argument, misconstruction, abuse of powers or privilege,  is a "open on point dialogue". 'We the People' are the controlling "Court of Public Opinion". What we say goes when enough of us act under the same statement of intent. Join the dialogue or expect Your just deserts served up by Google, Facebook and the other like kind manipulators.

Prediction: This author expects that the self proclaimed slaves to corrupt government will invariably attempt to derail honest discussion by devolving the narrative into the same-old-blame-game of someone or something else being responsible for the situation we all share at the moment. Note: This function simply feeds the corruption and is true under one very simple statement.

"When one puts their energy into discussing or reporting only the problems there is no energy left to find a solution. Solutions and resolutions are not only possible but probable. Some of Us are actually doing just that and receiving the benefits."

Make your choice now. Problems or solutions, which one will you serve or feed?