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Michael Rivero

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April 10, 2015

"We live under a government that passes unconstitutional laws, then drags its feet when hauled before the Supreme Court to test that law's Constitutionality. But under Marbury v. Madison, the US Supreme Court ruled that any law that violates the Constitution is automatically void. And under John Bad Elk vs. United States, any citizen has a right to resist with lethal force any violation of their civil rights by the application of unconstitutional laws. Joe Biden's claim to a government right to determine what guns We The People may be allowed to own violates both the Second and Tenth Amendments, and under Marbury v. Madison, any laws passed to limit our Second Amendment rights are automatically null and void. " -- Michael Rivero

The Articles of Confederation, thus the Original US Constitution, were written for and by white people, which by the way were never adhered to from day one by any government official, and were quickly undermined even before the ink was dry. As to the documents themselves, while written in the style and prose of the period, They were first and foremost, framed and structured for honorable men and women, not sociopaths, psychopaths, homicidal maniacs, or the criminally minded.

Why all the debate over the US Constitution as to the violations of law and procedure when the American people can't even read anymore thanks to the public fool system, and even if They could, it is doubtful that many would have any interest in reading the US Constitution. Scholarly works of the past, no matter the subject, are never written for lump-ins and knuckle draggers, They are written for literate people who have the requisite reading comprehensive skills to understand the words used to convey the content. . .so much for the founding documents.

 In today's world, the attention span of your average goyim is around 15 seconds, tops. Mired in the superficial, meaningless, innocuous, and mediocre, you would never know by the current crop of Americans that some of Their ancestors were the ones who started this country.