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Speaker Paul Ryan

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The Constitution is Clear: Congress Writes the Laws, Not Presidents Share on Facebook and Twitter

This week, the House of Representatives took an unprecedented step to defend our Constitution against this president’s gross abuse of executive power.
In response to the president’s executive amnesty, the House voted to authorize me to file an amicus brief on behalf of the House in the upcoming U.S. v. Texas Supreme Court case.
This is bigger than any one policy—this is about protecting our Article I powers. The Constitution is clear: Presidents don't write laws. Congress does.
This president’s pattern of executive overreach has strengthened a fourth branch of government—unelected bureaucrats—that operates with little to no transparency and undermines Congress.
As I argued on the House floor prior to this vote, we must defend the principles of self-determination, self-government, and government by consent of the governed. That’s why we are moving forward with legal action to return power to the American people.