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 Dear Fourwinds Readers:

The above attachment, “ACT OF 1871” is a very well-written easy to read explanation of ‘how’ they did it. I’ve been holding on to this writing for some time, and cannot recall who passed it to me. It is not my original writing but merely posted by me for the benefit of all. As it has been in public domain, and the author intended that it be so, I see no reason to not post it. I have attached related documents in support of my below rant. This is intended to disclose the “skeleton in the closet”, and once disclosed more ‘fleshing out’ can be done on various related aspects of it.

The proper context for this subject, which has already been elaborated by myself and Patrick and others, would be to review the pdf document sent to Patrick last week which is titled “Federal Convention, Committee on Stiles, September 14, 1787”. Go to Fn’s 15-16 and review the specific transcript language from the proceedings assembled regarding the motion to grant Congress authority to incorporate or grant charters of incorporation, which was expressly ‘rejected’.

In less than 100 years, the Lieber Code was adopted by Lincoln on April 24, 1863; at the end of the Civil War, during and subsequent to Reconstruction (just like in Iraq), the Lieber Code “occupational authority” of the “United States” [then “Union North”] caused to be created an “occupational government” but misled the people of all the states to believe that the Union was being revived as it had existed prior to the grossly mischaracterized false flag ‘war’. Although sentiments of the people of the states had not healed nor been ‘settled’, the occupation was to have been terminated by executive, legislative, and judicial determinations. It never was. The Lieber Code and occupation continue to this date. It was not a ‘war of rebellion’ or ‘insurrection’ by the southern states, as has been mischaracterized by those who spawn “official history”. Rather, it was a war of tyranny and repression ultimately brought by those who sought to seize control of the North and the South, the “Union”; not a war prosecuted only by the North-Lincoln, or those economic-political powers behind him. The “institution” of southern slavery was important, yes, but was not the trigger or the underlying purpose of the war. In fact, our records show that it was not a primary issue of contention or ‘cause’, at least not with Lincoln, as short as one year prior to the resolution and passing of the 13th Amendment.

In any event, slavery under any means or condition is an abomination, no matter if it is ‘involuntary’ or made to appear ‘voluntary’, which is all that the Elders [of/Zion] ever intended for the colonists and indigenous peoples of the ‘new world’… the “New Israel” and/or the “New Rome”.

One definition of the word, “forgive” or “to forgive”, means: “to go forth as before”. In context to the above, during the time of the Civil War both Lincoln and Johnson were willing to ‘forgive’ the southern states their acts of ‘succession’, and had openly affirmed their intention to do so. It was not the intent of either to reform or novate the terms and conditions of the original ‘compact’ Constitution or the Union by compelling the states to amend or otherwise modify their lawful original Constitutions, or their lawful political processes, substantively change the ‘bodies politic’, or to compel their duly elected officers, servants of the Office of the People to abandon, resign, or retire their office.

Unfortunately, things did not go the way of their intentions, and virtually all of the foregoing conditions were compelled on/within the southern states. Please remember, all of the states of the Union and Confederacy were ‘occupied’, not just the South. The occupation resulted in military appointees or compelled ‘elected’ officials found desirable or acceptable to the Union occupational force to come into office as ‘elected’ delegates or representatives in both House and Senate. As such, the actual form of the political-law process was forever bastardized, the “Congress assembled” and the Senate became abominations and tools of a growing, progressive, venomous, and insidious tyranny, under direct control of foreign monarch(s) and aristocracy, which the whole world now deals with. The “Divine Right of Kings” or of “Sovereign Empire” would come to bear on the American people, without their being made aware or informed about it. Hence, their ‘elected’ representatives were compromised under unseen conditions, terms, and conditions material to the nature of the original Compacts, in essence, resulting in treasonous breach and violation of the nature and original intentions thereof. One of the conditions of the Lieber Code is that the ‘occupation’ may be operated by the occupier without the occupier having any duty or law necessity to give notice or make any disclosure regarding their disposition in context to the occupation whatsoever. Only under doctrine of ‘expediency’ or ‘necessity’ would the occupation disclose anything, and, the occupier would never be subject to any law or authority which would/could compel it to be truthful, faithful to the people or their ‘interests’. Inalienable or unalienable ‘Rights’ protected under the Bill of Rights gave way to ‘citizenship of the United States’, AND the limited rights, duties, and privileges, mandated or ‘granted’ by the new government, domiciled within the ten square mile area, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, which was under construction and being built by funds from Rome and England.

“Congress assembled” in 1871, which passed the “Organic Act of 1871” to incorporate, had no lawful constitutional authority to do so. None. Yet, here we are, with the entire construct called the UNITED STATES, or UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, etc. etc. being but a single monopoly or oligarchy of POWER, which control and ownership ‘resides’ or is ‘domiciled’ ‘outside the UNITED STATES’, in places on lands ‘foreign to’ the same. Or, so it would seem. The actual domicile and seat of power of the alleged ‘owners’ and “principals” still remains to be flushed out and brought into the Light. Pray tell that Mr. F and his teams of investigators will eventually get to the bottom of it. It has been too long buried in an obscure past, full of lies, deceptions, misrepresentations, inducements, frauds, extortions, conversions, and every conceivable expression of Dark Power. The people and nations of the world have become its victims and remain ‘targets’ for subjugation and takeover at all/any cost.

The Federal Reserve Bank Act of 1913 is totally without law authority of a lawful “Congress assembled”, as are virtually every ‘Act’ of any Congress since 1860-61, and certainly since 1868-1871. Hence, with the passing of the Emergency Banking Act of March 9, 1933, House Joint Resolution-192, June 5, 1933 [now Public Law 73-10/Fn3], Executive Order 6166, June 10, 1933, and Senate Document 43, June 11, 1933, the “legal” imperative to seize total final unconditional control in perpetuity [by means of alleged ‘indebtedness’ or ‘encumbrance’ by “pledge” of the people of the American states by then Governors thereof] of their lawful Government [aka United States of America], their property [including all real, personal, intellectual, and other property, including their Rights and Inheritances, their Posterity under God’s Law] or necessity under on-going Lieber Code “occupation” was accomplished, albeit under conditions of obfuscation, extreme duress and distraint, fraud, conspiracy, treason, extortion, etc. etc. against the People and their Republic.

Those who created and have operated the federal CORPORATION and related partners by treaty-contract etc., have only complete and total subjugation and subordination in mind as the only acceptable outcome. The continued creation and use of military intelligence political monetary or any other resource of the CORPORATION all derive from the ultimate original jurisdiction and equity in interest of the People of America, not from a Queen or Banks abroad, or a Pope in Rome, or a Reserve Board in DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, or any U.S. TREASURY [a federal corporation].

The American People of the American states and their Government have been occupied, subjugated, raped, burned, pillaged, plundered, tortured, terrorized, surveilled, “genocide’d” by “creation of fictitious obligations” and “fictitious identities” which cause “identity theft” by “kidnapping” via “forced relocation by “compelled association”, resulting in non-consensual change of “political-legal domicile” into “residence” of the corporate Lieber Code occupier, aka, the “UNITED STATES”, all under color of law “voluntary compliance”. All amounts to “involuntary servitude” in perpetuity.

The result of the occupation since 1868 is evident for the eyes of the world of men and hearts of nations to see. The people of the nations are the nations, not the political whores who occupy offices ‘elect’ under false pretenses. The facts and the “law” of it are everywhere apparent in the lives of the people, appearing on the controlled media “news” of any given day; the data is ‘in’. The “occupation” inside of America and the UNITED STATES is what is coming upon the entire Earth, and they who bring it are the historical progenitors of ill-will and torment toward all men who do not yield to their maniacal compulsive self-possessed ego-centric sense of ‘Divine Right’ or ‘Sovereign Authority”…..

Our NOTICE and DEMAND is that you all appear, white flag in hand, and we the People, by assembly, can have a heated discussion about who you think we are, who you think you are, and what we are all ‘entitled’ to. Your agenda is an abomination, and its ‘means’ should be evident to any sentient creature, including the banana slugs which are considerably higher on the evolutionary and intelligence scale than are you. Your blood lust, greed for power and control over ALL LIFE, NATURE, and Eridu-Edin/Earth Shan is a poison to every living thing. The Planet and Mankind have all been violated in every conceivable way by your presence and your expression as the OCTOPUS-CORPORATION-BEAST-THING, slithering around as your multifarious mercenary “contractors” like “Black/water”, “Hali/burton”, et al.

It is time for IT to be terminated, and all heads of snake or state cut off!!

So, which Constitution did Herr Scherff pledge his allegiance to by Oath? Or, any other ‘UNITED STATES’ officer, official, or ‘employee’ for that matter. Was it the Article VI Oath of the Organic Constitution? If so, it would/should be in the Archive, should it not? Are the two Constitutions the same? If so, how could they be?


[Posted 8/27/02,]