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American Trained Ukrainian Police: Treating Citizens Like Potential Criminals For 3 Years

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The hypocrisy that is American policing is on full display for the entire world to see during the Russian invasion of Ukraine as this picture illustrates. 
For over 36 years, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has been using the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP) to turn police forces across the globe into mirror-images of U.S. police departments.
It has been 3 years since the DOJ first used American police officers to train the Kyiv Patrol Police Department or Ukraine's national police force.
"On May 4, 2019, twenty-three officers from the Kyiv Patrol Police Department of the National Police of Ukraine graduated from the first field training program - the Mentoring Training Officer Project (MTOP) - in the history of the country’s police agencies."
Since 2019, countless Ukrainian police officers have been trained in American policing tactics.
"The Patrol Police Department remains the most recognized successful reform effort of the National Police of Ukraine since the 2014 revolution spurred civil society to demand substantive changes in policing. In Ukraine, ICITAP partners with the State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs on this project."

As the DOJ points out, not even a worldwide pandemic could stop American police from training Ukraine's national police.

"Initially, the course was to be instructed by ICITAP TDY instructors; however, the TDY instructors had to cancel last minute due to COVID. Nevertheless, the training needed to continue since many of the Ukrainian police officers traveled long distances to attend."

Fox 26 Houston reveals how law enforcement across the country are proud to turn Ukrainian police officers into tactical SWAT teams.

"We’ve taught them a lot of tactical training," said Randy Upton, a recently retired Lieutenant from the Houston Police Department. "Firearms training, a lot of crowd control training, and critical thinking.  I’d like to believe that’s helping out right now. Throughout the last six years, Upton says the Ukrainian and American police officers have developed strong friendships."

NBC 24 News calls American trained Ukrainian police "truly patriots."

"They want what you and I want. We enjoy the freedom every day,” said Lt. Randy Upton, a retired Houston police officer. "When you heard them talk about their country and how proud they were of a free Ukraine, I mean, they are truly patriots," Chief Spike Jones in Kenton County, Kentucky said.

American police train police forces around the world to be just like them

The DOJ's quest to turn every police force in Europe into a mirror-image of American police departments has spread to Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia.

"On April 23, ICITAP-Croatia completed a week-long Cybercrime for Organized Crime Investigators training as a part of the Partnership for Education regional law enforcement training program. This training gathered law enforcement professionals from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia. The training was tailored to present, familiarize and equip participants with skills, techniques, and methodologies to better investigate and process organized crime criminal cases..."

American police also use ICITAP to train police forces in Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama.

The DOJ's "ICITAP Milestones" section is a one page descriptor on how American police have turned police departments in countries on every continent into mirror-images of U.S. policing. (ICITAP is being used in Africa, the Middle East and in Asia and the Pacific.)

The New York Police Department has "intelligence police officers" in 14 countries

The New York City Police Foundation proudly boasts that they have been sending intelligence officers to train foreign police departments for the last twenty years.
"The NYPD has the most comprehensive counterterrorism program in the world. For nearly 20 years, the Foundation has made it possible for the NYPD to be positioned worldwide through the International Liaison Program to help NYC react in real-time to potential terror threats. The overseas officers partner with local law enforcement to collect and disseminate terrorism-related information needed to safeguard our city."

With approximately 800 military bases around the world, America's policing influence extends to Europol, Frontex, the International Police Program, the International Police Association, the International Law Enforcement Academies, and the International Police Training Institute.

As N+1 Magazine warned,"Each day the global policeman assembles itself anew through the work of hundreds of global policemen (and policewomen): current and former US police officers who train, equip, and advise other countries’ police. Cops have become frontline US diplomats. Policing today is a triumph of globalization."

ICITAP can't stop boasting about America's influence over foreign police departments which extends to a minimum of 44 countries and 16 field offices all over the globe.

It is apparent that the explosive growth of social media surveillance, digital ID's, vaccine passports, license plate readers and facial recognition across the globe is being led by American policing.

For years now, and especially since the pandemic, stories of police abusing people's freedoms have been increasing in direct relation to the expansion of American policing. American policing has become a global threat to the freedoms of every person on every continent.


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