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Adam Casalino

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February 13, 2020


President Trump has been fighting liberal states like New York and California since the start of his presidency.

The Democrats who run these states seem to oppose him tooth and nail. When they aren’t challenging him with lawsuits, they are passing new laws that undermine his agenda.

They block him at every turn, even when he works to make the country safer.

Recently, New York even voted to give non-citizens (however they got here) driver’s licenses.

Trump is fighting this new law—and he just got a new ally.

From Fox News:

An association of New York police chiefs is backing the Trump administration’s pushback against a controversial New York law that prevents the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles [DMV] agencies from sharing data with federal immigration officials — a crackdown that resulted in the administration suspending Global Entry and similar programs for New York residents.

Isn’t this hard to believe? New York passed the “Green Light Law” that grants driver’s licenses to border jumpers and non-citizens.

On top of that, the law forbids the DMV from sharing criminal records to the federal government, namely Customs and Border Protection and ICE.

Does this sound familiar? Yeah, because it’s just another sanctuary policy, meant to undermine our immigration laws.

Why do you think New York is so eager to give these non-citizens driver’s licenses? Is it because, perhaps, they want it easier for these people to get jobs (in place of Americans)?

Or maybe this will make it easier for them to register to vote?

Either way, the part of the law that prohibits sharing records is pretty odd. We’re not talking about innocent, law-abiding people, right?

We’re talking about criminals, most likely dangerous people who should be reported to ICE. Maybe even get removed?

But this New York law protects these people, putting residents at risk.

The New York State Association of Chiefs of Police sent a letter to Trump’s Homeland chief. They thanked him for his efforts to overturn this law.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen New York police oppose the far-left Democrats who run the state. New York cops have been facing increased challenges, thanks to the governor and mayor.

These Democrats are making it harder for police to do their jobs. And with each new law, criminals get the upper hand.

Perhaps New York voters need to wake up and vote these clowns out of office, before the don’t have a state left!