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WATCH: Over a Dozen Cops Swarm, Arrest Tiny Girl for Sitting Incorrectly on the Subway

Jack Burns

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Los Angeles, CA — Dramatic footage has just been released showing 18-year-old Bethany Nava, a West Hollywood resident, getting arrested for having her foot on the subway seat in front of her. According to the Facebook live video, Nava was riding the Red Line Metrorail when the confrontation with police occurred.

An unnamed LAPD officer, a sergeant, had reportedly asked Nava to remove her foot from an adjoining seat but she didn’t immediately comply. “It doesn’t matter. You’re getting off the train right now. I already told you what to do but you disobeyed me,” he told her in a normal voice. He then ordered her to stand up and told her she would be getting off the train at the next stop. “I paid to be on the train, asshole!” Nava told the officer as he laid his hands on her and pushed her off the train.

”I’m 18. He’s taking me off the train for having my foot on the fucking seat,” she told the person recording. The officer whose badge number is 5203, was then surrounded by concerned citizens who accused him of abusing his badge and being on a power trip.