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Justice for Duke

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Wolves eat sheep, sheep get eaten by wolves, cops shoot dogs, and your dog will be shot if a cop shows up at your place of residence, GUARANTEED. Doesn't matter whether the dog is tied up or not, if the cop sees a dog anywhere on your property when he gets there, he or she is going to shoot it,and maybe you as well, if he or she is behind on Their range certification for the month.

Never call the cops, no matter what the situation might be, especially if you have a family pet, because law enforcement in this country do work for you, They work for a corporation, a corporation whose sole purpose and reason for existence is to collect revenue, not to "Protect and Serve". When you get pulled over by law enforcement on any highway in the U.S., you are expected to be complacently quite and submissive until the pirate(s) have finished looking for and stealing whatever valuables you might have while operating Their commercial motor vehicle on Their rivers of tar.

Jolly Roger