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Finland Reacts to Attack by Giving Police the 1 Thing Terrorists Respond to

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Finnish police are becoming far better-armed in an attempt to counter terrorist concerns.

What’s more, they’re upgrading to one of the great firearm classics of all time: the MP5.

Following an Aug. 18 knife attack in the city of Turku, where two people were killed and eight were injured by a Islamic militant, Abderrahman Bouanane, who released a manifesto and a video prior to the attack, police in Finland will be adding MP5s to their standard Glock and Walther handguns, reports The Daily Caller.

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According to The Daily Caller, Ari Alanen, a Finnish police official, told the Finnish newspaper STT that this was not a move to scare citizens — it’s made to help officers do their job and make citizens feel confident in their police.

“The police don’t want to leave a militarized impression, but rather a sense of being a reliable department that citizens feel comfortable approaching,” Alanen said, according to a translation provided by The Daily Caller.

See — in one sentence, Alanen showed the inherent problems of a world ruled by feelings.

If police in the United States walked around with MP5s, liberals would lose their mind, claiming that President Donald Trump is militarizing local law enforcement to keep (insert demographic here) down.

To be fair, military arms do look tough, but that’s part of the point. Besides being able to “reach out and touch” at greater distances, these police are communicating through functional tools that they are ready for whatever comes their way.

If anti-gun liberals had their way, police in America would be unarmed — as most are in England — and begreatly inhibited in terms of what they could do to counter the threats they face every day. They would also be unable to protect civilians from those threats.

Does every policeman or policewoman need an MP5? Of course not. However, when there is a need for something that might offend some folks, that offense needs to be overlooked for the sake of practicality.