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Texas Senate Passes Voter Integrity Bill as Dems Flee State

Sally Kent

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July 14, 2021

The Texas Senate passed a new voter integrity law despite multiple House Democrats fleeing the state in an attempt to deny the House the needed quorum to hold a vote on the bill. More than 50 Texas Democrat state reps left the Lone Star state and fled to Washington, D.C. to avoid voting on the new voter integrity law.

According to The Daily Wire:

“Senators voted 18-4 along party lines to approve the legislation. Eight Senate Democrats announced that they too had fled to Washington, D.C., on Monday, with a ninth expected to arrive Monday evening,” National Review reported. “However, with 22 out of 31 members present, the Senate kept a quorum and was able to pass the measure.”

Sen. Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola) said that the Democrats’ criticism of the voter integrity laws was “horrible” and “misleading” and was creating a “false national debate coming out of Washington.”

The bill itself aims to mandate that voters write their driver’s license or other identification number on absentee ballots, bans state officials from sending out unsolicited mail-in ballots, and bans 24-hour and drive-in voting.

Initially, the bill limited early voting on Sundays before elections to begin at 1 p.m., a provision Democrats claimed was intended to curtail “souls to the polls” voting drives for black churchgoers. However, the provision was struck from the legislation last month.

Now, Texas Governor Greg Abbott says that law enforcement officials have been given authority to track down the Democrats and bring them back to Texas where they will be arrested.