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N.J. Women For Trump group back on Facebook after removal

Jessica Remo

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The New Jersey Women For Trump Facebook group, which disappeared from Facebook on Saturday, is now back on the platform.

The story of the group’s removal reached the President, who tweeted at Facebook to reinstate the group.

Priscilla Confrey, co-director of New Jersey Women For Trump, says Facebook did not send any notifications about the removal or explain why the group was reinstated today.

Although the group was reinstated, Confrey said administrators have not been able to approve new member requests. (The group is private, not public, on the platform.)

Facebook did not respond to an inquiry from NJ Advance Media about the removal.

Facebook does affix warning labels on posts they deem problematic, and Confrey says in the last two weeks Facebook had flagged certain posts, including those related to COVID-19. When that happens, Confrey said she simply deletes those posts rather than have them appear.

NJ Advance Media profiled several women in the group in a story that ran Saturday.