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Joe Biden Goes Low With Seniors In Florida He Just Accused Trump Of Seeing Seniors As Expendable Nobodies

Adam Casalino

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What’s Happening:

Democrats often cry, “When they go low, we go high.”

But when was the last time we ever saw that?

Since Trump entered office, Democrats have shown nothing but anger, hate, and vile aggression.

They always go low. And it seems to be continuing with Joe Biden.

Donald Trump has made many promises to American seniors. He lowered drug prices, protected SS and the VA, and protected Medicare.

But Joe Biden got really nasty when he tried to claim what Trump really thinks of seniors:


Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday claimed that President Trump sees seniors as “forgettable” …

“Nobody,” Biden said on Tuesday. “Think about that. Who was he talking about when he said it affects virtually nobody. He was talking about America’s seniors. He was talking about you.”

Joe Biden dropped a lot of eggs when speaking to a (small) group of seniors in Florida this week.

He made wild accusations against Trump, some of which are easily debunkable.

Biden seems to be pushing many tired attacks from the left, including one that says Trump increased the price of drugs.

The exact opposite is true.

Biden went super-low when he claimed Trump called seniors “nobody.” He took a statement Trump made out of context (as the left often does), when he said COVID affects virtually nobody.

Trump himself got (and recovered) from the disease, so clearly, he doesn’t think seniors are nobodies.

It’s pretty pathetic that Joe Biden thinks he can throw around these claims and senior citizens would believe it.

America’s seniors are smarter than that. And they’ve seen how Trump has worked for years to put their needs first—as so many on the political left appear to be ignoring them.

Team Trump fired back, claiming that it was Biden who has repeatedly tried to cut or freeze benefits to America’s seniors:

Biden today lied again about President Trump, who has steadfastly protected Social Security & Medicare and pledged to always do so. Biden has repeatedly tried to cut or freeze benefits during his 47 years as a failed DC politician & is trying to mislead and scare seniors.

What do you say to that, Joe?