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Trump Gives Ted Cruz A New Nickname


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Trump Gives Ted Cruz A New Nickname

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump were foes. Trump coined the term "Lyin Ted" as the two battled it out. Now, things are different and Trump has bestowed a new nickname on the Texas Senator who he will campaign for in Texas on Monday night.

According to The Daily Caller:

“He’s not Lyin’ Ted anymore,” Trump declared, adding “he’s Beautiful Ted, he’s Texas Ted.”

He said he now gets along with his former campaign rival. Trump recalled the final months of the 2016 presidential primary in which Cruz was his last viable remaining rival saying it became “very nasty” but said now “I like him a lot. He is a very smart guy. He loves the people of Texas, which I do too.”

The president will now campaign with Cruz in Texas Monday evening at a rally.

Trump coined the phrase “Lyin Ted” early in the 2016 presidential campaign and pilloried his opponent with the moniker nearly every chance he got.  At different points, the president implied that Cruz’s father may have played a role in the 1963 assassination of JFK and at one point appeared to attack the appearance of his wife.

The rally tonight is at a venue with a capacity of 18,000, but there have been over 100,000 RSVPs to attend the rally. This is more evidence of the support President Trump has and is continuing to gain.