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A Glimmer of Hope from Colorado

Wendy Bidwell

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Felb. 28, 2013

As the midterm elections approach, The Project is weighing in on some key Senate races in an effort to get fiscal conservatives into office. We are focusing on these key states: Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Dakota, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Georgia.

The senate vetting committee is in the early phase of a long process that we hope serves each and every one of you. You'll notice our approach is to go for a much broader array of seats than the number needed to regain a majority of fiscal conservatives.

I've scheduled meetings with influential players to make known our priorities and get intelligence information. In the weeks and months ahead, I'll pass along to you important aspects of the races that I gather from these folks. My goal is to keep you abreast of the late breaking news in the weeks and months to come as it relates to the midterm elections.

Today we get to celebrate a glimmer of hope. In case you don't already know, on Wednesday Representative Cory Gardner decided to run for the Senate in Colorado. Until recently, as a member of the House of Representatives, he has turned down the GOP's requests to run for this Senate seat.


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The Democrat incumbent Senator Mark Udall and Cory Gardner both support a balanced budget amendment and gun rights, but after analyzing the issues and data on the two candidates, I believe Cory Gardner would do much more to further our cause of fiscal sanity. Please send any feedback if you have any reason to believe Gardner isn't the right choice.

Many believe the race in Colorado is more likely to be taken by Senator Udall, but this announcement on Wednesday brings us one step closer to our goal of getting fiscal conservatives in office in all of the above states. You can be sure a race is on in Colorado. We'll continue to track what happens in the state...

Once again, thank you for sending me your e-mails. I can't respond individually, but do read and consider all of them. Send your question, comment, or complaint to

I expect to see lots of Republicans trying to stop driverless cars in the near future – Anonymous

Bidwell comment: With the many disruptive technologies that have the potential to greatly boost GDP, we can unfortunately expect to see lawmakers on both sides of the aisle try to get in the way of capitalism and prevent what's best from happening.

Here at The Project, we are quick to call out lawmakers that engage in this behavior. When speaking to Senate candidates I'll explain the role we expect true fiscal conservatives to play in promoting free enterprise, competition, and capitalism. I'll also outline some of these issues we expect to surface with disruptive technologies. In the end, embracing the disruptive technologies is the only way our economy will heal and grow.

Elizabeth is wrong; Democratic is an adjective, not a verb. A reflection on the failures of the US educational system! – Kelsey

Bidwell comment: I didn't point out that Elizabeth's "democratic is a verb" assertion in yesterday's feedback was incorrect. After years of working with non-native English speakers on international teams, I believe we are sometimes called to be generous in supporting others... When we understand the overall point someone is making and want to ensure that we will implement his/her suggestions, sometimes it's worth not pointing out his/her minor inconsistencies.

I'll always side with my dad on something like this. He was a true servant. He couldn't spell and got annoyed when I pointed out his misspellings, telling me the way I learned to read with a focus on phonetics could have a downside. He was educated in a poor town, Kadoka, South Dakota, in a one room schoolhouse. He graduated from the University of Chicago Medical School, and when he passed away I received letter after letter telling me of his around the clock work that led to the healing of friends and family.

I believe we can be inclusive to all in the small things, which is why I chose to honor Elizabeth when she made a great point. But yes, you are all correct... democratic is an adjective. I've received a slew of feedback making the same point as Kelsey. So I will take this opportunity to make clear that the word 'democratic' is an adjective, not a verb.