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David Lory VanDerBeek

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Mach 23, 2013


Vote for David Lory Vanderbeek in Nevada for Governor!!! - He is running to END ALL TAXATION IN NEVADA by way of the CAFR!!!!!!!!!! - THIS IS HUGE, PASS AROUND ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE & END THE TAX SCAM ON AMERICANS!!---RR


The sixth issue on my platform now states:
Replace and Phase Out All Taxation. Nevada will operate under the fiduciary trust management princple. Taxes are simply one revenue source for government. Governments have investment and enterprise income that now surpasses their tax revenues. Governments therefore are fully capable of being self-sustaining without taxation. Mining, gaming, and all businesses will no longer face the constant harassment by legislators to pick their pockets. Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) are our local governments’ statements of net worth built up over decades. Governments use CAFRs to list their assets as “advanced liability funds” to dupe the public into believing those investments should be maintained for a good purpose, but which actually serve as power-based holding funds for the government. In turn, the governments then claim that they are always operating at budget “shortfalls” in their operating funds so they claim they must raise your taxes. This is a convenient conspiracy of silence. As Governor, I will assist governments in liberating the potential of this wealth. This plan eliminates the predatory relationship between the government against the people and business, because everyone is happy making money. In fact, the people and businesses will actually cheer such government. Truthfully, as Jesus said when asked a tax question, “The children are free.”
Walter Burien makes the concise argument on his websites:
1. What is Taxation?      ANSWER: A revenue source.
2. What is Investment Return?       ANSWER: A revenue Source.
3. What do Enterprise operations do?     ANSWER: Generate a revenue Source.


The Big question of ending all taxation? ANSWER: Use #2 & #3 to knock out #1

The reality is that governments are fully capable of financially self-sufficiency and prosperity. We can end the adversarial relationship between the people, business, and government. So, we’re going to detail over course of the campaign how this will occur. This will be the topic of the next episode of Occupy Freedom TV. If you want to study it independently, use the below links.
Credit: Walter Burien