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SPECIAL REPORT: The 'Good Guys' Election Strategy

Bix Weir

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Jan. 12, 2012

Let's face it...Ron Paul has gotten farther than anyone thought. A lot farther. He continues to gain against the other candidates and continues to spread the message of liberty. Ron is the man!

But this process has just begun and according to the Road to Roota Theory he will ultimately take his place as President of the United States. It has been carefully crafted and orchestrated by the Good Guys and they are on track. If you think it is still a long, long shot think again. The GOP Primary process is NOT a popularity contest but rather a contest to see who can secure the most delegates at the Republican Convention. Here's a great explanation of the process:

For Ron Paul and Rick Santorum, It's All About Collecting Delegates

Yes, in these early days of the process it looks like the candidate will be Romney...but it is REALLY early and EVERYTHING can change in an instant. Remember the "Good Guys" now control the markets via computer trading programs. At any moment in time they can crash the system and Ron Paul will be the ONLY candidate to both predict it as well as have a plan to fix it.

For now let's talk strategy. If you were the Good Guys and you pulled the strings of how this election process takes place what would you do? Well how about this...

BACKGROUND: We all know the people of America have been asleep for decades. They have been brain washed and dumbed down such that most people willingly follow the majority consensus without thinking for themselves. By controlling the mass media the Bad Guys have easily controlled the individual. So the Good Guys had to devise a strategy that both breaks your average person OUT of the media's control and at the same time teaches the average person about Ron Paul's message. The message of personal liberty.

Round One: So the plan is to spread the vote in the early stages of the election process while continually teaching the people about Ron's philosophy. The rise and fall and then rise again of various candidates is all planned and orchestrated while Ron Paul's message is spread. His power and influence grows and his message is solidified. At the same time not one candidate runs away with the votes but rather they are spread widely amongst the many. Santorum's Iowa rise then fall. Huntsman's New Hampshire rise then fall. Santorum, Gingrich and even Perry should fair much better in South Carolina. All these rises and falls are spreading out the vote widely allowing Ron Paul to stay in the game as his message is spread. Romney is being placed at the number one spot for now but that plays into the Good Guys plan for "Round Two". (update: Gingrich just won South Carolina and Santorum has now won Iowa...spreading the vote.)

Round Two: Some time in the very near future (March?) we will have the long predicted mother of all banking crashes. It will be like nothing seen before in the history of mankind. A true "Creative Destruction" event and the blame will be placed squarely on the banking cabal and the fiat monetary system. (More on that in my Timeline for 2012 that will be released later this week.) This event will have ramifications on the election process like no event has in our past. Ron Paul predicted it! Ron Paul has told you why! And Ron Paul has your solution America! Overnight Ron Paul will become the most important person in the world and a "Shoe In" for President.

Can you now see how it is written in stone?

Can you see why it is the ONLY solution?

More thoughts:

Taking Down Romney

So is Romney indestructible? Hardly! I've outlined his connections with the Bad Guys and his involvement with the Alan Stanford Ponzi Scheme. For the moment it is lurking in the shadows.

The take down of Bernie Madoff and Alan Stanford were MAJOR victories against the Bad Guys and go so much deeper than anyone knows. IF a smack down of Romney is needed to unseat him look no further than revelations of his involvement in a Ponzi Scheme to come out. As a matter of fact, the Stanford Case is still headline news and still being conducted behind closed doors.

Exclusive: Ex-SEC lawyer said to settle Stanford-linked case

Romney is part of the Bad Guys and the Banking Cabal and they are GOING DOWN.

He won't win. WE WON'T LET HIM!

The Palin Issue

I have gotten emails from subscribers claiming that my "way off" Sarah Palin endorsement prediction can't happen now that Todd Palin has endorsed Newt Gingrich...

Todd Palin Endorses Newt Gingrich - Is Sarah Next?

"The point to be made here is in fact relatively obvious: Gingrich hopes to equate Todd's nod with Sarah. A Palin endorsement would be a big help for someone whose campaign could be ended by a poor showing in South Carolina. It would give Gingrich more tea party bona fides in his competition with Rick Santorum for the non-Mitt Romney primary slot."

"Sarah Palin herself has been coy about an endorsement. Recently she even warned the GOP against alienating Ron Paul's voters, lest the Texas libertarian bolt and mount a third-party bid. It's possible she won't endorse anyone, or is holding off until she sees whether social conservatives rally around a single candidate in their effort to deny Mr. Romney the nomination."

I have to laugh at this one. First, why does Todd Palin's endorsement mean anything? I'm sure he's a nice guy but don't you think this is the strangest "political news event" in the last six months? But wait! I always have to apply the Road to Roota Theory to strange occurrences and VOILA...what if it was done on purpose?!

First listen to his radio interview:

Let's face it...this was the weakest endorsement justification in the history of elections! I've gotten emails saying that "Todd is just as dense at Sarah"... I don't think so. I just think he's a very bad LIAR! The REASON that Todd was TOLD to endorse Newt the day before the New Hampshire vote was that Newt was falling too far behind and needed a boost! The Good Guys knew that any endorsement with the Palin name behind it would sway some voters so Sarah and the Good Guys stuck Todd out there as a sacrificial lamb. Todd took one for the team this time. I know this election game is not his thing but at least he showed up and did his part. So thanks you can get back to your Snow Mobiles and hunting wolves!

As for Sarah's will be a game changer for any candidate and it is OBVIOUS to me that Ron Paul is her guy. She will add what Ron lacks as far as popularity and energy. She will fully adopt his message and be a PERFECT spokesman for him. She and her followers will be relentless advocates for Ron and his message.

When? I don't know. But I guarantee you the timing will be PERFECT!

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir