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Injunction To Hand Recount The People of NH's Primary Votes

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Attached below is an Injunction sent to the NH Secretary of State (SOS), Bill Gardner expressing the concerns of many from around the country about ensuring the "Sanctity of America's Voting Process" starting here in New Hampshire with our Primary.

Other Injunctions have also been submitted to the NH SOS's office Mandating that hand recounts be completed for NH's 2008 Primary. One Injunction with $2000 was submitted by Albert Howard, this morning 11 Jan 2008.  Howard was on the Republican ballot for the '08 Primary.  Kucinich, I understand, has also filed to have the Democratic ballots hand counted / recounted.  The corrective process is working but we need more "Steam" in order to rid AMERICA of Machines and Computers that are being used in any part of the voting processes in New Hampshire AND ALL 50 States of America... 

In the book "How To Lie With Statistics" by Darrel Huff written in 1954 and used in many colleges as part of their "Statistics" curriculum(s) Huff describes very well how the American People MAY be being lied to about our election results, especially with the use of computers and other in 2008.  If you have "Nay Sayers", have them read it for some background....

Please do what  you can to ASSIST America in getting rid of COMPUTERS / machines in America's Voting Processes...Ideally before November 2008 for the Presidential Election.. Can you assist in ridding Virginia or South Carolina, Mass., the Super Tuesday Bunch, Nevada, Kansas, California, Washington, Alaska, et al. of machines in their voting processes? 

We have plenty of experienced people, mentors (in 120 Hand Counted Wards in New Hampshire  alone. Go to to see all 120 of them) who know how to ACCURATELY, VISIBLY, AND HONESTLY accomplish hand counting of ALL BALLOTS AND then reporting the results to the People and then to their respective Secretary of State.    If we have the complaint by our public voting process officials that, "It is difficult to hand count the large number of votes we have in the time and space that we have..."..Then the following solutions can also be implemented in those locations in order to ensure the ACCURACY, VISIBILITY, AND HONESTY of America's Vote Count which both American People and the U.S. Supreme Court have repeatedly mandated:


1 ) Make smaller wards or precincts and or bring more people (registered voters) into the existing wards to do the counting, especially in the school gymnasiums or cafeterias where we have plenty of room; and

2 ) DO NOT ! Report any of the vote tally results for 12 to 96 hours or more if needed i.e. NOT until the Secretary of State of the Respective State has CERTIFIED the Visible, ACCURATE, AND Honest Vote Counts for what ever election it is. (The MEDIA is No Longer to influence or drive the Vote Reporting or Tabulations ! )  Only the SOSs with their State's Certificate will document what The People have said are their CHOICES !; and

3 ) Make the 50 Secretaries of State the only OFFICIAL VOTE TALLY AUTHORITY for ALL elections including: A ) The Primaries when the Political Parties choose their  Primary Candidates for the office of President AND B ) The general election; AND

4) All protests and recounts must be done immediately in the VISIBLE voting places before the "SACRED BALLOTS" are packaged and taken out of the public purview even if this public and visible and accurate and honest recount takes 96 hours or more if needed In order to get the SOS's CERTIFICATION; and


5 ) Each State will have a reasonable time period (30 + / - minutes) after a hand vote count is announced in order for any candidate or their agent to lodge a PROTEST to any announced count. These counts, reporting, and any PROTESTS must take place on the same evening and hours following the closing of the poling place. This time limit will ensure that an immediate recount to any PROTEST can be completed before any of the "Sacred Ballots" are packaged up and taken out of the public purview and the then accepted vote count can then be officially delivered to the Secretary of State so this accepted vote count can receive the official State Certification from the SOS.  This ALL must take place for all poling places of the State before any vote count for the entire State can be announced to any media. It is suggested that any leakes of any vote counts will be punishable by not less than five years in prison and not less than $100,000 in fines.  It is further suggested that any media which announces any vote count before the offical SOS Certification is complete and offically announced for the entire State should pay no less than $10 Million in fines for each infraction and that their five top officials be given no less than eight years in prison for each infraction.

Below is a link to another TRUTH  video WHICH was made in New Hampshire's State House on the MAJOR PROBLEMS of using machines and computers in ANY VOTING PROCESSES.  This video alone presents the TRUTH of why NOT to use computers or machines in any part of the voting process.

Thank you again.

God Speed, Henry

Vote Recount Injunction/Preserving Sacredness of Our Primary

Bill, I have had several calls and e-mails, as I know you are also getting.  My calls are coming from a variety of sources around the country concerning the integrity of the overall NH's Primary.  It is interesting to note that the preponderance of the communications I have received is that they HAVE NOT BEEN for a specific party or candidate but specifically are addressing the integrity and "Sacredness of our Primary and Vote Counting and Reporting processes. There is a definite concern that our election processes have fallen prey to the media's ALLEGED need for instant and reportable results which in turn unduly influence the voters of the rest of the State and the Nation when some of our voting places close early like Dixville. The overall concern seems to be that the "sacredness" of the public trust in New Hampshire AND America must be protected.

I, as you are aware, am considered to be a reasonable, thinking, nonpartisan State Representative. I am being asked about our NH vote recount process here in New Hampshire and can I assist in making one of Bill Gardner's VISIBLE recounts happen because of a number of questionable "Vote Reporting" factors.  This data can be provided should you require.

Therefore, with this Vote Recount Injunction Bill, I need to know what support you will need in order to accomplish one of your VISIBLE and, as the U.S. Supreme Court says, ACCURATE and HONEST vote recounts. What will you need in order to preserve the integrity of the election process in the United States of America and to preserve the Democratic processes in our American Republican form of government?  Initially this includes the retention of the Primary ballots.

Let me know what I can do to assist you and your office with this Primary Recount Injunction.

Faithfully yours,

Henry W. McElroy, Jr.