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Ron Paul on Larry King 1-3-08 (UNAIRED) (Video)

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Sat Jan 5, 2008 5:11AM

"THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES" is the 1st of 3 new article/topics added to the page on 1/5/08. The 2nd a/t is: "AMERICA NOT FREE -- 'WITH' FEDERAL RESERVE", and the 3rd is: "A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE KHAZAR JEWS" by John Churchilly. For extended information on this topic see: "THE NEW JEW YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW" at the top section of the RESEARCH page of the Truth Quest website. ALSO check out the 8 min. Larry King video of his 1/3/08 interview with Ron Paul, by clicking in the link below. Bw, Bob

(Ron Paul on Larry King 1-3-08 (UNAIRED)