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Why I Can't Vote for Ron Paul: Part 1 of a Series in Election Year 2008 A.D.

Paul Andrew Mitchell, Private Attorney General 18 U.S.C. 1964(a)

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I am a white nigger.

Our story begins in 1856. The high Court in America issues a lengthy decision holding that Dred Scott cannot invoke Habeas Corpus because he is a black man; and, blacks are not Citizens, but chattel property with no human rights.

As controversial as that holding was, it was correct on two key counts: one, apartheid was the supreme Law of the Land at that time; and two, the Supreme Court has no authority to make Law by changing the Constitution.

The solution offered by the Chief Justice was sadly overlooked by luminaries like Abraham Lincoln. If the Constitution had been amended to give Citizenship to the entire black race in America, it is conceivable that a horrible Civil War might have been averted. At the very least, a peaceful transition period could have been implemented, North and South willing.

And, this brings us quickly to the crux of this series: between 1788 and 1866, there was only one class of Citizens in America, and those were the Citizens of the several States of the Union. Dred Scott could not be counted among the Citizens of Illinois, even though he traveled with his owner from Missouri into that "free" State.

Instead, Scott was ranked as mere property.

It was not until the Civil War ended that any serious changes were proposed in the Constitution: first, slavery was finally outlawed by proper ratification of the 13th Amendment in 1865. Then, some crafty lawyers convinced Congress that freed blacks were still not "Citizens", so one of American history's greatest abominations was fabricated, and that was the so-called 14th amendment.

If you read the pertinent cases very carefully, you'll discover that a ratified 14th amendment could only be declaratory of existing law. That "existing law" was the 1866 Civil Rights Act, an example of federal municipal law which was solely responsible for creating a second class of federal citizens for all newly freed blacks.

And, "second class" was definitely an inferior class, in too many ways to enumerate here.

What Congress basically did was to offer blacks a choice: they could either become subjects of the District of Columbia, or go back to Africa -- even though the vast majority of blacks still living at that time were born in America.

What an insult!

Thus, instead of extending the lawful status of State Citizenship to all races without distinction, a gigantic ruse was foisted upon the entire American population quite simply by switching the BIG "C" in State Citizen to the small "c" in federal citizen.

Lawyers and judges ever since have been wont to invoke the rule of "idem sonans" -- legal terms that sound the same can be treated as equivalent for all intents and purposes, inside courts and out.

The horrible lie with which all America has been burdened ever since 1866 is the illegal persistence of two (2) classes of citizens in America. But, only one of those two classes can now vote or serve on any juries, whether grand juries or trial juries, whether State juries or Federal juries.

And, now you know why I cannot vote for Ron Paul.

Because I am a Citizen of California who is not also a federal citizen, by Freedom of Choice, I cannot vote to elect Ron Paul for President, as much as I would like to, and as much as he is the only man with the requisite courage and integrity to fill that high office.

California State's voter registration laws require all voters to be federal citizens! And, all America now fashions a stubborn institution out of this ugly voting rights violation.

Future segments in this series will expand upon this theme, with examples of the many steps I have taken to rectify the injustices that have been forced upon me -- for having confirmed the discoveries I have already shared above and confirmed in frequent litigation.

It is the utter tenacity with which our corrupt federal judiciary clings to the fiction of federal citizenship that will become a recurring theme ad nauseam in almost every incident I intend to report here.

As you will hopefully come to realize, every American now suffers under the far-reaching consequences of this widespread and persistent fraud.

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[End of Part One]

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Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.

Private Attorney General, 18 U.S.C. 1964(a)

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