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Government Fraud Elections Campaigning


‘Dozens’ of House Members to Challenge Electoral College Results, Rep. Brooks Says

Trump Says ‘Very Hard to Concede’ if Electoral College Votes for Biden, Alleges ‘Massive Fraud’

See why Wayne County (Detroit) refused to certify the vote...

Trump Gets Historic Presidential Endorsements

Minnesota AG Keith Ellison Issues Election Day Warning to Democrats

Trump to Hold 5 Rallies on Sunday, Biden Will Hold 2 Events in Pennsylvania

N.J. Women For Trump group back on Facebook after removal

These patriots did nothing wrong': Trump slams the FBI for investigating MAGA convoy which ran a Biden bus out of Texan town and demands agency and DOJ probe ANTIFA instead

Trump campaign promises what Americans want most: A return to normal life

Dueling Florida Rallies: ‘Thousands’ Gather for President Trump, Joe Biden Draws ‘Hundreds’

Republicans look to Philadelphia riots to bolster Trump in Pennsylvania suburbs

Joe’s Mind Slips Up In Live TV Interview – Biden Claims He’s Running Against “Four More Years Of George,” And Donald Responds

SORCHA FAAL: Trump Premiers “Barrett Bobulinski Show” In Face Of Biden “You'll Bury Everyone Involved” Threat

BOOM: Trump campaign buys YouTube homepage for 24 hours and it’s driving leftists crazy

Trump Takes The Lead In Pennsylvania; +3 Per New Poll

President Trump Gets Endorsed by New York Post

Poll: ‘Decisive’ Majority of Veterans Back Trump

What the h--l did Biden just say!?!

Joe Biden appears to confuse Trump with former President George W. Bush

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