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Video footage shows “ballot traffickers” stuffing GA ballot boxes with backpacks full of ballots

Cassie B.

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There’s no question in many people’s minds that there was significant vote fraud in last year’s presidential elections, and now video footage shows how ballot boxes in one state were systematically stuffed by teams of “ballot traffickers.”

On the War Room radio show, radio host John Fredericks explained to Steve Bannon how investigators now have videos showing hundreds of leftist operatives dumping thousands of ballots into drop boxes in Georgia in the middle of the night.

Fredericks said that Heather Mullins of Real America’s Voice has seen the video footage, which depicts ballot traffickers going to drop boxes throughout the state in the middle of the night, emptying backpacks full of ballots into the ballot boxes with gloved hands. They’ve identified 240 individual suspects who hit an average of 23 ballot boxes each.

Mullins also tweeted that there is now a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the communications between the Department of Justice and groups and individuals such as Southern Poverty Law Center, Stacey Abrams, Campaign Legal Center and others challenging SB202.

Similar voter fraud seen in other states

It’s a problem that is not confined to Georgia. The conservative election integrity group True The Vote has been investigating this type of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election for several months. One document obtained by Breitbart News describes how cell phone GPS ping data from key election hot spots throughout the country has been used to uncover patterns in potential fraud.

The group has pored over 27 terabytes of temporal and geospatial data from a total of 10 trillion cell phone pings collected from October 1 to November 6. This data includes geofenced points of interest, such as select government and NGO facilities and ballot drop box locations. Some of the states involved include Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

The True The Vote document states: “From this we have thus far developed precise patterns of life for 242 suspected ballot traffickers in Georgia and 202 traffickers in Arizona. According to the data, each trafficker went to an average of 23 ballot dropboxes.”

In addition to the surveillance videos they collected from drop boxes in Georgia, they are working on gathering video from drop boxes in other states. They have 2 million minutes of video so far, which they say they will release soon. Their footage depicts people going to the same drop boxes multiple times to deposit stacks of ballots. At least three teams of analysts are currently looking through the raw data and surveillance videos to identify trends, and they have already reached out to law enforcement at the state and federal level to share their findings.

The idea of several suspected ballot harvesters making multiple trips to a significant number of drop boxes raises serious legal questions in many of these states as some have laws restricting drop box use to the individual voter who cast the ballot in question or a close family member.

Meanwhile, a lawsuit organized by VoterGA claims that data analysis shows that the mail-in ballot images that were made public under Open Records Requests do not match the results of the hand count audit carried out in the state last November. They found that 923 of 1,539 mail-in batch files had votes that were inaccurately reported in the official results of Fulton County, for an error rate in the hand count of 60 percent. There were also lots of duplicate votes, with 3,390 going to Biden and 865 going to Trump.

Although one might chalk this up to human error, VoterGA noted that there were seven falsified audit tally sheets with fabricated vote totals.

With so much questionable activity surrounding ballots in Georgia and throughout the country, is it any wonder that so many Americans have such little faith in the election results?

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