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SOTN: Preliminary Reports from Arizona Election Audit Reveal that President Trump Has 254,000 Vote Lead Over POTUS Imposter Biden

Don Goetz

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Subject: Precipice

Posted by Don Goetz

The bad news for you is I am back. The good news is we are absolutely on the precipice of all hell breaking loose for dems. They SHOULD have finished the hand count of the ballots by now, and preliminary reports say that Trump has a 254,000 vote lead over Pedo Joe despite the fact that HUNDREDS of thousands of ballots are missing, and there are boxes full of nothing but blank ballots. Both of those invalidate the election. The law is SO CLEAR on this. An audit of the full state will show Trump won by 750,000+ votes. While that is great news, even better is an insane THIRTEEN states have sent delegates to review the audit process. Some of the states were hotly contested, but about HALF of them weren’t, and were won handily by Trump. Despite that, an audit will show rampant fraud and Trump winning by an even larger margin. I keep saying we MUST know the legit election results for all state and local officials and for all ballot initiatives. Dems know they are in DEEP trouble. The corrupt state AG threatened to intervene in the completely legal audit process, and threatened to bring the Dept of Injustice with him which would be genuinely illegal. An AZ senator posted to Twitter in response a tweet to him saying if he comes near the ballots or the voting machines he can expect to be going to an AZ prison. He added the DOJ was one of the most corrupt institutions in the country. WOW! Republicans are growing backbones, and it is WAY past due time. We learned that the AZ Rangers are providing security for everything related to the audit showing our side had the forethought to know the depths of evil the left would go to to stop this.

Some interesting side news related to all this. Myanmar is in the process of executing traitors over the election theft. A preview of coming events? I sure hope so. Remember one of the last EO’s signed into action by Trump was an EO allowing traitors to be executed by firing squad, hopefully on pay per view. Another side note is Pedo Joe is trying to close Gitmo. No chance in hell that will happen. So the BIG question is what happens next and when. Most people are claiming the AZ audit will end today, which happens to be Trump’s 75th birthday. I don’t think so. CodeMonkey refers to “splunk logs” which are logs that record internet access to the machines. The audit has been denied access to those logs for obvious reasons, and CM is pushing to get them for review which would obviously delay the end of the audit. Regardless, we are REALLY close to the end of this audit, and preliminary pseudo-audit news from other states shows rampant fraud which we all already knew. Let’s assume the audit DOES end this week. The question then becomes what next which is the quagmire. This is the great unknown. Simon Parkes actually addressed this. He said if the media refuses to report the results, the military will step in. He said if they do report the results, the dems will then work to discredit them, call for another audit to verify the results, try to delay audits in other states, etc. In other words, the longest delay game in the history of the world. Simon Parkes offers no details but said that “wouldn’t be allowed to happen”. I sure hope so because my greatest fear is they delay this thing until the end of 2023 which a corrupt judicial system could EASILY do.

We are getting some strong language from key players. Last week Trump said, “Now it’s our turn, and the gloves are coming off”. STRONG language. General Flynn said in an interview this weekend that the “next four weeks will shock everybody”. People are already coming to the realization that the election theft will be proven with numerous articles in mainstream websites asking what happens when that happens. The two BEST scenarios are as follows. One, Pedo Joe resigns. We are so accustomed to dems fighting everything even when the evidence is overwhelming that this scenario seems absurdly implausible. However, let’s assume that what those with inside sources say is true, and that Pedo Joe is an actor under control of the white hats. Then this scenario becomes the MOST likely. Is it ridiculous to even discuss this? Hardly. Pedo Joe embarrassed the US and mostly himself at G7 this weekend, more later. Importantly, he took heat for not ending the tariffs imposed by Trump. That is VERY curious. Why would the globalist NWO puppet who has made it clear America is for sale and is working for the NWO while funding it all at US taxpayer expense NOT end the tariffs as one of his first acts? There really is no logical explanation beyond the realization that he truly isn’t in control. It doesn’t require congressional approval. He could end them today much to the celebration of China. So why hasn’t he done so? The second best scenario is the military intervenes as soon as the results are announced and news of foreign interference into our election becomes public. That is an act of war which brings the military immediately into play. Frankly, this is my PREFERRED option because I know the military has ALL the TRUE results of the election and could put into power the true winners. Furthermore, the military would crush the media opposition and stop liberal loser protesters with lethal force, hopefully on pay per view. This is where I turn to and rely upon Q who said the military “is the ONLY way”. Not one of the possible options. Not might be used. Not a back up plan. The ONLY way. We already know the courts and Congress committed high treason. That CANNOT go unpunished if they all of sudden decide to do the “right” thing after the fact as they see the sites of the firing squad pointed at their head and chest. I also keep in mind Bannon’s slip that August 15th is the inauguration. In order for that to be the case, SOMETHING big will have to happen SOON. It will take at LEAST a month for the election results to get sorted out and accepted by the country, AND for people to be put back into office. I think I might be too generous in that estimation. What if they decide we need a new election because of all the lost and destroyed ballots? IF the military doesn’t come forward with proof of the TRUE election results, I don’t see ANY scenario other than a new election. Not because of Trump, but because of all the other elections. There would be NO way to know who genuinely won a Congressional race if there are literally hundreds of thousands of missing ballots in AZ, GA, PA, MI, etc. Those who claim to have remote viewing ability say they keep seeing a new election. If that is true, then we would have to have the election SOON for Trump to be in by August 15th, and remember, Lindell has said for MONTHS Trump would be president by August. He’s looking like Nostradamus at this point. We haven’t forgotten about the foretold internet shut down and use of the EAS. Does that happen AFTER the appointment of Trump to bring to the country a list of the crimes committed by deep state traitors such as election theft, treason, crimes against humanity, etc.? Does it happen after the audit results get ignored by the media? Last week, there were massive global internet outages and apps being shut down. A test run? So many questions, but regardless, the end result is UNCHANGED. Trump WILL be president, and there WILL be mass arrests.

Politics: As I mentioned, Pedo Joe was at G7, and the dementia was ever present to the point world leaders were literally laughing at the pedophile. He was welcomed “back into the global community” by people eager to exploit America for their gain with Pedo Joe more than willing to sell us out. They promised to go into even greater debt for “the good” of the world. Of course, on camera, they wore masks and elbow bumped each other, but when the cameras were off, so were the masks and there hugs aplenty. Some more soft proof the white hats are in charge. There is absolutely NO way for republicans to block liberal bills. They control both sides of Congress and the presidency. Why haven’t they ram rodded nation destroying policies through at light speed? They have had the gigantic money laundering slush fund called the infrastructure bill ready to go for months now. Even now, DEMS in the Senate are refusing to vote for it. Since when? They ALWAYS work in absolute unison. Why the delay now? I truly believe this is the white hats working to make sure no bill that would irreparably damage the country gets through. Plus, the QFS would end the laundering aspect and would track every last dollar.

Here’s a “shock”. The 45 year old reporter who broke the news of Clinton and Lynch meeting on the tarmac in which she was promised a Supreme Court spot if she looked the other way was found dead. Guess what he died from. You’re right. “Suicide”. I wonder if he was found in a locked trunk dismembered with three nail gun shots into the back of his head like one of Hillarnazi’s previous “suicide” victims. Don’t forget that tarmac meeting is what led to Scalia being murdered. These evil bastards cannot be put in front of a firing squad fast enough. The guy who “killed himself” had received death threats for years and moved his family three times for protection. Sounds like someone wanting to live. As an aside, a Hillarnazi bodyguard admitted to moving trafficked children across the border. Line him up in front of the firing squad. Some crimes are unforgiveable. In case you forget why I say the courts are the most dangerous institution in the gov’t, a federal judge ruled that a Houston hospital could force its employees to get vaccinated. Show me the law supporting that. It doesn’t exist, and this will move to a higher court, but what about this? TX just outlawed vaccine passports for all gov’t and PRIVATE businesses which would include that Houston hospital. The law ABSOLUTELY takes priority over a judicial OPINION, but we’ll see how it plays out. Furthermore, we are seeing conservatives fighting back and winning all across the country. I have not been reporting this, but state after state is implementing laws to ensure election integrity going forward. The reason I am not mentioning it is because when the election theft is proven, there will HAVE to be a federal law put into place ensuring election integrity at ALL levels in ALL states going forward. In fact, it might be a Constitutional amendment, it is that serious.

All across the country we are seeing videos posted showing extremely angry parents chastising school boards and officials over the racist Critical Race Theory garbage. I mean EVERYWHERE. These thugs need to be afraid of us. The problem is an insane 75% of teachers SUPPORT this racist policy. Do you see why I keep saying academia is the single greatest long term threat to this country? Once we get Trump back in office, we need to purge academia from Kindergarten to graduate school. There are numerous videos of people interviewing college kids showing their absolute stupidity, but THIS video is the best and scariest one I have ever seen. People asked things like “How many minutes in a kilometer” and “Who was the first person to land on the surface of the sun” and are being given SERIOUS answers. THIS is what our school system has done to the country. Pedo Joe tried to implement a farm relief program exclusively for non-white farmers, but that was struck down as unconstitutional which is so obvious. A teacher who was fired for refusing to use “preferred pronouns” was re-instated by a judge. Winning.

Virus news: FL is the best run state in the country. They had a HUGE concert. outdoors, packed wall to wall with people not wearing masks, and guess who was the FIRST person to come on stage. DeSantis, to an eruption of well deserved applause. While it would be great for Trump to name him his new VP, DeSantis can better help the country by showing the world how to run a state like FL. Look what FL also just did, and this is truly amazing. They just ruled mask mandates, past, present and FUTURE are unconstitutional. ASBOLUTELY and thank GOODNESS! There is no epidemic exception clause in the Constitution. YOU are the ONLY person responsible for YOUR health. They are already starting the fear mongering over the “next strain”, the delta strain. Too bad they picked the summer to try to fear monger since the virus will die instantly once exposed to summer sun and temps.

What is going on with England? They are ALREADY announcing they will stay locked down until after July. It’s a nation under occupation! Not only that, but people returning to the UK from foreign nations have to quarantine for 10 days even if they are vaccinated. That raises the question of what is the point of the vaccine (tracking). The CDC needs to be closed, and those in charge executed. 100% serious. They are in the process of PURGING the roles of vaccine deaths and injuries. They have already removed 150,000. That is not only illegal, it violates all scientific ethics and principles and puts people’s lives at risks. This is absolutely grounds for execution. Are we too soft as a nation to impose martial punishment? I hope not because the ONLY way to stop this now and going forward is to put fear into the evil doer wannabes.

How about Pakistan? They are taking away people’s cell phones if they refuse vaccines. What drives the push for vaccines? Fear. The ignorant and afraid are pro-vaccine, and the informed are opposed. Not my opinion as studies show this is true so is it any surprise that an insane 80% of liberals are pro-mandatory vaccines? At G7, Pedo Joe promised the world 500 million vaccines that they don’t want, have refused, but will be paid for by US taxpayers. A survey showed the lockdown killed 40% of ALL small businesses. Has ANY one person done more damage to America than Fascist Fauxci? The line for the firing squad keeps growing, doesn’t it? I would use a different method for this bastard. I would put mask after mask after mask on him until he suffocates. Yes, on pay per view. Seems like I am in the “Angel of Justice” mode today, eh? Did you know that this evil bastard signed a contract with Moderna back in 2015?

Some vaccine news from last week. 60 million vaccines were found to be “tainted”. Yeah, tainted by the vaccine itself. Additionally, Pedo Joe’s admin was caught bribing hospitals to push the vaccine as being good.

Misc items: The LBGTQPBLOL writers in HWood are demanding more jobs, because that is what the Big Gay Hate Machine does. Gays make up less than 2% of the pop’l and trans MUCH less, but how many are already portrayed in movies and shows? We need MORE of this evil? A study showed a 222% increase in gay characters in KIDS’s shows over the past two years. We are supposed to give them MORE influence? Flipping to sports, a new trend at stadiums is people unfurling HUGE “Trump won” signs. I love it. Meanwhile, after record low ratings, the NBA playoffs are setting even more record low numbers. LeBron’s legacy will be destroying everything Michael Jordan did. This trend keeps happening. Muslims across the world keep reporting being visited by Jesus. Interesting. The media truly hates America, and this is exemplified by an MSNBC reporter who posted this weekend that she felt “threatened” when she visited a friend because of all the Trump supporters in the area displaying the American flag. Yes, that made her feel threatened. I think she was so scared she went home and wrapped herself in her ISIS flag.

An incredible 88% of the west is under what is labeled severe drought. That will have long term impacts. Keep an eye on your Amazon purchases if you have an account because 26 million logins were hacked and stolen. Nigeria banned Twitter after Twitter censored their leader. Hey Trump, are you PAYING ATTENTION?!?! His inability to stop big tech was one of his biggest failings. Several articles posted this week showing that Israel is the world center of organ trafficking. Yikes. Finally, Scavino posted a video showing a B12 bomber about to take off with a group of fighter jets flying in formation overhead. Let’s hope that means the bombs are about to be dropped.