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Shocking revelations of fraud in AZ..

Mat Staver

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"I think I need to go outside and throw up," said someone who investigated and analyzed how easy it is to change election voting results, according to Colonel Phil Waldron who is an Army Veteran and an Information Warfare Officer.

Col. Waldron went on to describe to attendees of an Arizona legislature meeting that these fraud problems are not limited to Dominion machines, but the ES&S systems also can have votes changed by hackers and by "operators." In explosive testimony Waldron stated that there are about a dozen ways that voting results can be changed.

These legislatures have the constitutional authority to investigate our election results. Even local officials and attorneys general do not have the authority that our constitution places in our legislature. That is why it is absolutely critical to urge these swing state legislators to pause the Election Certification process and complete a full, in-depth investigation.

Send your fax directly to these legislators who are under incredible attacks and personal threats for daring to ask questions about this election. - Mat


One Republican poll observer, Anna Orth, testified before the same Arizona state legislature and in an affidavit that that she had been blocked from being in the room for "verifying" mail-in ballot signatures. Before being escorted out, she saw that there was only one person working alone even though the law demands that each party have representation as well as poll observers.

Instead, she was given the impossible task to somehow observe 34 election workers simultaneously. In the five-hour shift that she was watching in Pima County, AZ on Oct 16, there were 30,000-35,000 total early ballots processed. About 2,000 of these ballots were sent to be "corrected," where this poll observer was again blocked from entering a third room where error ballots were "fixed."

In this one situation, in this one county, it would take less than three days to change more ballots than the slim 10,500 vote difference between Biden and Trump votes in Arizona now.

This court-admissible evidence shows that not only were there illegal activities going on, but that those activities impacted more than enough ballots to fraudulently swing the election for Biden.

Send your urgent fax to these swing state legislatures to push for a full and complete forensic investigation into every single allegation of fraud in their state.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai gave testimony regarding the Maricopa Co., AZ curve of voting outcome. His computer tried 100,000 options to perfectly reproduce the voting totals actually cast. The only computer model that fit perfectly on this graph, was one that weighted all Democrat votes at 130% and Trump's votes at –30%. He said that it is highly improbable for any reasonable, honest way to get the voting results that happened in Arizona.

Dr. Shiva also stated there is a "weighted race feature" in voting software going back to 2000 which allows a candidate's votes to be increased or decreased by a certain percentage. The fact that this even exists should be a huge red flag. There is no legitimate reason for this feature except to enable fraud.

Arizona isn't the only place with serious problems. In Pennsylvania, the entire audience gasped when Col. Waldron stated that he had found more than half a million votes for Biden that triggered concern for fraud because of how the data was reported in suspicious dumps in the early morning hours.

In one place there were 337,000 votes for Biden, all registered in 90 minutes, which is faster than the machine is physically capable of tabulating results, according to Col. Waldron.

All combined in these suspicious ballot dumps, Joe Biden got 577,000 votes while President Trump got only 3,200. That's 200 votes for Biden per single vote for Trump—in a state that, up to that point, had Trump ahead by hundreds of thousands of votes.

We must demand that our swing state legislatures NOT certify these election results until the investigations are complete.

Another data analyst, Matt Braynard, testified that he found in just one county (Maricopa, AZ) 5,700 votes that he believes with a high level of certainty were cast by people who are not legal residents of Arizona. There are 14 more counties in Arizona still to be analyzed.

Up to this point, Dominion has refused to allow anyone to analyze their software code. This company is claiming that the software code is "their property," and they refuse to allow any examination.

We cannot sweep these concerns under the rug. If we do, future elections would be pointless. We might as well go the way of Venezuela. But that will not happen on our watch!

There are serious allegations of fraud coming from very credible sources. We must demand action.

Liberty Counsel Action is working under challenging circumstances and disinformation by the media to bring you breaking news and give you a voice to fight against this fraud. Our team can only do this because of your support of our pursuit of truth.

Help us by joining our Year-End Challenge Grant. You can DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT on #GivingTuesday as every gift between now and the end of the year will be doubled. Support Liberty Counsel Action by selecting here or the button below.

Pray for the truth to continue coming out and pray for wisdom for our team as we pursue justice in these states.


Mat Staver



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Then send a fax directly to the swing state legislators to urge them to NOT certify until the questions of fraud have been answered.


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