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Adam Casalino|May 28, 2020

In Historic Ruling, Texas Supreme Court Drops Their Decision On Mail-In Voting

Democrats all over the country are pushing for mail-in voting. They claim that COVID-19 makes it too dangerous for people to vote normally.

President Trump has voiced serious concerns it will lead to voter fraud. Twitter actually “fact-check” his worries, linking to liberal media outlets.


But at least in the great state of Texas, the left’s mail-in plans hit a wrinkle as the courts made a big decision.

From The Hill:

The all-Republican court agreed with Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s interpretation of the state’s voting laws in saying that fear of contracting the coronavirus is not a “disability” and therefore all self-identified able-bodied people living in the state must gather at a polling location.

The Supreme Court of Texas ruled that voters can’t request a mail-in ballot over fears of catching COVID-19.

In Texas, voters can request a mail-in ballot if they have a legitimate disability. Believe it or not, Democrats wanted concern over catching a disease to be counted as a “disability.”

The court disagreed. Healthy, able-bodied adults in Texas will have to vote at a polling place, the same as usual.

Our Take:

Give me a break, Democrats. Did you really think we weren’t going to see through this scheme?

Since when can anyone claim a “disability” because they are afraid of catching a disease? Do you mean to tell me Texans—Texans—are too cowardly to go to a polling place?

I live in Texas, and let me tell you, no COVID is going to stop Texans from doing what they need to do.

All throughout the crisis, Texans have been able to work, shop at grocery stores, and take care of business.

But Democrats want us to believe it’s too dangerous for people to practice social distancing at a polling location.

Isn’t that why so many people are wearing masks, anyway? So, they can do what they need to do?

Can’t we do the same thing at polling places that we do everywhere else?

Considering Texas has been one of the leading states safely reopening, it’s hard to believe most voters will be worried about COVID come November.

What would have stopped political activists from mass requesting ballots? How can we be sure those ballots would have reached the right people—and not a campaign office?

Sounds crazy? There are many concerns with mail-in voting. And Americans need to know the risks, so we don’t lose our democracy.