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Homeless for the holidays . . .

Mat Staver

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A nursing home in Virginia decided to kick elderly residents out if they do not get the COVID shots. Against objections from both staff and residents, this nursing home is pushing forward.

Our nation has fallen to the point that even the elderly are being denied care based on their religious beliefs! These residents are facing eviction before Christmas from the home where they expected to live out their final days!

Liberty Counsel Action has been warning about these vaccine mandates since April 2020. We were the first to raise these warnings. Today, we need your help to fight back on behalf of these people who want to live their final days in peace. Stand with us today to help meet these urgent, tragic needs. DOUBLE your gift to LCA with our Challenge Grant. — Mat

We warned in April 2020 that this day was coming. Long before COVID, a global plan was in place to vaccinate everyone on the planet. To do so requires (1) propaganda fueled by fear, (2) tracing and tracking people, especially by digital means, and (3) coercion and force against the noncompliant.

During the first round of lockdowns, some government leaders encouraged people to report their noncompliant neighbors. Political and media leaders said that the noncompliant should be excluded from work, school, restaurants, grocery stores, public places and travel. We warned that they want to lock you at home while they censor you.

Now that has escalated to the point where people are being removed from organ transplant lists and the elderly and disabled are facing eviction from long-term care facilities if they refuse to get the COVID shots.

One woman we know of was given an ultimatum to get injected or be evicted within 48 hours. She panicked and got the shot—and had a strong adverse reaction. Now the home is forcing her to get a second shot or again face eviction.

This endless cycle of forced medical procedures will continue UNLESS WE END IT!

Help us help these desperate people. Our Challenge Grant will DOUBLE the impact of your gift.

New York City is requiring all private businesses, including religious schools, to force the shots starting the Monday after Christmas. The uninjected "will not be able to participate in many things," the mayor said, but for those who have the shots, the city is “going to open up to you.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio stated, “The only way to patronize these establishments indoors will be if you are vaccinated.” At first, this edict only applied to restaurants, gyms and theaters. But after a short time, now it applies even to religious schools, faith-based businesses and church ministries.

Even though the NIH is acknowledging the potential use of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for COVID treatment, this is not lessening the mandates. Worldwide, there are demands to muzzle with masks, take government-forced injections and show Vaccine Passports.

In Australia, political leaders warned that those who are not injected will lead a “difficult life indefinitely.” Already people who don’t have COVID and haven’t taken the shots are being put in isolation camps. Food is shoved into their room once a day. This is horrific!

At the same time, huge numbers of people are protesting. Nearly 70,000 people between Austria and Belgium alone were protesting this tyranny.

During World War II, Jews were falsely labeled as “disease carriers,” pushed out of public and then private employment, isolated and then eliminated. Fear and lies pushed their neighbors to identify and segregate them. They were banned from certain businesses and education. Once demonized, the Nazis exterminated them.

Any Holocaust survivor I talk to trembles because they see the early phases of what they experienced under Nazism. We must unite and demand freedom now! We need your help. Our Challenge Grant will DOUBLE the impact of your gift.

The network claiming to be “The Most Trusted Name in News” has Don Lemon publicly advocating that buying food and attending outdoor activities should be denied to people who don’t want to get injected. He said, “Don't get the vaccine, and you can't go to the supermarket. Don't have the vaccine. You can't go to the ball game. Don't have a vaccine, can't go to work … We continue to waste our breath on people who are just not going to change … There's no logic to it. It's not about freedom, it's not about anything.”

Lemon hopes that loss of employment, starvation or house arrest will force you to inject an experimental drug into your body! This is incredibly dangerous ideology, yet CNN does nothing to stop him. Like in Nazi Germany, the media, corporations and even many in the medical community are complicit.

Our freedom is under the greatest attack I have ever seen in my life. NO ONE SHOULD BE FORCED AGAINST THEIR WILL. It breaks my heart that we must fight for nursing home residents, premature babies, veterans, health care workers, first responders, students and anyone who is being forced. Stand with us so we can stand with these precious people to defend our critical freedoms.

One of the encouraging aspects is how many states have risen and stood with us to fight these mandates. This is exactly why the Founding Fathers set up our governmental system this way. In moments of tyranny, we have a path to peacefully push back!

I believe state efforts to fight this tyranny stem from LCA’s efforts starting in April 2020 to educate, activate and equip key state and national political leaders to defend freedom.

Many of you had a key role in this through our faxing program. I believe now we are seeing the fruit of this effort! But we have MUCH MORE work to do.

When you join with our ministry, you help us protect millions of people who must be free to make their own choices. In addition to helping us help people with your gift, please also raise your voice across America! Send faxes to state and federal lawmakers. Say NO MANDATORY SHOTS OR VACCINE PASSPORTS!

Now is not the time to shrink back. It is time to press forward.


Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action



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