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Itís time to clamp down on college CRYBULLIES and take back Americaís universities from the lunatic Left

Mike Adams

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Were you aware that students at Evergreen College in Washington seized campus buildings, threatened white professors, made a “list of demands” to the college president and succeeded in being granted exemptions from all homework as a “reward” for their behavior?

All across America, left-wing colleges are radically transforming into “terrorist training camps” for so-called “social justice warriors.” Far from teaching our youth anything useful about academic subjects, many colleges and universities are nothing but indoctrination centers for left-wing extremism.

Right now across America, various colleges and universities are teaching the following philosophy to students:

  • That being White is inherently racist.
  • That genocide against Whites is the only way to solve the racism problem.
  • That the way to get what you want in society is to threaten everybody else with violence.
  • That playing the victim will get you everything you demand.
  • That America is an inherently racist nation that must be overthrown.
  • That free market principles are racist.
  • That “tolerance” means shouting down your opponents.
  • That killing people with whom you disagree is an acceptable way to resolve difference of opinion.

In a recent studio video, I took these college crybullies to task, reminding America that it’s time to send in the National Guard to arrest these students and take our country back from the radical, left-wing extremists who have seized our learning centers and turned them into “training camps.”