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PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Greeting to all this 16trh day of January.  I have an important update to Hatonn's message of yesterday,   I wanted Sananda to give this update but he told me I was to do it, as I was the one that talked with both Anne and J., yesterday. January 15.

Thu may come as a surprise to you, but I am telling you the Truth.

 As you know, President Trump has all the Tesla information given to him by his Uncle.  Secondly, he has been working with Putin for a long time, believe it or not.  They are close friends and have agreed upon the following, which took place yesterday.

When Obama was in office, it was the Keshe foundation that offered advanced technology to all countries freely.  This technology was to be used for good and not evil.  Countries such as Russia, Iran and others agreed to these rules, and accepted the technology.

Obama refused the offer, as he wanted the technology to make him more powerful over the people.  For that reason the technology was not granted to him, for it would be for selfish reasons.

Do you remember the two aircraft carriers of the U.S. that were rendered floating bathtubs?  All electrical equipment including the planes were useless.  There was no running water, no cooking of food, etc., and the ship was totally a floating bathtub.  It was hauled to shore and it took millions of dollars to repair it over 6 monthS.  The same thing happened to the second aircraft carrier.  Obama did not learn the first time.

Well, to make a long story short, the Chinese troops stationed at the Canadian border and also the Mexican border got the same treatment.  The Russian craft flew over these soldiers and rendered all their military equipment useless.


This also happened to the Chinese submarines located off both East and West Coasts of the U.S.


No Chinese soldiers were killed in this process.   They were told to go home.   If they did not obey what they were told, the Lighted Realms said they would be evaporated.

The following, also, was done to all the Chinese soldiers.  I told both Anne and J., that the clothing upon all these Chinese soldiers would be made invisible.  Therefore, they all looked naked to one viewing them.   This embarrassment was the trick.  These ones are turning tail and are obeying the orders to go home.

The Chinese government was angry, but were forced to fly in their planes and rescue all these "naked" soldiers.

This scenario may sound weird and impossible, but I am telling the Truth.  Anne was hesitant about posting this information, but it is true.

Now the next thing to happen will be the surprise of their lives when the DarkSide expects to have Biden become president.  "It ain't gonna happen, folks!"  There is no more Corporate America.  You are now a REPUBLIC. The Dark Ones shall be in total panic, as they have been trying to impeach Trump, not realizing they are in the great net of Treason and shall reap what they sow.

Watch what happens next for it shall be....................

Stay tuned!






PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  It has a been a few days since I have asked Anne to pen a message from me.  At this time, what I have to say is quite important, because for the first time in Earth History the Dark Brotherhood [DB's], or the reign of Satan/Lucifer on your planet is coming to and end.


You have been told  ad nauseaum that Earth became the jail planet of Lucifer or as his name is called, Satan.  He and his dark minions have ruled Earth with an iron hand for millennia.  Everything that they planned has been done in perfection.  Their plans are posted on Fourwinds entitled The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.  These were secret documents that noone outside of the evil controllers was EVER to read.  It was Hatonn/Aton, who presented them in the Phoenix Journals for all the world to see.


As you read each Protocol, you can see exactly how  their plan was put into place gradually like a thief in the night.  I am glad to say that the reign of the DB's is at its end.


I said it is at its end.  Do you think these ones will go down after thousands of years of control?  They are like a mad bear with teeth bared ready to tear apart anything that would approach.


The battle lines are being put into place.  Do not think for one minute that in the last 35 years of training, that Mr. Trump is not prepared to face this evil so embedded upon Earth.


The Dark Ones are trying desperately to close all avenues of communication from Mr. Trump, including assassination,  impeachment, and stopping all messages from him to the people.  They would stop at nothing to destroy him, even to the point of great weather mollification, killing all his followers, and wrecking havoc upon Mother Earth to destroy her as they have other planets.


What is so infuriating to the DB's is that Mr. Trump holds evidence against them for treason.  They fear only one thing.  Death.  They know they are defeated, but evil will never stop until they are arrested and tried for treason.  They cannot continue living on their jail planet no matter what.  Even if they were victorious, which they will not be, their home will be gone forever.  There is no place left for them except where they will have to go, as that is what they have chosen.

What do I mean by that statement?


Each of these DB's has a freewill, l and could have chosen to come back to the Light. They were given that chance in 1989  when they promised Creator God that in 25 years they would come back to the Light by 2012.  They chose, however, to follow the same evil path they created for themselves, and refused to come back to the Light.   Therefore, they have chosen to live in the dark.


What I mean is that their placement shall be in a place where there is no goodness.  That is what I mean by the void.  Or, if they choose to be uncreated, that, too, is their option.

Of course, there are many clones working with the DB's.  Their demise will be uncreation by Creator Source of Light.  Hatonn decribed them as going POOF!


As you read the articles on Fourwinds, you can see the steps being taken by Mr. Trump.  There will be no Biden inauguration.  Trump shall remain as President, but not the CEO of the United States Corporation.  He shall be the President of the Republic of the United States.


His goal is to keep the people safe from harm.  He has invoked the Insurrection Act which allows him to control the Military.  He did not choose Martial Law, allowing the Congress to control the Military.  He has, with his great knowledge and training, made plans long ago, for he knew what was to happen.


That is taking place right now.  Every step is carefully  planned.  He is in a safe place where the DB's cannot find him, directing the great plans that are now moving swiftly to complete the mission.


Pat Muhlhausen, [12.01.21 11:01]

It is not going to happen overnight. but over the next weeks. You ones need to do your part just in case there is time before Mother Earth tips.


Have food, water, med, and cash on hand.  You may have the Internet down and power off for a short time.  Stay safe and do not fear.


I tell you this, as Mother Earth does have the last say.  Yes, we are on Red Alert, and she is the only one, who knows when the great flipping shall take place.  It is not a matter of IF but WHEN.


Do you part to protect yourself, and we shall do the rest.  Mr. Trump is not out to harm any of you little people.  He is after the Satanic ones of whom he has suitcases of evidence for treason.


The DB's cannot stop him, no matter what.  America shall be brought back to the Constitution.


Live each day to the best you can, for that is all you have....TODAY.  The same is for Mr. Trump.


Mother Earth has given all this day.  Carry out your plans and stay on the Red Road of Truth.









PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  I have asked Anne to write a message to all Lightworkers and souled ones, as I have not given you ones a message for several days.  

Needless to say, your world is in a turmoil.  It appears to the Darkside that they have won.  The Congress voted almost unanimously to support Mr. Biden.  Those were not the exact words, but each Congressman was given a change to view his or her opinion concerning the voter fraud committed in Arizona and Pennsylvania.  

As each one stood up before the entire United States people, who were tuned in to this fiasco, it was apparent that all except a very few said there was no fraud committed.  The few  ones that stood up for the Truth were outnumbered.  

Why was this congressional meeting so important at this time?

Do not forget that this was all planned.  Every move that Trump has made on his "grand 5D chess board" has been planned and executed to perfection.   Many people have asked "Why does not Trump take care of all those indictments that Q reports?  What is he doing? Is he hiding from the Darkside and fears he will be assassinated?"

No, my dear ones.  It is just the opposite.  Mr. Trump wants the people to see the Truth of what is happening.  He wants to know, who is for the Truth of the Constitution or aligned with the DeepState.  It is obvious that the great majority of Congress aligns with the DDB's.  

What about Mike Pence?  Mr. Pence was removed sometime ago and the look-a-like was what you saw.  This person was completely aligned with the DDB's, and you saw on tape that he took the bribe from the DDB's to refuse to change the decision of the electoral vote that was completely fraud.

These dark ones are now totally convinced they have won.  Trump said there would be a smooth transition.  What they failed to know is that he did NOT concede, and his last statement in his speech....."This is just the beginning"

Now to more Truth.  The man you saw as Trump in his speech was not Trump but a look-a-like put in place all planned by Trump.  He is in a secret place working at the completion of his plans.  The great net catching all those Congress men and women in treason is part of his plan to find out where they stood.  

He is ready to make his move starting with an emergency broadcast.  

Everything has been carefully and stealthily planned to the enth degree, and all is going exactly as planned.

The net is closing on the dark ones, and they are completely unaware of what is about to happen.  The Q report said:  Boooom!  BOOM! Boooooooom!

The capitol BOOM means military.  

All is ready.  Each day passes for this to be done.  Whether or not there is time before Mother Earth tips, is up in the air.  The only thing I can say is the Plan keeps on until that time comes.  Trump is moving forward.  

By the way, here is a tidbit of news about the riots at the White House that is blamed on Trump and his supporters.  What a total lie. It was the Antifa, whose photos are on that show the marks of Antifa on the arms and hands of those that broke in the White House.  Also, the leader shown dressed with horns that came right up to Nancy Pelosi in the House Chamber was her very own son-in-law!!  What a joke to blame on Trump.  Sorry, DeepState, you are caught in the Great Net , and will never get out until you have paid the ultimate price for Treason.

Sit back and relax, and watch it happen.  You have each day given to you to keep strong on the Red Road of Truth.  You are protected, so do not worry. 

Watch the show unfold before your eyes until you are no longer here but aboard ship.  You ones still live in 3D and must pass lessons until you are no longer in 3D. 

Pray for Mr. Trump and pray for Mother Earth.  

All is well.








HELLO, CENTRAL! NESARA MISSION [with Comment by Patrick H. Bellringer]

PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Don't let the date of this" Hello Central" turn you off.!  I wrote this concerning the massive plan to take back the Republic.   I wrote it 13 years ago, and what I wrote is happening now.  Everything is in place. Trump was trained for this very thing fo 35 years ago, and the plan had to be done secretly stealthy and is  briliiantly be played out right now..  He has tapped the DS into admitting treason on live TV!  Different laws apply that can be used in this case. Pence was taken out long ago, and the one you saw was a look-a-like. All is a play, a show, and like a giant movie being played before your eyes.  What is about to happen is going to be Biblecal!




FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer

     TO:  T

DATE:  Sept. 21, 2008


Dear T:

    Thank you for your letter, suggestions and question.

    What people generally do not know is that the NESARA Mission, including the Prosperity Programs and Farm Claims, were all part of a greater plan, which began in the 1950's following World War II to restore the U.S. of A. to its original status, as a Constitutional Republic by a quiet, bloodless revolution.  To avoid such a revolution of changing an entire government becoming a bloody revolution in the streets, as has happened in so many other countries, it was agreed that every effort would be made in bringing this nation back to a Republic by following the precepts already provided in the Constitution of the Republic for such change

    Thus, the "revolution" could not be a simple military take-over of the government, done swiftly and cleanly, beheading all who opposed it.  It could not be done by a mob of "patriots" carrying pitchforks and broomsticks marching on Washington D.C.  Given the depth and breath of deceit and control of the U.S. Government by the Zionist-Illuminati One World Order, such a revolution had to be subtle, carefully planned and secretly carried out by selected people in positions of authority with proven integrity and commitment to the cause.

    Such a mission has been in process for many years.  One of the biggest handicaps has been not knowing, who is the enemy.  Another problem has been lack of communication between those, who must work covertly to accomplish this mission.  Bribery and black-mail and double agents have all played their part in this developing revolution to restore the Republic.  Mainly, it has been a paper battle, a legal/lawful battle, a battle of wits to maneuver and out-smart your opponent.

    The opponents are many, the president and vice-president of this nation, and former ones, the cabinet, the Congress, the judges and lawyers, the bankers, the military. . . the list is long!

    This is not only a change in a nation, but the principles involved shall change our world.  Debt settlement between nations and a Global Gold Banking System are huge changes.  Removal of the U.S. Government and corporate structure, the dismissal of the national debt, the removal of the Federal Reserve System and fiat money, and the cancelling of personal debt to that system are major changes, which were considered impossible not long ago, are now not only possible, but are actually now in process.

    Most people see only a very small part of the "revolution".  They see their Farm Claim or their involvement in the Prosperity Programs as the focal point of their attention.  They see NESARA as being important, but do not understand it as the very foundation of this entire "revolution".  They are impatient and become upset at all the delay, for lack of knowledge of the massive change being implemented.

    As I have written many times, and as explained in the Phoenix Journals by Creator God, this is His Plan 2000 in process to remove the Darkside's control over our planet and her people.  It is not about simply getting "your" money and living happily ever after, or about having all your debts suddenly removed, so you can go spend and buy, and do it all over again.

    This is a bigger change to goodness, and it takes time.  It takes courage and dedication and great risk on the part of great patriots and Lightworkers.  Though a complete fool, the U.S. President cannot be simply "taken out".  Our people must find ways to lawfully work around him, and still accomplish the mission.

    You ask, "why would Bush allow deliveries when it virtually guarantees his own demise and humiliation?"  It is a matter of lawfully "boxing" him in until he has no other alternative but to do the right thing.  This is like a fantastic game of chess being played until checkmate is achieved against the Darkside.  The World Court may issue many rulings and orders, but without enforcement they become worthless.

Please understand that in this game, this mission of a bloodless revolution for our nation and our world, G.W. Bush, G H. W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, Bill and Hillary Clinton, etc. are all very small players and have very little, if any, power left at this time.  They are "as dust on the scales of time".


    All is coming together nicely in Creator God's Plan 2000.  Focus your positive energies on the greater good, and watch with joyful expectation the daily unfolding of this Plan.  Truth is being revealed and enlightenment is happening in the most unexpected places to restore balance and harmony.

    We shall let Casper respond as he wishes.

                            In Love and Light,

                            Patrick H. Bellringer







MOTHER EARTH:  For the second time ever, I have asked Anne to write my message to the world.  I am honored that she agreed to do so at this most perilous time upon your planet.

I am in the most dangerous situation ever in all my 4.5 billion years that I have lived.  I have willingly supported and agreed to support 3D civilizations upno my orb, and I can tell you this.  Never before in all my life has the evil been so bad upon my surface.  I thank Creation that I have been granted a birthing into 5D where no evil exists.

I have been moved by magnetic force to a new location in the Pleiades Star System with a new  sun and a new moon.  I am no longer in the Apsu Solar System.

What you see with your 3D vision is a holograph of the Apsu Solar system, and Starships have taken the place of all the constellations.  I tell you the Truth.

The negativity is swirling off my surface, so as to darken much of the Cosmos with evil energies.  These evil energies have disturbed the entire Orvanton Universe.  How is that you say?  It is because everything is connected and in perfect order.  Creation has made it so.

I see that there are military aircraft carriers on each coast of the U.S., for they are waiting in case China would invade the U.S.  All borders to your country of the U.S. are secured and monitored carefully.  To me it looks like a war of wars is very possible.

To top it off, the negativity steaming from the fraudulent presidential election is swirling in hate and lies of the DDB's.  The Communists are determined to rule your country.  Their evil plans in my estimation for American is hell on earth.

The Georgia fraudulent voting for the position of Senator is fraught with evil and manufacturing the votes out of thin air to make the evil ones win.

Today is the day that your president faces an uphill battle to present positive evidence of voter fraud.  The evil ones, however will not quit.  Mr.Trump needs to unseal the indictments of these evil ones, some 200,000 of them.  Will he do this?  He has his free will and plans, so I cannot tell you the answer.

I do know that I can stand no more negativity.  I have waited these past weeks for others to come to the Truth.  That has happened, for which I am so thankful.  I have done my part, and I wait for no one at this time.

In a flash without warning, I shall graduate.  All my volcanoes will erupt with fire and smoke.  My oceans will wash over all the land and rid my surface of all 3D life.  That is the savior of my life, for I have withstood evil for centuries.  It is time for me to graduate, and that, my friends is any minute.

For you Lightworkers, who are so few, keep strong. You are cared for with infinite love.  The starships overhead are in position ready to evacuate you Lightworkers, and any other souled being who would willingly step into the beam of Light to be boarded on ship.

I love all you Lightworkers with a Love beyond belief. You have kept the Light burning under dire circumstances.

My love to all.








PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Greetings to all Lightworkers.  I have asked Anne to write a message for me at this time.

In 2018, I wrote an  article entitled"Never Give Up!"  found at  As I read this article again today, it seems as though nothing has changed since then.  Everything;ng that I said in that article is true with the exception of adding more names to the growing list of haters and rioters, who wish to destroy the United Sates.   The once great cities have been ravaged and burned with the rioters, who have no regard for life nor liberty.

To top it off. this fraudulent election is a great example of how the minions of Satan work.  They have lied, cheated, censored the truth with the Satanic Social media, and have done the bidding Satan, as they with to create Communist government where there are no rights.  The rioters, who are burning the cities, do not realize what slavery awaits them if this Satanic Left Wing government would actually take power in your government.  It would be hell on Earth.

President Trump has been constantly attacked with over 50 attempts to have him assassinated.  If it were not for the protection of the Lighted Realms, he would have been dead long ago.  He is a brilliant man and has plans far ahead of the Dark Brotherhood.  In all this chaos happening, Mr. Trump is educating the people of what is really going on around the country.  He is working under the Insurrection act,  and these high-up controllers are being silently removed to face life imprisonment in Gitmo or else be tried for Treason and hung.   He and those working with him have "all the goods"on these evil ones.  The "suitcases are full", so to speak, of evidence of treason.

I will tell you something else that is really not in the news.  Inner Earth people are assisting Trump to bring back America.  There is a lot going on at both north and south poles you would not believe.  Antarctica has had 50,000 earthquakes in the last threee months.

Trump knows what he is doing and step by step he is accomplishing those goals.   We can see that he will accomplish his goal, as he has won the presidency.  I tell you  this next scenario that is most important.  If there time for him to complete this  mission?   It is anyone's guess.  Why do I say that?  It is because Mother Earths has the last say.  She has waited patiently for more ones to come to the Light.  She was very disturbed at the great  bomb that went off in Maine killing 50,000 Chinese soldiers.  This event, alone, has caused her to move ever quicker to her turning point. 

In the meantime, the Lightworkers are struggling to stay on the Red Road of Truth.  They have been bombarded with entities that say they are from the Light and are not.   In the case of J., her communication line has been off and on for the past weeks.  We have, also, struggled with the debris left by the entities that were uncreated.  Never before has=ve the Lighted Realms been under such attack.  Anne has been working with us since 1994, and her line of communication is strong.  We must maintain that line, as Fourwinds must not be shut down.   None the less, attacks against Anne never stop.

To all Lightworkers:  Lessons do continue for all of you, even at this last hour.  Although lessons are increasingly difficult because of the DDB's constant attack, you  shall not fail.  In the postings today on Fourwinds, you will read some of the events that are occurring at this time.  You can't make this stuff up.

I tell you now, stay strong and never give up hope.  What shall help you is to read the Journals and medicate.  Your great God Spirit within gives you the power of Creation.  Above all, you are not alone in your struggle.  Take the hand of Sananda, and the Lighted Realms, and you shall be victorious.  Each one of you is dearly loved by the Lighted Realms and we surround you with that undying Love.






NOTE:  Patrick asked me to post this Hello Central! again as it correponds with what Sananda wrote today, as well as my aritcle People of the Lie:  The Photon Belt.  This article is one of over 600 "Hello Centrals" Patrick has written, and this one explains our Cosmos and how it appears.  Check out the two chart links at the bottom.  Great reading again for everyone.. ....Anne

On 3/10/2019 9:33 AM, CE wrote:



Hello Patrick and Anne

In Journal 47, Chapter 2-The Creation it states, quote:  “So, we have The Creation, which represents the Great Sacred Circle of Infinity, without end or beginning, which holds the ful­filled and unfulfilled Creative Potential of the Totality of ALL that is.  Then we have God/Aton, which represents the MIND INTELLIGENCE OF THE CREATION FOR THIS GALAXY. God/Aton is as much a PART of The Creation as WE EACH are a PART of God/Aton. Hence the truth ... WE ARE ALL ONE”.

When it states that God/Aton represents the MIND INTELLIGENCE OF THE CREATION FOR THIS GALAXY,  does this then infer that there are other Galaxy’s and Universes that also have other God/Aton’s which represent the MIND INTELLIGENCE of CREATION?

I understand that God/Aton’s fragments all have the potential to move higher and higher into the Realms of Spiritual awareness and become ONE with God just as Sananda. But does this also mean that Sananda may graduate to the position of God/Aton where he too oversees and is responsible for his own Galaxy?

I understand that as a souled being God has given a fragment of Himself to us which is why WE ARE ALL ONE, but is God/Aton also then a fragment then of the Creation?

I am quite certain that I read in one of the Journals that God/Aton has experienced in human form on earth, is this true and what can you tell me about this fact if it is true.

Lastly, what do you know about the Isle of Paradise?

I would appreciate any insight on these questions

Love and Light to you and all





FROM: Patrick H.Bellringer

     TO:  C.E.

DATE:  3-11-19


Dear C.E.

    These are short answers to your questions.

    Yes, these are Gods that represent other galaxy's and universes, and yes, Sananda may graduate in soul growth to oversee a galaxy, as may you.  Aton and all souled beings are not fragments of Light from The Creation but of Creator Source, originally.  Hatonn says he has over forty-three thousand lifestreams in 3D.  The Isle of Paradise is where Creator Source resides.

    Let me explain in greater detail. Draw a circle with seven spokes, with a center hub like a wheel. This wheel represents the Cosmos or all that has been created.  The seven spokes divide the space within the wheel into seven parts.   Each part represents a Super Universe.

    Our planet Earth Shan exists within the seventh Super Universe, which is called Orvonton.  Aton says our Milky Way Galaxy is misnamed, but is actually the seventh Super Universe.  Myriads of galaxies and universes and solar systems and planets make up a Super Universe.  Shan resides within the Nebadon Universe and the Apsu Solar System.

The hub of the wheel is called The Isle of Paradise, the residence of Creator Source, who is pure Light.  This is the source of Creation, all that is.  Creator Source gave to each being a spark of Light, which is our soul, and spiritual connection to Source.  Thus, we each have the same creative potential.  Those, who live the Laws of God and Creation and reach perfection, graduate to become Creators and Gods of their own planets, universes and galaxies.

    Our Milky Way Galaxy or the Seventh Super Universe has over one hundred and seventy eight billion life-supporting planets in it.  Which ones do you wish to manage?

In Love and Light,

 Patrick H. Bellringer













          Sorry, folks!  Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, Adrian Rogers, and many other Christian spokespersons are telling you lies about the end times.  When Mother Earth makes her transition, (tips on her axis), nothing physical will matter.  Only the Spiritual will matter.   

          Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda is not physically returning to Planet Earth.  He will remain aboard the Phoenix, the Command Ship for the Pleiadian Starfleet.   No one will be swept up into the clouds to go somewhere, as Christianity preaches.   There will be Lift-Off to the waiting ships, the children up to the age of 6 or 7.  Their age limit is based upon their innocence of knowledge.  They will pass through a beam of Light to reach the ships.  The Lightworkers go next.  A beam of Light will appear for anyone who chooses to board, even though their frequencies may be lower than that of the beam of Light.  They may be injured or even die physically, but they will be received on the Astral Plane where their true self (their soul) will determine their next lifestream.  All of this happens within 15 minutes. 

          Everything physical on Planet Earth shall be swept away by the seas.  Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda, Creator God Aton and all the Lighted Masters shall greet you aboard the Phoenix Command ship.  The Phoenix Command Ship is three and a half times larger than Mother Earth.  You will be taken to the Astral Plane (4th Dimension) to judge yourself against the Laws of God and Creation.  If you pass your tests you will go on to Heaven (5th Dimension).  If not, you will determine where you go for your next lifestream experience in 3rd Dimension.

          Jesus is not going to “save you”!  That is all a lie from the writings of Paul. You save yourself by living the 18 Laws of God and Creation, as best you can.  The 18 Laws of God and Creation are found in Phoenix Journal number 27 in detail.  They are, also, on the Homepage of

          Lift-Off is soon!  May you be ready! 


Patrick H. Bellringer





PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:   Greetings.  I know I left you cliff-hanging in my journey to the sun.   I shall now  continue that episode, and to many, who have been told the lies about our sun, I am here to give you the Truth.

Of course, you see the sun only with 3D vision, and you are told it is a hot boiling mass of gas spewing vast amounts hundreds of miles high that certainly would prohibit anyone from getting too close to this fiery mass.

Yes, the sun is extremely bright.  In fact, our old sun is gone and was replaced with one of helium.  Have you not noticed how hot it is?  It is easy to burn your skin if you stay in its rays too long.

Well, Sananda took me by virtual reality to the very surface of the sun with my helmet adjusted to 3D vision.  I felt as if I were going to melt, it was that real to me as I gazed at the source of sunlight streaming to other other planets in the Apsu Solar System.

Sananda placed his hand on my shoulder, and said, "Patrick, you have seen a close-up view of the sun as seen with 3D vision.  In a blink of an eye my vision turned to normal.  What I mean by that is that when a person graduates to 5D you have that vision of seeing higher frequencies.

I was shocked at what I saw, for I realized that the surface of the sun is cold with no spewing of gases whirling hundreds of miles an hour.  Instead I saw lakes, mountains, huge trees, flowers, green grass and strange looking people.

Sananda said that there are hundreds of continents with many different kinds of beings in these continents.  The continent which we approached had ones living on them that reminded me of Star Trek. They were tall, thin with big slanted eyes, no hair on their head, an were a bluish color.  Their nose was two small slits in their face and their ears were small and oblong.


Sananda said they were very enlightened and treated the land as a sacred being, much like the early Native Americans treated the Earth.

The trees were huge, and of a variety I had never seen, as were the gardens and flowers that were abundant.


What surprised me most were their dwellings.  I saw no huge apartment buildings, no electric lines, factories, or cars of any kind.  These enlightened ones build their homes partially underground with many windows.  The top of these dwellings were covered with bushes and many varieties of flowers.  They melted into the environment so they were even hard to see.  The air was pure and the waters sparkled with light.

I did not understand how it could be daylight, but it was very bright as light shone everywhere.  It was incredible. Sananda said that they had continuous light but at a certain time when they were to rest, the light dimmed, but there was no darkness. 


Sananda spoke softly: "This would be a good adventure for Gabriel to take you and your family, J. and her twin flame when you go on your tour in the Cosmos."

Their mode of transportation was similar to other planets to which I ships.  They were not huge, but looked similar to the beam ships I saw while  living on Earth.  They too, had a shelter hidden by gorgeous bushes and flowers.  It was absolutely incredible.

Again Sananda spoke:  "It only takes a few seconds to go to any other planet in this Orvanton Super Universe, as we travel in our ships by thought.

I replied:  "I wish we could meet these people and walk on the sun!"


Sananda replied: "That, my dear Patrick, shall be on the "list" of Cosmic adventures with your family, J, and her Twin Flame."

Tears came to my  eyes at the thought of this coming journey, and I can hardly wait.  I see the war mongers rapping up their desire to destroy Mother Earth and take down the U.S. once and for all.

Sananda assured me that all is under control and that not to worry.  It is not the war mongers, who control the future, but Mother Earth.


With that statement I was at ease.  When my helmet was removed I wiped the tears from my eyes, knowing that all is well, and that the Light shall win.  I thanked Sananda for his love and care and the most marvelous journey I took to see just a wee bit of the immense Cosmos.

Indeed, Creation is above all.







PATRICK H. BELLRINGER AND SANANDA:  Hello, readers!  I am Patrick H. Bellringer speaking to you at this time.  I did not expect to have the following event happen to me, as it was a surprise gift from Sananda.  I was hoping to see my family aboard ship for Christmas time.  We have not been together, as a family at this time, since 2005.  My children were living in different parts of the US ....Florida to Washington and Wyoming.  I felt disappointed, but I know I shall see them all very soon aboard The Phoenix Command Ship.

Presently, I am still aboard Gabriel's ship. The Star of Bethlehem monitoring closely my assigned Sector.  Along with that we are helping with restoring the spiritual line to J., which has been a difficult task with all the debris these evil spirits left when they were uncreated.

None of us had taken a break from monitoring Mother Earth, checking my Sector, and helping repair the spiritual line to J.

I shall being now to tell you about my surprise gift!  I was trembling all over with excitement, for I knew this gift from Sananda would be very special.


As I was sitting at my station aboard The Star of Bethlehem, I felt a presence behind me.  I turned around to see Sananda standing there with a big smile on his face. He spoke to me quietly.

"Patrick, you and all our crew have worked tirelessly for the last days and have not taken any rest time to refresh for the coming evacuation.  I have spoken to Mother Earth again to see where she is at turning over.  She said to me that she wanted you and I to take a short break to refresh ourselves.  So, Patrick, let's take that break now."

I replied that I would welcome a short rest and to refresh myself for the coming and most exciting event.  With that I got the surprise of my life.

Sananda had held something behind his back.  What was it?  I felt it when Sananda put that "famous" helmet over my head.  "What!?  Where are we going this time?"

Sananda replied: "I will not tell you for it is your Christmas surprise gift.  Get ready for the trip of your life, brother!"

I shook all over with excitement.  Instantly, I saw us traveling through the Cosmos.  Sananda had turned on the 3D vision, as he wanted to surprise me.  All of a sudden the light got brighter and brighter with cloud of gas and fire swirling thousands of miles high.  I was trembling all over when Sananda spoke  to me.

"Patrick" he said: " We are approaching the Apsu Solar System Sun.  I told you in the Journals that Mother Earth would have a new sun.  What we are approaching is that new sun!  If you remember as a boy the sun shone brightly, but it was not a hot sun and it was dying, as she had served her mission.  What you see now is Earth's new sun that has been shining for the past years.  She is made of helium.  Have you noticed anything different about the sun during your last years on Mother Earths as compared to when you were a child?"

"Yes!?  I replied.  "The sun is hot. almost too hot to not be sunburned quickly.  I noticed that even in a below zero temperatures the ice sickles were dripping and the snow was melting!"  I wondered what had happened, and I knew that the sun was a different one than the sun of my boyhood.

I felt a tremor and I was shaking all over.  I felt we were going to be burned to death.  All I could see was the brightness of the sun with all that swirling mountains of gases coming at me with a fierce force.  We were going to be burned to a crisp!

Sananda placed his hand upon my shoulder.  He spoke quietly to me.  "Patrick, this is what you see, as a 3D person.  What you will see with your 5D eyes will surprise you.  Take a look!"


Sananda had turned the vision of the helmet back to 5D.  I almost jumped out of my seat.  What I saw was .........

To be continued ....... Can't wait to tell you!!!!!!

SALU from both of us..







PATRICKHL BELLRINGER:  I am aboard The Star of Bethlehim at this time.  My advertures through the Cosmos has been put on hold until after evacuation, and my family and J and her twin flame can join Gabriel and I as we take a travel through the Cosmos.  In the  meantime, I would like Anne to repost the following article.  The information given in this article can still be of help to many people.




By Patrick H. Bellringer


            There is a cure and a prevention for every disease present today on Planet Earth Shan.  The darkside has kept this Truth well hidden for centuries, but today, a few brave Truthbringers are revealing the medical lies and presenting the cures and preventative means for many common diseases.  One such Truthbringer is Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark, who holds the Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in biology from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, and a Doctorate degree in physiology from the University of Minnesota.  Her research has resulted in the writing of four books as follows:

1)      The Cure For All Cancers

2)      The Cure For All Diseases

3)      The Cure For HIV And AIDS

4)      The Cure For All Advanced Cancers

          I present only a brief introduction to Dr. Clark’s work, and her two treatments for fluke disease.

            The flatworm or fluke (Fasciolopsis buskii) has a natural life cycle of six stages.  The adult stage is the only stage that “normally” lives in the human, and then only in the intestine.  This fluke usually depends on a snail as a secondary host for part of its life cycle.

            In the last 100 years the human diet and lifestyle has changed substantially, so that the solvents now present in the human diet or absorbed through the skin or lungs, etc. allow the fluke to develop the other five stages within the human body.  It is now rare for a human not to provide the complete environment for all six stages of the life cycle of the fluke.  The adult stage exists in the human intestine, and depending upon the solvents present in the human body, the secondary (snail) host is provided by any one of several human organs.  The resultant breakdown by flukes of various human organs is the primary cause of various diseases prevalent in humans today.  Such diseases include cancers, HIV, Hodgkin’s disease, M.S., Alzheimer’s, and diabetes.  When any of the first five stages of the fluke life cycle (the adult fluke is stage six) are able to develop in a human, Dr. Clark refers to this problem as Fluke disease.

            If the solvent propyl alcohol is present in the human body, the intestinal fluke is invited to use another organ as a secondary host.  This organ then becomes cancerous.  If the solvent benzene is present, the intestinal fluke uses the thymus gland as a secondary host, setting the stage for AIDS.  If the solvent wood alcohol is present, the intestinal fluke uses the pancreas as a secondary host.  This leads to the pancreatic dysfunction known as diabetes.  If the solvents xylene/toluene are present, the human brain becomes the secondary host.  The result of fluke disease in the brain produces deterioration of the nervous system and disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis (M.S.).

            Fluke disease in the kidneys produces lupus or Hodgkin’s disease.  If methylethyl ketone (MEK) or methyl butylketone (MBK) are the solvents present, the uterus becomes a secondary host and the likely result will be endometriosis.  Fluke disease of the muscles causes dystrophies (muscular dystrophy).  Other health problems such as HIV infection, Crohn’s disease and Kaposi’s are also caused by Fluke disease.

            To rid the body of the fluke parasite is the first step in curing Fluke disease and all its life-threatening side-effects.  Dr. Clark presents two methods of fluke removal from the human body.

            The first method uses electrical current from a five to ten volt frequency generator.  Simple instructions for the building and use of an inexpensive ($25-$50.) frequency generator are found in both of Dr. Clark’s books, The Cure for All Cancers and TheCure For All Diseases.  One may also purchase a frequency generator (zapper) through the Internet at or   Using this device for three-seven minute sessions separated by 20 minute intervals will kill nearly all parasites, bacteria, viruses, and mites, etc. found within the human body.  Zapping three times a day for a week can often deplete these populations within the body to zero.  Dr. Clark’s intent is to enable one to diagnose and treat oneself for any disease.

            The second method of fluke removal from the body is also discussed in both books noted above.  This method uses four herbs in a 7-14 day parasitic cleanse.  The herbs are black walnut, cloves and wormwood, and psyllium for an intestinal sweep.  These can be purchased at any herb or health food store.  The following chart is included as a simple guide in using this parasite cleanse.


Using tincture rather than capsules.

By Patrick H. Bellringer


Take cleanse on an empty stomach,   Mix in ½ to ¾ cup of water, apple juice, cider or other juice as desired. Take cleanse daily for two weeks and follow exactly according to the following chart.




   Black    Walnut



















1 drop


1 drop


2 drops



½ tsp.


½ tsp.


½ tsp.


½ tsp.


1 tbls.





2 drops


3 drops


3 drops


1 tsp.


1 tsp.


1 tsp.


1 tsp.


1 tbls..





4 drops


4 drops


4  drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1 tbls.





5 drops


5 drops


6 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


2 tsp.


1 tbls.





6 drops


7 drops


7 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


2½ tsp.


1 tbls.






8 drops


8 drops


8 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1 tbls.


1 tbls.





9 drops


9 drops


10 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.

1  tbls. +

½ tsp.



1 tbls.





10 drops


11 drops


11 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.

1 tbls.  +

1 tsp.



1 tbls.




12 drops


12 drops


12 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.



1½ tsp.

1 tbls.  +

1½ tsp.


1 tbls.





13 drops


13 drops


14 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.

1 tbls.  +

2 tsp.


1 tbls.





14 drops


15 drops


15 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.

1 tbls.   +

2½ tsp.


1 tbls.





16 drops


16 drops


16 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


2 tbls.


1 tbls.





17 drops


17 drops


18 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.

2 tbls. +

½ tsp.


1 tbls.





18 drops


19 drops


19 drops


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.


1½ tsp.

2 tbls.   +

1 tsp.


1 tbls.


          The following information maybe helpful in obtaining and preparing the four products needed for this parasite cleanse, if you prefer not to purchase these products in capsule form

1.      Black walnut tincture—2 ounce bottle with dropper can be purchased and used with no alteration ($20.00), a 2-ounce bottle of extra strength can be obtained from Dr. Clark’s store for $20.00, or one ounce of regular for $7.88.

2.      Psyllium(ground psyllium seed husk or hull) –1 pound.  Can be purchased and used without alteration ($10.00)

3.      Cloves tincture -2 cups.  Purchase 2 ounces of ground cloves ($2.00) and make the tincture (water solution) by boiling/steeping the 2 ounces of cloves in four cups of water for fifteen minutes.  Drain off the liquid after cooling and settling for 24 hours.

4.      Wormwood tincture –one cup.  Purchase two ounce bottle of wormwood tincture ($20.00).  Dilute with one and one-half cups of water.  Wormwood tincture can be made cheaply by steeping one ounce of ground wormwood in 4 cups of water for 20 minutes.  Drain off liquid after cooling and settling for 24 hours.

            The removal of body parasites, harmful bacteria, viruses, mites, etc. from the body is not the total answer to good health.  One must make a change in life-style by changing eating habits and other behaviors to reduce or even prevent re-infestation of these organisms.  One must also take steps to assist the body to repair the organ damage already caused by these organisms.

            Cancer victims today face a formidable foe, the American Medical Association (AMA) and their trained “professionals”.  The cancer patient is subjected to “the knife” to remove the problem, to radiation and chemotherapy to zap and/or chemicalize the problem with the end result in most cases of poorer health, poverty, and often death.  When people choose to allow doctors to treat the effects of cancer, diabetes, AIDS, etc. rather than the cause, there can be no return to good health.  In Phoenix Journal #42 entitled Unholy Alliance, Hatonn refers to our modern day hospitals as “Temples of doom”.  We are dying from bacterial, viral and parasitic infestation, intentional malnutrition and a host of harmful medical practices.

            May you awaken to your own potential of healing yourself.  Learn to treat the sources of your problems rather than searching for a “cure” for their side effects.  Using those things in creation that our Creator provided for you, combined with proven holistic health practices, may you create your own good health!

Parasite-Free Maintenance Program:Against Parasites, Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi

         The 14-day parasite cleanse program must be completed before going on a maintenance program.  The black walnut and wormwood combination have killed more than 100 various types of parasites in all stages in all organs of your body, and then eggs have been destroyed by the cloves.  These herbs are highly effective against most parasites but are much less effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi, that exist in your body or that are released from the bodies of dead parasites.  These must be destroyed electrically by using a “zapper”.

            This electrical device, produced from the research of Dr. Hulda Clark, emits a very low intermittent frequency which has been proven to be lethal to bacteria, viruses and fungi.  Exposure to this “zapping” for seven minutes causes them immediate death.  A commercial zapper is programmed for three – seven-minute zapping sessions separated by twenty-minutes non-zapping intervals.  Organisms killed during the first seven-minute zapping session will release the bacteria, viruses and fungi which reside within their dead bodies.  If left unchecked these newly released organisms will multiply quickly and cause further health problems.  Thus, the second seven-minute zapping session is used to destroy them.  The third seven-minute zapping session is done to clean up any remaining organisms that may have been released.  Please note that should you do only one seven-minute zapping session and then stop, the next day you may develop the common cold.

            You may build your own zapper quite cheaply as per the instructions found in Dr. Clark’s book, The Cure For All Diseases, but I recommend that you purchase the “Zapper Deluxe” sale price of $149.95 from  (1-866-372-5275 toll free).  This model is pre-programmed and is very easy to understand and use.

            Zapping may cause tiredness and rashes which is due to the body’s work of removing dead organisms and their debris, and their released toxins.  This is a major reason for drinking plenty (8 cups) of clean water each day.  The body’s circulatory and waste removal systems are water systems and operate effectively only with adequate available water.  Other beverages such as soft drinks, alcohol, coffee, tea and juices are no substitute for clean water.  They usually serve to complicate the body’s cleansing and healing processes.

            The electrical zapper is highly effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi, but much less effective against larger parasites.  The electrical current of the zapper follows the walls of organs, tissues, and vessels.  The current does not fully penetrate such things as abscesses, the eye balls, testes, kidney stones, gallstones, or contents of the stomach or intestines.  Thus, harmful organisms in those areas may not be destroyed by zapping.  When used together, the herbal parasite cleanse and the zapper are totally effective in destroying all harmful body organisms with no harmful side effects.

            The zapper may be used during the 14-day herbal parasite cleanse program to destroy released bacteria, viruses and fungi, or it may be used after the parasite cleanse program has been completed.  If this is the case, use the zapper daily with the three – seven-minute zapping sessions for a period of seven days.  This will destroy nearly all bacteria, viruses and fungi present in the body.

            For those who have had cancer, the 14-day parasite cleanse program should be followed every seventh day thereafter with the herbal maintenance program.  For others this herbal maintenance should be done once every two weeks.   After taking orally the maintenance herbal treatment on an empty stomach, wait thirty minutes and then use the zapper for three – seven-minute sessions to clean up any released organisms from the parasites that the herbal treatment may have killed.  Remember that one does not remain free of harmful organisms for very long, because we are constantly being re-infected with harmful organisms from various sources such as food, air, water, animals and our own unsanitary living conditions and personal habits.

            The maintenance program herbal dosage to be taken on an empty stomach every seventh day for cancer patients or every 14th day for non-cancer patients is as follows:

1.      Black Walnut HullTincture Extra Strength – 2 teaspoons, or Regular Strength (4 times) or 8 teaspoons.

2.      Wormwood – Capsule (200-300 mg) – seven capsules,

or tincture of 7 teaspoons.

3.      Cloves  (size 0 or 00 capsule) – seven capsules, or tincture  (4 ½


            These may be taken all at once at one time in water or apple juice, etc., or separately and at different times throughout the day, all on an empty stomach.


            Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark’s websites: ;

            Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark’s books:


1.      The Cure For All Cancers, ISBN 1-890035-00-9

2.      The Cure For All Diseases, ISBN 1-890035-01-7

3.      The Cure For HIV And AIDS, ISBN 1-890035-02-5

4.      The Cure For Advanced Cancers, ISBN 1-890035-16-5

Can be obtained from:

New Century Press

1055 Bay Blvd., Suite C

Chula Vista, CA 91911

(619)476-7400, (800) 519-2465


or from


Phoenix Journal #42, Unholy Alliance:  Priests, Rabbis and Conspirators Within the Templesof Doom can be obtained from Phoenix Source Distributors, Inc., P.O. Box 27353, Las Vegas, NV 89126, (800) 800-5565

            This is also located at the website,


--The Phoenix Journal/Contact Newspaper Archive site and

--The Bellringer Writings are at--


--For bound copies of the Phoenix Journals, most can be obtained from--

Phoenix Source Distributors: toll free (800) 800-5565





PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Good morning to all Lightworkers and all Souled ones.  I want to give you a brief update about the present situation.  As I told you in my previous message, I was aboard the Command Ship The Phoenix, because we were told that we must return.  That is why  my last two travels to the Cosmos was done by virtual reality.

I was prepared for the next adventure, but a message came in from Mother Earth.  All the crew heard her lovely voice filled  with excitement.  Instantly we recorded her message to us.  We were all silent and truly excited to hear directly from her. We had been monitoring her to keep abreast

of her movement to turn on her axis, but all of us were not expecting a personal message at this time.   Herein is what she said.


My dear friends aboard The Phoenix Command Ship:


I know you are surprised to hear a  message from me, but it is most important at this time.

I have waited a bit longer than you have expected, as birthing is in the process at this time.  Why wait?  It is because of those souled ones, who in these last few weeks, have come to the Light.  These ones, who have at last found the Light of enlightenment have been reading the experiences of Patrick, as well as the conversations that J.  and S. have had as directed by you ones aboard the Phoenix.  As a result, several more ones have found the Truth.

I see Sananda's smile and nod of his head, as he knows exactly what I mean, and the importance of more people coming into the fold of Sananda's Flock.

I am overjoyed that even these few ones have found the Truth.  It has put my soul at rest.  I am now ready for the great event that signals the end of 4.5 billion years housing 3D civilizations .  I am overjoyed to birth into 5D, and that, my dear crew and all who shall read this penned message by Anne, is that event of which you have waited these long years to happen is extremely close.

I am saddened though by the horrible attack of the evil spirits, who have disobeyed Cosmic Law to wreck havoc to the Spiritual communication lines.  I am very happy that the interference with these ones was put to an end oy Creation.  The debris that they left , however, did put the Communication lines into a tangled mess, but I see that has just about been totally repaired. 


This message is given to you at this time to direct Gabriel  to return to the proper location in preparation for evacuation, which is to happen at any moment.

See you all in 5D! 


Mother Earth


After this conversation, Gabriel, Sananda and I immediately boarded The Star of Bethlehem and flew quickly to the proper coordinates ready for evacuation.  We are located high over Washington State and Canada ready to pick up Patrick's family, J. and her Twin Flame and S. located in Wyoming.  As I told you before, there are many other ships over my Sector in correct position waiting excitedly for this momentous event.

The adventure through the Cosmos shall continue, but this time it shall include my family and J. and her Twin Flame.

Gabriel has said this wondrous trip shall be a present for all of us. and especially for his two granddaughters.


With that my friends, is my message for today.  I shall continue giving these messages as long as I can before we all see the coming grand event.







PATRICK H. BELLRINGER: Good-day to all Lightworkers and Souled Ones.  I have not forgotten too tell you of my continuing epic adventures of traveling the Cosmos.  I had made a promise to you  and so I shall begin.

As you remember, yesterday we had a unexpected visit from Creation.  That was December 19, 2020. Anne made a typo and wrote in the date of Dec. 10, but that has been corrected to reflect the proper date Earth time.

All of the crew aboard The Phoenix Command Ship were greatly relieved when Creation took care of the constant barrage of evil ones that kept us busy with no break for rest. This includes all the other starships stationed around Planet Earth that experienced the same battle.

I was able to take a short break of rest for about 4 hours, for I was promised by Sananda that I would continue my voyage to Jupiter that was cut short.  Gabriel was not able to take me aboard his Star of Bethlehem, as we are still under Red Alert.  Sectors must be monitored at all times.  As before, another crew member was assigned to my station while I was "gone" on my fantastic trip.

Sananda and the two alien friends aboard came to my side.  We went to an adjacent living quarters and sat comfortably in chairs that were placed in a circle.  All four of us were adorned with the special helmet that would be our "transportation" to Jupiter.  

I really can't explain how complicated the helmets were, but I was told that they have special viewing that can change from 3D viewing, as we all view with 5D vision.  You see, with 3D vision you only see with your eyes up to a certain frequency.  That is why you ones see Mars as a red, uninhabitable planet with no life.  

We of the Lighted Realms see with vision in 5D.  That is, we see with much higher frequency.  This makes all the difference in the world.  

My journey began at once.  I felt myself flying through the Universe.  It seemed like a minute for the immensity of Jupiter appeared in my vision.  Sananda was the controller of all the helmet and had set at 3D view.

Jupiter appeared to me as a swirling mass of gases and a raging wind that was hundreds of miles per hour.  The temperature was boiling hot.  This environment was totally frightening in 3D vision.  The information that the 3D astronomers is correct.  Such a frightening site made me shiver for I felt I was in the middle of the swirling mass that seemed to have no surface. Sananda spoke to all of us and said, "What all of you see is what the astronomers on Earth have gathered through their antiquated telescopes.  I suggest you look around you to view the 79 moons around this giant planet. 

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Apsu Solar system, but in comparison to other giant planets in the Cosmos, it would be like the size of a white blood cell.

Instantly, Sananda adjusted our vision to 5D.  Everything changed immediately.  Was I seeing correctly?  Was I imagining  what I saw?   I could not believe my eyes.

I heard my alien ones speak.  I have never described what they look like.  They were extremely tall, towering 10 ft, with large slanted eyes, bluish skin, dark hair in a braid and had what looked like a tail.  I never thought about them as alien, as they were so enlightened and intelligent. They were the ones, who laughed and enjoyed the conversations between Anne and her friend, J., as they had never heard any dialogue between an Earth human.

We descended quickly to the surface of Jupiter.  Mulaykima and Sectrilopec were the names of my alien friends.  They spoke to me in their strange language, but I heard what they were saying in English.

I was told that there are hundred of continents on Jupiter, which is 317 times larger than tiny Earth.   

Mulaykima spoke:  "We shall go to my home to show you how we live.  Don't be surprised, as you have seen this before."

I glazed at their home in awe.  I saw humongous trees, and flowers that towered even above me.  The varsity of tree and planet growth was amazing.  The home in which they lived was part of the environment, for they loved and took care that nothing was disturbed nor taking down to destroy what Creation had given them.  

This may sound incredible, but it seemed like I was viewing the movie, Avatar.  Can you believe it?  Did the director of that movie know all this?  He must have had a vision or something, as what I saw I could not fathom the beauty of the giant trees and surrounding.  I had to look carefully to even see the dwellings. 

What do you eat?  What business are there?  Where are the huge towering apartments?

I was told that there were dwellings for learning, and that the most important thing was soul growth.  They lived with complete harmony with all civilizations.  I did not see any ships, but they did have that mode of visiting other planets their moons, and other continents.  These vehicles were made to look a part of the environment, and were similar in structure to all starships.  They were invisible to us, so Mulaykima and Sectrilopec, with a certain call the ships appeared to us.

Mulaykima and Sectrilopec [These names are spelled the way I hear them, as their language is hard to decipher] showed us some of the other continents on Jupiter. The people, who lived on the other continents looked different.  It remained me of the races of people on earth.

I met these other ones,who spoke a different language, and all were in in harmony with their environment, and lived that way with all the other ones on all the continents.

As Anne is penning this adventure she is amazed at what I am telling her.  I assure you that what I have said to her is "out of this world", as she is just amazed as I.

I shall continue this saga, for what comes next is more amazing, as .......................








PATRICK  H. BELLRINGER:  I greet all of the  Lightworkers and Souled ones for the 9th Episode of my life aboard The Phoenix.  I have been privileged to have the wonderful opportunity of being taken on the most amazing journey of my life, including all the reincarnations I have had.  This journey so far, includes visits to Earth, Mars, Venus and presently I am awaiting to continue my journey to Jupiter in a most unusual way, as you read in my last Episode #8.

Almost all of my past lifestreams I have been with my Twin Flame, Anne.  There were only a few lifestreams when we agreed to reincarnate separately in order to obtain the lessons we were to learn at that time.

I still have complete uninterrupted communication with Anne, even though I have left my physical body, and am aboard the Command Ship with Creator God Hatonn and Sananda.  Anne is the one to communicate our messages from Earth to the world from a little room in a lovely house in the U.S.  You think it is amazing that we talk as if we were side by side?  Not so, for we are Twin Flames and our communication with each other cannot be broken. The same unbroken communication by Anne, also, includes Sananda, Aton, and others of the Lighted Realms.

As you know, we have had extreme difficulty with the constant bombardment of evil spirits, which has disrupted the communication system of all of those starships, but mainly the Command Ship. It has been an endless battle to clear the spiritual lines, especially to Anne's friend, J.  The more we deal with these evil entities the more they attack.  From where do they come?

They come from Earth Shan!  Think of all the civilizations upon that orb, and how many were never enlightened.  These ones were locked on Earth for centuries, as Earth agreed to be the jail planet for Lucifer/Satan.

We have worked tirelessly to take care of this unbelievable situation and we have become exhausted, if you can imagine.

Now I tell you that something UNBELIEVABLE happened.

All of the crew has endured this buzzing sound of these evil entities bombarding our Command Ship.  It was like a hoard of hornets and birds that screeched constantly.  All of the crew were affected by this continuous irritating noise.

Suddenly, all became silent. Not a sound was heard.  We all looked at each other in amazement.  What happened?  It was at that moment when we heard a booming voice speaking to us.  For the first time EVER, and I mean EVER, it was the voice of CREATION! 

There was no person visible to any of us.  It was a voice that every crew member including Sananda and Hatonn that heard.  Our advanced equipment recorded the message all of us heard telepathically.  creation's message is, as follows:


CREATION:  I am Creation.  I have created a most wonderful unending Creation with balance, harmony and love.  I have created all by thought.   I have created all that you see which is unending.

By my love, I created mankind and gave them freewill to grow and become one with me.  This includes a spark of myself in each creation, including every grass stem, every leaf on the tress and everything you see, hear or touch. they

I, also, created mankind to be able to make a choice of good or evil.  I locked the evil ones on the most beautiful little planet in the Universe of my creation.  My human creations have the choice of good or evil,  and by their decisions they can grow into a great spiritual being or grow  downward to evil, as many have done. She, Mother Earth, has housed these evil ones for millenniums.  She has now earned the right to graduate, leaving these evil ones to lose their home.

Now I tell you that I now have observed the worst scenario.  These evil ones have disobeyed my command and the Cosmic Law of being locked on Mother Earth.

I see that hoards of these evil ones were disturbing the entire Cosmos.  You ones and many of the starships have been interrupted with your most heavenly work, and that is the evacuation of dear Mother Earth.

I have with-stood my intervention for some time, but I now have acted in behalf of all of you and of all that you are doing to take care of this most horrible situation, just as Mother Earth is about to graduate into 5D.

I have created, and I can un-create at my will.  Do you hear silence?  I have roared at these evil ones and with one loud voice to tell them they are to be GONE.  I mean UNCREATED, ALL OF THEM!  No more shall they interrupt this most wondrous event of Mother Earth's graduation.  No more shall they pretend to be of the Light and disturb the communication with mine ones upon Earth with the Lighted Realms for I HAVE SPOKEN AND MY WORD IS THE LAW OF THIS ENTIRE UNENDING COSMOS.

The evil ones, who have stayed on Mother Earth shall, also, get what they deserve, and that is the VOID for eons of time.  SO BE IT.

My love to all of you and all my creations upon Earth!  I watch over all, for I am above all.  I  say ADONI to all, but I am with you ALWAYS.  Call upon me anytime and I shall respond and help.



All of aboard The Phoenix were in silence.  I had tears that I could not hold back.  We all had heard this loving voice that soothed our spirit within.  At last we felt relieved and were so joyful. 

I apologize for not being able at this time to tell you of my continuing journey.  Rest assured, I shall do so tomorrow.  If Mother Earth should turn before then, no one knows, but I know I shall be on that journey, as I did yesterday of your time.

May you live this day to the best you can.  Stay on the Red Road of Truth. Leave the baggage of the past, forgive others and yourself, and ask for God to forgive you.  You have this day only to make it the best day of your life.

My love to all!








PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Hello again, all Lightworkers and Souled Ones upon Earth Shan.  Believe it or not, the Saga that I have experienced traveling the Cosmos  penned by my request by Anne is to continue!  How in the world can this happen?   I know many of you were sorry that the experiences you were told on Fourwinds about my travels throughout the  Cosmos had come to an end, as all aboard The Star of Bethlehem were to immediately return to the Command Ship The Phoenix. We did so at once.

I was still at my station monitoring my Sector.  I felt so disappointment at not being able to continue my adventure.  I was feeling the sadness of all, who were following with abated interest those travels.

As I was at my command post, I felt a hand upon  my shoulder.  I turned around and saw Sananda standing to the left of the chair in which I was sitting.  He looked at me with kindness and love, and put both of his hands upon my shoulders.  He spoke to me, as we also speak aboard ship---telepathically.

"My dear brother" he said. " I have sensed your sadness that you felt when your journey ended, and I felt the disappointment of all those readers following your experiences when they were told your journey in the Cosmos had come to an abrupt end.  For that reason we shall continue that journey until Mother Earth tips on her axis."

I responded:  "How is that possible when I am sitting here at my station?  How can that happen when I am here aboard The Phoenix?"

I turned around and saw two of the alien friends standing to my right.  They looked just like Lt. Worf, the character actor in the Star Trek Next Generation.  I had made good friends with them and we spoke often to each other.  They both had that "twinkle" in their eyes that told me something unusual was to happen.

Sananda said to me:  "Nothing is impossible, Patrick!  Do you want to continue your adventure?"

"Oh, yes!"  I almost shouted.  With that response Sananda placed a intricate Helmet on my head with several devices attach.  The other two aliens wore the same type of helmet.  Sananda had the same type of helmet on.  I was so excited about what was to happen next.

The helmet contained, of course, a window for viewing that circled my head.  As I viewed my surrounding I found myself in virtual reality and that, my friends was the same view I saw from The Star of Bethlehem!   I was in space and I could see all as if I were there!  I heard my two friends speak.   "You wanted to see the next adventure, and so you shall.  Look ahead of you and you can see our home planet through 3D vision."

I glanced out my view "window" and saw a giant planet, totally uninhabitable with swirling gasses, and hurricane winds howling at blowing at tremendous speed.  I estimated the velocity of such was several hundred miles an hour.  The planet was absolutely huge in comparison of little Earth

I heard Sananda talking to me.  He said,"Patrick, you are looking at the biggest planet in your solar system, Jupiter!  There has been no one from Earth Shan to be invited to this planet and land on the surface!  What you see is what 3D Earth see through their antiquated telescopes!"

He said that the following photo explains better than a thousands words:

Shivers went through me, as I gazed at this swirling mass that upon which no living being could survive.  Suddenly, my viewing of the planet changed in the twinkling of an eye.

I trembled with excitement at what I saw.  "My friends repled.  "This is our home, Patrick.  We live here, as what you see is brought to you in 5D, and we are delighted to have you now come with us in this virual reality to our place of .......

All at once the view changed back to where I was sitting at my command post.  With tears in my eyes, Sananda again placed his hands on my shoulders.  He then lifted the helmet from my head and spoke softly to me.

"How did you like your adventure?"

With a shaky voice I said that it was the most  unusual experience I had ever had and wanted to continue.  "You left me hanging as well as all the readers."

"Your adventure, my dear Patrick, shall continue for Earth's tomorrow episode", Sananda softly replied.

Well, readers! Stay tuned for this adventure is again to continue.  You ain't seen nothin' yet!  :)









PATRICK H. BELLRINGER: Greetings!  My adventure through the Cosmos has given me a wonderful perspective of how great CREATION is and which is above all.

I had no idea where Gabriel was to show me next.  I asked: "What destination is next?"  With a twinkle in his eye he just said "Hang on to your hat, brother.  You have never seen anything like this next place you are about to experience".

With that he attended to his ship and put in the coordinates for the next adventure.

Guess where he took me!  To Venus, of all places!  In a minuet or two we glided to a stationary position not far from this fiery glowing planet.  Gabriel explained that, as given in the Journal, Venus is a relatively new planet in joining the Apsu Solar System and does not have a civilization on it, as yet.

"Would you like to explore Venus further?" He asked.  I replied  How do we do that?  It is all extremely hot and looks like a glowing furnace!  Will we not be burned to a crisp?"

Gabriel replied: "I will make our ship invisible and set the surface of my ship to withstand extreme heat.  Here we go!"

I clutched the seat on which I was sitting for I felt we were certainly going to burn up.  Instead, Gabriel guided his ship into Venus to let me see what it was like inside this glowing fiery surface.

To my amazement we were not burned up.  Instead, I was privileged to see the formation of mountains in progress via quakes of great magnitude.  I was viewing how Mother Earth formed into a planet that could sustain life. The volcanoes were erupting all over this planet with great fumes, smoke and lava forming tall mountains.  In  some parts I could see where a great ocean would be at some time in the future.  What an amazing sight, and to view it from a protected ship was unbelievable. I asked Gabriel how long would it take for Venus to support life.  He said "Oh, a couple more billion years.  It takes a long time, my brother".

He reminded me that Earth was 4.5 billion years old.  He said that if you look at a clock of 24 hours, man appeared at one minute before midnight.

I got the picture.  I pointed at some shiny rocks I saw in the distance..  Gabriel said that Germain brought some of this precious metal to Earth.  It is the gold that he mentioned in the Journals.

I realized how magnificent is the Cosmos.  There are planets still evolving all the time.  I was so overwhelmed at the sight before my eyes that I could not even form the words in my mind to express how I felt.

Gabriel turned his ship around and in a flash we were out of Venus and approaching another planet...Jupiter.

"I wanted you to see this amazing site ahead. You are the first one I have ever taken to this huge planet.  As you know, Jupiter is the largest planet in your Apsu Solar System and is 317 times the mass of Earth."

As we approached this giant planet I    ................................

More to come!






PATRICK:  I must give you an addendum to the message posted for today.  My trip with Gabriel has been cut short.  We were approaching Jupiter for another great experience when the RED ALERT signal came on.

Gabriel had asked Mother Earth if it would be possible to take me for a view of the Cosmos.  She had been holding at the same position for some time, so she said to go ahead with his plans with the condition that if the RED ALERT signal came on that would be a direct sign to return immediacy back to the Command ship to check every Sector world wide.

Gabriel had been stationed at a certain co-ordinate over my Sector, but that could be changed to a different location for other starships around the globe. Thus, all the ships hovering at their assigned co-ordinate had to be checked to see if any changes had to be made.  We had to quickly return to the Command Ship, The Phoenix where all Sectors could be monitored.  There was one, who was checking my Sector for me, but he had other duties to perform.  I had to return as quickly as possible.

As Anne was beginning to pen my continued adventure about Jupitier, the RED ALERT meant that Mother Earth was on the move and her tipping could be at any moment.  That ended my trip through the Cosmos, so here I am at my command post aboard The Phoenix.

Gabriel assured me that he planned a super trip again, but this time it would include my family, J. and her Twin Flame.

That, my friends will be the EVENT of my entire life.










PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:   I greet all of  you ones this fine day of December 16, 2020.  I must continue with my adventure through the Cosmos, as I, again, left some of you in expectation of what was to come next.

Here goes:  We had approached the opening of Earth Shan at the North Pole, and had asked the Head Commander or President' you might say, for permission to land Gabriel's ship.  With an excited telepathic communication we were told to please come into Agartha, the civilization in inner Earth. The leader told Gabriel:   "We are anxious to see you, as this is a special  treat for us.  When you dock the ship we have a special pad for you to land your great craft. Welcome to our world!" I mention here that all communication was telepathic.

I was so anxious to see what it was like, as Anne and I posted an article about the Smokey God that I mentioned in my last update.

We landed perfectly and, as we exited from the ship, we were all greeted by a host of wonderful 4th dimensional people totally enlightened with smiling faces.  What were they like?

They looked just like us with the same height, but some were taller.  The leader or chief was 15 feet tall.  Their communication to us was in English.

I gazed around at the surroundings taking in everything I could see.  I expected a smokey environment, but to my surprise their sun, called The Smokey God, shown brightly and dimmed down at the night time.  A gentle rain occurs at evening time watering the lush tress, flowers, shrubs etc.  The trees were mammoth and it reminded me of the Phoenix.  There were no clouds like on the surface of Earth. I never in my life saw such abundant growth of the garden vegetables and fruit.

They knew that Earth is about ready to tip, and Gabriel told them they were to be evacuated, along with their animal life, even the trees and shrubs.

Gabriel, also, told them that their civilization could again come back to Earth if so desired, and they could choose to live inside the new Earth or dwell on the surface.  Their environment would be similar to what they have now, except it would be in 5th Dimension. Gabriel told them that they had gained soul growth and all had passed their test to be in 5D.  They were delighted at hearing this good news, for they had been waiting a long time to visit with Gabriel and his crew.

They gave us a tour.  I was overwhelmed at the clean air, and the great love and respect that had for every living thing.

 I wanted to mention to you about their mode of travel, for their civilization us quite large.  They travel by special air-born ships that transported them where they wish to go.  They are silent running and almost like the ships of the Lighted Realms.

Of course, there were no antiquated cars or telephone lines such as the primitive environment on the surface of Earth.

There was no evil present, as all lived in harmony with love and respect for each other.  They did eat the food they they grew, as there were no grocery stores or money exchange.  They had gardens of fruit and vegetables, nurtirious and free of any chemicals and additives.

After a wonderful tour aboard their craft and a time of conversation, we boarded Gabriel's ship.

This experience is one I shall never forget.  It is too bad that the evil would-be-controllers on Earth's surface have kept Agartha, as it is named, a secret, and have guarded the entrance at Antarctic and the Artic from any access by anyone.  However, that secret has been leaked out  and is known world wide.  Gabriel told me again that of all the 179 billion llfe supporting planets in the Milky Way Galaxy (one of the seven super Universes called Orvanton), there are civilizations INSIDE every planet, as well on the surface.

This experience was one I shall never forget.

As we boarded ship, Gabriel spoke to me  and said, "Patrick, you are just beginning to realize the immensity of the Cosmos.  You have only seen a "pin prick' of what is to come.  I am about to take you to the other planets in this tiny solar system and others that will, also, surprise you.

I began to realize how great Creation is, and why it is above all there is.

My adventure with Gabriel next was something I never..........................................







PATRICK H. BELLRINGER [PHB]:  Greetings again to all Lightworkers and souled beings. I left you "hanging" with my last message, and so I shall continue with my most exciting venture in the Cosmos.

As I was telling you, Gabriel got permission to land his craft the the designated area agreed upon by the head Commander of Planet Mars.

As I stepped out of Gabriel's ship, I was amazed that there was a crowd waiting to greet us.  It was seldom that such a marvelous ship like Gabriel's was landed upon their soil.

Did I say soil?  Yes, for what I expected was to not be able to exist in their atmosphere.  I guess I was so used to a physical body I did not realize that, as an etherical being I could exist in any atmosphere.

The whole crew of Gabriel's ship were greeted by people such as we, and were the same height and appearance.  They were not the small 3D people I was used to seeing on Earth.  The air was fresh and clean and gave me a great feeling of peace.

We took a tour of their cities, towns and countryside.  The buildings were modern in design with immense flower gardens, beautiful trees and such a wonderful and peaceful environment.  No wars existed as all peoples were living together in harmony.

In my heart I wanted more than anything to have Earth Shan become like this marvelous civilization that now exists upon Mars.  That, I was told, is soon to happen.  We were treated so kindly with love and respect that it was hard to leave them to board ship again, as we had other places to visit on this trip through the Cosmos for me.  I was overwhelmed even thinking about this trip was in my honor.

We boarded ship again.  Gabriel handed me a special gear to place on my head with special lens to view the surrounding environment of Mars.  He told me to look through the lens and to tell him what I saw.

I proceeded to do such.  Guess what I saw?  I saw Mars, as the people on Earth Shan see it with 3D vision.  Mars was totally red with no life existing upon its surface.  It  was a desolate and uninviting place, as if you were in hell.  I shivered in response to what I saw.  The DDB's had destroyed the 3D life long ago.  You see, Mars has graduated to house a 5D Civilization.   That is what is planned for Mother Earth after a rest of 3000 Earth years.

Gabriel put his hand on my shoulder and said:  "Would you like to see Mother Earth as we see it with our 5D vision?

Gabriel had read my mind.  I wanted to see Earth again as I remembered it from the photos I saw that were taken by NASA years ago.  It was a beautiful spinning orb where I could view the different continents and the oceans that took up 4/5 of the surface.

As we approached Earth I viewed what the Lighted Realms see, feel and hear.  I was aghast with the stench of rotting  flesh, decaying rubbish, the horrid smell of chemicals on the land, air and water that had been polluted by careless humans.  I heard the cries of those dying ones in the 30 different wars, and the smoke from the bombs and fires all over the world.

Lastly, I saw the DDB's dark energy swirling around the entire globe. 


I broke into tears at this grievous scene I saw with 5D vision, and thought how horribly humans on Earth treated Mother Earth with no love or care.

The only bright spots I saw was where the Lightworkers were living holding the Light of Truth.  These areas had a spot of glorious Light in the Darkness around them.

With tears in my eyes, Gabriel spoke to me again through my thoughts:  "This scene also breaks our hearts, but we think of what Mother Earth is to become and what she has learned.  To make you feel better we are gong to take you the Agartha, the inner civilization inside Earth that is in a higher dimension.  It will make your heart sing with joy.  We shall enter by the North Pole, as that is the best way to enter at this time.   First of all we shall become invisible to those with 3D vision, for viewing us at this time would be too much of a surprise and upset to the all those ones. who are not "not in tune"  with a higher dimension craft.

We approached the North Pole entrance and entered a whole different world.  We had, again, asked permission to land and greet these ones. 


I was so excited at being able to see what Anne and I posted on Fourwinds several years ago entitled "~THE SMOKEY GOD OR A VOYAGE TO THE INNER EARTH~

Oh, wow!  The following episode gets more exciting!  I can't wait to tell what happened.........more to come!!!!!

SALU -----for now.








  PATRICK H. BELLRINGER: Greetings to all Lightworkers ad souled beings. I promised yesterday that I would speak about the "ride of my life". I did not hear anything more about that, as I was busy helping clear the spiritual line of communication which was repeatedly being attacked by the DDB's. I was concentrating, also, monitoring my Sector.   I had forgotten about that 'ride' I was to take with Gabriel, but they never forget a promise. I was busy at my work station when I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Gabriel smiling at me. He glowed like the sun. He stood tall before me, his eyes glazing at me with love and respect.    "Well, Patrick, are you ready?" He did not speak out loud for we communicate by thought. I replied that I was anxious to take that ride with him through the Cosmos. Excitedly, I followed him to his starship.

  As you already know, his ship is called The Star of Bethlehem.    So, what is his ship like? It is huge compared to other millions of starship now hovering in stationary position all over Earth Shan at this present time. The Helm of his ship was similar to the Command ship, but on a smaller scale. There were rooms for rest for his crew, and rooms for relaxation just as Earth people have a living room in their home. What amazed me was the beauty of the flowers and gardens that were in each room. They were watered by the heavenly waters that kept them alive and blooming. The scent from the flowers and bushes permeated the room with what I can only describe as soothing and comforting. 

  When I first was lifted off to Gabriel's ship after my passing on, I was so excited to be aboard that I did not take the time to see the entire ship. He was to take me to The Phoenix Command ship located far above Planet Earth. In an instant, it seemed we were on the Phoenix. I was so ecstatic that I did not ask any questions of how quickly we arrived. I remember Sananda and Hatonn greeting me. I stood before them in awe and they told me I had judged myself and I had passed the test to be graduated. I could hear them talking to me, but not like the physical expresion upon Earth.    I will mention that when I was living on the Planet we could see the Phoenix which looked like a star, but it flashed colored lights, as do all the Pleiadian Ships.    Gabriel spoke to me by thought. "What do you want to see first?", he asked. I replied, " I would like to see the planets in the Apsu Solar System , and where I lived my last physical life."

  With that request Gabriel's ship lifted off the surface of the Phoenix. Gabriel spoke again and said, "We travel by thought. My ship is set at my frequencies and responds to my thoughts and commands. All I have to do is set the coordinates to go to your solar system. I will only take a few seconds, as we travel by thought. I will then have to slow down my ship when we are at the edge, so to speak, of the Apsu Solar System, so as to not disturb the rotation of the planets.    This was getting very interesting. I told him I would like to see first the planet, Mars. There is so much hubble and disinformation about this "red" planet and rumors of the remains of a past civilization. that I was curious to see this for myself.

I hope I am not boring you ones....but I shall keep on.

Gabriel spoke: "Well, there it is my friend. What do you see?"

As I glazed out the view window of the ship I was expecting to see a red planet with no life, whirling dust and barren desolate surface entirely uninhabitable. The surprise of my life hit me. What I saw was a beautiful planet with mountains, lakes, beautiful trees and teeming with people. I realized in amazement that I was looking at a 5D civilization with modern buildings, and the most beautiful scenery. There were no electric lines, no roads, no trucks, no cars no railroads or stop signs. Gabriel said, "You are looking at a 5D civilization. Mars 3D civilization was destroyed long ago, and she has graduated as will Mother Earth. These ones travel by starship, as that is their mode of transportation. They love and protect the environment and above all give credit to Creation. Do you want to greet anyone?"

I realized as he said this is that the people upon Earth see a red, uninhabitable planet because they only see in 3D frequencies. I was gazing in 5D frequencies at a beautiful civilization. Gabriel reminded me that this was the destiny of Mother Earth when she graduates. Mars did have a 3D civilization upon her surface but Lucifer and his minions destroyed it. That is when they chose Earth for their own, but it became their jail planet, as Creator Source did not want any more planet destroyed with their evil.

Gabriel continued: "Earth Shan shall turn on her axis at any time now, and in 3000 years of the Earth time, she shall be ready for a civilization of ones only in 5D where no evil exists. She shall shine like a star in heaven and shall be peopled by those in 5D or higher.

Tears came to my eyes at this point, for now I saw with my own eyes what shall be on Mother Earth. I turned around to see Gabriel's happiness at the coming graduation of Earth.

I replied; "Can we meet with the people on Mars?" Gabriel replied: " Of course, but first we must ask permission from the one in charge of other starships wishing to land. It is most cautious to do so as their planet is protected at all times and they only permit ones of grace and love to approach their planet. Others are rejected if their purpose is not worthy. However, we have permission now, so lets land my craft and allow you to greet these ones."

In excitement to greet and talk with people from another planet was something for which I had never dreamed. We landed on Mars. Our exit doors slid open and to my surprise guess what??!................

This saga is longer than I expected. I shall continue again with Anne to pen my Cosmic travel, for this is just the beginning.............. 


  My love to all.