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Patrick H. Bellringer

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NOTE FROM PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  I wrote this article a few years ago, and it is the Truth.  I always thought that bringing balance to Mother EArth was through the financial system.  However, the real balance to Mother EArth is not necesarily financial.  It is the coming of the Light to ALL souled ones upon Earth.  That is why ALL souled beings reincarnated on Earth;  to awaken and help her and to do their great mission they set for themselves.  THAT is the great balance that I speak of at this great ending time for 3D MOther Earth to graduate to a higher dimension.  AHO


From all appearances it seems that the Darkside is winning today, as their One World Order is plainly in sight.

It is important to understand that Creator God also has a plan for a New World Order to be created out of the chaos of these “ending times”. One thing is certain amid all the change. Crea2or God is in charge of His creation, no matter where freewill has taken it, and His Plan shall prevail.

Individually, as Lightworkers, we may see only glimpses of this Divine Plan, as Light breaking through the storm clouds, but we have the assurance from within that the Plan is intact and being carried forward to its completion. Balance and harmony are gradually being restored to all areas of life on Earth Shan, as the Darkness is being defeated, but it is difficult for us to see the evidence.

It is through faith in this belief that we are able at all to continue on our journey. The promise of a new and better day keeps us going. Again, I assure you that things are not as they seem. Many people are having great doubts about goodness ever winning the day. They think that they shall never live long enough to see NESARA happen or abundance restored to the people. The dark clouds of the One World Order have blocked out the Light and left many of the people in fear and hopelessness.

This is the time to stand strong, my friends, and let your Light shine forth from within. Your Light is eternal and can never be extinguished, unless you allow it. In spite of the great odds, I marvel at the glimpses of Light I see everywhere I go. Little acts of kindness and little deeds and words and smiles of Love sparkle in the Darkness. Looking objectively at our greater world with its ever increasing Light, we are assured that all is not as it seems. The Divine Plan is materializing rapidly.

As little people, it is often difficult for us to know what is truly happening within the “system”. For instance, we get bits and pieces of information from within the mammoth financial world that tell us of change, but unless we have access to the major financial players, we do not know the whole story. For years we have struggled with lack of information even from those financial players of the Light, for much must be done in secret. Yet, from the Truth we get and through confirmation from our God Spirit within we know that goodness is winning.

Major decisions were again made in the financial world last week to move forward into a worldwide banking system of true value. This is forcing the hands of those, who cling to the Federal Reserve System of worthless paper money. Their banking system is crumbling to the benefit of the Divine Plan. The delivery of funding packets by U.S. Military personnel march ever forward, inspite of the opposition. Completion dates have been set and re-set many times, much to the discouragement of all involved, but great progress has been made.

We all desire greatly to have a conclusion to this process now. The road for many has been most difficult, and the waiting very long. I assure you that the end is near. Completion has now been set for this week for the delivery of the remaining Farm Claim and Prosperity Program bank packets, the NESARA announcement and the change to gold and silver-backed currency worldwide. The “Dragon” has finally roared loud enough to get the world’s attention, and change to goodness is forth-coming.

So, my friends, let us continue to run the race and not become weary. Let us walk in the Light and not become faint, for we are bringing the Divine Plan to its fulfillment. Indeed, we are at the “finish” line!