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NEVER GIVE UP! by Patrick H. Bellringer

Patrick H. Bellringer

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April 9, 2018

          As I write tonight, my heart is heavy.  Having posted today on Fourwinds the SOS by Q-squared concerning Donald Trump, President of the U.S., I sense that many good people, readers of Fourwinds, are discouraged, worried, fearful, or even feeling hopeless about our world and our country.  The problems are many, and solutions never seem to come.

          The Zionists appear to be closing in on Donald Trump more with each new day.  The Dark energies of Nikki Haley and Gina Haspel and Mike Pompeo and John Bolton and Gerard Kershner and many others have surrounded him so that he appears to be greatly influenced by them.  Claims are increasing that Donald Trump is being blackmailed, or misled by disinformation, or mind controlled, or even poisoned by the Deep State to do their bidding.

          The state of our nation is more critical than ever before.  Today was the last day of the five year grace period given by the World Court to the Corporate U.S. to correct their bankruptcy.  Nothing appears to have been done, so now what happens?  The Federal Reserve is fighting for survival and refuses to keep their agreement to allow a gold banking system to come on board.  America is teetering on the brink of economic disaster, while the people sleep.

          The Pentagon and the U..S. Military are divided in their loyalties.  The Zionist/George Bush Sr. faction continue to create havoc in the Middle East under the direction of Israel.  They continue to threaten Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and Syria, attempting to start World War (nuclear) III to save themselves and the Zionist Cabal and Deep State.   Without a World War they are doomed along with their One World Order.

          It seems that America has lost her way.  She is being overrun by illegal aliens and their criminal element.  The Zionists have had great influence on the people via their control of the media to hate Donald Trump and his people, control of the schools to mind-control the students to march for gun control and protest against morals and values and their very president, and to create general chaos and immorality throughout the land. 

          Even the churches have been influenced by great evil.  Homosexual and drunken and immoral clergy have brought Christianity to a new low.  Those, who once spoke against social wrongs and backed their right living by their very life, are no more.  The people are disillusioned and confused and misled with disinformation and lies.

          As I pondered the state of America, a feeling of hope swept over me, and I heard the words “Never Give Up!  God, too, has a plan!”  I knew the answer as I have always known.  We have the power to change things, to make our world right again.

          We have the power of prayer!  Living in this physical world, we are focused on the physical happenings surrounding us.  We forget the spiritual side of life.   We forget we are spiritual beings having this physical experience to learn our lessons in soul growth.  Our God Spirit within connects us to Creator Aton God of Light and the Power of Creation.  One of our lessons is to use that power to create our way in this physical world.

          Evil may run rampant, but God has a Divine Plan for His Creation, for this physical world in which we live.  As souled beings our role is to use our spiritual power to make a difference.  We can defeat the Dark Energies and Entities around us.  We can neutralize the evil power of Lucifer and render his minions helpless.  Within Creator’s will we can do this, and believing it is done, it is so.

          The Power of Prayer is limitless!  We have that power!   Let us use it to help save our nation, to save our world.  That is the Divine Plan.  The Light of Truth always overcomes the Darkness of Lies.  Creator God Aton of Light always wins, because we Lightworkers use our power to make it happen; and because we have the Spiritual Power, we never give up!  We have hope, because we know victory shall come!

          I make this call to prayer for all enlightened souls, everywhere.  We have the Power, and together we can bring our world into balance again.  And remember, Divine help is only a thought away.  Bring in the troops---and never give up!

Ref: “SOS: Q-squared Delivers a Set of Serious Messages About the POTUS (Updated 2X)”