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PATRICK H. BELLRINGER: Good-day to all Lightworkers and Souled Ones.  I have not forgotten too tell you of my continuing epic adventures of traveling the Cosmos.  I had made a promise to you  and so I shall begin.

As you remember, yesterday we had a unexpected visit from Creation.  That was December 19, 2020. Anne made a typo and wrote in the date of Dec. 10, but that has been corrected to reflect the proper date Earth time.

All of the crew aboard The Phoenix Command Ship were greatly relieved when Creation took care of the constant barrage of evil ones that kept us busy with no break for rest. This includes all the other starships stationed around Planet Earth that experienced the same battle.

I was able to take a short break of rest for about 4 hours, for I was promised by Sananda that I would continue my voyage to Jupiter that was cut short.  Gabriel was not able to take me aboard his Star of Bethlehem, as we are still under Red Alert.  Sectors must be monitored at all times.  As before, another crew member was assigned to my station while I was "gone" on my fantastic trip.

Sananda and the two alien friends aboard came to my side.  We went to an adjacent living quarters and sat comfortably in chairs that were placed in a circle.  All four of us were adorned with the special helmet that would be our "transportation" to Jupiter.  

I really can't explain how complicated the helmets were, but I was told that they have special viewing that can change from 3D viewing, as we all view with 5D vision.  You see, with 3D vision you only see with your eyes up to a certain frequency.  That is why you ones see Mars as a red, uninhabitable planet with no life.  

We of the Lighted Realms see with vision in 5D.  That is, we see with much higher frequency.  This makes all the difference in the world.  

My journey began at once.  I felt myself flying through the Universe.  It seemed like a minute for the immensity of Jupiter appeared in my vision.  Sananda was the controller of all the helmet and had set at 3D view.

Jupiter appeared to me as a swirling mass of gases and a raging wind that was hundreds of miles per hour.  The temperature was boiling hot.  This environment was totally frightening in 3D vision.  The information that the 3D astronomers is correct.  Such a frightening site made me shiver for I felt I was in the middle of the swirling mass that seemed to have no surface. Sananda spoke to all of us and said, "What all of you see is what the astronomers on Earth have gathered through their antiquated telescopes.  I suggest you look around you to view the 79 moons around this giant planet. 

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Apsu Solar system, but in comparison to other giant planets in the Cosmos, it would be like the size of a white blood cell.

Instantly, Sananda adjusted our vision to 5D.  Everything changed immediately.  Was I seeing correctly?  Was I imagining  what I saw?   I could not believe my eyes.

I heard my alien ones speak.  I have never described what they look like.  They were extremely tall, towering 10 ft, with large slanted eyes, bluish skin, dark hair in a braid and had what looked like a tail.  I never thought about them as alien, as they were so enlightened and intelligent. They were the ones, who laughed and enjoyed the conversations between Anne and her friend, J., as they had never heard any dialogue between an Earth human.

We descended quickly to the surface of Jupiter.  Mulaykima and Sectrilopec were the names of my alien friends.  They spoke to me in their strange language, but I heard what they were saying in English.

I was told that there are hundred of continents on Jupiter, which is 317 times larger than tiny Earth.   

Mulaykima spoke:  "We shall go to my home to show you how we live.  Don't be surprised, as you have seen this before."

I glazed at their home in awe.  I saw humongous trees, and flowers that towered even above me.  The varsity of tree and planet growth was amazing.  The home in which they lived was part of the environment, for they loved and took care that nothing was disturbed nor taking down to destroy what Creation had given them.  

This may sound incredible, but it seemed like I was viewing the movie, Avatar.  Can you believe it?  Did the director of that movie know all this?  He must have had a vision or something, as what I saw I could not fathom the beauty of the giant trees and surrounding.  I had to look carefully to even see the dwellings. 

What do you eat?  What business are there?  Where are the huge towering apartments?

I was told that there were dwellings for learning, and that the most important thing was soul growth.  They lived with complete harmony with all civilizations.  I did not see any ships, but they did have that mode of visiting other planets their moons, and other continents.  These vehicles were made to look a part of the environment, and were similar in structure to all starships.  They were invisible to us, so Mulaykima and Sectrilopec, with a certain call the ships appeared to us.

Mulaykima and Sectrilopec [These names are spelled the way I hear them, as their language is hard to decipher] showed us some of the other continents on Jupiter. The people, who lived on the other continents looked different.  It remained me of the races of people on earth.

I met these other ones,who spoke a different language, and all were in in harmony with their environment, and lived that way with all the other ones on all the continents.

As Anne is penning this adventure she is amazed at what I am telling her.  I assure you that what I have said to her is "out of this world", as she is just amazed as I.

I shall continue this saga, for what comes next is more amazing, as .......................








PATRICK  H. BELLRINGER:  I greet all of the  Lightworkers and Souled ones for the 9th Episode of my life aboard The Phoenix.  I have been privileged to have the wonderful opportunity of being taken on the most amazing journey of my life, including all the reincarnations I have had.  This journey so far, includes visits to Earth, Mars, Venus and presently I am awaiting to continue my journey to Jupiter in a most unusual way, as you read in my last Episode #8.

Almost all of my past lifestreams I have been with my Twin Flame, Anne.  There were only a few lifestreams when we agreed to reincarnate separately in order to obtain the lessons we were to learn at that time.

I still have complete uninterrupted communication with Anne, even though I have left my physical body, and am aboard the Command Ship with Creator God Hatonn and Sananda.  Anne is the one to communicate our messages from Earth to the world from a little room in a lovely house in the U.S.  You think it is amazing that we talk as if we were side by side?  Not so, for we are Twin Flames and our communication with each other cannot be broken. The same unbroken communication by Anne, also, includes Sananda, Aton, and others of the Lighted Realms.

As you know, we have had extreme difficulty with the constant bombardment of evil spirits, which has disrupted the communication system of all of those starships, but mainly the Command Ship. It has been an endless battle to clear the spiritual lines, especially to Anne's friend, J.  The more we deal with these evil entities the more they attack.  From where do they come?

They come from Earth Shan!  Think of all the civilizations upon that orb, and how many were never enlightened.  These ones were locked on Earth for centuries, as Earth agreed to be the jail planet for Lucifer/Satan.

We have worked tirelessly to take care of this unbelievable situation and we have become exhausted, if you can imagine.

Now I tell you that something UNBELIEVABLE happened.

All of the crew has endured this buzzing sound of these evil entities bombarding our Command Ship.  It was like a hoard of hornets and birds that screeched constantly.  All of the crew were affected by this continuous irritating noise.

Suddenly, all became silent. Not a sound was heard.  We all looked at each other in amazement.  What happened?  It was at that moment when we heard a booming voice speaking to us.  For the first time EVER, and I mean EVER, it was the voice of CREATION! 

There was no person visible to any of us.  It was a voice that every crew member including Sananda and Hatonn that heard.  Our advanced equipment recorded the message all of us heard telepathically.  creation's message is, as follows:


CREATION:  I am Creation.  I have created a most wonderful unending Creation with balance, harmony and love.  I have created all by thought.   I have created all that you see which is unending.

By my love, I created mankind and gave them freewill to grow and become one with me.  This includes a spark of myself in each creation, including every grass stem, every leaf on the tress and everything you see, hear or touch. they

I, also, created mankind to be able to make a choice of good or evil.  I locked the evil ones on the most beautiful little planet in the Universe of my creation.  My human creations have the choice of good or evil,  and by their decisions they can grow into a great spiritual being or grow  downward to evil, as many have done. She, Mother Earth, has housed these evil ones for millenniums.  She has now earned the right to graduate, leaving these evil ones to lose their home.

Now I tell you that I now have observed the worst scenario.  These evil ones have disobeyed my command and the Cosmic Law of being locked on Mother Earth.

I see that hoards of these evil ones were disturbing the entire Cosmos.  You ones and many of the starships have been interrupted with your most heavenly work, and that is the evacuation of dear Mother Earth.

I have with-stood my intervention for some time, but I now have acted in behalf of all of you and of all that you are doing to take care of this most horrible situation, just as Mother Earth is about to graduate into 5D.

I have created, and I can un-create at my will.  Do you hear silence?  I have roared at these evil ones and with one loud voice to tell them they are to be GONE.  I mean UNCREATED, ALL OF THEM!  No more shall they interrupt this most wondrous event of Mother Earth's graduation.  No more shall they pretend to be of the Light and disturb the communication with mine ones upon Earth with the Lighted Realms for I HAVE SPOKEN AND MY WORD IS THE LAW OF THIS ENTIRE UNENDING COSMOS.

The evil ones, who have stayed on Mother Earth shall, also, get what they deserve, and that is the VOID for eons of time.  SO BE IT.

My love to all of you and all my creations upon Earth!  I watch over all, for I am above all.  I  say ADONI to all, but I am with you ALWAYS.  Call upon me anytime and I shall respond and help.



All of aboard The Phoenix were in silence.  I had tears that I could not hold back.  We all had heard this loving voice that soothed our spirit within.  At last we felt relieved and were so joyful. 

I apologize for not being able at this time to tell you of my continuing journey.  Rest assured, I shall do so tomorrow.  If Mother Earth should turn before then, no one knows, but I know I shall be on that journey, as I did yesterday of your time.

May you live this day to the best you can.  Stay on the Red Road of Truth. Leave the baggage of the past, forgive others and yourself, and ask for God to forgive you.  You have this day only to make it the best day of your life.

My love to all!








PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Hello again, all Lightworkers and Souled Ones upon Earth Shan.  Believe it or not, the Saga that I have experienced traveling the Cosmos  penned by my request by Anne is to continue!  How in the world can this happen?   I know many of you were sorry that the experiences you were told on Fourwinds about my travels throughout the  Cosmos had come to an end, as all aboard The Star of Bethlehem were to immediately return to the Command Ship The Phoenix. We did so at once.

I was still at my station monitoring my Sector.  I felt so disappointment at not being able to continue my adventure.  I was feeling the sadness of all, who were following with abated interest those travels.

As I was at my command post, I felt a hand upon  my shoulder.  I turned around and saw Sananda standing to the left of the chair in which I was sitting.  He looked at me with kindness and love, and put both of his hands upon my shoulders.  He spoke to me, as we also speak aboard ship---telepathically.

"My dear brother" he said. " I have sensed your sadness that you felt when your journey ended, and I felt the disappointment of all those readers following your experiences when they were told your journey in the Cosmos had come to an abrupt end.  For that reason we shall continue that journey until Mother Earth tips on her axis."

I responded:  "How is that possible when I am sitting here at my station?  How can that happen when I am here aboard The Phoenix?"

I turned around and saw two of the alien friends standing to my right.  They looked just like Lt. Worf, the character actor in the Star Trek Next Generation.  I had made good friends with them and we spoke often to each other.  They both had that "twinkle" in their eyes that told me something unusual was to happen.

Sananda said to me:  "Nothing is impossible, Patrick!  Do you want to continue your adventure?"

"Oh, yes!"  I almost shouted.  With that response Sananda placed a intricate Helmet on my head with several devices attach.  The other two aliens wore the same type of helmet.  Sananda had the same type of helmet on.  I was so excited about what was to happen next.

The helmet contained, of course, a window for viewing that circled my head.  As I viewed my surrounding I found myself in virtual reality and that, my friends was the same view I saw from The Star of Bethlehem!   I was in space and I could see all as if I were there!  I heard my two friends speak.   "You wanted to see the next adventure, and so you shall.  Look ahead of you and you can see our home planet through 3D vision."

I glanced out my view "window" and saw a giant planet, totally uninhabitable with swirling gasses, and hurricane winds howling at blowing at tremendous speed.  I estimated the velocity of such was several hundred miles an hour.  The planet was absolutely huge in comparison of little Earth

I heard Sananda talking to me.  He said,"Patrick, you are looking at the biggest planet in your solar system, Jupiter!  There has been no one from Earth Shan to be invited to this planet and land on the surface!  What you see is what 3D Earth see through their antiquated telescopes!"

He said that the following photo explains better than a thousands words:

Shivers went through me, as I gazed at this swirling mass that upon which no living being could survive.  Suddenly, my viewing of the planet changed in the twinkling of an eye.

I trembled with excitement at what I saw.  "My friends repled.  "This is our home, Patrick.  We live here, as what you see is brought to you in 5D, and we are delighted to have you now come with us in this virual reality to our place of .......

All at once the view changed back to where I was sitting at my command post.  With tears in my eyes, Sananda again placed his hands on my shoulders.  He then lifted the helmet from my head and spoke softly to me.

"How did you like your adventure?"

With a shaky voice I said that it was the most  unusual experience I had ever had and wanted to continue.  "You left me hanging as well as all the readers."

"Your adventure, my dear Patrick, shall continue for Earth's tomorrow episode", Sananda softly replied.

Well, readers! Stay tuned for this adventure is again to continue.  You ain't seen nothin' yet!  :)









PATRICK H. BELLRINGER: Greetings!  My adventure through the Cosmos has given me a wonderful perspective of how great CREATION is and which is above all.

I had no idea where Gabriel was to show me next.  I asked: "What destination is next?"  With a twinkle in his eye he just said "Hang on to your hat, brother.  You have never seen anything like this next place you are about to experience".

With that he attended to his ship and put in the coordinates for the next adventure.

Guess where he took me!  To Venus, of all places!  In a minuet or two we glided to a stationary position not far from this fiery glowing planet.  Gabriel explained that, as given in the Journal, Venus is a relatively new planet in joining the Apsu Solar System and does not have a civilization on it, as yet.

"Would you like to explore Venus further?" He asked.  I replied  How do we do that?  It is all extremely hot and looks like a glowing furnace!  Will we not be burned to a crisp?"

Gabriel replied: "I will make our ship invisible and set the surface of my ship to withstand extreme heat.  Here we go!"

I clutched the seat on which I was sitting for I felt we were certainly going to burn up.  Instead, Gabriel guided his ship into Venus to let me see what it was like inside this glowing fiery surface.

To my amazement we were not burned up.  Instead, I was privileged to see the formation of mountains in progress via quakes of great magnitude.  I was viewing how Mother Earth formed into a planet that could sustain life. The volcanoes were erupting all over this planet with great fumes, smoke and lava forming tall mountains.  In  some parts I could see where a great ocean would be at some time in the future.  What an amazing sight, and to view it from a protected ship was unbelievable. I asked Gabriel how long would it take for Venus to support life.  He said "Oh, a couple more billion years.  It takes a long time, my brother".

He reminded me that Earth was 4.5 billion years old.  He said that if you look at a clock of 24 hours, man appeared at one minute before midnight.

I got the picture.  I pointed at some shiny rocks I saw in the distance..  Gabriel said that Germain brought some of this precious metal to Earth.  It is the gold that he mentioned in the Journals.

I realized how magnificent is the Cosmos.  There are planets still evolving all the time.  I was so overwhelmed at the sight before my eyes that I could not even form the words in my mind to express how I felt.

Gabriel turned his ship around and in a flash we were out of Venus and approaching another planet...Jupiter.

"I wanted you to see this amazing site ahead. You are the first one I have ever taken to this huge planet.  As you know, Jupiter is the largest planet in your Apsu Solar System and is 317 times the mass of Earth."

As we approached this giant planet I    ................................

More to come!






PATRICK:  I must give you an addendum to the message posted for today.  My trip with Gabriel has been cut short.  We were approaching Jupiter for another great experience when the RED ALERT signal came on.

Gabriel had asked Mother Earth if it would be possible to take me for a view of the Cosmos.  She had been holding at the same position for some time, so she said to go ahead with his plans with the condition that if the RED ALERT signal came on that would be a direct sign to return immediacy back to the Command ship to check every Sector world wide.

Gabriel had been stationed at a certain co-ordinate over my Sector, but that could be changed to a different location for other starships around the globe. Thus, all the ships hovering at their assigned co-ordinate had to be checked to see if any changes had to be made.  We had to quickly return to the Command Ship, The Phoenix where all Sectors could be monitored.  There was one, who was checking my Sector for me, but he had other duties to perform.  I had to return as quickly as possible.

As Anne was beginning to pen my continued adventure about Jupitier, the RED ALERT meant that Mother Earth was on the move and her tipping could be at any moment.  That ended my trip through the Cosmos, so here I am at my command post aboard The Phoenix.

Gabriel assured me that he planned a super trip again, but this time it would include my family, J. and her Twin Flame.

That, my friends will be the EVENT of my entire life.










PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:   I greet all of  you ones this fine day of December 16, 2020.  I must continue with my adventure through the Cosmos, as I, again, left some of you in expectation of what was to come next.

Here goes:  We had approached the opening of Earth Shan at the North Pole, and had asked the Head Commander or President' you might say, for permission to land Gabriel's ship.  With an excited telepathic communication we were told to please come into Agartha, the civilization in inner Earth. The leader told Gabriel:   "We are anxious to see you, as this is a special  treat for us.  When you dock the ship we have a special pad for you to land your great craft. Welcome to our world!" I mention here that all communication was telepathic.

I was so anxious to see what it was like, as Anne and I posted an article about the Smokey God that I mentioned in my last update.

We landed perfectly and, as we exited from the ship, we were all greeted by a host of wonderful 4th dimensional people totally enlightened with smiling faces.  What were they like?

They looked just like us with the same height, but some were taller.  The leader or chief was 15 feet tall.  Their communication to us was in English.

I gazed around at the surroundings taking in everything I could see.  I expected a smokey environment, but to my surprise their sun, called The Smokey God, shown brightly and dimmed down at the night time.  A gentle rain occurs at evening time watering the lush tress, flowers, shrubs etc.  The trees were mammoth and it reminded me of the Phoenix.  There were no clouds like on the surface of Earth. I never in my life saw such abundant growth of the garden vegetables and fruit.

They knew that Earth is about ready to tip, and Gabriel told them they were to be evacuated, along with their animal life, even the trees and shrubs.

Gabriel, also, told them that their civilization could again come back to Earth if so desired, and they could choose to live inside the new Earth or dwell on the surface.  Their environment would be similar to what they have now, except it would be in 5th Dimension. Gabriel told them that they had gained soul growth and all had passed their test to be in 5D.  They were delighted at hearing this good news, for they had been waiting a long time to visit with Gabriel and his crew.

They gave us a tour.  I was overwhelmed at the clean air, and the great love and respect that had for every living thing.

 I wanted to mention to you about their mode of travel, for their civilization us quite large.  They travel by special air-born ships that transported them where they wish to go.  They are silent running and almost like the ships of the Lighted Realms.

Of course, there were no antiquated cars or telephone lines such as the primitive environment on the surface of Earth.

There was no evil present, as all lived in harmony with love and respect for each other.  They did eat the food they they grew, as there were no grocery stores or money exchange.  They had gardens of fruit and vegetables, nurtirious and free of any chemicals and additives.

After a wonderful tour aboard their craft and a time of conversation, we boarded Gabriel's ship.

This experience is one I shall never forget.  It is too bad that the evil would-be-controllers on Earth's surface have kept Agartha, as it is named, a secret, and have guarded the entrance at Antarctic and the Artic from any access by anyone.  However, that secret has been leaked out  and is known world wide.  Gabriel told me again that of all the 179 billion llfe supporting planets in the Milky Way Galaxy (one of the seven super Universes called Orvanton), there are civilizations INSIDE every planet, as well on the surface.

This experience was one I shall never forget.

As we boarded ship, Gabriel spoke to me  and said, "Patrick, you are just beginning to realize the immensity of the Cosmos.  You have only seen a "pin prick' of what is to come.  I am about to take you to the other planets in this tiny solar system and others that will, also, surprise you.

I began to realize how great Creation is, and why it is above all there is.

My adventure with Gabriel next was something I never..........................................










PATRICK H. BELLRINGER [PHB]:  Greetings again to all Lightworkers and souled beings. I left you "hanging" with my last message, and so I shall continue with my most exciting venture in the Cosmos.

As I was telling you, Gabriel got permission to land his craft the the designated area agreed upon by the head Commander of Planet Mars.

As I stepped out of Gabriel's ship, I was amazed that there was a crowd waiting to greet us.  It was seldom that such a marvelous ship like Gabriel's was landed upon their soil.

Did I say soil?  Yes, for what I expected was to not be able to exist in their atmosphere.  I guess I was so used to a physical body I did not realize that, as an etherical being I could exist in any atmosphere.

The whole crew of Gabriel's ship were greeted by people such as we, and were the same height and appearance.  They were not the small 3D people I was used to seeing on Earth.  The air was fresh and clean and gave me a great feeling of peace.

We took a tour of their cities, towns and countryside.  The buildings were modern in design with immense flower gardens, beautiful trees and such a wonderful and peaceful environment.  No wars existed as all peoples were living together in harmony.

In my heart I wanted more than anything to have Earth Shan become like this marvelous civilization that now exists upon Mars.  That, I was told, is soon to happen.  We were treated so kindly with love and respect that it was hard to leave them to board ship again, as we had other places to visit on this trip through the Cosmos for me.  I was overwhelmed even thinking about this trip was in my honor.

We boarded ship again.  Gabriel handed me a special gear to place on my head with special lens to view the surrounding environment of Mars.  He told me to look through the lens and to tell him what I saw.

I proceeded to do such.  Guess what I saw?  I saw Mars, as the people on Earth Shan see it with 3D vision.  Mars was totally red with no life existing upon its surface.  It  was a desolate and uninviting place, as if you were in hell.  I shivered in response to what I saw.  The DDB's had destroyed the 3D life long ago.  You see, Mars has graduated to house a 5D Civilization.   That is what is planned for Mother Earth after a rest of 3000 Earth years.

Gabriel put his hand on my shoulder and said:  "Would you like to see Mother Earth as we see it with our 5D vision?

Gabriel had read my mind.  I wanted to see Earth again as I remembered it from the photos I saw that were taken by NASA years ago.  It was a beautiful spinning orb where I could view the different continents and the oceans that took up 4/5 of the surface.

As we approached Earth I viewed what the Lighted Realms see, feel and hear.  I was aghast with the stench of rotting  flesh, decaying rubbish, the horrid smell of chemicals on the land, air and water that had been polluted by careless humans.  I heard the cries of those dying ones in the 30 different wars, and the smoke from the bombs and fires all over the world.

Lastly, I saw the DDB's dark energy swirling around the entire globe. 


I broke into tears at this grievous scene I saw with 5D vision, and thought how horribly humans on Earth treated Mother Earth with no love or care.

The only bright spots I saw was where the Lightworkers were living holding the Light of Truth.  These areas had a spot of glorious Light in the Darkness around them.

With tears in my eyes, Gabriel spoke to me again through my thoughts:  "This scene also breaks our hearts, but we think of what Mother Earth is to become and what she has learned.  To make you feel better we are gong to take you the Agartha, the inner civilization inside Earth that is in a higher dimension.  It will make your heart sing with joy.  We shall enter by the North Pole, as that is the best way to enter at this time.   First of all we shall become invisible to those with 3D vision, for viewing us at this time would be too much of a surprise and upset to the all those ones. who are not "not in tune"  with a higher dimension craft.

We approached the North Pole entrance and entered a whole different world.  We had, again, asked permission to land and greet these ones. 


I was so excited at being able to see what Anne and I posted on Fourwinds several years ago entitled "~THE SMOKEY GOD OR A VOYAGE TO THE INNER EARTH~

Oh, wow!  The following episode gets more exciting!  I can't wait to tell what happened.........more to come!!!!!

SALU -----for now.








  PATRICK H. BELLRINGER: Greetings to all Lightworkers ad souled beings. I promised yesterday that I would speak about the "ride of my life". I did not hear anything more about that, as I was busy helping clear the spiritual line of communication which was repeatedly being attacked by the DDB's. I was concentrating, also, monitoring my Sector.   I had forgotten about that 'ride' I was to take with Gabriel, but they never forget a promise. I was busy at my work station when I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Gabriel smiling at me. He glowed like the sun. He stood tall before me, his eyes glazing at me with love and respect.    "Well, Patrick, are you ready?" He did not speak out loud for we communicate by thought. I replied that I was anxious to take that ride with him through the Cosmos. Excitedly, I followed him to his starship.

  As you already know, his ship is called The Star of Bethlehem.    So, what is his ship like? It is huge compared to other millions of starship now hovering in stationary position all over Earth Shan at this present time. The Helm of his ship was similar to the Command ship, but on a smaller scale. There were rooms for rest for his crew, and rooms for relaxation just as Earth people have a living room in their home. What amazed me was the beauty of the flowers and gardens that were in each room. They were watered by the heavenly waters that kept them alive and blooming. The scent from the flowers and bushes permeated the room with what I can only describe as soothing and comforting. 

  When I first was lifted off to Gabriel's ship after my passing on, I was so excited to be aboard that I did not take the time to see the entire ship. He was to take me to The Phoenix Command ship located far above Planet Earth. In an instant, it seemed we were on the Phoenix. I was so ecstatic that I did not ask any questions of how quickly we arrived. I remember Sananda and Hatonn greeting me. I stood before them in awe and they told me I had judged myself and I had passed the test to be graduated. I could hear them talking to me, but not like the physical expresion upon Earth.    I will mention that when I was living on the Planet we could see the Phoenix which looked like a star, but it flashed colored lights, as do all the Pleiadian Ships.    Gabriel spoke to me by thought. "What do you want to see first?", he asked. I replied, " I would like to see the planets in the Apsu Solar System , and where I lived my last physical life."

  With that request Gabriel's ship lifted off the surface of the Phoenix. Gabriel spoke again and said, "We travel by thought. My ship is set at my frequencies and responds to my thoughts and commands. All I have to do is set the coordinates to go to your solar system. I will only take a few seconds, as we travel by thought. I will then have to slow down my ship when we are at the edge, so to speak, of the Apsu Solar System, so as to not disturb the rotation of the planets.    This was getting very interesting. I told him I would like to see first the planet, Mars. There is so much hubble and disinformation about this "red" planet and rumors of the remains of a past civilization. that I was curious to see this for myself.

I hope I am not boring you ones....but I shall keep on.

Gabriel spoke: "Well, there it is my friend. What do you see?"

As I glazed out the view window of the ship I was expecting to see a red planet with no life, whirling dust and barren desolate surface entirely uninhabitable. The surprise of my life hit me. What I saw was a beautiful planet with mountains, lakes, beautiful trees and teeming with people. I realized in amazement that I was looking at a 5D civilization with modern buildings, and the most beautiful scenery. There were no electric lines, no roads, no trucks, no cars no railroads or stop signs. Gabriel said, "You are looking at a 5D civilization. Mars 3D civilization was destroyed long ago, and she has graduated as will Mother Earth. These ones travel by starship, as that is their mode of transportation. They love and protect the environment and above all give credit to Creation. Do you want to greet anyone?"

I realized as he said this is that the people upon Earth see a red, uninhabitable planet because they only see in 3D frequencies. I was gazing in 5D frequencies at a beautiful civilization. Gabriel reminded me that this was the destiny of Mother Earth when she graduates. Mars did have a 3D civilization upon her surface but Lucifer and his minions destroyed it. That is when they chose Earth for their own, but it became their jail planet, as Creator Source did not want any more planet destroyed with their evil.

Gabriel continued: "Earth Shan shall turn on her axis at any time now, and in 3000 years of the Earth time, she shall be ready for a civilization of ones only in 5D where no evil exists. She shall shine like a star in heaven and shall be peopled by those in 5D or higher.

Tears came to my eyes at this point, for now I saw with my own eyes what shall be on Mother Earth. I turned around to see Gabriel's happiness at the coming graduation of Earth.

I replied; "Can we meet with the people on Mars?" Gabriel replied: " Of course, but first we must ask permission from the one in charge of other starships wishing to land. It is most cautious to do so as their planet is protected at all times and they only permit ones of grace and love to approach their planet. Others are rejected if their purpose is not worthy. However, we have permission now, so lets land my craft and allow you to greet these ones."

In excitement to greet and talk with people from another planet was something for which I had never dreamed. We landed on Mars. Our exit doors slid open and to my surprise guess what??!................

This saga is longer than I expected. I shall continue again with Anne to pen my Cosmic travel, for this is just the beginning.............. 


  My love to all.







PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:   Greetings to all Lightworkers and all souled beings upon Planet Earth. I have been asked to continue the"saga" so to speak, of what it is like living aboard the Phoenix at this very moment.

I know that my children and J. are especially enjoying these experiences I am having, and so I shall continue at their request.  Hatonn and Sananda, also, urged me to express to all of you what is is like living aboard this fantastic starship.

When I first arrived I was amazed at the utter beauty of the surroundings.  By this I mean the plant and animal life that almost took my "breath" away, as I took in the surroundings with awe.

Hatonn told me that I would have time to explore these gorgeous surroundings, but I was needed at the Helm to take charge of a Sector.  They were extremely busy at lift-off preparation and positioning the millions of ships to be stationed over a given area in the proper co-ordinates.  There were others at the helm working with their Sector.  The one that was at the Sector I was to manage was given another important task.  Therefore, my work aboard the ship began almost instantly.

As you know, the entire crew aboard where dedicated to clear the spiritual line that had been interrupted by the DDB's that have constantly attacked the Lightworkers, other starships and did include the Phoenix.  We have worked tirelessly to clear this communication so that those Lightworkers were not stopped from communicating with us.

Hatonn looked at me and said:  "Patrick, you need to take a relief and get refreshed.  Go for a walk and take a little 'break' from your work.  You will be surprised at what you will find in our heavenly environment."

I was grateful for the respite for me to take a walk outside the main Helm, and so I took that advice immediately.  Another one of the crew came to oversee my Sector until I returned.

I started on my walk.  You will never believe what happened to me.

As you know, I was raised on a dairy farm and worked with the land and animals until I left to finish by education in Logan, Utah.  Because I loved the out-of-doors and the beauty of the forest, I became a Forester, graduating with a degree in Range Management.

As I began walking in this beauteous environment, I bent down to smell the utter fragrance of the flowers.  Tears came to my eyes as I touched and smelled the aroma that was never present on the falsely experimented flowers upon Earth.

I bent down and felt the grass at my feet.  All of sudden something happened that I, until this moment, can hardly express.

Do you ones, who have seen the movie, "Avatar" remember the scene where Jake Sully, as the Avatar, had the spiritual one called the Eywa land on him to absolutely cover his body?

That was sort of what happened to me.  As I was standing there admiring the beauty of the heavenly surroundings, this is what happened.  My whole body was covered with loving bees, insects, birds  of all sorts that landed on my head, arms and entire body.

I held my arms out and many smaller birds took their perch.  The squirrels came to my feet and one even perched on my shoulder.  The larger birds and animals surrounded me.  I could hear what they were saying.  It was "Hello, Patrick, we have been waiting to greet you.  We were told you were coming and you are the special one, who has realized you can talk to us as another person would do.  You feel our energy and, as you have worked most of your life in the beauty of Earth. We  are here to tell you how much we love you.  You see, many of us here were in your back yard.  We remember how you lovingly fed us, kept the grass and gardens free of chemicals and gave water for us to drink.  We all love you and are now showing you our gratitude."

I turned around to see Sananda standing there glowing like a sun with a big smile on his face.  He knew my total amazement of this incident that was to happen to me even before I came for a walk,

I can't believe what I experienced.  As all these ones departed, I continued my walk in the surrounding forest.  Almost the same experience happened a second time.  I became surrounded by all the animals of the forest.  They wished me to touch and pet them.  The trees murmured their love to me and the thick underbrush parted as I continued my walk in the forest with all the animals following me as I walked.

I came back to the Helm with total joy.  Hatonn looked at me and said,  "You are the one that all these animals and birds, flowers, have waited to greet your coming.  This has not happened to anyone I know except you.  What do you think of that?"

The tears flowed from my eyes as Hatonn told me this.  I was overwhelmed.

Hatonn spoke to me saying: "Well, Patrick, you have not seen anything yet until Gabriel takes you for 'a spin'  through the Cosmos. You are in for the ride of your life.  You are just beginning to remember all your lifestreams and will again enjoy a ride through the Cosmos to see again the utter unending magnitude of Creation, who is above all."

"When can I go?", I asked.  Hatonn said I was to rest a bit, get refreshed and when you are ready Gabriel will be the one to take you on the ride of your life.

And that, my friends I shall tell you in this expanding saga......







PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:   Today I wanted to give a short update about life here on the Phoenix Starship.

When you enlightened ones are beamed to safety we watch carefully for any physical harm done to their body, as you are beamed aboard through a high frequency.  There is nothing to worry about, as we have the most advanced medical equipment and knowledge available in the entire Cosmos to correct any harm that may have occurred.

It reminds me of the StarTrek movie about retrieving the whales to safety, which I believe was episode VI.  Checkov was injured with a Hematoma.  The doctors were about to operate on his brain.  The device that  McCoy used to heal him instantly is like what we have aboard.  I was introduced to the far advanced medical care aboard ship.  It is so far above what even the controllers on Planet Earth it is like comparing it to cave-man time.

Actually, the spiritual progress on Earth Shan can be compared to cave man, as that is how the situation is at the present time on your planet.  There is advanced technology available, but only the controllers are keeping that knowledge from you to keep you all as slaves to the  medical doctors, who are never trained in all the natural remedies given by Creation.  All of us aboard are instructed on the medical facility and methods available aboard this most wondrous ship.

I are most busy at this time to monitor my Sector hoping to find a soul that is seeking Truth. The same is true for all other ones monitoring their Sector on Earth Shan.

There are periods when we must rest for a bit, but lately that has been only infrequently.

You have wondered about the uniforms or clothes we wear.

I am fitted with a uniform much like what you have viewed on StarTrek.  There are several that I have, as they are cleaned periodically.  I do wear a small device in order to contact anyone aboard should need that communication.  We talk to each other aboard ship just by speaking through the device so we maintain complete contact with all aboard. I, also, have direct  communication with all the starships in my Sector, as well as all the ones around Earth positioned for lift-off at this time.

Remember, this ship is three times bigger than Earth,so there is a lot of territory to cover wherever someone may be at any time.   Right now I am working directly with Sananda and Creator God Aton/Hatonn at the Helm.  The work to clear all communications has been a major project.  There is no evil that is allowed aboard this ship, but these evil ones have disobeyed all Cosmic Laws.  The great plasma shield around all  starships prevents any harmful damage, although the spiritual communication line has been attacked repeatedly.  That  is continually monitored, as this "line" to be clear for ones such as J. to be able to communicate with us in a two-way conversation,  The repairing of this line is of most importance at this time.  We are able to get through to her at times, and are assured by Creation and Creator Source thus disruption shall cease.

Life aboard ship is wondrous, and I am thrilled to be aboard helping with the  all that has to be done in preparation for evacuation of those upon Earth.  I am, also, so thankful that Anne and I have complete communication.   That line remains secures, as we are Twin Flames, and that connection or communication cannot be broken.

There is no time or space in the Lighted Realms; however we operate our work around Mother Earth and the 3D twenty-four hour day.  When I speak of time to either Anne or J., it is in that mode that I speak, as that is the only way earth people can envision the information that I give to them.

That time is short.  The relaxation that I take at times is going for a walk to enjoy the absolute beauty around me.  I wander through the great forests feeling the love and joy from the surrounding trees, bushes, flowers, etc. It gives me joy and peace to my soul.  It is indescribable.

See you all aboard soon!








PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Greetings to all you Lightworkers, who have found the Truth.  Of course, this message is to all souled beings on Earth Shan.  Many of you are wondering what it is like aboard the Command Ship with Creator God Aton/ Hatonn at the the helm.

I will try and describe what I feel and see so that you can imagine what it is like being aboard the Command Ship.

First of all, we are stationed beyond Earth's atmosphere because of our size, as he Command ship called The Phoenix is three times larger than Earth. Being within your atmosphere would be harmful for the rotation of the planets of your Apsu Solar System.

There is no evil allowed on The Phoenix, as we are in in a much higher dimension where no evil is allowed.  I was amazed at the fantastic beauty on this ship. What do I see as I look around me?  I see beautiful floral growth and trees, mountains. lakes and wonderful beauty not disturbed by rot or eating insects.  It is lush and beyond imagination.

There is abundant animal and bird life and tremendous oceans filled with teeming, healthy life of every sort.  The animals roam the forest and land with complete friendship with all the other spieces of animals and birds. The acquatic life operates in  the same manner,

I have taken walks that were filled with wonder at this beauty.  The animals grazed peacefully on the lush grass. They would come up to me in gentleness and let me pet them.  This includes such as lions, tigers and Alaska brown bear.  The birds and butterflies swarmed around me, lighting on my shoulders and hands.  I could understand their language as they spoke to me.

Their message was one of welcoming me aboard The Phoenix.  Truly, being here is heaven.

I have smelled the lush fragrance of the floral, and am in awe of the beautiful tree growth with all varieties of trees, grass, and was truly amazed at the abundance of bees, birds and insects all living in complete harmony,

Hatonn and Sananda and crew have a beautiful structure where the Command Station is located.  Because of my work of being in charge of a Sector of Earth, I, too, have my station located at the Command Center.  It  is huge, as their are other enlightened ones in command of other Sectors.

What do I mean by  "Sector"?  Each of us in charge of a certain portion on Planet Earth to monitor the soul growth of each souled being in that given area.  We monitor  and search for ones, who may find  the Truth.  My Sector includes two Providences of Canada and the U.S. States of Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Colorado, part of Utah, part of Wyoming, and ones in South Dakota.

What about where we sleep?  Eat?  As etherical beings, we consume Liquid Light and some of the vegetables grown in each dwelling.  We do not need more than 4 hours of your time for rest, although we each have a private place where we can rest, when needed.

 My dwelling is most beautiful.  The doorway is adorned with flowering bushes that part for me to enter.  There are several rooms with gardens located on the enclosed sides with lush growth of flowers and vegetables The furniture is quite different, as the bed is attached to the wall like a built-in.  There is constant Light for the gardens and a beautiful haze of sunlight throughout the dwelling.  If I need to sleep the light dims at my discretion.

If you can imagine the movie, StarTrek, you can visualize the Command Center.  It is much larger and definitely mind boggling to see the equipment that monitors not only every souled being, but also has contact with all the starships around the world.

Commander Ashtar is not a computer!  He has never incarnated, and is a most high Master in command of the Acashic Records of every human on the planet.  He is a handsome being and extremely intelligent.  I am humble to know him, as well as Sananda and Hatonn with whom I work.

We have several enlightened ones from other Star Nations aboard helping at the helm.  They do not look like us, as all others aboard are Pleiadians, as am I and many others upon Earth.  Since the Pleiadians are Earth's ancestors and look like the humans on Earth, they, alone, are responsible for all lift-off of those choosing to board to safety from the cataclysms approaching  very soon to Mother Earth.  All starships stationed around Earth are on RED ALERT.

We have no 24 hour night and day, but are quite busy most all of the time. All is LIGHT, and I mean that is like the sun shining all day. This Light is Spiritual Light, with no evil present!  I just can't explain that feeling, but you will understand that soon.  Indeed, it is Heaven here.

As it has been told to you ones, we are being bombarded with the evil spirits seeking not only to destroy us, but, also to cause havoc with our communication. system, which we are constantly repairing. They wish to stop Mother Earth from graduating to a higher dimension where they could not survive.  The result is their rage against us and all Lightworkers.

For that reason, Hatonn gave a stern message to all Lightworkers on 12-9-20 ,  He said that  you enlightened ones are to keep strong and stay in the NOW, and  to keep your pathway on the Red Road of Truth.

As you know, I was a United States Forester and worked, as a Range Manager.  I marked timber for cutting in the Black Hills of SD and also Alaska. I marked the last virgin timber for cutting near Custer, SD, and thought that marking these huge trees was a desecration of wonderful life.  The trees in the forests of Alaska were even bigger, but dangerous to travel through because of the dense underbrush and the Alaskan Brown Bear.

Now, I look at the absolute humongous trees that grow here in the lush forest that are mind boggling, and I love to see such beauty not being destroyed.  When I touch the bark of these trees they respond to me so as I can hear what they are saying.  Every living thing around has a soul, a spark of Creation, and  there is Peace and Love everywhere.

Water comes up to the surface and waters all living planet and animal life.  No clouds exist over the Command Ship like over Earth.  The Light is Spiritual Light and it is soothing, warm enough for all life here. There are no seasons, but all is maintained by this heavenly Light all about.  

I want to mention one more thing.  I am in reality.  Life on Earth is an illusion like a holodeck for leaning soul growth.  Because Earth is a 3D planet the human form is squeezed down so that the height of humans is very short.  If a person is 6 feet or taller he is huge.

When you graduate to the Higher Realms you are coming Home to find yourself at your normal height.  Hatonn is 9 ft tall, Sananda around 8 feet ahnd I am the same.

As etheric ones, we can travel the Cosmos either alone or by space ship.  There are many bases on the Phoenix where the thousands of starship are based.  I can appear on Planet Earth, but show myself, as I looked at the time of my physical experience when I lived there.

Another note of happiness is that we can choose the age we wish to be when we graduate.  I chose to be what I looked like when I married Anne in 1962.  I wear a uniform like Sananda's, as that designates one in charge of a Sector.  There is no "rank" of authority aboard ship.  We are all equal and obey the Laws of God and Creation.

Thank you all for hearing about life eternal aboard this Command Ship.  There shall be a time soon when Anne shall join me aboard.  At that time we can decide what shall be our continuing mission to gain soul growth, for that never ends until we all are ONE with Creation at rest.

Maybe we shall be in charge of one of the life supporting planets in our Nebadon Universe, for at the present time there are 179 billion life supporting planets.  Doesn't that sound amazing?

My blessings to all.







PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  I wish Anne to pen a brief message to all Lightworkers today  December 7, 2020, and I assure you that these are my words penned by my dear wife of many lifestreams.

Time has grown short for these are the last days of this present civilization on Planet Earth; therefore, it is extremely close for Mother Earth to graduate into 5th Dimension.  This event has been closely watched by all starships stationed at the present time around the globe monitoring the imminent birthing of this glorious event.

Aboard the Phoenix Command ship are members of other Star Nations helping with this momentous event.  As you have been told, there are 200 Star Nations around Planet Earth observing this long-awaited event.

It is the Pleiadian Ships that are the ones, who shall evacuate those from Earth that wish to be beamed to safety, as they are your ancestors.  They look just like you ones, except they are much taller than the squeezed down 3rd dimension of  Mother Earth humans.

Earth Shan could have turned easily without such a cataclysmic happening this time of turning over, but the DDB's did not keep their agreement to come back to the Light by 2012.  They had 25 years to do so, but they continued on with war after war.  We have been in overtime since then.  Mother Earth gave more time for these ones to keep their agreement.  As you know, this did not happen

Now, Mother Earth ready to explode at any moment without warning.  The event is described in Phoenix Journal 4, Chapters 9-11 if you care to read what shall happen.  All hell, if you can imagine, shall break loose all at once without warning.  That most important link is:

I ask only that anyone souled being that has not found the Truth and is still in slumber to awaken, even these last few days before this imminent event of Earth Shan.  That is the wish of all of the starships and especially Creator God Aton/Hatonn and Sananda. This is the greatest desire of  Sananda, who is in charge of Earth Shan.  His enlightened flock is very small compared to the billions of people living on Earth.

In the meantime, because this is the event of the Cosmos where Mother Earth gains 5th dimension, all 3D life shall be wiped from her, including all the evil upon her orb.  As a result, these demons are in rage at losing their "home" and have viciously attacked the few remaining Lightworker that have not scummed to join their evil ranks.  They have, also, attacked the starships with a vengence rage, and have constantly disrupted our communication system with those few Lightworkers that actually talk with us aboard ship.

Now I wish to tell all Lightworkers,  especially Anne's friend J, and my children to stay strong these last few days.  The attacks of the evil are constant and will never stop until the very end.  Lessons continue for all Lightworkers, but all you ones have your Great God Spirit to guide you through these last days.  You surely can call upon Hatonn and Sananda for help, and they will instantly be there.

Remember too, you have with you for your earthly lifetime, two Guardian Angels just waiting for you to ask for their help.  There is no power of evil that can overcome the power within each souled being.  Use that Power, and nothing evil can harm you.  Remember, you are not alone in this earthly battle for your soul.  You Lightworkers shall win, so stay strong these last few days.

With that said, I am content that this message be penned at this time, and I am grateful to do so. It means much to all of us aboard ship.

My favorite words are:  SEE YOU ALL ABOARD SHIP!  I know what Anne is thinking, and even though I was not a fan of STAR TREK, I shall repeat those words so true for all Lightworkers, and especially to my dear children and J. :




NOTE:  I was asked by Patrick to re-post this tmiely writing.  He wrote it in1996, but the Truth statements are timeless.  May this article be helpful to many.   ..... Anne




Does Truth reveal? Uncover? Bring into the Light?                                                  

          Does Truth relentlessly fracture past relationships?


Does Truth upset ideas? Traditions? Customs?

          Does Truth invade your hard-won privacy?


Does Truth uncover the lie? The evil secret?

          Does Truth bring to light the hidden past?


Does Truth threaten your ego?

          Your self-centeredness? Your pride?


Does Truth offend your "religious" teachings?

          Does Truth run counter to your "holy book" notations?


Does Truth cause you agony and sleepless nights?

          Does Truth bring you fear? Guilt? Remorse? Insight?


Does Truth invade to your very soul? And tear you apart?

          Does Truth bring the spreading warmth of Light?


Does Truth bring forgiveness? Cleanness? Healing?

          Does Truth bring new hope? Vision? Love?


Does Truth sweep away the cob-webs of the mind?

          Does Truth give divine teachings of knowledge? Wisdom?


Does Truth give revelation of the God-Spirit within you?

          Does Truth release the creative power of your soul?"


Does Truth bring peace in knowing that---ultimately,

          Lie is swept away---and only Truth prevails?


Does Truth hurt?

          To the point of the re-creation--of a new you?

by Patrick H. Bellringer - 1996









 PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Greetings to all Lightworkers and souled beings.  I wish to give you a message today from where I am stationed at the present time. These are my words given to Anne to write, as I speak to her.

I am aboard a starship at this time, and not the Phoenix Command Ship, where I have been seen I left my physical body.  No, it is not a little odd shaped globe sitting on top of a tower as shown in one of the Christmas movies.   It is the"Star" that the wisemen followed to find the babe in the manger.   I am aboard The Star of Bethlehem starship.

This "Star" that the wisemen followed was The Star of Bethlehem, Arch Angel Gabriel's starship.  How do you follow a star?  Do stars move across the sky?  NO! The wisemen did follow a star, but it was a starSHIP.  Those last four letters, "ship", were deliberately left off by those "wise religious" monarchs at the formation of "Satan's Warbook", the Bible, at the Council of Nicia in 325 A.D.  They thought people would never understand a starship.

Yes, The Star of Bethlehem is the command ship of Arch Angel Gabriel, who is the father of Sananda.  He guided the Wisemen to the manger where his son was born.

It was Gabriel, who in rage at the crucifixion of his son, created a great heavenly storm to happen.  This storm caused fear to those, who tortured by cruicifixion his son, Esu Immanuel.

It was Gabriel, who stood at the door of the burial tomb to speak to Mary that Esu had arisen.

There is so much lies and twisted Truth in Bible, that thousands of souled beings have been trapped in the lies.

Esu Immanuel was given the name"Jesus" by Saul/Paul, his greatest enemy.  Saul/Paul was never a disciple, never heard Esu speak, and in the process wrote much of the New Testament incorporating disinformation that people have diligently followed for hundreds of years.  Other religions came into being that, too, have not told the Truth. It was't until the Phoenix Journals were given to mankind that finally set the Truth straight for the last time.

The problem people have is that the Bible teaches God is up there somewhere like a monarch, and if you do wrong things you go to hell.  Such a lie! 

God judges no one.  You judge yourself, as to how you have followed the Laws of God and Creation.  YOU determine what lifestream you wish to continue your soul growth.  You have your freewill to do so, and God does not interfere with your decision

Yes, I am aboard The Star of Bethlehem, along with Gabriel, Sananda, and the crew.  As Anne has told you, I have been given charge of a Sector of Canada and the US.

Where is The Star of Bethlehem at this present time?  We are stationed above my Sector where Anne and her friend are and monitoring the progress of Mother Earth, as she is ready to birth into 5th Dimension. 

When I passed from my physical body, it was The Star of Bethlehem were I was taken. to the Phoenix, the Command ship.

The amazing thing is that those Lightworkers and souled beings,who wish to board the ships to safety come aboard in physical format!  If a souled one's frequencies are too low to board ship through a high frequency beam they could part from their physical body, but the soul would be in safety, and gain much soul growth.  Also, all ships are complete with medical care should anyone be physically harmed.

I was told by Gabriel that his ship is to board my wife and family, and J. and her Twin Flame.  There a are many other ships in my Sector stationed for all others wishing to board ship by stepping into the beam of Light provided.

Sananda requested the above ones, as Anne and J. are daughters of Sananda.  Sananda was married and had two children, but at his crucifixion Mary, his wife and two children fled for their lives to France.  Sananda never saw them again.  He traveled to India, had family of seven children. Both Anne and J. were two of his children.

I tell you this to know that all souled beings have had many lifestreams they chose in order to gain soul growth.

Both Anne and J. have been in conversation with the Lighted Realms-- Creation, Creator Source, Creator God Hatonn Aton, and Sananda and Mother Earth. I, also, communicate with them.

You have been told that the evil entities on Earth are in rage, and are bombarding our ships in an endless barrage.   They will lose their "home", as Earth is moving to a higher dimension where no evil can exist.  They will either be in the VOID to learn their lessons for eons of time or be uncreated.  We are still dealing with this problem that has caused our line of communication with J. to be broken on and off.

This may sound unbelievable, but when the "line" to her has been cleared, we turn on her stereo to let her know we are there.  Fourwinds and Anne have been attacked, but never shut off.  The Lighted Realms have said that Fourwinds is the site that is theirs, and it is protected. as well as Anne.

The ships are on High Red Alert, as Mother Earth said she has had enough.  She is at the very edge of tipping, but has held a tiny bit longer.   How much we do not know, as she has her freewill to turn over.

We are assured that it shall not be long, but only a matter of a few or very few Earth days.

For you Lightworkers, stay the course. Keep on until Mother Earth tips WITHOUT WARNING.

I hope there are many, who board the ships!  Aho!






Patrick wanted the following article to be posted again today.  He said it would be very meaningful for all Lightworkers, especially at this ending time.  May tthis article help those Lightworkers struggling against the Darkside's constant attacks at this time.  This is a timeless message.  ---Anne

Patrick has explained the Laws of God and Creation that have been  posted on Fourwinds everyday.  Here is the link:



July 14 , 2005 By Patrick H. Bellringer

For those of you who may read this, I was inspired to write this in response to the questions asked of my by a fellow traveler and Truthseeker on the Red Road of Truth, one JC. To help you follow my thoughts, I shall first present the letter from JC.

* * * * *

----- Original Message -----

From: JC


Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2005 8:11 AM

Subject: Questions

Dear Patrick Bellringer:

Hello, my name is JC, I am Mexican and I have been reading fourwinds for some months. At first time I believed it was a big lie, but as time continued, and I keep reading some of the messages, I started to believe that these messages might be true, because many things become to make sense to me. Besides I am convinced that this world needs an urgent change, and our actual model of life eventually is going to end with us.

Nonetheless I have to confess that I still I keep my doubts, not only because the unfulfilled dates that have been given to us, but also because the information contained in fourwinds changes many of the knowledge and beliefs that I have been taught (I am a catholic person).

But the main reason that I am writing to you is because I have a lot of doubts in many concepts that I read, so it would be very helpful to me if you can answer the following questions:

At what point in time are we going to retrieve our past memories? Once we remember that, how is that going to impact our life? Will I be the same person?

When you exist in 5d you still have a physical body?

Who is going to decide if we remain in earth in 5d or we go to another 3d planet? When is that decision going to be made?

In 5d still exists death?

What are the main differences between 5d and 3d?

Are we going to pass through 4d in our ascension to 5d? What is the object of 4d?

If we are beings from outer space and not from earth, why are we going to still live in earth and not in our original planets?

Once we are in 5d, will I have the opportunity to see my relatives and pets that pass away (I recently lost my beloved dog)? Is that the reason why you call it heaven?

Once you said that many of the people living in earth are clones. How can I know if I am a clone or a human? What happens to clones? Are they going to survive the whole ascension process?

These are only one of the few questions that are rounding my mind right now, so I would be really pleased if you can help to understand that.

In love and light


* * * * *

Dear JC:

Your questions are those of the many today who are choosing to travel the Red Road of Truth. I honor you in your search for Truth, and I shall try to give clarity in my answers.

If you were a clone, you would not even be writing to me and asking these questions, because clones have no soul or God Spirit within, and, therefore, have no interest in spiritual matters. Humans today have the ability to make a physical body from DNA but not to give it a God-connection or God Spirit within. Creator God can give a clone a soul and make it a complete human being. That has been done, and if that “clone” by his freewill chooses goodness, it fools the Darkside who cloned him.

According to what Hatonn said as recorded in Phoenix Journal #21, those who are attuned to higher frequencies, meaning they are enlightened because they know Truth, will receive spiritual consciousness at the point in time of The Second Coming of Esu Immanuel Sananda. I take that to mean we who are “ready” will have full consciousness or full memory of our past at The Second Coming event.

When that happens you will be the same physical person but your perspective and understanding of everything will be changed forever. You will know your purpose and mission on Earth Shan and understand where you “fit” in the Cosmos. You will have the ability to tap into the Cosmic stream of all knowledge, in a sense the very mind of Creator God. Will that change you? I would think so!

Our planet is in a unique situation at this time. It is my understanding that this is the first time ever in the history of the Nebadon Universe that a planet along with her people is being allowed to move into 5D (fifth dimension) without any physical death for those who choose to go to 5D. Once you are in 5D you will have the opportunity to see and be with your friends and relatives who have experienced physical death in 3D and have spiritually “graduated” to 5D. Many of them may still be learning their soul growth lessons in 3D (third dimension). Those you will not see in 5D, and yes, your pets will join you in heaven (5D). Heaven is the term used for the dimensions where no evil is allowed. No evil is allowed in 5D or any dimension that is higher in vibrations than 5D.

Fourth dimension (4D) is also known as the Astral Plane. It is a transition dimension between the physical realm of 3D and the spiritual realm of 5D and higher. When you die a physical death in 3D, your physical body normally remains in 3D, but your soul, your spiritual body, the real you goes to the Astral Plane.

There you stand before Creator God and give an account of your progress in your lessons in soul growth. Creator God does not judge you. You judge yourself according to the Laws of God and Creation. Then you decide where you will go to continue your lessons, and an agreement is made with Creator God for you to do this.

If you are not ready to graduate to 5D, you will return to another 3D lifestream on the great wheel of reincarnation, and continue on lifestream after lifestream for as long as necessary to complete your soul growth. Each time between lifestreams you check into the Astral Plane for your evaluation.

It is important to understand that we are in that unique situation on Earth Shan where no one, who is presently living, need ever have to experience physical death again. We decide when we want to die and go to the Astral Plane to start over. In our present situation we decide if we want to continue on in 3D or go into 5D with our planet, Earth Shan. People are making that decision everyday, and you decide for yourself when you will make that decision and what your decision will be. Many, who will be reading this and understanding this process for the first time, will be deciding their journey at that time. It is a very simple decision to go or to stay, to go to another 3D lifestream or to graduate with our planet and other enlightened people into 5D.

We do not know at this time the exact moment when “graduation” happens, but Creator God Christ Michael/Hatonn has promised that it will happen when we are ready, and that will be sometime before December 21, 2012. The time between now and graduation will be needed to prepare us and our planet for that event. Graduation cannot occur until we have restored balance and harmony to Earth Shan and her people. If we cooperate with each other and our Star Friends, and work hard, balance and harmony could be restored to our planet quickly.

NESARA must happen to bring peace to our planet. NESARA must happen to remove the last stronghold of evil government on Earth Shan, the Government of the United States of America. Then justice and freedom can roll out across our planet to all countries and peoples. NESARA must happen to remove the evil banking system of the Federal Reserve, which has stolen the world’s wealth. Poverty must be removed and abundance restored to the people of Earth Shan to bring balance.

First Contact must happen to awaken our people from slumber and to bring the help and technology we need to clean up our planet and restore her to health. The physical and spiritual health of our people must be restored to bring balance and harmony. There is so much that must be done in education for all of us to prepare us for graduation. During this time until graduation to 5D, we who choose to graduate (ascend) will be very busy making all the necessary preparations.

Isn’t this exciting? Our future of the Golden Age is upon us! The Second Coming of Immanuel Sananda, the one who is in charge of our planetary transition of creating Heaven on our Earth, is very near. It is only weeks or even days away. Then He and Creator God Christ Michael/Hatonn/Aton and the Ascended Masters and our Star Friends will appear on our television screens and walk among us and help us in our preparations for graduation.

With Ascension our planet will be changed in many ways. Presently we have the 3D limitations of time and space and matter. In 5D those limitations will not exist. We will have the ability to use thought to its fullest extent. We will travel by thought, move objects by thought, create and un-create them by thought, and communicate with anyone anywhere by thought, for in 5D there is no time or space or matter. We will have Light Bodies and live in a world of Light.

We who now live on Earth Shan are all returned Masters and have come into this lifestream by agreement with Creator God to help with this great transition of Earth Shan. We have come originally from various Star Systems and planets. When the call for help went out, we left our homes, our friends and even our families to enter into 3D without memory and assist with this transition of Earth Shan. This once emerald water planet had lost her beauty to evil aliens and had become a dark “smudge pot” in the Cosmos.

We agreed to come and help restore Earth Shan to her natural beauty. Many of us will stay for as long as it takes to complete the mission before we return home. Some of us will decide to stay and make this beautiful planet our home, while others will choose to return soon to their homes in the Stars. We are all on a most glorious journey back to perfection and Creator Source and Oneness again. However we travel and whatever detours we may take, at some point we shall all meet again.

Thank you, JC. May your journey be most joyous! AHO!

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NOTE from Anne:  Patrick asked me to post this article today, especially for the Lightworkers, who are experiencing an increase in  attack fromthe DDB's, and to encourage the enlightened ones to stay on track, keep strong no matter how hard these ending lessons are upon all the Lightworkers.  Lessons never cease until the end, so stay strong, clear yourselves, and reamain steadfast in knowing that your burdens at this time can be lifted as Sananda stands ready to help the heavy load all Lightworkers are carrying at this time.  I am no different.

For that reason above Patirck would like the following article to be posted today, and to, also, re-read what he said in yesterday's message posted below.

Thank you.  :)




When the first human being was given a freewill by Creator Source, the battle for the human mind began.  Freewill allowed humans to learn to live in Creation by choosing between good and evil.  To live in harmony and balance with all things they had to choose to follow the Laws of God and Creation.  To choose otherwise would lead to imbalance and disharmony.

Over the past 206 million years that we humans have lived on our planet Earth Shan, we have had many lifestreams and many choices.  Myriads of things and innumerable people have influenced our thinking.  By freewill we have chosen to walk the dark path to explore all aspects of the Darkside.  We have also chosen to walk the pathway of Light to discover the many facets and colors of the Light side.  In so doing we have gained great wisdom.  We have all been the victim and the victimizer, the hero and the villain.  We have been and done everything to learn our lessons in soul growth in order to learn to follow correctly the Laws of God and Creation.  The battle for our mind has raged on over eons of time, and has reached its greatest intensity in our present day.  The Darkside is determined to win! 

It is inconceivable that so many means could be deployed against us today in the battle for our mind.  The age-old use of nutrition for mind control has been expanded to its maximum today.  Historically the fall of the Babylonian civilization is attributed to poor nutrition.  The Babylonian Royalty used slaves to provide for their domestic needs.  The slaves who prepared the food for the RoyalPalaceused knowledge and wisdom to defeat their captors.  They ground the wheat into flour separating the starch from the hull and wheat germ.  The starch they made into bread, as is done today, and given to the Royalty, while the hull and wheat germ containing vitamins and minerals the slaves kept for their own food.  Over time the Royal Family suffered dementia and finally insanity from lack of Vitamin B complex, and the kingdom fell.  The same is being done to our food today with Alzheimer’s disease as one of the consequences.

There are more than ten thousand chemicals being used as food additives in our processed foods today.  Added to that are the herbicides, insecticides and farm fertilizers used in the growing of our foods, and the hormones, anti-biotics and other chemicals that enter the food chain during the production of our dairy, egg, and meat products.  Many of these chemicals have adverse effects on our brain functioning.  The caffeine and sugar in our coffee, tea and carbonated drinks alter how we think.  The same holds true for the chlorination and fluoridation of our drinking water.  Even the air we breathe is polluted with chemicals that affect our thinking processes.

Many pharmaceutical drugs used so widely today affect the way we think.  The use of stimulants, depressants and sleeping pills are at an all-time high, because people crave them to control their thinking.  There seems to be no end to the new types of social drugs formulated to enhance the fun and excitement of our social life today.  The age-old standby, of course, is alcohol, where 90% of the people of the good old U.S. of A. are users, even though it has been proven for decades that alcohol alters immediate brain functioning and ultimately causes permanent serious loss of mental ability.  Other social drugs such as cocaine, tobacco, marijuana and methamphetamine also alter the functioning of the human brain.  By freewill we choose to use them to alter our freewill!

 I have indicated some of those things that basically enter the human body through the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems to distort our brain functioning.  Let us now consider mind control techniques that generally use the senses of hearing, seeing and feeling or a combination of all of our five senses to control our minds.

The oldest form of mind control on our planet is religion.  Religion has tricked mankind into believing many false gods, morals and values.  How many of you have made the pilgrimage to Meccaon the promise of eternal life?  How many of you have made animal sacrifices to the gods on the promise of sins forgiven?  How many of you have worshipped idols, sung chants, fingered beads or smoked incense in the hope of finding true peace within?  How many of you have knelt at an altar for someone to forgive your sins and call you “saved”?  How many of you have performed baptism by proxy to “save” someone else?  How many of you have poured out your soul to a priest and paid money for him to forgive your sins?  How many of you know that religion is a powerful form of mind control used widely by the Darkside because it is so effective?

Most people do not know who they are or their purpose for being here, much less Creator God and the power within that He has given them---all because of the mind controlling lies of religion.  Is planet Earth the center of Creation?  Are we the only humans in the universe?  Does Creator God judge the world and strike dead those He so chooses?  I think not!

Today, mass media is being used extensively as a means of mind control of the people.  A socially acceptable technique is advertising.  Advertising on T.V., for example, is done to influence how you think to get you to respond in a certain way.  You are mind controlled to buy a certain product, accept a certain service or react in a certain way.  Advertising sells!  Through the controlling of our thinking, advertising sells junk food, junk clothes, junk drugs, junk sex, junk sports and junk anything to make the rich, richer and poor, poorer.  Amid the flurry of advertising is often the coded subliminal message that programs the subconscious mind.  This is a common practice during T.V. and radio advertising as well as regular programming.

The controlled news media is another means to influence thinking and cause the necessary reactions acceptable to the Darkside’s plans.  Disinformation and outright lies are commonly used today to hide Truth and to confuse the people.  This is true in the United Statesmore so than in any other country of the world.  The people are being told only what the government wants them to know, and when people are told the same lies long enough, they believe them as Truth.  There is little “live” news anymore but news “stories” or programmed news censored by the government and presented as “news programs” to program the people into the desired way of thinking and reacting.

Various types of music are being widely used today to control the thinking  people.  Young people are the target area for pop music.  The rhythm, lyric and frequency range are combined to generate a desired effect in the brain.  Thus, music can and does control the way people think and act.

The deliberate propagation of sports, and especially of professional sports, is another tool for mind controlling millions of people, who either attend the “live” events or participate by watching the events on T.V.  Through sports people are programmed to be competitive and violent.  The evil world controllers joke about professional sports being the “little people’s wars”, which prepare them for the “big people’s real wars”.

Movies, videos, and especially video games for children shape and program the thinking to desired values, morals, and outcomes such as acceptance of violence, killing and lurid sex as norms.  The military builds on this mind programming to make great killers and sex fanatics out of their soldiers.  It is well known that anything goes in war.

A subtle yet very effective means of mind control is done through education.  Often students are taught to think a certain way to be accepted by their teachers and peers, and to “pass” the course.  It is rare today when students are actually taught and allowed to think for themselves.  We are producing many robotic students, who only answer to commands.  They make good industrial slaves and good soldiers and good “Enron, yes, people” but very poor teachers, administrators, statesmen and parents.

For many years more sophisticated techniques of mind control have been developed and used deliberately by the Darkside to control the people.  The GWEN and the HAARP are two such systems that have been used to mind control large sections of the population by electronic means.  The low frequency (LF waves), the very low frequency (VLF) and the extremely low frequency (ELF) waves are used to match and/or distort the human brain waves.  In the 1970’s the U.S. Military developed a mind control program called MK-Ultra using a combination of chemical and electrical means.  One off-shoot of MK-Ultra was Project Monarch Butterfly, which produced female sex slaves, drug mules, and presidential prostitutes for the U.S. Government. The human brain can be conditioned and programmed, and then later activated by trigger words, or it can be controlled by electronic means by using the same frequencies as the human brain waves.  Thoughts and images can be put into the human brain to produce pre-determined responses.

Cloning also uses mind control to produce the desired responses from the clone.  The clone’s brain is down-loaded with the necessary information to provide the memory needed for the clone to act in an acceptable manner.  Please understand that human cloning is very real and has been widely used since the 1970’s by the Darkside to replace thousands of government leaders and people worldwide for their purposes.  The brains of these “human robots” are easily controlled by electronic means.

A mind control project developed many years ago to control the thinking of the people of our entire planet is called Project Blue Beam.  Using a network of some thirty satellites around our planet, holographic images would be portrayed in the clouds.  At the same time messages would be projected electronically to the brains of the people to correspond to the holograms they were seeing in the sky.  This plan was developed by the U.S. Government in cooperation with Billy Graham and other world religious leaders.  Project Blue Beam would “create” a fake second coming of “Jesus Christ”.  Christians would see and hear “Jesus” returning in the clouds.  Muslims would see and hear Allah.  Buddhists would see and hear Buddha, etc.

The purpose of Project Blue Beam was to cause many people through mind control to board government space craft for “heaven”, and then be carried off and dumped into never-never land.  Each time that Project Blue Beam has been attempted the satellites have been mysteriously turned off course by Hatonn, Commander of the Phoenix Star Fleet.  The result has been images of Satan and other fearful beings appearing in the sky, and strange messages heard by some of the people. 

The ultimate technology for mind control of the people of Earth Shan is now being tested.  The extremely new system of ultimate mind control (UMC) is not yet operating in perfection.  This system is invisible to the naked eye.  It operates separately from chem trails technology.  It is beyond GWEN and HAARP and all other mind controlling technology ever used on Earth Shan.  UMC is beyond the technology of our earth’s magnetic grid system, but uses “energy” to alter human freewill.  UMC has been established throughout our entire planet and is now being tested by the Darkside.  Their plan is to control the whole planet.  This is their last effort to install complete world take-over.  My friends, I have good news for you and bad news for them.  It won’t work, because we have the creative thought power to stop it!  Our prayer power can vaporize all of the Darkside’s evil technology in an instant!

There are many signs today of the testing of Project UMC, if we but notice them.  Families are fighting among themselves, when they have never done so before this time.  Later they are ashamed and ask themselves “What were we thinking?”  Other people do very strange things, and appear to be really “messed up”.  There are many more accidents of all kinds.  There are many more unruly children.  There are many more “crazy” drivers, and much more “road rage” is occurring.  As Project UMC is tested, people in various parts of our world show wild reactions and do strange and even harmful things, as their freewill is being altered.  This is the ultimate attempt by the Darkside to win the battle for our minds.

Considering all the forces being used against us today in the battle for our mind, it is a marvel that any of us have any freewill left.  It is true that most of us have been dumbed down to a two strand DNA system since the time of Atlantis, and with all that has been put upon us by the Darkside our two strand system is now in jeopardy.  Yet, the Light prevails!

Truthbringers have kept Truth alive, and writings have been provided to us by the Realms of Light for our discernment.  We now know, that through the power of our God Spirit within, we have the power to overcome all the forms of mind control being put against us.  Even though peoples are experiencing mind control on a grand scale today and there is great confusion, we now know how to stop it and determine our future for ourselves.  The answer lies in the power of thought, aka the power of prayer.

How many of you have not given a thought to pray for your freewill to be untouched by anyone?  Many think they have freewill but do not realize they have given themselves over to mind control.  The robotic, unhealthy and often immoral lives they live is evidence that this is so.  Even the “religious” people are so lax in demanding peace.  So many have been unable to break their religious programming.  They pray only for their small group and not for the good of the whole world.

Because so many people today are discouraged and do not know that their prayers are important, I shall again speak of prayer and how to use it to make a difference in your life and in the lives of others.  Prayer power releases the hold the Darkside has over our thought processes.  Prayer power can correct our nutritional imbalance, our chemical imbalance, our energy imbalance and make us whole.  All we need to do is ask through our thoughts for such to happen, believe that it is possible, and it will be so.  Such is the power of Creation.

Everyone must be awakened to the fact that they may have wrong thinking, that their thought processes may be controlled.  They must ask Creator God/Aton to clear their thoughts of any manipulation by the Darkside, and take back their power to control their lives.  I offer here a simple prayer for that purpose.

Dear Creator God.  I ask that all mind control and all power manipulation over my freewill by the Darkside be immediately stopped, and be removed from me totally and permanently.  I ask for clear thinking, and for discernment to understand all Truth.  I take back my thought power, and I ask you for guidance to use my thought power to direct my life for good.  Thank you.  It is done.

All sincere prayers are important to Creator God.  Many people do not believe that their prayers are important or that they are even heard by the Angels or Creator God.  They are so wrong!  The energy of your prayer carries your thoughts immediately to Heaven’s Gate.  The Angels of Light instantly present your prayer to Creator God, who is constantly and lovingly watching over all of Creation.  He sees, hears and knows all.  The energy of your prayer is multiplied and instantly added to the great sea of prayer energy to accomplish your request.  Your prayer is answered in Creator God’s wisdom and timing for your best good and the good of all.

Please understand that Creator God is not up in the sky somewhere.  He is everywhere.  He is within you and only a thought away.  He reminds us that there is nothing without a belief system of right and good.  We must all pray for the betterment of mankind, for this stimulates the energy in others to awaken to right and goodness.

It is most important at this time that we pray for peace for our whole world, and for the betterment of all mankind.  Too often we pray only for ourselves and our little circle of family and friends, and neglect to include everyone.  I offer here a simple prayer for peace.

Dear Creator God, through my God Spirit within and my Mighty I AM Presence I ask for peace to be brought immediately to our entire planet, Earth Shan, and to all her people.  I ask that all war on our planet be now permanently stopped, that all violence and destruction cease, and that compassion and love reign supreme in the hearts of all the people on Earth Shan.  I give permission for the Angels of Light to assist to make this so.  So be it! 

For those who truly desire to pray for themselves or for others, but do not know how to do so or what to say to Creator God, I suggest a simple solution.  All living beings in all dimensions of Creation are at various levels of soul growth.  All need to pray, and all need to pray for each other.  We in third dimension pray for ourselves, and also ask others in 3D to pray for us.  Why do we not also ask the Angels of Light and the Ascended Masters to pray to Creator God for us?  Esu Immanuel told his disciples that he would pray to Creator God for them to have the Spirit of Truth.  Is it not possible that Archangel Gabriel might have better understanding of my situation than I do at the moment, and know better how to pray to Creator God for me, and have greater prayer power to get the “Big Boss’s” attention?  Do not many people ask Mother Mary and others of higher dimensions to pray for them?  This is not to suggest that I set aside my responsibility to pray, but to ask others of other dimensions to assist.  Team work always creates greater results.

Let us take this concept of prayer one step further.  You may have asked the Angels of Light and the Ascended Masters to pray for you, but have you ever asked Creator God to pray for you or for your planet?  You are probably thinking that Bellringer is now under mind control and needs help. I ask you, “What is prayer??  I asked Creator God, “What is prayer?”  His answer was, “Prayer is a petition (request), and a thought process to make it so.”

Here is a second question.  “What is the meaning of “a thought process to make it so?”

a. believing that your request is possible.

b. believing that your request will be answered.

c. using your thought power to create the answer to your request.

d. none of the above.

e. a, b, and c.

The answer, my friends, is “e”, a, b, and c.  To ask Creator God to pray for you and for your request is most wise.  It is all quite simple.  We ask Creator God to pray for peace for our world.  Creator God states our request for peace and then uses His “thought process to make it so”.  That is the power of Creation.  In the beginning Creator Source thought, and Creation began.  Our thoughts also hqve the power of Creation.  Together we can create miraculous changes for good, but Creator does not ever usurp our freewill.  He does not act in our behalf on our freewill planet without our request to do so.

I remind you that the simplest prayer is only two words, “God, help!”  Our call to the Lighted Realms always compels an answer.  Instantly the Angels respond.  Instantly our situation is known, our needs are assessed and help is given as needed.  I am reminded of the lady driving along a country road in Missourione beautiful day.  As she approached the crest of a hill, a farmer with a tractor and wagon loaded with hay suddenly drove onto the road ahead of her.  She could not avoid hitting the wagon.  She hit the brakes and cried, “God, help!”  The next thing she knew was that she was still driving along the road.  When she looked into her rear view mirror, the tractor and wagonload of hay were behind her.  The Angels had instantly raised her frequencies to a higher dimension, and her car had passed right through the load of hay and tractor, leaving her completely unharmed.

To recap what I have just discussed, there are three levels of prayer power.  In general we operate on level one when we pray through our prayer power to Creator God for peace for our world.  We move to level two when we request the Angels of Light and the Ascended Masters and other higher Light Beings to prayer to Creator God for peace for our world.  The third level of prayer power is activated when we request Creator God to pray for peace for our world.

Have you ever thought of prayer for Creator God?  You say that sounds silly.  No, it is not.  Think about this.  In each higher dimension there is greater perfection until we reach the Isle of Paradise and Creator Source, where all is in perfection.  Creator God Aton of Light is not perfection, but He is far more perfect than Sananda, and Sananda is far more perfect than are we.  God Aton has created our Nebadon Universe and we are connected to Him through our God Spirit within.  He knows us better than we know ourselves.  He knows our thoughts and feelings.   He feels our joy and our pain.  He laughs when we laugh, and weeps when we weep.  He feels loneliness when we do not talk to Him.  As a parent watches a child grow and learn, Creator God watches our progress in our development and our achievement in our lessons in soul growth.  The prime goal of all Creation is for all Creation to return back to Source, to Creator Source in perfection according to the Laws of God and Creation.  Then Creation will have complete harmony and balance.  This is the meaning of the Law of Oneness.  To pray “for” Creator God Aton is to understand that we are all connected, that we are all participating in the journey back to wholeness, that we are all One!

It is high time that we unite our power of prayer to change our world for good.  Let us make a most powerful prayer for peace now on our planet, Earth Shan.

Through our God Spirit within and our Mighty I AM Presence, we petition Creator God for peace at this time on Earth Shan.  We request an immediate end to all war, violence, destruction and death forever on our planet.  We request that all darkness be removed now,

We request all of the “Hosts of Heaven” to pray with us to Creator God for peace now on our planet, Earth Shan.  We also request of Creator God that He would pray for peace now on our planet.  We ask that all our prayer power be now combined to restore balance to our planet for her transition to the fifth dimension.  We give permission to the “Hosts of Heaven” and to Creator God to assist us to make this so.  So be it!  It is done!  

What is happening on our planet is a once in a life-time; no, once in an earth-time; no, once in a universe experience to bring paradise to a planet.  The One World Order is pulling out all the “stops” to win, therefore, we must counter their attack with the greatest power we have---the prayers of Creator God.  Many people do not know that there are Masters who have the power to even move Creation around.  Let us ask them and all the Realms of Light for their help.    

Having won the “Battlefor your Mind”, may you ever walk humbly, yet proudly in the power of your own God Spirit, the path of Truth, wisdom and peace.   Let us have peace, now!.  AHO!

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 Patrick H. Bellringer









PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Greetings to all souled beings, especially the Lightworkers upon Earth Shan. 


I have asked Anne to pen this message to you this beautiful day upon Earth.  There are not many days left in this civilization, so what I have to say is of most importance.

A few years ago I wrote an article entitled OUR BEAUTIFUL LITTLE DIRTY LITTLE PLANET EARTH SHAN --found at

I wish to have you read this article to bring you an update of lifestreams both Anne and I have had in order to complete the Road to Enlightenment.

Both Anne and I are old souls.  By that I mean we have had thousands of lifestreams upon this planet, the one we chose to began our journey as a souled being in a physical body to experience those lessons we needed to learn to become enlightened, and One with Creator Source.

Earth Shan is 4.5 billion years old.  Did physical life format began at that time?  No.  Earth had to develop gradually over century after century to develop into a life-supporting planet for life.  There were periods of life on Earth that present man discovered by examining the rock fissures and lines of rock that are billions of years old.  Eventually, Earth developed in order to support animal life, i.e. dinosaurs, sea life, etc.  Mother Earth has had 20,000 civilizations on her surface.  Each civilization lasted about 10,000 to 12,000 years. 


If you were to imagine when the humans came to live on Earth, think of a day of 24 hours long.  Humans came to earth at 1 minute before midnight.  Creator God created souls with a spark of Light to be housed in a physical human body, and a freewill to grow in spirit to be One with Him.

Each souled being by freewill was to choose which live lifestream they wished to be to learn more lessons.  Both Anne and I, as Twin Souls, chose many lifestreams in which to learn our lessons.  We were together many of them.  Because we started in 3D we had to learn our lessons without memory of the last lifestream, or what those lessons we were to learn.  We had to awaken to Truth to find those lessons to which we agreed.

Did we learn fast?  Hardly.  What happens when you flunk a grade in school?  You go back to the same grade until you have learned your lessons.

Hatonn, aka Creator God, said he had 66,000 lifestreams, and did gain great soul growth to become Creator God of our Nebadon Universe.

I know both Anne and I have had many, many thousands of lifestreams.  I know that we flunked several times, and had to start over in the cave again and start our lessons over again. 


Each souled being chooses to which family he/she wishes to be born and learn the lessons needed at that time. 


We, as all humans, have been rich, poor, the victim and the victimizer.  Anne and I have experienced lesson after lesson, and finally did graduate some time ago. 


I must say that even after graduating to 5th dimension lesson never ceases.  Never.  Both Anne and I continued with lesson after lesson in the Lighted Realms, that continues to this day when we are totally One with Creator Source.

Earth Shan, in the meantime had become the jail planet of Lucifer.  He wanted to be God.  This was NOT to be.  His frequencies got so low that it was extremely painful for him to reside with Creator God,  He left on his own accord, taking all those with him that agreed such as he. They roamed the cosmos destroying all the planets in our Apsu Solar System.  Finally he choose Mother Earth, the most beautiful planet in the Nebadon Universe. It became his jail planet.

Earth Shan became the home of EVIL.  Each civilization passed with deepening more and more to Satan's empire.  This last civilization has become so evil that Creation, Creator Source and Creator God Hatonn had to make a drastic change to bring back Mother Earth so she could finally graduate to 5th dimension. and rid the evil from her surface.  The frequencies flying off of her were disturbing the entire Universe.

That is when He decided to give to human-kind the Phoenix Journals to set the record Straight.  Please read Sananda's latest message which explains why the Journals were given and how important they are to human soul growth.  Here is the title and the link:


Creator God called upon those ones, who had graduated into Masters to volunteer to go back to Mother Earth in 3D, wake up and help Mother Earth,  Much soul growth would come with their awakening. If not the stakes were high to start allover again.  These journals would be the Guide to help all souled beings to find their pathway to Enlightenment

What is most wonderful is that when a human soul is awakened he/she has that connection to the Lighted Realms to speak to them as one having a conversation with a friend.  That is what is so wonderful about my wife, Anne, to whom I married both on Earth and in the Lighted Realms.  This is also true for Anne's friend J. who also, talks with us of the Lighted Realms.  This holds true for all enlgithened ones.

Creator God has said that this present civilization has not grown much over cave-men.  You all know what that means.  .....war after war and following the wiles of Satan. Even though Satan wanted to be uncreated, and was, his minions have reigned supreme.

That is where we are at this present time.  What happened to those Masters, who volunteered to come back this last lifestream in 3D for Mother Earth?  Did they all complete their agreement?  NO, sad to say, only a very few, but they have held the Light, and Mother Earth is to graduate--finally.  That, my friends, is imminent.

This final civilization is at its end. 


There is still time for ones to awaken to the Truth.  As Sananda has said, the door is wide open as yet.  Do come through that door  to HOME









Patrick H. Bellringer

People the world over place their hope for a better world and a better after-life in religion.  Very often, and often too late, they discover they have been duped.  What they were taught to believe as Truth, turned out to be a lie.

          Let us begin with the Christian cult.  Whether one is a zealous Roman Catholic or a Protestant, the lies are the same.  The two opposing standards of public conduct and of church life are true for both groups,.  Most Christians live a life with double standards, a life contrary to Divine Cosmic Law.

          In 3D daily life the basic Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect rules supreme on our planet.  There is a cause and an

g or injuring all in sight.  Yes, much collateral damage happened, but you get those infidels, plus, you get to romp with 70 virgins, no less, in Paradise---not.

          You are a good Muslim and keep Sharia Law.  You degrade women and treat them like dirt.  They have less value to you than your cow or your dog.  They serve as your slaves, but that’s o.k. because that’s your religion.  Just because Mohammad had his own private army and wrote the Koran does not make it right according to Creator God’s Laws.  Islam, too, is a man-made religion, making Muslims, people of the lie.

          All religions are man-made and, therefore, have the same problems of twisting the Truth to suit their needs.  Full knowledge of the Laws of God and Creation for right living on Earth Shan are never presented by religion to the people.  There is always an agenda to fool the people.

          The people are not told who is Creator God, how Creation happened and for what purpose.  They are not told the order of the Cosmos.  They are not told their history and the purpose in being here, nor are they told of their future and that of their planet.  The answers to the questions raised here and much more, along with the clear and accurate record of the eighteen Laws of God and Creation can be found in the Phoenix Journals.

          The religions of the world do not provide the Truth we need to gain the soul growth required to graduate into Heaven, the Paradise of the fifth dimension, where no evil exists.  They are man-made and give bits and pieces, but not the whole Truth of the Laws of God and Creation.  Many times Truth has been given to mankind over the eons of time, but always it is subjected to opinion and interpretation to “fit” the desire of the religious leaders of the times.

          The Good News is that Truth has been presented by Creator God to mankind one last time to set the record straight.  Therefore, there is no excuse for any sincere Truthseeker to not find it.  Again,  b  I speak of the Phoenix Journals.  You may laugh and say that Creator God does not speak to us that way.  Yes, He does and has done so!

May you wisely read these Journals to find Truth and break the chains of religion, so as to never again be called “People of the Lie!”



                                                                                                                                       Patrick H. Bellringer

These Laws were given forth by Creator God Aton of Light, and The Creation, and are also called The Laws of Balance. –

A.  The highest command of The Law of Creation is:

            Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of the Creation.


B.  The highest command of The Law of God is:

            You shall Honor God as the Ruler of the human races and follow His Laws for HE is the "King of Wisdom".


            We attain spiritual perfection by learning and wisely following the Laws given forth by God and Creation.  We learn through the Spirit of God within us how to live in harmony and balance with all of Creation.


 The Laws are as follows:

 1.  You shall have no other gods than the Creator God before you and abide with the Laws of the Creation which encompasses all.  Also known as the "Law of One".

2.  You shall not make for yourselves idols and false images to worship as gods for therein you give power into the hands of evil.

3. You shall love the Lord God with all your heart, soul and being (you must love yourself as God and God as yourself).

4.  You shall not use the name of God irreverently, nor use it to swear to a falsehood.

5.   Remember God's "day" and keep it holy. (Every day is God’s “day”.)

6.  You shall honor your mother and father.

 7.   You shall not murder your fellow man.  (Killing to preserve your life or of your family is not  murder)

 8.  You must not commit adultery.

 9.   You must not steal (materially or emotionally).

10.  You must not covet or envy that which belongs to your neighbor.

11.   You must not impose nor force your free-will upon the free-will of another.  Also known as "The Law of Non-interference."

12.  You must not judge (condemn) others, but you must wisely judge all behavior and actions which are contrary to the Laws of God and The Creation.13.       As you sow, so shall you reap.  Also called "The Law of Cause and Effect."

14.  You must honor all commitments made in service to God, the Father, the One within.

15.  You must obey the wisdom of God for the responsible and balanced procreation of your species.

16.  You must do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Also called "The Golden Rule".

17.  Evil (adversaries of God) must always wear a sign of their evilness.  (By their fruits you shall know them).

18.  You must not commit the act of slavery (physical or emotional) upon any human being of Creator God.

            With the communion of the Spirit of Life within us, we must first wisely understand and follow the Laws of Balance, and secondly, we must wisely know where our responsibility begins and ends within the Creation upon this wonderful Planet Earth.

            The first question to ask is how can I maintain my life in "harmony and balance" with the rest of "creation"?  The answer is, you begin with the pure desire to know Truth.  We must recognize that we are limited in our perception of Truth, and that God knows the best pathway for us to travel in His service.  So we must then surrender our "will" (ego) to that which is God's Will.

            "In your daily prayer you must ask God for the loving Light of protection, guidance, power, wisdom, knowledge, truth, integrity and courage in order to best serve His Will and not your will (ego)".

            Then in our quiet corner we must meditate.  We must listen.  We must wait upon our Father-God who is within us (our God-Spirit) to give us that which we need to sustain us in His service.  Our will and His Will must become one again.


            For a detailed discussion of these eighteen Laws of God and The Creation, please read Phoenix Journal number 27, entitled Phoenix Operator-Owner Manual found at




NOTE:  All the articles I post from Patrick are by his suggestion.  His goal is still to present Truth to the world from his writings.  This timely message is no exception, for it has much meaning to those, who seek the Truth.  .....Anne      



          One more time I write to present Truth to the world.  I write not to the human clones, who have no soul.  I write not to those, who have given their soul over to Satan, the King of Evil.  I urgently write to those souled-beings, who are day-dreaming in their world of things, or who are spiritually asleep in their fake world of religion, or those floating in La-La Land with no direction or meaningful purpose in their 3D journey in these closing days of this planet’s third dimensional civilization.           

          Yes, I said “closing days”, and yes, I have a message for all those Earth Shan dwellers , who are in spiritual Zombie-land.  You are going to miss your life boat!  Time has run out!  Creator God is closing the Book of Life for Shan’s people, and has ordered the starships to full alert for evacuation of “Sananda’s flock!  Are you ready?”  Is your name listed in the Book of Life?  Have you truly lived to the best of your ability The Laws of God and Creation?  Indeed, are you one of “Sananda’s Flock”?

          No, you are not, because you have never been taught God’s Laws for Living.  Your parents did not teach you because your grandparents did not teach your parents.  The Laws were gradually forgotten and erased from memory, as man’s laws have replaced them.  So, today you live in spiritual Zombie-land and are heading to the great Wheel of Reincarnation again, and to another 3D lifestream of pain and suffering to learn your lessons.

          What lessons, you ask?  Living The Laws of God and Creation are your lessons, my friend.  You may disagree, but Creator God’s Laws are absolute, and you shall honor them and live them to graduate out of this third dimensional illusion.  Yes, I said “illusion”, for we live in the physical holodeck of 3D to gain soul growth.  The illusions of things, money, social status and power are just that, illusions.  They vanish when you step out of the holodeck at death and into the real world of Spirit.  Would you choose another 3D holodeck experience, again and again?

          Wake up!  Time has run out.  Your God Spirit, your Soul, the real you, that spark of Light from Creator God Aton of Light, that part of Aton’s heart that is you, is crying to be free of this very evil world, forever.  Will you listen to your God Spirit within, to your heart, to your “gut feelings” and discern Truth?

           Will you leave the illusion of things, money, social status and power, yes, even that of sickness and poverty, and enter the real world of Spirit?  The alarm clock is ringing, the one you set to wake you up.  Do you remember?  You have overslept!

          The Starships are ready!  Their Red Alert signs are flashing.  The bells are ringing, and I am ringing my bell to wake you up!  Can you hear?  Will you awaken to Truth before it is too late?

          Choose Light, my friend!  Choose Love!  Choose Life!  Do it now!  The evacuation Starships are waiting, but not for long!



                                                                      By Patrick H. Bellringer


  These Laws were given forth by Creator God Aton of Light, and The Creation, and are also called The Laws of Balance.

A.  The highest command of The Law of Creation is:

            Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of the Creation.


B.  The highest command of The Law of God is:

            You shall Honor God as the Ruler of the human races and follow His Laws for HE is the "King of Wisdom".

            We attain spiritual perfection by learning and wisely following the Laws given forth by God and Creation.  We learn through the Spirit of God within us how to live in harmony and balance with all of Creation.


 The Laws are as follows:


 1.        You shall have no other gods than the Creator God before you and abide with the Laws of the Creation which encompasses all.  Also known as the "Law of One".

 2.        You shall not make for yourselves idols and false images to worship as gods for therein you give power into the hands of evil.

 3.        You shall love the Lord God with all your heart, soul and being (you must love yourself as God and God as yourself).

 4.        You shall not use the name of God irreverently, nor use it to swear to a falsehood.

 5.        Remember God's "day" and keep it holy. (Every day is God’s “day”.)

 6.        You shall honor your mother and father.

 7.        You shall not murder your fellow man.  (Killing to preserve your life or of your    family is not murder)

 8.        You must not commit adultery.

 9.        You must not steal (materially or emotionally).

10.       You must not covet or envy that which belongs to your neighbor.

11.       You must not impose nor force your free-will upon the free-will of another.  Also known as "The Law of Non-interference."

12.       You must not judge (condemn) others, but you must wisely judge all behavior and actions which are contrary to the Laws of God and The Creation.

13.       As you sow, so shall you reap.  Also called "The Law of Cause and Effect."

14.       You must honor all commitments made in service to God, the Father, the One    within.

15.   You must obey the wisdom of God for the responsible and balanced procreation of

          your species.

16.     You must do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Also called "The Golden Rule".

17.       Evil (adversaries of God) must always wear a sign of their evilness.  (By their fruits you shall know them).

18.       You must not commit the act of slavery (physical or emotional) upon any human          being of   Creator God.

            With the communion of the Spirit of Life within us, we must first wisely understand and follow the Laws of Balance, and secondly, we must wisely know where our responsibility begins and ends within the Creation upon this wonderful Planet Earth.

            The first question to ask is how can I maintain my life in "harmony and balance" with the rest of "creation"?  The answer is, you begin with the pure desire to know Truth.  We must recognize that we are limited in our perception of Truth, and that God knows the best pathway for us to travel in His service.  So we must then surrender our "will" (ego) to that which is God's Will.

            "In your daily prayer you must ask God for the loving Light of protection, guidance, power, wisdom, knowledge, truth, integrity and courage in order to best serve His Will and not your will (ego)".

            Then in our quiet corner we must meditate.  We must listen.  We must wait upon our Father-God who is within us (our God-Spirit) to give us that which we need to sustain us in His service.  Our will and His Will must become one again.

            For a detailed discussion of these eighteen Laws of God and The Creation, please read Phoenix Journal number 27, entitled Phoenix Operator-Owner Manualfound at


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PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  I greet  you this morning from The Star of Bethlehem.   What, you say?  What is that? I wish to correct that deliberate error in the Bible, and replace that information, as given forth by Creator God called the Phoenix Journal, one last time to set the Truth straight.  They are "The Holy Books of the Lighted Realms".

At the Council of Nicia in AD 325, the religious leaders comprised what you call the Bible.  They sifted through the information and put in it what they wanted, deliberately leaving out many


NOTE:  All the articles I post from Patrick are by his suggestion.  His goal is still to present Truth to the world from his writings.  This timely message is no exception, for it has much meaning to those, who seek the Truth.  .....Anne      


One more time I write to present Truth to the world.  I write not to the human clones, who have no soul.  I write not to those, who have given their soul over to Satan, the King of Evil.  I urgently write to those souled-beings, who are day-dreaming in their world of things, or who are spiritually asleep in their fake world of religion, or those floating in La-La Land with no direction or meaningful purpose in their 3D journey in these closing days of this planet’s third dimensional civilization.           

          Yes, I said “closing days”, and yes, I have a message for all those Earth Shan dwellers , who are in spiritual Zombie-land.  You are going to miss your life boat!  Time has run out!  Creator God is closing the Book of Life for Shan’s people, and has ordered the starships to full alert for evacuation of “Sananda’s flock!  Are you ready?”  Is your name listed in the Book of Life?  Have you truly lived to the best of your ability The Laws of God and Creation?  Indeed, are you one of “Sananda’s Flock”?

          No, you are not, because you have never been taught God’s Laws for Living.  Your parents did not teach you because your grandparents did not teach your parents.  The Laws were gradually forgotten and erased from memory, as man’s laws have replaced them.  So, today you live in spiritual Zombie-land and are heading to the great Wheel of Reincarnation again, and to another 3D lifestream of pain and suffering to learn your lessons.

          What lessons, you ask?  Living The Laws of God and Creation are your lessons, my friend.  You may disagree, but Creator God’s Laws are absolute, and you shall honor them and live them to graduate out of this third dimensional illusion.  Yes, I said “illusion”, for we live in the physical holodeck of 3D to gain soul growth.  The illusions of things, money, social status and power are just that, illusions.  They vanish when you step out of the holodeck at death and into the real world of Spirit.  Would you choose another 3D holodeck experience, again and again?

          Wake up!  Time has run out.  Your God Spirit, your Soul, the real you, that spark of Light from Creator God Aton of Light, that part of Aton’s heart that is you, is crying to be free of this very evil world, forever.  Will you listen to your God Spirit within, to your heart, to your “gut feelings” and discern Truth?

           Will you leave the illusion of things, money, social status and power, yes, even that of sickness and poverty, and enter the real world of Spirit?  The alarm clock is ringing, the one you set to wake you up.  Do you remember?  You have overslept!

          The Starships are ready!  Their Red Alert signs are flashing.  The bells are ringing, and I am ringing my bell to wake you up!  Can you hear?  Will you awaken to Truth before it is too late?

          Choose Light, my friend!  Choose Love!  Choose Life!  Do it now!  The evacuation Starships are waiting, but not for long!



                                                                      By Patrick H. Bellringer


  These Laws were given forth by Creator God Aton of Light, and The Creation, and are also called The Laws of Balance. --

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A.  The highest command of The Law of Creation is:

            Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of the Creation.


B.  The highest command of The Law of God is:

            You shall Honor God as the Ruler of the human races and follow His Laws for HE is the "King of Wisdom".

            We attain spiritual perfection by learning and wisely following the Laws given forth by God and Creation.  We learn through the Spirit of God within us how to live in harmony and balance with all of Creation.


 The Laws are as follows:


 1.        You shall have no other gods than the Creator God before you and abide with the Laws of the Creation which encompasses all.  Also known as the "Law of One".

 2.        You shall not make for yourselves idols and false images to worship as gods for therein you give power into the hands of evil.

 3.        You shall love the Lord God with all your heart, soul and being (you must love yourself as God and God as yourself).

 4.        You shall not use the name of God irreverently, nor use it to swear to a falsehood.

 5.        Remember God's "day" and keep it holy. (Every day is God’s “day”.)

 6.        You shall honor your mother and father.

 7.        You shall not murder your fellow man.  (Killing to preserve your life or of your    family is not murder)

 8.        You must not commit adultery.

 9.        You must not steal (materially or emotionally).

10.       You must not covet or envy that which belongs to your neighbor.

11.       You must not impose nor force your free-will upon the free-will of another.  Also known as "The Law of Non-interference."

12.       You must not judge (condemn) others, but you must wisely judge all behavior and actions which are contrary to the Laws of God and The Creation.

13.       As you sow, so shall you reap.  Also called "The Law of Cause and Effect."

14.       You must honor all commitments made in service to God, the Father, the One    within.

15.   You must obey the wisdom of God for the responsible and balanced procreation of

          your species.

16.     You must do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Also called "The Golden Rule".

17.       Evil (adversaries of God) must always wear a sign of their evilness.  (By their fruits you shall know them).

18.       You must not commit the act of slavery (physical or emotional) upon any human          being of   Creator God.

            With the communion of the Spirit of Life within us, we must first wisely understand and follow the Laws of Balance, and secondly, we must wisely know where our responsibility begins and ends within the Creation upon this wonderful Planet Earth.

            The first question to ask is how can I maintain my life in "harmony and balance" with the rest of "creation"?  The answer is, you begin with the pure desire to know Truth.  We must recognize that we are limited in our perception of Truth, and that God knows the best pathway for us to travel in His service.  So we must then surrender our "will" (ego) to that which is God's Will.

            "In your daily prayer you must ask God for the loving Light of protection, guidance, power, wisdom, knowledge, truth, integrity and courage in order to best serve His Will and not your will (ego)".

            Then in our quiet corner we must meditate.  We must listen.  We must wait upon our Father-God who is within us (our God-Spirit) to give us that which we need to sustain us in His service.  Our will and His Will must become one again.

            For a detailed discussion of these eighteen Laws of God and The Creation, please read Phoenix Journal number 27, entitled Phoenix Operator-Owner Manualfound at






PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  I greet  you this morning from The Star of Bethlehem.   What, you say?  What is that? I wish to correct that deliberate error in the Bible, and replace that information as given forth by Creator God called the Phoenix Journal one last time to set the Truth straight.  They are "The Holy Books of the Lighted Realms".

At the Council of Nicia in AD 325 the religious leaders comprised what you call the Bible.  They sifted through the information and put in it what they wanted, deliberately leaving out many truths in the process, as they "thought" the people would not understand.



There are a couple of major truths that were left out of  the Bible.  Sananda taught these when he was here on Planet Earth as  as "Jesus".  The first one I will mention to you is reincarnation.  Yes, all of you have had many lifestreams upon Earth.  The real purpose of such is to learn soul growth.  I will not explain that any further at this time.

The second deliberate word that was wiped from the Bible (which Hatonn calls "Satan's Warbook" ) said that the wisemen "followed a star".   Well they DID follow a star.  These religious leaders deliberately left off the last word.   It was the star-SHIP of Archangel Gabriel called  The Star of Bethlehem.  Got the picture?  These fraudulent writings have made the souled beings on Earth "slaves" to the "absolute word of God" for centuries.

I was taught from little on up that the Bible was the absolute, positive word of God.  I even attained a Master's Degree in Religous Education from the New York Theological Seminary in New York City, and was Methodist minister for years.  I was searching all my life for Truth, and I finally found it in the Phoenix Journals.

So, I am aboard The Star of Bethlehem with Arch Angel Gabriel, Sananda and other members of the crew.  We are stationed over my Sector of Earth of which I am in charge.  This includes part of the Canadian Provinces, as well as the Northwest U.S. down into Colorado and part of Utah.

Now the the crux of this message.

Mother Earth is about to graduate from a 3D civilization that has been on-going for 4.5 billion years, and has now earned the right for her to graduate to 5D.  A 3D civilization allows for evil to exist, and since then Earth has been the jail planet for Satan.  Satan asked to be uncreated, and that has been done, but his minions, who are FAR worse than Satan, have controlled this planet for centuries.

The evil ones know that their end is at hand, for all 3D life shall be wiped clean from Mother Earth, including them.  They shall be put in the proper place at the direction of Creator Source.

These evil ones upon your planet are in rage, and even their clones they control are filled with many demons. I am not talking about a few demons, rather billions of them now released by the evil controllers to attack viciously the few remaining Lightworkers.

I have said repeatedly that all souled beings upon Earth are returned Masters without memory to wake up to their mission, find Truth and gain much in soul growth.  These ones for the most part are still asleep and have done the bidding of the evil ones.  They, too, have allowed the demons to possess them.  These demons have now been released to attack even the starships, and especially Sananda's Flock before they are sent to their demise.

We on board of The Star of Bethlehem have and are still experiencing this hoard of evil against us.  These demons have disobeyed every Cosmic Law possible.  Even the Command Ship fought off billions of demons, as we have aboard The Star of Bethlehem.

We know the Lightworkers have been bombarded, and we are still working at further protection for them that cannot be penetrated by the evil, especially Anne's friend, J.  She is still experiencing blockage, for the attack has been constant.

I tell her now, that the removal of this blockage for her is foremost at this time, and shall be cleared as quickly as we can.

Hatonn has said that this evil attack is  one that has not occurred in any past time, and THAT, my friends is a very, very long time!

We aboard this ship, as well as all the other ships, including the Command Ship, The Phoenix, are experiencing this vicious attack,as well as those faithful enlightened ones.

We shall be victorious.  We are at this position at this time as the tipping of Mother Earth could happen at any minute.

For you Lightworkers, especially J., stand strong and know within all shall be cleared quickly.

I, also, state at this moment, that the financial system of which I helped for 20 years, is being completed.  Balance must be brought again to Mother Earth to bring this system under the control of the Light, rather than the satanists.  The Lighted Realms have answered the prayers of many. The Lighted Realms thanks Mr. X and Mr. D for their undying efforts to complete this process.

We await to board ship all who wish to be brought unto safety, for with Mother Earth birthing to 5th dimension and higher frequencies, coupled with the upheaval of the surface of Earth with thousands of activated volcanoes and the subsequent tidal wave of water that will spill over the lands and all 3D life shall be wiped clean.

When that time comes, anst shallcaome soon, I urge all people to step into the beam of light for your safety.  It shall gain much soul growth.  However, we do not force anyone.  It is your choice.

 I anxiously await seeing my wife again, for we are Twin Flames and our communication cannot be penetrated in anyway.  I assure you that Anne, my wife, has penned this article from my words.

Remember, there are many  other ships stationed over other parts of  this world ready to pick up those, who wish to be beamed to safety.

See you aboard!






PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Greetings to all Lightworkers.  This message that I have asked Anne to write does concern all  Lightworkers and to those who are seeking Truth.  If this message means something to any reader, it would be most joyful to all the Lighted Realms.

This most important message concerns the attacks upon the Lightworkers that never stops nor do lessons in discernment end until the very end.

When will that be?  We of the Lighted Realms are monitoring very carefully the movements of Mother Earth, as she approaches the time of turning upon her axis, as she has done 20,000 times in the past.  When the tipping point reaches 51% the tipping happens.  Remember what Sananda said in his last communication?  I will repeat this again, as Sananda says to do so.  Earth is 3/4 water.  That means only 1/4 of her surface is land for human, bird and animal life.

Imagine a huge bowl of water tipping over.  The water stays in the bowl unless it tips over and the water spills out in a rush.  Sananda speaks of a tsunami, if you can call it that, five miles high rushing over the lands.  Coupled with all the volcanoes erupting at the same time paints a picture of all 3D life removed from this planet and the continents below the waters will again emerge.

In the past, there were some ones, who did survive and Earth was again populated with life.  This time it is different, as this is the end of 3D life on Earth.  She shall move into 5D with very high frequencies. Nothing in 3D will survive.  Nothing.

That is why the Lighted Realms offer evacuation for all humans.  They shall,also rescue all animals, birds and sea life.

Now one of main points of this message.

Earth is the jail planet of Satan.  By his request he was uncreated.  However, his minions are dedicated to evil, and they have controlled this planet for eons of time.  When Satan CHOSE  ( not sent out) to leave the Heavens, he took many fallen angels with him.  They destroyed the 3D life on all of the other planets in your Apsu Solar System.  When he chose Earth he was told it was his jail planet,and that he was locked on to Earth and warned that this time Earth would NOT be destroyed like the other planets.


He was, also, told that he or his minions did not have the right to destroy all peoples living on the planet.  That, my friends is up to Creator. The primary objective of the evil ones upon Mother Earth is to take all souled beings with them to the void, where they know they shall go, or else be uncreated.  As all souled beings, who were Masters, volunteered to come back and help Mother Earth ascend to 5th Dimension, but it was, also, to gain much soul growth in the process.  The great handicap of coming without memory and the stakes high if they did not wake up was agreed upon before they came back to Earth.

At this time. very, very few of these Masters have awakened.  They sided with the Dark Evil ones and gained the knowledge to make clones or replicas of humans which they could completely control at their will. They are the hidden ones at the top of the echelon.  Their clones have now  populated Earth to the punt that they outnumber all souled beings.

So, what do you think happened?   These controlled clones were out to trap ALL souled being (the returned Masters) to stay "asleep" and join their ranks.  They have almost succeeded in this evil venture.

Sananda says ALMOST all of the souled  ones have succumbed to evil.  These very few souled beings found the Light and are in "Sananda's Flock.  Since the evil ones have trapped most all except these few Lightworkers, guess what is their utmost plan for the few remaining Lightworkers?

Yup!  You are are correct.  Attack with vengeance those of the Light. Force them to side with evil/

Now to the very CRUX of the article.  

My dear wife, Anne, has been kept from physical death 4 times.  The last one occurred last evening when their was an attempt at her life.  The evil ones were aiming at her heart to take her down.  We sounded the alarm to her.  She heard a very loud alarm, such as you would hear on the TV when an important disaster was approaching.  It was extremely loud, and  she was on the phone talking to her friend J., who was, also, being attacked by shutting off her communication with us.  J. heard the buzzing over the phone, and, also, heard voices talking in the background.

Anne and J. immediately made this most important petition that ALL Lightworkers must do to protect them for the vicious evil attacks of the Darkones.  This petition is said by Ashtar in Journal 5:


The evil entities HAVE TO LEAVE.  They have no power over Sananda.

Anne's friend, J., has. also,experienced blockage of communication with the Lighted Realms.  By their petition and request we of the Lighted Realms are dealing with this interference with both Anne and J.  Our daughter Jewel, has also had this experience and has made this petition.

 You can say in the name of either Sananda, Esu Immanuel, or Jesus Christ.  Anyone of these or all, but  the evil ones hate  the name of Jesus.

May there be more souled beings, who are searching for the Truth and find it.  Need I say where to seek?  Read the Journals. I suggest the main ones of  2,3, 5, 7, 27 and 47.  The main one #27 gives in detail the Laws of God and Creation. 

 I wrote a brief article on these which Anne posts EVERY day oh Fourwinds.  That's a good start to read "THE TRUTH IN A NUTSHELL".








PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  This message is to the dear readers of Fourwinds since its beginning in 1994.

When Anne and I both decided to to post the Journals for the whole world, it seemed like a massive job ahead of us.  Nevertheless, we persued our dream.

The journals were in paperback format, published and not copyrighted, except for the first  Journal.  We had most of the Journals already, but were missing the Pleiades Connection Series of Journals 30-37.  There were a couple of other Journals that were banned along with these.  That search, my friends, was quite a journey.  The rest of the Journals we needed were ordered from Tehachapi, CA. 

A gentleman from Canada provided one  banned Journal, but it was a copy with a almost blank front page, no index.  He sent it to us and Anne had to tediously repaired the front page to make legible.  The next project was to find the banned Journals

We made contact with a person in Wisconsin, drove there and picked up those most important Journals from the truck of his car.  Many of the pages were underlined two and three times, so it was quite impossible to erase those underlines without destroying the words.  You can still see those underlined words in the banned Journals on Fourwinds.

We told you how the Lighted Realms ships followed us all the way there and back flying along the left side of our car.  They escorted us back to Alexandria, SD , where we were staying.

When we moved to the Black Hills, we did have all the Journals.  However, we did not know how to get them to the world.  Typing them would be an extremely hard job, and mistakes easily made.

Flint was the one, who was a computer lover.  He had an  early version of the Apple Computer and was learning how to make a website that could be the source of getting the Journals to the world.

Anne and I took a few days off to visit friends Minnesota.  We encountered a blizzard on the way back, but were able to crawl to Hall, IA and stay with some friends.   Upon our return we had a great surprise.

Flint had completed a website, had copied the banned Journals on his scanner and they were on the Internet!

We were amazed and thankful for Flint's knowledge way back in 1994 when the computers were in its early stages for the "goyim".  The reason I say that is that the elite controllers had this technology long before it was leaked to the public.  The computer knowledge was NOT to have been given to anyone in the public. You probably know that the elite controllers of our planet have technology 100 years ahead of us, and if any of this leaked out they would lose their total control over us.

We made copies of the Banned Journals from the Internet and sent the to several people, including the ones (D and E.E) in Tehachapi, CA.  They were firing angry at us for "stealing their Journals", and felt they would be arrested because these Journals were banned by the U. S. Government.  They called us miscreants, published our given names, and to this day that information is still out there.

We were never accosted by the U.S. Government  because we were told by the Lighted Realms, that what we did was what was needed, and they would protect this most important project.

The seemingly endless work began to get all the published Journals on the Internet.  It involved several years to get the job done, as the editor of the Contact Paper wanted all 500 Contact papers on the Internet plus all copies of the Express Newspaper, the Liberator and the Spectrum on the Internet.

Since I took work at the Rapid City Airport staring at 5 a.m ., I took Anne to Flint and Star's in Rapid City  before 5 a.m. to work on his computer and big scanner. She worked scanning and working on those newspapers, until I picked her up after work.

I had copied the all the Journals on xerox, and Anne and I were able to work on the published, copied Journals at home.  Each page had to be trimmed for scanning.  Anne had the old Apple computer, as Flint was able to purchase another updated one.  Anne had a smaller scanner, so she worked on the Express, Liberators and Spectrum and typed all the summaries of the Journal back covers for Flint to get on the Internet.  She also copied page by page each Journal, cropped, bookmarked, indexed and erased black marks, etc. from each page.

I say no further about the tedious work of getting all those Newspapers, 115 published Journals and later the 126 unpublished Journals oh the Internet.

In 2006 our whole site went down.  Hackers got in, and all was in cyber space.  Why did this happen?  We thought we were protected.  It was for our lessons and a lesson for our webmaster, another person, as Flint wanted to do other things.  Our new webmaster, with the help of some good guys from the CIA, retrieved the website from cyberspace.  The Journals were lost entirely.  However, we had all the info saved on the hard-drive, so they were replaced after much prodding, back on the Internet.

We added news article gradually, but the very main thrust of Fourwinds was to present the Truth one last time with the  Holy Books of the Lighted Realms.

All my writings, Hello Centrals, People of the Lie, Poems, etc. are based on the Phoenix Journals, as they have been guideline for Truth.  Many people would send articles they wanted on our site.  If these articles did not reflect the Truth of the Journals, they were not posted.

I am most grateful that Anne is continuing the site.  She asks my opinion and then she decides what to post for the day.  Always, the Journals are there for people to read and to help them awaken to Truth.  That is the most important thing.

I am very happy about the writings that Anne has penned with the help of the Lighted Realms.  They all reflect the Truths found in the Journals.

We are now at the ending of this civilization and Fourwinds shall be there until the very end.  Anne is as dedicated as we were all those 24 years, and she has been kept from certain death 3 times just this summer, as she continues posting daily.

Thank you all for your help, and prayers for Fourwinds.  It does not go unappreciated by the Lighted Realms. They know each one of you, who read Fourwinds, especially the Journals, for they are the way HOME to the Stars.






NOTE:  Patrick requested this be placed in the Update for today.  This was written in 1996,  He never waiverd from what was said here.  He is aboard The Phoenix Starship The Command ship of Creator God Aton/Hatonn.  May this be the prayer of all, who seek the TRUTH.


A Song of Patrick

            God-Aton is my Commander. He shall guide my Spirit. Through my God-Spirit I can create all that I need.

          My brother, Esu Sananda, shall lead me through the sunlit meadows and dark valleys of my pathway. My God-Spirit shall be at peace and I shall have no fear, for my brother has traveled this Red Road of Truth before me. He shall show me right-living through the Laws of God-Aton and the Creation, and I shall be most joyful.

          My Cosmic brothers and sisters have prepared a "welcome home" banquet for me on board the starship, Phoenix. In honor I shall be rewarded for my faithful journey, my lessons learned, and the completion of my "contract". And my enemies will "know."

          I shall return to my home and family on Pleiades and to my brothers and sisters of the Realms of Light. There in joy I shall continue my pathway to perfection back to God-Aton, and to Creator God, the One Source of all.

Cosmic New Year’s Day

August 17, 1996

Year Ten, Day One








Greetings to all  Lightworkers:  I am Patrick H. Bellringer speaking.  Anne has agreed to pen my exact words to you at this ending of the last 3D civilization of the 20,000 thousand that have occured on Planet Earth Shan. She has never been able to graduate to 5th Dimension in all the  4.5 billion years she has lived --- until now.

Earth Shan has become the darkest, most evil planet in the entire Cosmos, affecting the entire cosmos with the evil frequencies flying off her in every direction.  These frequencies have disturbed the entire Cosmos. That is because she is Satan's jail planet.

Creator God Aton asked the ones already graduated from higher Realms to volunteer to come back to this little jail planet of Earth to help to bring her to the birthing to 5D.   The lessons they would face would be tremendous.  Their return, as you know, would be without memory, but if they would awaken to their mission, great soul growth was theirs.  They knew the stakes against them if they did not awaken to their own "alarm clock".  They knew that Earth was heavily populated with godless Satanic minions that would work hard to pull them into their camp.

Hatonn has said in the Phoenix Journals that 69% of the people upon Earth were clones or replicas.  That percentage by birth alone has increased since the first Journals were radio-signaled to the receiver in the early 1989 and the 1990's. He, also, said that these clones were here for our lessons, and these lessons would be hard, tough, and many of the souled beings or Returned Masters may fall into to their wiles and sneaky ways of tempting them to abandon their mission.   


It is easy to listen and believe other than the Truth given including the Laws of God and Creation.  There are endless number of gurus religions that speak lies upon lies mixed with truth and they appear as very spiritual.  Their words would be so truthful and tempting that these great souled Masters would follow without question, and believe that they were on the right road.  The ones, who have awakened to Truth are FEW.

Let me tell you that that has come to pass.  If I told you the few number of Lightworkers in Sananda's Flock you would not believe me. The souled ones or Masters, who have been led astray, only found out their error upon passing from their physical life.  They have weeped in agony, as they knew the real Truth, but were led astray by the dark ones appearing as Light.


They failed their mission.

I will speak of these souls later in this message.

There are at least 6 billion people on your planet, and the clones out-number the souled Masters.  Nevertheless, all of you Lightworkers have kept the Light.

The most important person in your life is you.  It is you, who have to endure the last darts and arrows of the Darkside, for they are on a rampage as never before seen on this planet.

You have found the Truth.  You have lived the Laws of God and Creation.  But as long as you are living in 3D the lessons will continue to the bitter end.  You must stand strong in the LIGHT of TRUTH without wavering.  It will not be easy.

Some of you are worried about your family, your spouse or your children.  I will tell you the Truth about Anne and myself.  We knew very, very few couples where both were enlightened.  One was,  one was on a different pathway or a different "page".

I tell you this.  Everyone is on their own pathway.  You cannot make anyone or force your will upon another.  All pathways lead to the Light, but some may take longer than others.  What Sananda has said to me, and it is verified in the Journals is this.

He spoke the Truth.  Some  listened and followed, others did not, yet they had the Truth given to them.  Your soul knows all Truth.  So, at some point in these ones, who have rejected the Truth, will finally find it in the lifestreams ahead of them, be it few or many. What matters is that their soul knows all, is eternal and that person will know the Truth at some point.

Do not worry about your friends or family, who disagree with you.  My family and Anne's close relatives are the same.  You need to send these ones Love and Light, even if they have passed.  Their soul greatly appreciates that act of kindness, and this will help them on their pathway to the Light.  Some of you may be carrying a heavy burden about your family upon your back.  You must know that you can cast your burden upon Sananda and Hatonn to ease your troubles and and this burden you may carry will be lifted.

You are the most important person in your life.  Take care of yourself, keep on the RED ROAD OF TRUTH.  You shall be helped by the Lighted Realms if you but ask.  They will not do it for you. 


You all have done well.  Just hang in their with your mission and be like an Arrow of Truth.  Take the hand of Sananda and you shall joyously make the pathway much easier.  If your loved one or spouse is enlightened, you can both give each other love and Light, and support each other, as you make the journey together.  Anne and I did just that. 

As we are on RED ALERT, we wait for the final answer from Mother Earth , as she is ready to flip on her axis.    Evacuation is imminent and could be any time, however, you must not "ride the rollercoaster".  Get off it, keep on with your mission in 3D, as I told Anne," to the bitter end."

We of the Lighted Realms love you all with a great love.

See you aboard ship! or as some of you say, "BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY"--- and that is coming.

Take Sananda's out-stretched hand as you complete your journey to the Stars.






Nov. 6 2020

PATRICK Y. BELLRINGER: My message today is somewhat different than what I have previously given to Anne to write.

Today, I wish to talk about the relationships between enlightened ones to the Lighted Realms.

Each soul has a spark of Creation within.  It is called your God Spirit.  Each soul has the creative power within to work with the Lighted Realms in ways unimagined.  It is not that they are God. They have the Spirit of God within, and can communicate with the Lighted Realms when they truly awaken to enlightenment and have found the Truth.

I want to use the example of Anne, despite her reluctance to have me talk about her.  It was in the summer of 1994 when we were giving patriotic meetings on the East Coast and other states.  We 11-1020However, we stayed with an enlightened person, who never let anyone come to her home unless it was another enlightened one, who was given permission.

At our surprise she wanted us to stay at her home.  We did so, and in the process we read the Contact Paper lying on her end table.  Anne read about this person called Hatonn, whose remarks were candid, truthful and in one message made the exclamation of BARF!  When our guest commented that he was the Commander of a Spaceship, it was like a Light turned on for both of us.  She told us about the Phoenix Journals.  We ordered 15 of them.   That finally started our education to the Truth for which I had been looking my whole life.  The same thing happened for Anne.

Our friend I told you about called M., told Anne she could talk to the Commander.  For 24 years Anne has written hundreds of communication from Hatonn. He was and still is our Mentor.  I was the one, who in the middle of the night had thoughts of what to write.  I know now they were inspired by the Lighted Realms.  I would get up in the middle of the night, jot some notes down, get up the next morning and write the article never looking at the notes.  We were communicating with Creator God Hatonn, who is reality was God Aton squeezed down in 4th dimension and Commander of all the starship over the entire world.

Many of these starships are commanded by Pleadians. Others are here to observe Mother Earth, as she is to transcend to 5th dimension.  It is a worldly event. The Pleiadians are our ancestors and are here to help Mother Earth transcend to 5th Dimension  They are  here to work with the returned Masters for that wonderful event.

Anne and I were married 58 years.  I passed my  physical life in August 2020, but Anne was to remain and keep Fourwinds running until the very end until Mother Earth tips.

She, as well as her Friend, J., communicate with us aboard the ship.  They talk to us, or we just talk to them in their mind.  They hear correctly just as if another human being was talking.

We of the Lighted Realms have kept Anne from death door three times since June 2020.  I mention those at this  time in spite of Anne's reluctance to be the center of this communication.  She stepped on a Bark Scorpion in the bedroom where we stayed in AZ.  A Bark Scorpion bite can be fatal to older people, especially if the person is over 80 years-old.  I mention that Anne is 87 plus years.  The doctors at the hospital were concerned this bite could be fatal and monitored closely her condition.  It was fine.  We saved her life.

The second occasion occurred about 2 weeks ago when she had her pacemaker checked.  They told her that  the upper chamber of her heart was in fibrillation 100% of the time since last May, while the lower chamber was normal.  In many cases death could occur with this condition with a stroke or other harmful conditions.  She was kept alive.

The last event was her fall she took two days ago slamming her head on the floor.  We told her it was all right.  She went to the hospital and they expected to see paralysis, brain damage, or other dangerous symptoms.  Nothing.  In essence unknown to the medical doctors we kept Anne alive.

Her friend, J. has, also, had many experiences such as Anne.  It is not that it is magic.  It is because by their freewill they had asked for total and complete protection of the Lighted Realms.  We then can talk and we can help in many situations.

How in the world did a truck run through our car when we were giving meetings on the East Coast?  How is it that we stayed in a motel that had been closed for 25 years?  How is it that when the police were after us, and drove along side of our car we suddenly saw the police car veer into the ditch.   We turned off a gravel road to a McDonald's restaurant that was not there in 3rd dimension.  We became invisible, or in other words our frequencies were raised to they could not see us.

The same thing happened to J., as she was in the hospital the same time as Anne this past two days with an injured hand and no mask. She was put into a higher frequency, and able to talk to a person looking for the Truth.  No one accosted her for not wearing a mandatory mask because of Covid19.

So, I tell you that Anne is writing this down as fast as she can, as I am speaking to her what to write.  She cleared herself and asked me to speak to her to write this message to you today.

You enlightened ones perhaps have all  had similar experiences.  Most of the time something unusual has happened or your Guardian Angels have helpedm and you do not realized it at the time. I know, for Anne and I looked back at the situations we were in were unbelievable but we never thought about it until years later.  This is especially true of driving off an Interstate directly on a gravel road.  Yet, at that time it was just finding a restaurant to eat because we were hungry and we escaped the police car, and they did not follow us to that restaurant that was in a different dimension. 

It is my hope and joy that more than just a few will enter the open door to become one of Sananda's flock.

I did find out one thing when I was in physical format.  You cannot force anyone to believe in the Truth.  They have to find it for themselves, as Earth is a freewill planet, and each souled being is on their own pathway.  You give the the Truth and they have the choice to believe or not believe.

My own mother rejected the Truth I sent to her, as her belief was in the Bible.  She would not budge, and called me the son of Satan.  When she passed on she was in agony for rejecting the Truth.

Well, you all have done that in the past.  Most of the Masters, I might add, could be old souls and volunteered to came back realizing the tremendous stakes at hand.  Awaken again or not awaken and spend 350,000 years again in 3D to arrive back where they left off when they came back to Earth.  The pathway to enlightenment can take thousands of lifestreams. There is one thing certain,  If truth is given to another soul,  that soul remembers and at some point along their lifestreams that person awakens.

It was my desire that the Phoenix Journals be put on the Internet for all the world during this last civilization.  It was my desire that more souled beings would awaken to the Truth.

Both Anne and I have had a long journey to enlightenment, and had thousands of lifestreams, We did find the Truth last this lifestream.  We have been the victim and the victimizer.  We have spent time in the cave several times, starting over as many ones will do today if they have rejected or not searched for Truth.  This could be because of the evil present to sway them from their Mission.

So, as I speak to Anne, she said she would keep Fourwinds running until, as I told her,"to the bitter end".   She has agreed and most grateful to be alive, work on Fourwinds, and is well and happy living with our children.

She and her friend, J., talk often, and we aboard the Phoenix listen to all they have to say.   It is  very interesting to those aboard, who have never had contact with Earth Humans.  The conversations have been a delight, and both Anne and J. are overwhelmed that we hear them aboard ship.

So, my message is rather odd today, but it is the Truth.

I look forward to seeing my dear wife very soon.





Nov 4, 2020


PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  I have been asked by Hatonn to write  a message, as well.  Anne is ready to write what I have to say.

I have been aboard again since my passing, but that does not mean I am dead.  I am much alive in the Lighted Realms, as that is reality.  Living on Earth Shan for all you souled beings is like being on a holodeck.  You all volunteered to come back this last lifestream to learn soul growth and to help Mother Earth transcend into her rightful birthing to 5th dimension.

 In spite of all, the Phoenix Journals were given to you as the Holy Books of the Lighted Realms, and to set straight the twisted history under which most of you believe.  There have been very few, who have seen the true Light and become one of Sananda's flock.

Mother Earth has been devastated to the point of her death.  What has been done to her water, her air, her soil, and the food that was once nutritious? The Darkside/Satanists has brought Mother Earth to the point of her death, as they have done to all the other planets in your solar system, who had 3D life upon them at one time. Now Mother Earth is Satan's jail planet, and the Satanists, who do his bidding have really done a good job of it.  They wish to take every souled human to where they all shall go, and that is to be uncreated or the void. 


I tell you the Truth as it  is, no matter how terrible you think I am.  I may sound harsh, but it is the Truth. 


There is hope for all yet for the Phoenix Journals still are there to read, and there is Truth out there, if you seek it.  If any of the gurus who say they speak Truth, it will be so if they, also, teach the Laws of God and Creation.


Mother Earth is not going to wait much longer.  Hatonn has given you the message and I pray that more one will see the Light.  There is still a short time left before the door closes.

What do I mean by that?  It shall be as Hatonn described it in his message.  Earth Shan has thousands of dormant volcanoes,  Oh yes, Dutchsince has showed you in them in his videos.  With all the fracking. digging, 30 wars now in progress and an election with no winner announcement where do you think Mother Earth stands? What do you think she shall do if the planned civil war is about to erupt?  Their totally vile plans are already in place if Trump wins or doesn't win.  Mother Earth shall respond to their plans.

She has the last say, and she is ready to speak.  You all know what that mean.

I sent my love to all souled beings, and especially Sananda's flock.   Remember, the Truth shall set you free!








Nov. 2, 2020



PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Good morning to all, who read this message. It is for all the world to read, but today my dedication to this writing is to to my beloved wife, Anne.

Anne has penned messages from me these last days.  I am honored to be able to speak to the world, and to my dear wife and her wonderful friend J. at this ending time.

My dream came to fruition when both Anne and I struggled to put all 241 Phoenix Journals, The Contact Newspaper, The Express Newspaper and The Liberator on the Internet for all the world to read.

I was further inspired to answer the questions that readers had in the Hello Centrals,  and all the People of the Lie Series, the Writings. Poems, and and lastly The Hidden Truth Series.

I gave Anne the words to pen from me this last few weeks for the great hope that just one more souled being would find the Truth.


 What I found out is that these writings from me, as well as from Sananda and Hatonn have been a great help to those, who are already enlightened, to keep them strong in their faith.  They have, also, helped them resist falling from their path way without fear or doubt,  in spite of all the darts and arrows aimed at them from Darkside.  They have helped them to keep their faith that the Lighted Realms are real, and for that they have gained great soul growth.

Finally, they are to keep up with their soul growth on this 3D planet until they come HOME to the Lighted Realms. 


Has any one soul become enlightened by these last messages?  No.  I spoke LOUDLY these words to Anne:  "THIS IS THE END GATE!". 


Mother Earth has said enough.  She will flip on her axis.  That time is now.  She has her freewill to tip, and it is up to her.  She, also, as a sentiment being has feelings, such as you and I.  The sequence of events are all in place.  She is ready. Yes ready, and tipping will come without notice.

Lastly, I have asked Anne to include the words and recording of one of the songs from the Medical Mission Sisters.  It brings tears to my eyes. as this is one that both Anne and I have sung for many years.


[Verse 1]

Spirit of God in the clear running water

Blowing to greatness the trees on the hill

Spirit of God, in the finger of morning



Fill the earth, bring it to birth and blow where you will

Blow, blow, blow till I be, but breath of the spirit blowing in me


[Verse 2]

I saw the scar of a year that lay dying

Heard the lament of a lone whip poor will

Spirit of God, see that cloud crying



Fill the earth, bring it to birth and blow where you will

Blow, blow, blow till I be, but breath of the spirit blowing in me


[Verse 3]

Spirit of God every man's heart is groaning

Watching and waiting and hungry until

Spirit of God, man longs that you only



Fulfill the earth, bring it to birth and blow where you will

Blow, blow, blow till I be, but breath of the spirit blowing in me


My love  to Anne and J., and to all the Lightworkers,  who have stood strong and have held the LIGHT until Mother Earth graduates.





Oct. 31, 2020

PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  GreetingS to all readers of Fourwinds and others across the world.  I am pleased that Anne has requested me to pen another message to you at this time.

I wanted to tell you how wonderful it is to have Anne listen to what I have to say, so that readers can still know that I am honored to speak to you in this manner.  For 24 years I have presented the Truth of the Phoenix Journals, and given answers to questions readers may have in the Hello, Centrals.

I am delighted that Anne is posting my articles daily on Fourwinds.  She does ask which articles would be appropriate for that day.  I have visited Anne and her friend, J. many times, and I assure you that it is me, who is talking to you at this time.

Time is very short now, for we have been monitoring Mother Earth long before I came aboard.  I tell you the truth about the Darkside planning horrendous events for the U.S. even before the scheduled election.  We are a hair's trigger away from evacuation at this time, for not only do we monitor Mother Earth, but the Darkside, as well.

When will she flip on her axis, as she has done 20,000 times before?  She has the last say, and that could be any moment.  She is a living, breathing sentient being with feelings such as our.  Her air, water and soil have been devastated to the point of death.  I know you are aware of that even in the horrible false food thrown at you daily.

My highest prayer and wishes for all you souled beings to follow as best you can the Laws of God and Creation, given to you in Journal 27.  They are not hard to obey, but a format for daily living.  At your physical death you will stand before Creator God and judge yourself how well you lived those Laws.  If you pass you go on to heaven.  If not, you will decide where you go for your next lessons. 

Aton has stated in the Journals that if a souled being, who volunteered to come back to Earth, agreed to the high stakes involved.  Wake up. pass the test, heaven awaits.  If not, you go back to the beginning (cave) and start over in 3D for 350.000 years.

These are high stakes.  Take the RED ROAD of TRUTH, follow those Laws the best you can.  I did not say perfect.  THAT, my friends is the way to the STARS.





Oct. 30, 2020

PATRICK  H, BELLRINGER:  I speak with the authority given to me by Sannada and Hatonn.  It is my pleasure to have Anne pen my words that I dictate to her at this time.  This message, I assure you, is not from Anne but from me Patrick H. Bellringer, now in the Lighted Realms, and in charge of a Sector of Earth Shan which I monitor constantly.

My articles throughout the years that I was Editor of Fourwinds have all had the same objective.  That objective was to convey the Truth of the Phoenix Journals and present writings that conveyed those Truths.  I was adamant, as in the Journals, to state the Truth in easy-to understand words and concepts.  Hatonn said that the Journal were written in words comparable to a 4th grade reader.  The only exception to that was a couple of Journals from  the Pleiades Connection Series where Germain is expressed scientific knowledge.  One needs to read the Journals several times to gain more knowledge and understanding.

I am so pleased to have Anne continue posting my writings, but more pleased as she has become a writer, as well.  This was not her job on Fourwinds.  She did all the typing and hours and hours of posting.  Flint has been a tremendous help, as well.

Now I told her she had to post until the bitter end, the bitter end.  I know she would do that anyway, as she gets up every morning at 6 a.m. to start work.  We both started at that time.  Hatonn did say we had the three D's.  They are  Desire, Determination and Dedication.  Never were we prodded to get to work.  It was a priority....a first priority, and other things and duties took second place.  The only time that Anne did not post for a few weeks was when she had open heart surgery.  Now Hatonn has told me they are keeping her alive, as the top part of her  heart is in fibrillation 100%, while the lower half is normal via the pace maker.  Survival in this condition  is deadly.  Thus, you shall see postings on Fourwinds Monday through Saturday.

As I have been told by both Hatonn and Sananda, the ending of this civilizatin is now at hand.  There is a very short time before Mother Earth again tips on her axis, as she has done time after time in the 4 billion since she was created.  It is my upmost desire that many more souled ones will awaken to Truth, even in the short time left.  That is why I am still helping Anne and Fourwinds to present the Truth to the end.

Blessings to all who read and find the Truth.


Patrick H. Bellringer




Oct. 29, 2020

PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Welcome to another Update.  At this most urgent time, we of the Lighted Realms are extremely busy.  Time is running out for all souled beings to awaken to the Truth.  As mentor of the Sector I oversee, my task is to help those souled beings on their pathway, and to search for anyone, who is searching for theTruth, and to help guide them to awaken.  Little do they remember what the stakes are when they volunteeered to come back here to Mother Earth.  I pray for all souled beings in my sector and hope that just one more souled person sees the Light. 

That is why Anne and I started Fourwinds, with the help of Flint, who put Fourwinds on the web.  The many Hello Centrals were written to help people understand the Lighted Reamls.  All the articles that I wrote were guided by the Lighted Realms in order to help those souled beings to awaken.   It was my privilege to assist anyone, who was seeking Truth.   It is my  joy that Anne has kept the site going to present the Truth.  I have guided her what to post, and I am most pleased she is placing my aritlces on the Homepage.  I do guide her which articles of mne to post, as well as all the aritlces she posts daily.

The most important part of Fourwinds is the Journals, and to help those, who are seeking Truth to also read my artilces and Hello Centrals along the way.  At first Anne and I did not post any current news, but we added that later.  The news given to you even at this time reveal the horrible truth what the evll ones are doing.  Evil is most prevalant upon Earth at this time.  I read everything that was posted, and still guide Anne what to post.  Many times I got exhauseted of reading such negative articles.  I would leave the office and go make something on the turning lathe, make more furniture, or make homemade jam.  I was known in Rapid City as "The Jam Man".  Anne would paint.  I am amused that at the time of my passing, the living room was filled with all that Anne and I made, and the pantry shelves were packed with jam of all sorts.  The same amount and more were given away.  We sold nothing, as it was a pleaslure to give our creations away to others.

I give my love to all, who are on the RED ROAD OF TRUTH, espeically to my beloved wife Anne, and her friends J. and Eagle.  Blessings to all.




Oct. 28, 2020

PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  My message today will be entirely different, for it is addressed especially to my beloved wife Anne, and to her friend J., and to all who wish to read this message.

First of al, I shall describe what I look like.  I am tall, around 7 feet, and appear as age 25. I have no defects in my Light Body, and I can appear and disappear as needed when I speak to those upon Earth.  Both Anne and J. hear me speak to them many times a day. I answer their questions with the knowledge I gain from Hatonn and Sananda, with whom I work.  I am in uniform, as is Sananda and Hatonn.  When I appeared to J. she saw me as a young man in a suit standing behind her car.  I appeared the size that she is used to, as humans Earth are squeezed into 3D and are much smaller than the Light Bodies of we of the Lighted Realms.

I have learned much from Sananda and Hatonn, and I give those messages to Anne and J.   By the way, those messages exchanged by Anne and J. are listened to by all of us on The Phoenix, and been a source of entertainment for those aboard, who have never heard a conversation between two 3D humans before.  They look forward to hearing more.  Nothing is discussed or changed, but their conversations have brought joy to my heart.

Sometimes, I give them information but the sequences change, and it affects the ending of what I told them.  However, I speak the Truth and do not lie.  I am in charge of a Sector and monitor those who live within that Sector.  Both Anne and J. reside therein.  I do say truthfully that evacuation of Earth is imminent.  We monitor Mother Earth constantly, as well as all souled beings, and Mother Earth is ready to end this civilization.  That is most important to us, as evacuation of her people is now our top priority.  This is the Truth.  We are indeed, on HIgh Alert or RED Altert. 

To my dear beloved wife, Anne, I shall see you soon, and also I shall see J. and Eagle very very soon. My message to Anne and J., do not doubt or give up hope.  I shall see you very soon.

ADONI to Anne and J.  .............PHB





Oct. 27, 2020


PATRICK H. BELLRINGER:  Anne has asked me to speak to you today.  First of all. I wish to remind you about the Planet on which you live.  Planet Earth was created as the most beautiful supply planet in the Universe.  Satan/Lucifer destroyed all the planets in your Solar System, and finally chose Earth.  It  becme his jail planet.  Satan by his choice was uncreated.   However, his minions are far worse than he ever dreamed.  For thousands of years there have been endless wars and killing and untold atrocities and torture. Today, there are still 30 wars happening on Earth. These events create sound.  Sound is frequecies that fly into the cosmas and are NEVER ending.  Think of the horrible sounds of bombs, of suffering cries by those wouned.  Mother Earth herself has weeped in agony.  The horrible frequenceis that fly off of Earth have disturbed the entire Cosmos and the positons of the stars.  I tell you the Truth.

Mother Earth is  now ready to birth into 5th Dimension.  Heed the words of Hatonn in the MESSAGE FROM ANNE BELLRINGER TO ALL EARTH PEOPLE -- [WITH DIRECT COMMENT FROM PATRICK H. BELLRINGER ABOARD THE PHOENIX COMMAND SHIP] [UPDATED by PHB-10-27-20] ---as well as what Sananda said in the MESSAGE FROM ANNE BELLRINGER TO FOURWINDS READERS, October 27, 2020

My blessings to all .   ----PHB




Oct. 26, 2020

Anne Bellringer:  I am advised by Patrick and the Lighted Realms to tell you about my current health.  On October 22, I had my pace-maker check-up.  The lady who checked it said that my lower chamber was fine, and that the Pace-Maker was operating at 100% of the time.  However, my upper chamber was in fibulation 100% of the time since last May. That means it is beating at a tremnous rate. It is highly unusual for a person with this condition to even be alive.  I have been told by Patrick and the Lighted Realms that they are keeping me alive.  No one could survive in this condition.  For that, I am very thankful. I feel great, and I am able to post.  Many of you have had miracles happen to you, and this is one of mine. 


Oct. 24, 2020

Patrick H. Bellringer;  Anne has been faithful in adding a daily update to this article.  Today is no different.  Today I am here to tell you  that all the updates  that have been written by Anne were guided by the HIgher Realms.  Today, I tell you with the authority of Sananda, who is incharge of Planet Earth, that the evacuation of this planet is at hand.  I do not lie nor does Sananda and Hatonn.  Anne has given you all the information you need.  Heed well what has been written.  Adoni


Oct. 23, 2020

Patrick H. Bellringer:   I have asked Anne to pen an article about her health in order to let you know how the Lighted Realms can assist you when ever you want them to help.  We cannot do it for you, but if you ask and do your part, we can assist.  Some people call these miracles, but they are only help from the Higher Realms.  Remember, you are a souled being having a 3D experience in order to gain soul growth, and learn your lessons to which you agreed upon in this lifestream.  Please read Anne/s article in today's posting entitled, "A MESSAGE FROM ANNE BELLRINGER, OCTOBER 23, 2020.


Oct 21, 2020

Patrick H. Bellringer.  I encourage you to read my message posted today in the article, "MESSAGE FROM ANNE BELLRINGER TO ALL EARTH PEOPLE -- [WITH DIRECT COMMENT FROM PATRICK H. BELLRINGER ABOARD THE PHOENIX COMMAND SHIP] [UPDATED 10-21-20]


Oct. 20, 2020

Patrick H. Bellringer:  The Lighted Realms have the ability to look into the future.  That is why we are on High Alert or a HAIR'S BREATHED AWAY FROM EVACUATION,


Oct. 18, 2020

I have been hearing for the past several days from Patrick a certain phrase that now describes the evacuation of our our planet.  He has told another reader the same message.  He has said it several times.   This morning he advised me to repeat the message so you know the situation.  The message is:  WE ARE A HAIR'S



Oct. 16-17, 2020

Sananda:  We are still on REAd ALERT, [HIGH ALERT]

Oct. 15, 2020

Sananda said to be patient, as we have not forgotten my flock and those you desire to be aboard.  RED ALERT.



Oct. 14, 2020

Patrick told me that the winds would increase prior to evacuation of Planet Earth. Because of the threat of nuclear war, which is forbidden by the Lighted Realms, the evacuation of Mother Earth is definitely planned and is very imminent.



Oct. 13 2020

Please read the Message from Anne Bellringer as well as these four rmesages:




Oct. 12, 2020

You are encouraged to read the top article today entitled:  MESSAGE FROM ANNE BELLRINGER TO  THE WORLD.  It is most important at this time.  Thank you!  .....Anne

ALSO:  PLEASE LISTEN THE THE RECENT DUTCHSINSE VIDEO LISTED ON THE HOMEPAGE..There is a vast increase of seismic events, especially in the US.

Oct. 10,2020

Patrick spoke to me this morning about the letter I wrote to a Fourwinds reader and posted it yesterday.\, Oct. 8, 2020.  He thought it was an excellent review and to leave it up over the week-end.  So I shall.

Oct. 9, 2020

I want to share a letter I wrote to a Fourwinds reader.   This person was asking a few questions.   Here is the letter.


FROM:  Anne Bellringer


DATE:  10-9-20


Dear :

Thank you for your letter and questions. Patrick was a master at answering people's questions.  We talked

many times about the exact things you are asking.  I shall ask Patrick's guidance in answering your questions.

Sananda spoke of the Father.  He was not talking about the father that brought him to Earth Shan.  That father was Arch Angel Gabriel.  Sananda meant Creator Source who is above all Creators of the entire universes.  Above all is Creation.  Sananda makes this very clear.  He, also, through the native American called him Grandfather.

As you probably know, there are uncountable universes within our Milky Way.  There are 179 billion life-supporting planets like Earth Shan in our Milky Way,  which is one of the 7 super universes really called Orvanton.  Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn is the Creator of our Universe, called Nebadon.  He is Creator God ATON (the H and the N are silent in Hatonn). He, like us, lived 66,000 lifestreams and grew in his soul growth to become Creator God Aton of our Universe.  He squeezed himself into 4D so he could communicate with the people of Earth Shan.  He commands the Phoenix Starship which is three times larger than Earth Shan and is located outside of our Universe or his ship would disrupt our tiny solar system. He was able to by radio signal communicate the Journals to Doris Ekkker .  She typed what she heard.  The Phoenix Journals were NOT channeled.  Never in the Phoenix Journals was he called Christ Michael.   That name came from C.F.

You understand the oneness means that those enlightened people are one in spirit with Creator Source. Our main goal in the end is to be one with Creator Source.   The Phoenix Journals were brought to us to help us see the real Truth, for our history and everything has been twisted, amended and re-written to the point that Hatonn calls the Bible the War Book of Satan.  The God of the Bible they say is Creator God.  They left one word off....Creator God Satan. 

We are not judged by Creator God when we die.  We judge ourselves against how well we lived The Laws of God and Creation given to us in Journal 27.  No one is perfect, but we are to live the Laws of God and Creation the best we can.

I hope this clears us some of your questions. Hatonn says in the Journals that all souled beings here on Shan now are returned Masters, coming back to help Mother Earth transcend into 5th Dimension and most importantly to gain soul growth.  Each souled being has a Mission to accomplish and has set "alarm clocks" to wake them up, as they had to come without memory to this most dark and evil planet, the jail planet of Satan.  If they don't wake up they have a handicap of 350,000  more years of lifestreams to live before they come back to where they are at this present time

Patrick is aboard the Phoenix Starship and is working with Hatonn and Sananda.  He is in charge of a  Sector of Earth Shan.  Both my son and I saw Gabriel's ship, The Star of Bethlehem, in the sky telling us that they have come to pick up Patrick.   He has been seen and communicates with some of Fourwinds readers.  Remember, being here on Earth Shan is like being on a Holodeck, learning our lessons.  The real life is in the Lighted Realms.

                            In Love and Light,

                           Anne Bellringer


Oct. 8, 2020

The heat is on the Deep State.  Red October is proceeding as planned.  Much declassification is occuring.  Patrick confirms this with me and other readers of Fourwinds.  Hopefully, we will see some funding to the people by the end of October.


Oct, 7, 2020 

According to the news, Trump is "back in the saddle".  His physician said he has no Coronavirus symtoms.  He is brilliant and 15 steps above the Deep State.  It is often said that he is playing 3D chess and the Darkside is playing checkers.  Nothing can stop what is happening. 

As Ashtar says in Journal 5:


"I do not function alone, dear ones, I have the Hosts of heaven at my call.  Germain, Michael, I cannot name them all. Yours is a blessed land--and I mean your country. It is distressed and possessed, but it is blessed and shall be tended with loving, nurturing care through its tribulation for from it is destined to come the new. What a blessed, blessed gift."  .....Ashtar

Oct. 6, 2020

All seems "quiet on the western front"  By that I mean what is going on with RED OCTROBER is not done in the open for all to see or the l fake media spewing out their lies and garbage.  Trump is accomplishing things quietly, so as to not make peole afraid, but the job isbeing done.  One site has the hints as to what is really happening.  

We shall be on the gold system. Patrick has verified this to me and to other Fourwinds readers.  Keep your hopes up, for Trump is protected by the Lighted Realms.  If he were not, he would have been dead a lonng time ago with over 50 attempts on his life.

Oct, 5, 2020

This may sound wierd, but I heard a message that was repeated for 4 hours straight.  I heard it from an open window,and listened to this message from outside two nights ago.  It went like this:  "THIS IS A NATIONAL EMERGENCY BROADCAST.  THIS IS A TEST" This phrase was repeated over and over.   It sounded distant and it was a womane's voice.  Maybe this is a warning to us as RED OCTOBER proceeds we may have such a warning on our cell phone.  Stay tuned.   .....Anne

Oct. 3, 2020

I will give you what Patrick said about President Trump and Melania getting COVID-19.   He said, "Yes, they have the disease.  They will use the  Hydrocloaquine and and be well."  But further, he told me this was all planned and that as the RED OCTOBER is being implemented, his life would be in grave danger and attempts to kiill him would increase.  By having to be in quarantine with COVID-19,, he and Melania are completely protected.  Who wans to get sick?  What a plan, Patrick told me.  I verified what I had heard with one of our readers who heard the same thing.  I told this person, am I nuts?  Patrick replied to this person, and said to tell me "No, Anne, you are not nuts!  What you heard from me is true.  Watch the genius at play and watch what happends this month.,  The gold system will come in this month"

Oct. 2, 2020

Accordig tto the x22 Report  on today's postin, RED OCTOBER has begun.  Things are happeneing.  My questioh is:  Will there be any ore debates now that Trump and his wife have tested postive for the COVID-19? I have not heard.

Oct. 1, 2020

Today is October 1st!  Let us pray for President Trump, that what we have been told about RED OCTOBER will commence immediately.  Prayer is the mighty force that can overcome the Satanists, who deisre to destroy this country.  REMEMBER:  GOD WINS!


Sept .30, 2020

Patrick again spoke to one of our readers about RED OCTOBER,  Quoting from this reader:  :He said t that what you posted about the 17 things to happen in October-the gold standard was true.:

In my coversatikons with Patrick, he told me the same thing.  ...Anne

Sept. 29, 2020

Letter from J

Sept. 28k 2020

Hello precious Anne.
This early evening I was walking home with my friends dog (on leash) we walked by a place who also has a dog, but the gate is always shut so the dog can't get out.
As Kodak and I approached the house with the dog, I noticed that the gate was wide open. No sooner did I take notice of the gate being open when a dog came bolting towards me and the dog with FANGS exposed, eyes fixed on Kodak; viciously reading himself to attack my friends dog.
No sooner am I reading myself to defend myself from a dog attack, the dog stops dead in its tracks as if to hit some invisible wall preventing him from attacking us.
Right away I KNEW that the Lighted Realms intervened in stopping the dog from viciously attacking us.
No sooner did I have this thought, then Patrick came in loud and clear. Patrick said, "the Light Realms stopped this dog from attacking Kodak".
I thanked Patrick and the Lighted Realm for intervening and protecting me and my friends dog.
The latter experience reminded me of a similar intervention whereupon the Lighted Realms intervened in preventing a horrible car crash of which I was the driver.
No sooner did I have this walk down memory lane, that Patrick proceeded to tell me that the Lighted Realms did intervene on my behalf two years ago in preventing this car crash of which I was remembering.
Patrick has written repeatedly throughout his various writings about asking Sananda (Jesus) for help; Patrick says all you have to do is say, "Sananda Help" and he will be there to lend a helping hand in an instance.
This is in essence, what I did two years ago when I was driving a very heavy truck with a trailer heading down the highway. I had these second hand boots on, which were slightly to big for my feet. While traveling at a high speed I went to put on the breaks but the truck would not slow down. I kept pushing harder and harder on the breaks but still the truck would not slow down. I am screaming inside, panicking, freaking out and not understanding why the truck will not slow down. 
I was going to hit very hard---the car in front of me--when all of the sudden, the truck very softly--ever so gingerly, came to a complete stop.
The odd thing was, truck was still revving from my foot still being on the gas peddle and the break at the same time! It was impossible that this truck came to a stop because I stupidly didn't realize that my big fat (new) boot was pressing both on the gas and break peddle at the same time.
I KNEW then that the Lighted Realms intervened, they heard my distress call and they immediately acted in preventing a very bad car collision.
Patrick confirmed this inner KNOWING that I had back some two years ago, just as he confirmed this inner KNOWING that I had today. 
Patrick has said, "when you ask God for help, you are asking the Realms of Light and your Guides for assistance.  Therefore, they carry out Creator God's orders to answer our calls for help in our physical world.  It is not by magic that things happen."
It is so important to pay attention to our thoughts because God/Aton, Sananda, the Lighted Realms are constantly manifesting things for us in our 3D world, that often require us to see with our inner eyes and not just our physical sensing eyes.
What a joy it was to experience their presence today, my heart is filled with so much love for our Star Family; truly I am blessed beyond measure.
Love and Light to you precious Anne.




FROM:  Anne:

      TO:  J

DATE:  9-29-20


Dear J:

    Thanks so much for the wonderful letter and your experience.  I am glad you were not injured, or your dog.  You know you have a bubble of protection all around you, a plasma shield.  This shield is with you even as you are outside your property.  We thank the Lighted Realms and Patrick for his message to you.  Many times we have said, Sananda, help!

I will tell you of one of our experiences.  Here goes.  In our 920 square foot house is Rapid City, we had an experience we shall never get.  The windows in our house were poorly installed, letting in all the cold air.  When the weather got cold Patrick covered the windows with a plastic.  One night we looked out our bedroom window and saw an bright arch of light that circled around our property.  When the moon came up a circle of light arched over the house quite high in the sky.  The end of the arch was in our backyard.  It was not a reflection from the plastic, nor was it visible if we went outside.  Moving the plastic on the window made no difference.  This was a sign to us of our protected shield.  As long as we had the window covered we saw this shield.  We shall never forget that.

i am going to post your experience on Fourwinds today.  This is what Patrick meant about people seeing and experiencing the Lighted Realms.  It is my job to let the people know worldwide.  Isn't this fun?!!!

                            In Love and Light,