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by Patrick H. Bellringer

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by Patrick H. Bellringer

For those who are totally serious about knowing the Truth about the return in our time of one, Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda, I will speak Truth and give you a very direct and simple answer. You may be quite surprised to learn about three very important concepts which have been kept hidden from us until now by our world controllers.

The first concept is that aliens from outer-space do exist! They are very good aliens and they are very human like us. They have fourth and higher dimensional capabilities and have been "around" for thousands of years. Because of our prayers God has now sent many of them to Planet Earth to help us find Truth and regain our freedom from our world controllers. Our world controllers did not want us to know that these space brothers and sisters had come to help us save ourselves from the planned Satanic One World Order soon to be established.

The second concept hidden from us is that of reincarnation! Reincarnation is the coming again of our God-Spirit or soul to live within another physical body in another human lifetime. Because our God-Spirit within is a fragment of God's Spirit, it is immortal and lives forever. Our work is soul perfection. Through free-will choices in the physical human third-dimension we learn the wisdom of Truth and, thus, soul perfection. We all have lived many lifetimes in our journey of soul perfection to become one with God and The Creation. We will continue on the "wheel of reincarnations" until we have learned our lessons and have achieved soul perfection. Esu (Jesus) Immanuel taught this concept to his disciples but within 500 years the Satanic religious leaders had buried this information. Again, the evil world controllers did not want us to know how we could escape our physical lifestreams under their continuous evil domination.

A third concept was hidden from us by the evil world controllers, that Esu (Jesus) Immanuel would return to Planet Earth the same way he left 2000 years ago---via spaceship! The lies of the twisted records tell us that Esu (Jesus) Immanuel ascended into the clouds. The Truth is he left by spaceship. He will return aboard a spaceship as Commander of the Hosts of Heaven, and he will lift-off his "enlightened" ones and take them to Pleiades (Heaven) when God gives the orders to do so.

I do not argue with anyone about the twisted record of Satan's War Book, commonly called the "Holy Bible". I am not here to convince anyone of anything. I simply present the Truth given to us in our day. This Truth is from the original text recorded 2000 years ago by Esu (Jesus) Immanuel's scribe and most trusted friend, Judas Iscarioth. This record has been preserved by our celestial brothers and sisters, the Pleiadeans, who are here now and whom you may recognize as the "Hosts of Heaven".

At our request the Pleiadeans have been sent by God to bring us Truth. They can not save us. We must save ourselves but they will tell us how. There is a divine law of the cosmos called The Law of Non-intervention. This law states that no one of the Lighted Realms can usurp our free-will. We must make our own free-will choices without any divine intervention. To do so would cause us to be nothing more than robots. Thus, the Pleiadeans can only present to us the Truth of God's Laws and of The Creation again in our time.

This Truth has been transmitted via radio signal from Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander of the Pleiades Star Fleet presently orbiting Planet Earth, to his scribe, Doris Ekker (Dharma) of Tehachapi, California. These transmissions have been put into print and placed into some 115 bound volumes called The Phoenix Journals. These journals are known as the "Holy Books of the Lighted Realms" and bound copies are available through Phoenix Source Distributors (1-800-800-5565). Six journals are recommended as a place to begin reading Truth. They are:

Journal #2 And They Called His Name Immanuel/I Am Sananda

Journal #3 Space-Gate, The Veil Removed

Journal #5 From Here to Armageddon

Journal #7 Rainbow Masters

Journal #27 Phoenix Owner-Operator Manual

Journal #47 Pre-Flight Instructions For The Phoenix

Let us answer the question, "How do I leave Planet Earth when Esu (Jesus) Immanuel returns?

First, only those who are "enlightened" will be allowed to go with Esu (Jesus) Immanuel to "Heaven" or the Lighted Realms. To be "enlightened" means to understand the Truth of God's Laws and The Laws of Creation, and to live that Truth in your personal life. The present-day record of God's Laws and The Laws of Creation, also known as The Laws of Balance, is found in the Phoenix Journals, especially volume 27, entitled The Phoenix Owner-Operator Manual.

Once you have understood these laws and your errors, you are to forgive yourself, forgive those whom you have wronged, and then ask your God-Spirit within to forgive you as well. By doing this you release yourself from your evil past and move into God's Light, Love, and protection. You then proceed through the wisdom of Truth to live the Laws of Balance in all your daily affairs. At that point, when by your own free-will you decide to follow The Laws of Balance and have forgiven yourself of your errors, your name will be placed in The Book of Life of the Lighted Realms. You will then be under Commander Hatonn's protection and scheduled for pick-up when lift-off time occurs.

Esu (Jesus) Immanuel has returned, as he said he would, in 2000 years at the end of the age. He returned in 1954 and is on Commander Hatonn's starship, "The Phoenix", which is presently orbiting Planet Earth. After 2000 years of learning, "Jesus" has earned the name, Sananda. This celestial name means "all power of the Central Sun", and Sananda is now the King of Truth. He is awaiting God's orders to lift off the remnant, those who are "enlightened", and take them to Pleiades (Heaven) of The Lighted Realms. This may happen at any moment! The remaining time to lift-off "One" is very short..

Many people who associate with Satan's Christian Cult Churches today believe in a "rapture" in which Jesus is to return in the clouds and sweep them up into the clouds---up, up and away to "Heaven"! This is part of Satan's "Lie!" The Hosts of Heaven, our celestial brothers and sisters, have always used starships to travel from star to star or from planet to planet. Sananda (Jesus), after his baptism by John the Baptist at the Jordan River, left in a spaceship for his 40 days of "wilderness" experience. At his ascension, Sananda (Jesus) again left his disciples via a spaceship., He told them that he would return the same way he left them. That, he will do! Satan's trick is to have you believe otherwise and miss lift-off.

Those who are "enlightened" and are walking their Lighted pathway will know when lift-off "One" occurs. They are under Commander Hatonn's protection, and the Pleiadean's computer, Ashtar Command, has "locked" onto them and constantly monitors their location. When a starship approaches one may ask, "Are you of the Lighted Realms"? Divine Law requires that the ship commander must give a reply of "yes" or "no". Of course, those who are "enlightened" know to only board a starship of the "Lighted Realms". Without fear they simply step into the beam of light and are transported aboard the starship. From there they will decide where they will go for their next assignments in soul growth in Heaven's Realms.

By free-will choice many people will choose to follow the "Lie" of Satan and the world controllers. They will miss lift-off "One"! To choose to stay on Planet Earth means to choose to endure the tribulation of great earth changes as the Earth cleanses herself of man's toxins and evil thoughts.

Sananda (Jesus) told his disciples that he would return at the "end of the age". We are now at that point. This is the end of our civilization. Planet Earth has already entered her new cycle as of August 17, 1987, and is moving into fourth dimension.

As a "living being", our Earth has now earned the right to cleanse herself of all pollution, evil thought, negative energies, and to move into celestial fourth dimension. Sananda (Jesus) will face his evil brother, Satan, and in the ensuing spiritual battle, Satan will be defeated and all evil will be removed from Planet Earth forever. After her cycle of rebirth, only "enlightened" celestial humans will be allowed to live again on Planet Earth. Therefore, everyone of third dimension must soon leave this Earth. The "enlightened" ones will go on to fourth and higher dimensions in the Lighted Realms (Heaven). Many people will recycle to other third dimension planets and continue their pathway of soul perfection on the "wheel of reincarnations". Some will go to the void (Hell) where they will still have a free-will to choose their destiny. The ultimate question, of course, is "where will you go?

In summary, then, the first task before you is to allow your God-Spirit within to determine for you what is Truth. Next, you must understand The Laws of God and Creation and forgive yourself and others for your errors. You must then ask your God-Spirit to forgive you as well. You must then live The Laws of God and Creation in all of your daily experience as you await the glorious time when you will be physically transported through beams of Light to a starship. There you will meet Sananda (Jesus), Commander Hatonn, the disciples, the Ascended Masters and all our space brothers and sisters---and those other "enlightened" ones who have come from Planet Earth. In joyous celebration we will leave Satan and his evil spirits to be swept into the Void as we soar through the cosmos of the Lighted Realms to our next assignments.

Herein I have presented you Truth. Now you must choose! May all your choices be made with wisdom, and may you in Truth find your pathway of Light back to the stars. Two precepts stand for all time. They are: TRUTH IS----and GOD WINS!

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