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Pleiades Connection "Return of the Phoenix", Vol 1, Chapter 23

Creator God Aton/Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

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k sphere-shaped clouds of light without tails. But of this sort or comet are innumerous ones. The veil-like comets are the most frequent ones, and they possess three main characteristics: They are surrounded by a veil coma, without or with inner central densification; then the core and then the tail. The forms of the coma can be very different: elliptical, round, or drawn out in any direction. The central densification appears that way, that the coma becomes brighter and more compact on the inside.

The core itself forms a brightly shining zone and embodies the essential comet, which can measure a few hundred meters in diameter up to many thousands of kilometers , while the total diameter of the comet’s head, measured together with the coma, amounts often to many hundred thousand or even millions of miles.

Each, from the sort of comet and the influences, consists in the tail of dust particles or of forms of gas, mineral substance (from which, for instance, we glean substances), or of all these particles formed together. Tails of merely gas, keep themselves within much closer dimensions than do the dust particulate tails, which only appear in greater brightness and these are tenuously enormous.

The system-connected comets have very long elliptical courses which extend themselves very far out into the cosmos. These courses lead very often half way or even more, into other systems, until they begin their return flight again towards their originating system. But the courses can also run so far that the way may pass through one or several systems and the path becomes longer accordingly. Because of the great distance of these courses, the comets often require multiple decades of years before they return to their home systems, while on the contrary, system-wanderers, comets which fly about through different systems, hold orbiting times of many hundreds of thousands of years. Like all planets, so also are comets subjected to the laws of gravity, thus they also form their courses accordingly.

These different courses and their lengths of cycle are decisive for changes and occurrences in the differing systems of stars and suns, even as such occurrences and changes are only rare.

In less detail I have already spoken to the subjects outlaid herein—and have pointed out that your solar system partners in the form of planets have in most instances suffered the same cycles as has Earth—only to end up at the destruction of the very life-forms aboard. When you have topography which can only be created by water—on a planet which appears to have no moisture but, rather, temperatures of incredible degree—it is truth before your eyes. If your own atmosphere ignites and fails to blow apart your planet orb itself—there goes Earth!


This comet explanation is to allow movement into explanation regarding Venus wherein at this time no human life runs about and plays upon her surface. Millions of years past, a huge dark star destroyed half of a planetary system many light-years distant from your solar system. After the destruction of that distant system, the wanderer rushed out to the widths of the Universe, and took up its course towards Earth, where it was forced by the great planets and the sun into a new orbit which in consequence of that brought it on again and again into your system. I suggest you pay very close attention to this lesson for it has great impact on your very existence—that same comet continues its cycling.

At that time it was recognized by a label handed down through the oral traditions as “the destroyer”; it followed its new course and produced for itself in the course of millions of years, a stable orbit to some extent—but with these travelers, there is never “permanent stability”. This course led the destroyer uncontrollably close to stars and other systems, and on to other wandering stars and comets, which were by its own gigantic size then forced out of their own orbits or were attracted by its gravity and were for all practical description—kidnapped.

This happened only a few thousand of your own years ago, when this immense destroyer drew an object into its gravity and course and led it over many millions of miles toward the Earth’s solar system. This comet, now of immense size, passed very far outside the reach of Earth gravity, but the object trailing in its gravity field passed dangerously close to Earth and evoked great catastrophes.

The whole of your solar system was plunged into disorder and chaos at that time and all its planets were pushed into new orbits. This represents massive destruction, dear one—MASSIVE! THE NEW OBJECT DISTURBING THE HARMONY WAS FORCED BY THE GRAVITY OF THE GREATER PLANETS AND THE SUN INTO A COURSE BETWEEN EARTH AND WHAT YOU HAVE LABELED MERCURY, AND WAS UNABLE TO LEAVE THE SYSTEM. That orb, being the brightest and most reflective planet of Earth’s solar system, circles since then around the sun and is called by the Earth humans “Venus”.

I might add herein, that we choose the very orbs for our orbiting “anchors” of tremendously large craft placed between you and the orb. We can function in full visibility without any of you taking note to any extent at all—the astronomers know we are there but the information is not allowed distribution. So be it.

These events, where Venus was held by the Earth’s solar system, happened almost four thousand or so, years ago. By the events of the time Venus was guided into a very quiet course, for which it has one of the least eccentric orbits. This is the essential effect of that ancient close passage to Earth, by which the rotation of Venus was also influenced. By the gravity of Earth, the rotation of Venus was slowed and it started rotating in the opposite direction. And in effect of the very short time of passage through Earth’s gravity, the rotation of the slowed planet was not able to increase itself, for which reason it attained an extremely long time for only one rotation, and maintains from that time the slowest rotation time in your whole solar system.

Since then, one day in your counting on Venus has a duration of approximately 117 Earth days, while the time for rotation around the 30 degree inclined axis of the poles amounts to some 243 Earth days.

By the gravity of Earth Venus was robbed in its flight those thousands of years ago of its own rotational energy, and there arose a very great heat of friction. And this frictional heat is also the cause of the physical conditions which presently reign on Venus—not having been destroyed in the same manner as other inhabited planets originally having life-forms.

When we refer to bases on a given planet, we speak of what you would call satellite bases—or platforms. We do not speak of typical life-forms as humans as you recognize your species. There is no physical life form able to sustain in those physical conditions which presently are in reign on Venus. The physical conditions alone show the falsity of all those who would affirm that human life exists on Venus—much less some great voice and/or contact from beings based on that placement. If ones come from Venus—they do not come from the surface thereof. God does not alter natural laws of physics. The physical conditions alone show the falsity of all those who would affirm that human life exists on Venus itself. The matter thereof is completely outside the frame of natural chance, because the environmental conditions on Venus’ surface and the atmosphere are absolutely deadly of human creatures or any of the other conjured forms of life as presented unto you. Any forms on such a placement would, of necessity of existence, be etheric in form—oops!

The surface of Venus as measured by temperature guages measures at a depth of some 32 kilometers, is presently registered at 457 degrees Celsius in your language—yes, we can measure quite definitively and travel through the atmosphere quite comfortably for we are entirely self-contained. We utilize much material from such star entities.

This is also the reason why all the water of this planet has turned to vapor and forms the very thick stratum of clouds. That also produces an atmosphere so dense that the pressure at an accepted sea level is some 334 times higher than of the air on your Earth. Interpreted in your scientific terms, the atmosphere of Venus is also a danger to the life of human creatures, because it consists by volume of 87% carbon dioxide, while the percentage differs in some places. There are life-forms in other places which can handle an extreme level of carbon dioxide—but not on Venus, dear ones. You have, however, invited in some of these very beings who came to assist you with your increasing levels of carbon dioxide—and you simply incinerated them for their goodly efforts to respond to you. Oxygen exists at present in the lower stratums in only some 4.23%, and nitrogen and rare gasses are reported to be 55.47%. Water vapor is very rare indeed and the atmosphere is considerably greater than that of your Earth. The actual pressure of the Venus atmosphere is about 107-110 times greater than the pressure of your Earth’s atmosphere. This is also a matter which is very hostile to human forms—or any life-form for that matter. By this tremendous pressure, human forms of life would simply be squashed to indiscernability and destroyed as trash in a compactor. Even metallic forms suffer the same fate. In explanation, I wish to reveal herein that we have found on Venus, Earthly apparatus, which by the immense pressure of the atmosphere of Venus was completely squashed and damaged even before reaching the surface of that planet. Therefore, all subsequent bases are set up outside the atmosphere and simply identified as Venus bases. Russia, by far, leads the pack of your nations of Earth in dumping debris all over the landscape of Venus in various degrees of “squashness”.

Venus has a magnetic field of very low measurement, and also what you call the “Van Allen Belt” is expressed very low, in consequence of which what you call the “solar wind” factor is not screened to any extent at all. They must be regarded as well the very high temperature, which injures the belt. But also the lack of water has its consequences in nourishing the hostility against all life-forms of the planet. From the event of those thousands of years ago, the planet is at present in the first phases of recovery and restoration. Slowly, over the course of millenniums, natural conditions for life and forms of life of the most primitive kind will begin to develop, as those are usual on each emerging life-developing world. Thus, for even the most unreasonable one, it is evident that we are dealing, in the case of Venus, with a planet that is making its first moves within the status of ability to produce and sustain life. Eventually it will be housing life-forms and even human.

With regard to the planet itself, it must be explained that especially in its equatorial regions it is very flat with structured relief regions far away. Concerning the temperature, day and night sides are nearly equal, while there are great differences in the strength of the wind between the lower and the higher regions. At the surface itself the wind is still, and first develops in the higher regions. At still higher regions the winds increase very much and reach velocities of some 117 meters per second. The lower level of clouds exist at about 43.17 kilometers above the surface, but this can vary because of atmospheric storms, pressures etc. This is especially likely over those regions where the winds are pressed downwards and reach the surface and blow against the mountain, which themselves reach heights of 2.3 kilometers on average.

The climate and structural weather are on the whole very constant on Venus, but nevertheless show certain differences. Thus it is that human life on that planet is up to now still impossible if not accorded technical means for survival in great protection.

In this sense then, mentioned by deceivers, no life, in fact, exists on Venus as projected by would-be “channels” and authorities on metaphysical and “New Age” stages of disinformation. There are other forms of life which do exist thereon, but there can be no manner of comparison between these and human life-forms. The planet is still extremely wild in nature and it could not be otherwise in the natural evolution of only a few thousand years. For example, look unto your “Moon”, as when you look at it you have nearly a copy of the Venus which presents itself below the thick stratum of clouds. You have, effectively, a created imitation Moon, dear ones. When we, or other forms of life go to Venus, which is rich in different minerals and other materials, it is only possible for us by using highly specialized protective gear to function in any manner—that hardly indicates that you humans of Earth technology romp around in your sun-suits tossing out words of wisdom to your Earthbound brethren.

Our protective gear is most sophisticated indeed and, furthermore, we do most of our exploration from aboard ship. Great protective measures must be taken to preserve the life-form from the dangerous influences of the Venusian atmosphere, the great heat, and as well, in regards to the differing forms of poisons and gasses which move as deadly clouds over the planet. Because the planet is subjected to certain differences, we must also take this into consideration, as for example, for different locations where the temperature increases to more than 500 degrees CELSIUS directly on the surface, and where also the values of carbon dioxides, of nitrogens, helium, argon and neon gasses change values; while also the atmospheric pressures differ between 88 up to 107-110 atmospheres (AT).

These are, therefore, the basic explanations which I have to offer in respect to the ability of human or similar to human life-forms existing on the planet Venus. If I had to describe other planets of your sun system, then by regret also there I would have to refute at different planets the deceptive information of certain elements and substitute for it the real truth, because other supposedly inhabited planets of your system contain no such forms of human life at this time—either. Depending upon the reason for this loss of life sustaining format, there is often great histories of great civilizations having at one time lived as well as you of Earth upon their orbs. There are, however, bases on some of your planets in your system put there by some aliens and some of your own peoples. Russia, has by far, the most advanced abilities in that direction, than any other nation on your own orb.


Let us close this segment as it has grown far too lengthy.

I hereby move to stand-by,

Hatonn to clear, please. I do further ask that you not mistake my own identity and/or service. My attachment is with one recognized as Aton and it will serve all my brethren to hold that closely in your hearts! Saalome’ and Salu.

Please remove yourselves from this placement the remainder of this day. It is not safe as this subject is most unwanted in circulation. Get away and allow us to tend of the electronics in your absence. Thank you.

END OF JOURNAL #30. There are seven more Journals in the Pleiades Connection series, #31-37.

(NOTE: The next Journal to be presented on Fourwinds shall be Phoenix Journal #7, "The Rainbow Masters)