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TUE., APR. 25, 1989    6:00 A.M.    YEAR 2, DAY 252

Good morning, Dharma, and it is a good morning.  I know, child, ye had of great revelations in thy night and they have re­turned with you.  As we all have accepted responsibility it has been a heavy load under which we chafe and squirm.  When thee “know thyself” it takes a while to come into balance, so let it be at rest for a time of digestion.

I AM Lady Nada of the Sixth Ray; the Cohan if you will, the bringer of truth of communications on soul levels and nurtur­ing; minister­ing and service.  I come most closely wrapped in the robes of vio­let and gold from my close as­sociation with Germain and Master Esu Jesus.  You of the flock will need of my experi­ence and lessons whether ye be masculine or feminine.

I too, had to learn the Path of Love with the Great Ascended Masters.  I also learned that everyone who goes forth to serve has moments of self-doubt or thinks that after all of their ef­forts, their works are not too good, or that no one will want them, or be­lieve them, or that no one will appreciate of their talent.  There is a moment of total self-blindness when an in­dividual may ac­tually make a choice NOT to go forward with their ac­cepted work.  This is a very difficult impact on those ones who have depended upon that one to ful­fill his or her, task.  The days grow short upon thy place as ye know it; ye are in the days of decisions and action.  These are days when ye must stand strong lest ye be pulled down.

Ye ones have just been severed from any income resource.  The sus­taining funds have ceased.  What will ye do?  Oh, I see and I thank you brethren—ye will just go on and ye will trust of us to show thee the way.  So be it for as ye release it unto us, it is done.  Do not despair for the plan is yet in unfold­ment.

It serves ye ones well to remember thy talent in the serving as the “Mother”; the nurturing nature of Mother Creation which abides within all beings, male or female, for there is no dif­ference in the realms of Higher Understanding.  No difference.  For on the magnif­icent levels, there is total balance; total harmony of flow and in­tegration.  Only our thrust is in differ­ence that all facets of ex­perience can be best utilized.

It is the wondrous flaming heart of the Mother embodied in the friend, the loved one, the ministering one that provides that help when the individual himself must give all strength and en­ergy, all of his drive to the making of the mark at that pre­cise moment.  Therefore, even the Christ on the representa­tive four­teen “stations” of the cross still had the balance of this mother, hold­ing the flame of watchfulness, of encouragement, of beauty, and of the divine memory of the end that is known from the be­ginning.



Please understand that even the rotations of the planets, the move­ments of the stars in their courses are perpetual example, rein­forced subconsciously, that all of life is in the ritual of minis­tration and that the repetition of the ministering is the ne­cessity and the beauty of Christ appearing.  As you come to see the need for daily service to be repeated without fail each and every day (as with your receiving, Dharma, and the sharing) in any and all of your occupations, you move from the mastery of individual Christhood on the Sixth Ray into and on to the full mastery of the Seventh Ray.

 You will find thyself in repetition upon repetition.  You will find yourself saying, “I have told this person over and over, not once but many times over, and still they move against the principle of this law”.  Well, this allows thee to see, beloved ones, that is the obvious need for continued ministration.  It is like the water­ing of the flowers; the garden.  The rains come and they come again into growth, and the elementals do not com­plain that they had given water “only yesterday”.  We who come as the teach­ers often forget there are things we all need on a daily basis.  And yet when it comes to the teaching of the sa­cred precepts of the Law, we think somehow, either in igno­rance or in pride, that if we have given our teaching, our word ought to be en­acted.  Fur­ther, if it is not enacted, well, it is too bad for that individual—they had their chance.

If the angels took this attitude, I dare say that none of you would have a ministering angel today.  For you have been minis­tered unto for tens of thou­sands of years.  So you see, when it is one­self, it is easy to understand that one may need comfort and need it again and again.  In the giving to other, however, you think, “Why is this person always, always needing comfort when God is obviously so always present?”

Well, “that” God needs to be obviously present in YOU!  In turn it is obvious, or should be to you, that the individual cannot see God or understand His comfort unless you bring it person­ally.  Therefore, in your perception of oth­ers’ needs, you must put on your Godhood, instead of your perception of your own needs and become the balance which keeps on keeping on.

We the Cohans, therefore observe.  We allow souls of Light to pursue the Path in this way for many years, for we know the end must soon come.  When they have finally magnetized ev­erything they could think of under the sun and realize that their souls are still empty and there is still that longing for the lost chord, they may come to the realization that it is not the use of the Path for the getting unto oneself, but the use of the Path in order to supply the needs of others that is its highest application.



You have truly arrived when you have no needs or wants, and you think to yourself, “How rich I am in the wisdom of God, His glory, and His Love”.  Further, when someone might ask what ye would need or prefer as a gift, et cetera, ye can think of noth­ing with which to respond—you have all thee needs for per­fection within.

For many along the Path, they consider the mark of attainment to be the fullness of health, wealth, and happiness; for them these are their standards of spirituality.  Well, dear ones, some of the most spiritual people in the world are so bearing the bur­dens of life that they may be in abject poverty, they may have nothing.  They may be burdened with incurable disease, they may be bowed down with all sorts of problems.  And those who point the fin­ger and condemn or judge are the very ones who “need” at­tainment on the Sixth Ray of Ministration and Service.

If they would run to the aid of that one, they would discover in themselves the lack of the one great gift that individual pos­sesses: Love.  Love that re­places “fear”.  Love within the heart that is content to bear the burden of oth­ers.  Love within the heart that trusts God in the hour of adversity.  Love that does not complain simply because all things are not in the fullness of the richness of Western civilization, as the dreams of this West are created out of the images of opulence, luxuriousness, un­ending food, et cetera.  Do not mis­understand and assume that if these things are present it is less than won­drous.  It is in­ner satisfac­tion and balance of which I speak, not “things”.

“Things” are nice to have if thee can maintain balance in the nec­essary ability to release without care or pain, the things of matter and comfort.  If you can let them go; ye have “made it”.  If you can let them go if necessary, you will have gained grand entry into the Kingdom.  It is thy willingness within which is the key to the door of greatness.

I am come in the flow and the rhythm of God’s Love that moves across eter­nity in undulations of sound, calling the souls of all evolutions in the stellar worlds home to the heart of God.

The great summoning of Life is for souls who have evolved in the outer realms of time and space to return to a center of Be­ing that is Awareness, that is Truth, that is Life.  Man must go within, for the souls of mankind are tired of evolution in dark­ness and chaos

Souls have not built the great amphitheater of life where the great drama can be outplayed in nobility after the image and likeness of the Christed ones. Therefore, the weariness of the soul is not in outer manifestation, but the weariness of the soul is in the outer manifestation that is not Whole, that is not com­plete because of wrong sowing and of wrong “knowing”.

Mankind have not known the Truth that should make them free, but they have known the Lie and been condemned by that Lie.  Thus, the weariness of the ways of the flesh, the experimenta­tion with the uses of the Sacred Fires that is inordinate in the sight of God.  I come as a Cosmic Mother and as a member of the Higher Realms to draw the tired, the poor, the weary, those who have been burdened by the world and have not remembered the words of the Prince of Peace, “My burden is Light”.  For every burden you carry, precious ones, can be changed in the twin­kling of an eye into Light and Light’s manifestation, Light’s toleration of it­self.

Light is infinite, and thus the starry light that portends an infi­nite Cosmos waiting to be received, waiting to be filled with the fruits of the harvest of souls can be seen, can be known, can be experienced by souls who will come within into the inner Being, into the chamber of the heart place.

When you come into that stillness and you begin to meditate upon God (become one with thy Godness), you will first be moved and stirred by the regular beat of God’s heart.  In that beat is the pattern of the release of en­ergy for a Cosmos, a rose, a seed, a soul.  It is the regular advancing rhythm of energy spi­raling from a fiery core to the circumference of its inher­ent de­sign.

When you come into the center of the heart and meditate upon these con­cepts, you will at first wonder at the grandness of God’s being-ness.  By and by as you think upon these things and that Being, you will come to realize that you are thinking upon your very own being, your very own life, for God is Life.  In fact, chelas, God and Life are synonymous.



The sounding of the great tone which marks the birth of the soul is a mystical awareness of identity as the I AM THAT I AM.  Fur­ther, that which “I AM” is God, and that which “I AM” is the soul when you  say I AM THAT I AM.

When God then speaks, He is saying, “I AM that soul, I AM that awareness of self, I AM that I am”.  When the soul speaks in the first person echoing the words of the Creator, the soul de­clares, “I AM”.  Then, as the energies flow from the Spirit to the soul, from the soul to the Spirit, from God to man, from man to God, who can say at what point God is becoming man, man is becoming God?  Who can say at what point there is the vortex of the inter­change where God is man and man IS God?  Therefore, I AM THAT I AM.  For in the Law of the One the Alpha is become the Omega, the beginning and the ending, and the Omega is be­come the Alpha, the end has become the start.  The cycle infi­nite!  This is the Sacred Circle closed within the “Christness” of self and oneness with all.

Being is one, Life is one.  But there is a divinity of polarity which manifests in order that God might have subjective aware­ness of Self, and that man might have an objective awareness of self—that God might have an objective awareness of Self, that man might have a subjective awareness of Self.  Thus, in the flow of Life transcending Life, ALL BEING IS INDEED “ONE”.

As you contemplate this great mystery in the center of God’s (Self’s) heart gathering more of the flame of Spirit into the soul, you reach a point in meditation, in oneness, where you might say your soul could burst with the fervor of the Divine Light.  Then comes that great and wondrous desire to burst forth as a bud would in the springtime, as a blossom on a plant, as a leaf on a tree and as a wondrous bird flying from the nest—a fledgling ready to ex­perience Life.

At some point you must release those energies that have been winding tighter and tighter within.  The “spring” must at some point be released, the energy must be allowed expansion and the spirals must go forth.  The cycles must be released for cycles in­crease the identity of God.  Man’s awareness spins from the center to the periphery of God’s Cosmic Consciousness.

Man’s whereabouts in time and space are limited only by his use or misuse of energy.  Using energy wisely and well, man tran­scends finite spheres and blends his consciousness into one­ness; allness—I AM “HE”, I AM “THOU”, I AM “THEY”—I AM “ME”.  I AM BROTHERHOOD.


Brotherhood is the union of souls who have gone forth from the center of Be-ness.  All beings who have identified with God throughout the ages are connected.  It is through this brother­hood that we shall accomplish this wondrous transition which is coming.  There is much speculation upon these matters; the prophecies have been made from the beginning of life upon thy place—the cycles explored and predicted.  So be it, chelas, for it is coming to be in thy present “time”.  We are connected di­rectly to your energy flow, at this sequence point, I in the Pleiades, you upon the planet of dense compression.  You know within, however, that the brotherhood stretches as our “oneness” spans time and space.

Let us remain ever within the violet flame which holds us bound as one in service, that the transmutation which some will call the Rapture or the Translation might pass smoothly and the Tribulation be surmounted by the ones of the Master’s fold.  Aton will give thee what ye need to understand and know of all of these things.  Thy time is at hand; allow it to be a won­drous adventure, beloved ones.

Ye shall be meeting us most quickly within the unlimits of the Cosmos for we shall come from the clouds to enfold thee.

In infinite Love and Service,