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"Hello, Central!" I Needed To Get Away, Not Just For The Winter!"

Patrick H. Bellringer

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I moved to Vieques, PR, January 3rd 2007 from Brooklyn, NY.

I moved because I wanted to get away. Get away for the winter, even though the weather in NYC this "winter" is by no consequence a "little" warmer than "usual."

I needed to get away. Not just for the winter.







This mass confusion and unbalanced energy all around me from people who don't care to learn the truth and who believe everything "The Official Government, Media, Scientists, and Religious Leaders" tell them - Causing everything to remain the way it is. I don't like to say this but would NESARA really make all of these people wake up? The ongoing struggle for NESARA is still going on and there will still be a lot of struggle even if it is passed. By the sounds of it Mother Earth doesn't have 20 plus to a hundred years left. Greed would still exist within the millions of people who choose to keep denying for their own selfish reasons. It's always going to be a big 3D mess until we get on those ships and become who it is we're meant to be. Some people are just never gona get it, no matter what. The darkside dug us into this hole knowing we wouldn't be able to get out of it. Too bad for them many of us realize that the idea isn't to get out of the hole back into the same reality - it's too keep digging 'till you reach the other side.

Bless the ones who truly know the truth and accept it.

I send love to the ones who deep down inside "know," but wont admit it because they are too infected by the darkside's "society" that we have allowed to be placed upon us.

I pray for the ones who will deny and deny, no matter what you tell them. Like you said, if Hatton showed up at one of these person's doorsteps they still wouldn't believe it.

So, basically everything that is wrong with the whole entire world is why I just packed up and moved to a tropical island in the Caribbean Bermuda Triangle. I know I can't really escape this madness no matter where I go as long as things remain the way they are.

But its working. I'm happier than I have ever been.

I moved with little money, because I simply don't care about money anymore. The money I had went fast, but I've been fortunate to always be able to eat and do what it is I need to do. My friends help me, I help them. Karma is a beautiful thing. Money does not control me. Life is not about making as much money as possible nor is it about allowing anything petty and ridiculous to control you.

I saw a UFO the first week I got here. I was on the phone with my friend, it was night, I looked up through the trees, down the road and suddenly - a sparkling, glowing, bright white object SAILED slowly over me through the horizon and disappeared. It had a bright white sparkling trail behind it, made no sound, and was flying extremely low, lower than a plane, below the clouds, and it was BIG. If it was a comet or "space-junk" then it should have crashed, and it didn't.

It was absolutely gorgeous! My heart raced with joy and excitement like any other time I saw a UFO. I knew what I saw, and I knew it couldn't be a comet or a "government aircraft." In a way I couldn't even comprehend how it moved or looked, my mind and eyes had never seen anything like it. The light that engulfed the whole craft was most certainly not mechanical or earth-man-made. It sent me no negative energy and it was the most warm, bright white light I now know of.

The stars here are amazing. I was wondering why those certain ones were blinking and sparkling the colors of the rainbow at me! Even though I knew exactly what they were, thank you for verifying that! ;) It's always great coming to fourwinds and reading things that currently relate to what I see and do in my life.

The power on the whole island went out one night. I'm from the country (western NY state) where there are a lot of stars to see and I've never seen so many stars in my whole life. The blinking rainbow "stars" were everywhere.

I'm very happy here. Before I left NY, everyone asked me if I, "was, like, rich or something?!" -to just pack up and leave like that.

My response is YES. Just not the way "society" defines it ;)

Money does not stop you. You stop you.

I've had enough of it. I've had enough of this mess that is never going to end until Mom sets it all straight again. I hear people complaining because they're probably not going to get any money from NESARA. What do they want that money for anyway? To stay in 3D longer? Don't they realize in 5D they don't need money because they can create whatever they want just by envisioning it!? MONEY MAKES EVERYONE TWISTED AND UPSIDE DOWN. IT'S A NEVER ENDING FLOW OF NEGATIVE ENERGY. ITS THE CHEESE ON THE MOUSE TRAP THAT WE ALWAYS FALL FOR. ITS THE 3D WILD CARD THAT WILL NEVER SOLVE ANYTHING.

I'm 23 years old and I'm here because since I was a child I've always wanted to escape to an island. I don't know why, but by the looks of all the signs that surround me, I'm definitely supposed to be here. Not to mention, this sun and salt water really does cleanse one's self! :)

I want to tell everyone to live and be happy now! Forget the rules and regulations that restrict us all! DO NOT BE AFRAID. Stay in contact with your angels, let them know you'll do what you have to do and ask them for assistance, send them appreciation and love and simply go out there and do what it is you think you need to do. If finding your peace and truth and spreading it on an island is what you desire before "it all goes down" then so be it! If it's doing things you know deep down are wrong and selfish, then I'm sorry my friends, but thats most likely exactly why you can't do them and quite possibly why you're not going to get "your" money.


Let our Mother Earth know she is appreciated and we approve of her decision.

Love In Every Color,



FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer


DATE: Jan. 31, 2007


Dear AM:

Thank you for your letter and kind words. I am glad that you have found your "mecca". You probably saw a shuttle craft, which are being seen in many places now. The ships in the night sky are more numerous and more active, as they are on Red Alert in preparation for evacuation of Earth Shan.

May you find your peace and truth, and spread it on your island, and may you cause many to awaken.

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer