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'Hello, Central!' How Do I Properly Meditate and Change My Life?

Patrick H. Bellringer

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From: RW
Sent: Friday, December 05, 2008 9:51 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10


 Dear Patrick,

 I have to get off of this roller coaster once and for good! My time for full self-awareness is well overdue. I ask of your assistance once more, because I always could; you are like a father to me.

 How do I properly meditate? How do I bring the protective Lights upon me and keep them there? How do I quit smoking? How do I improve my intuition? How do I stay conscious of all my actions? I know that once one is accomplished the rest will come easy, but it is difficult to express feelings when in a rut.

  I want to obtain the state where I know all is fine, and I just KNOW, you know?

  You\'ve almost never given me a straight answer. I love you for that. Because of your tough love I was able to come to many many realizations and breakthroughs myself. But I feel I am missing some raw materials on my journey that are quite necessary for survival.  The escape from physicality requires physical effort; am I wrong?

  Much Love and gratefulness for merely writing this letter has uplifted me,



FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
      TO:  RW
DATE:  Dec. 5, 2008
Dear RW:
    We journey together on the Red Road of Truth, ever seeking Truth to guide us.  I am humbled at your request.
    There is no "one way" to meditate, but Hatonn suggests that we find a quiet place and calm our mind.  We are to focus our attention within to our God Spirit and to our Mighty I AM Presence, the real you that is our connection to Creator God and the Realms of Light.
    Feel the presence of your Angel Guides, the Ascended Masters and of Creator God.  Through your thoughts talk to them, for they are only a thought away.   You connect to them by your thoughts.  Tell them what you want them to know.  Ask for their help, then believe that you have it, and you do.  Doubt and you do not.  It is that simple.  It is called "faith".
    You improve intuition by practicing meditation, and listening to your heart and to your gut feelings and following them.  Know that they may run counter to what your brain is saying.  Ask for improved awareness of your actions and learn to respond to the signals your Angel Guides give you.
    Ask for the desire to smoke to be totally removed from you, and follow your request by your actions of disposing of all cigarettes and anything that would remind you of smoking.  The Angels will not do it for you, but they will assist you to stop smoking, when you ask for their help.  Tell them what you need, and then listen during your day for their signals and guidance.
    It is unnecessary to make daily appeals for help.  Your Angel Guides hear well, so a one time request is all that is needed.  The problem is always on your end, in believing or doubting.  For protection, through your thoughts request the White Light of Creator God Aton of Light to be placed around you completely and permanently.  Do the same for the Golden Light of Sananda and the Violet Light of Violinio Germain.  Your job then is to believe that you have it, and reinforce your faith daily or hourly, if needed, by thanking them for your protection.
    We are spiritual beings with great power.  Remind yourself of that, often.  You can conquer anything in this physical world of third dimension, with the help of Heaven.  Anything!  We are here for our lessons in soul growth, so learn them well.  Then you will graduate in grand style.  You are quite right in that it takes physical action on our part to change anything in both ourselves and in our world.
    Be in peace and in hope for a great future.
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer