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My loving greetings to all souls in the entire Cosmos!  It is with great honor for me to speak to all of you at this most wonderful time ever in all of Creation.  

You must know at this time that the greatest of all is CREATION, for Creation has created by thought all souled ones.  What is so beautiful and loving about Creation is that each one of you have been given that great power of Creation within each of you!  It is called your God Spirit within….your soul!

All of you have lessons to learn to feed that spark of God, so your soul grows to a mighty fire within.  Even though in the Lighted Realms you are great, each of you need to make your soul better, to feed it properly so that you, too, can create just like Creation!

It takes thousands of reincarnations to bring that spark to the growth it can be.  I compare it to a baby born.  You feed that baby food, give that precious one love and care, never leaving that little soul to fend for himself or herself. 

My analogy carries further to your soul, which is a tiny spark when you were created.  It is up to you to feed that soul to grow into a roaring fire to be the greatest that you can be.  All of us in the Lighted Realms continue on with lessons!

How do you grow your soul?  You reincarnate on a 3D planet of your choice and learn the lessons presented to you.  Hatonn said he had 66,000 lifestreams!  I have had many, too!    Patrick and Anne have had thousands of lifestreams, as well.

When you reincarnate on a 3D planet you must do so without memory of, who you really are in the Lighted Realms. If you knew everything you would not learn properly those lessons for soul growth. 

The Lighted Realms never leave you alone without guidance and help.  Creator God Aton gave you the Holy Books of the Lighted Realms for a guide to living the Laws of God and Creation.  We are here, also, to speak to each of you.  Some hear our voices speak and others know we speak to the through your intuition or feelings.  You are NEVER alone and never given any lessons you cannot pass. By that I mean meditate and let your soul speak to the Higher Realms for love, care ah\nd guidance.

The greatest school room in the entire Cosmos is Earth.  You know that answer to that statement!  Yes! It has (note I said “has”) been the home of the Satanian Empire, but also, many ones of the Niburian Empire.  Those Empires are gone, but the minions still are there for YOUR lessons! 

You live in the Universe of your choice….for there are billions of Universes in all of the Cosmos.  Earth resides in the Nebadon Universe which is in the Seventh Super Universe called Orvanton.  Just in this Super Universe, wrongly named the Milky Way Galaxy, are 178,000,000,000, life-supporting planets within, and an untold numnber of solar systems, and other universes.  

All of you are in one of the SEVEN Super Universes on a planet of your choice.   You all have a freewill to choose how you shall grow, and which planet you shall live upon for that growth.  If you learn your lessons, you graduate to the Higher Realms, but that is not the end for lessons continue on and on,   You may choose or ask if you would reincarnate again on a planet that needs your help, or for you to continue YOUR lessons.  Everything is about soul growth, for that is what you are….an eternal SOUL! Yes!  ETERNAL! 

Earth is a “graduate” schoolroom, one of the hardest planets EVER for soul growth.  She has earned the right to graduate, and that moment of such is now. 

I have Lightworkers that have helped to clean up Earth and prepare for her graduation.  These dear ones, my Flock, have also, helped all of the Cosmos and all souls to grow and be greater and greater.

All of the Lighted Realms and my Flock are very humble and privileged to be able to help the entire creation that has been made, for we are all ONE with each other,   Earth had disturbed the ENTIRE Cosmos, but now we can call her the great blue planet! 

Imagine the Cosmos is like a large piece of cloth.  One tear in that cloth can ruin the entire cloth.  In reality, the evil ones on Earth had disturbed all of Creation!  I thank my Lightworkers for their diligence  and desire to help clean up Earth, and to help the entire creation, but always with our help, for we work together.  Neither one of us can do it alone.

The great Chord to be struck, or the great music to be played is now happening. The giant “key board” has been found that was hidden over the entire Cosmos, and all keys are now in proper place in the Higher Realms, and shall be returned to the Niburian enlightened ones.

Mother Earth is now free to sing her celestial song!    ALL in the entire Cosmos have the right key to join in with this great music, as all the keys were thrown all over the neitre Cosmos have=been released from bondage by the Niburian Empire, and the music to be played is now etherically starting at a frequency of 169443.  The evil thwart of the dark side through Madonna (who is really a man) have now been stopped, and nothing evil shall disturb this celestial song EVER AGAIN!  When that great chord or music reaches a crescendo, all your memory on the 3D planets returns! 

What happens then?  Evacuation of Mother Earth!

In essence, all of creation, although new universes are being created, is moving to center.  Creation shall draw ALL of what has been created to be at rest within Creation.  None of us know when that happens, but is drawing in of all there is, is happening.  In the meantime, we ALL continue with our lessons!

We now shall see the graduation of Mother Earth to a higher dimension!  What a glorious event! 

All of you MUST know how precious you are to the Higher Realms.  In turn, you can send Liquid Love to all there is, or even to one person, your earth family and friends and then outward to all of Creation.

I now send all of you souled ones across the entire Cosmos all the Liquid Love possible! 









Creator God Aton requested that I give you a brief message today, and to leave his recent message for all to read, rather than making a new one to make sure his recent message is continually read.

So, I shall begin.

I am very pleased with what events have transpired to take final care of the Satanian and mainly Niburian residue that has disturbed the entire Cosmos.  Yes, their empires have been uncreated, but the residue from such demanded immediate attention. 

By that I mean their evil technology was hidden from view for millennia, and was still in operation.  How so?  The answer to that question is that there are still minions following their great technology to continue control of you.   These are the controllers, who thought their kingdom of evil was so hidden that no one would ever discover it, and destroy their control over you “rats” under their feet.

Ah so!  They did not realize that my Flock has their great God Power within to realize the hidden power places of the Niburians that have never been discovered.  Our help was asked by my Flock, and so the job was done to remove this technology forever.

I am not going into minute detail, but I shall tell you that the Lighted Realms beamed some of this advanced equipment used for evil control aboard ship!  Why?  It is because the equipment can be used for good rahter than evil. 

I could explain how far under the Earth these evil technologies existed, and were still in operation! The effects of the control encompassed all of Earth, her people and all of the moon.  Because everything is frequency, the evil effect was thrust over the entire Cosmos. 

The technology was placed in the U.S. in a pattern of North, South, West and East.  Oh, such a tangled web of deceit these evil ones weaved!

The Lighted Realms are very relieved and glorious for this final step taken.  We now tell Mother Earth to realize all is well, and that the great Chord can be played by her to do,as St. Michael told you in Journal 7.  Read his chapter again and the great event to happen when that heavenly music is played by the Moon.  We of the Lighted Realms may join her with the use of all that we gathered from the evil lairs.  

My message to all my Flock and to all souls all over the Cosmos is this:

Stay strong!  Wipe the sorrow from your brow and look up tot he Heavenly Help ready for your asking.  Clear yourself often of all evil and ask for your Chalice to be filled with Liquid Love, which includes balance, being focused, centered and calm, and for your frequencies to be raised to169,443.  That is the frequency of the great SONG played for all there is!

I send LIQUID LOVE to all there is on Earth and to the entire Cosmos.  Creation wishes all souls come to enlightenment before the great sleep.  I speak not just of human life but ALL that has been lovingly created!  Yes, eve the trees, and environmental lfe but all animals, birds and sea life.

What?  That will take a millennia!  NOT so!  They are far, far ahead of you humans, and already are waiting for you to join them.

Creation is very pleased.  It is my surmising of such a great sleep is closer than you think. 

As I look upon the souls that are graduating just from Earth’s Astral Plane, it is phenomenal!  This is happening all over the Cosmos.

Hallelujah !






My warmest and most loving greetings to all souls upon Mother Earth and the entire Cosmos, and all ones, who are reading these message that I have asked Anne to pen, for they are in tune with the Lighted Realms and the Phoenix Journals, the Holy Books of the Lighted Realms.

Even more hopeful than reading these messages, I am very pleased that many more ones have started reading the Phoenix Journals.  I speak of all those souls on all the Astral Planes across the Nebadon Universe and beyond to the entire Cosmos.  Many planets have had the Journals given to them with their own history, but the messages from the Light are the most valuable of all..  Indeed, they are the Holy Books given to you for a Guide to living om any 3D planet. 

The souls on Earth’s Astral Plane are avidly reading these Journals.  By request of my Lightworkers, many more buildings are provided on all Astral Planes for the learning souls to read the Journals,  and, also see read the negative Truth articles that reveal to them the how evil was the Satanian and Niburian Empires that had ruled Earth for millennia.    They realize now the desperation these evil ones are, as their “food” is nowhere to be found.

Even though evil has gained a great foothold on Mother Earth, there are still ones that carry the banner of Truth.  I call them my Flock. I have held these ones dear to my heart, and each one is protected by the Lighted Realms against all the bombarding evil technologies aimed at them to sway them from the Upper Path of Light.

I never said that the Higher Road was easy and there would be no problems, but I did tell all of my Flock to keep calm, focused and balanced, and above all ASK for my help, and take hand to climb the mountain together.

I understand all the problems each one of you Lightworkers face.   Some of you have spouses that are “not on the same page”, think you are in a cult of sorts, and have been swayed to the evil side.  That situation is not rare, for as Patrick has said many times, the same thing.  He said that in all his “Hello Centrals”, writings and contacts with people all over the world for twenty-six years, the same is true.  Indeed, it is RARE that both husband and wife are on the same page and work together as ONE, especially if they are Twin Flames.

Now, as time comes to a close for this civilization, soul lessons get harder.  It is like taking the final exams in college when the graduating student working on a Master’s Degree must face all his/her teachers for an oral exam, take a 3 to 4 hour written exam, and write a thesis.  Do you get point?

 If my Flock were to be taken home at this moment, who would finish up what is needed? All of you must stay strong.  I speak to the entire Cosmos of souls.  Keep centered focused, balanced and calm, and bring in the Liquid Love and Guidance of all that Heaven allows. 

Each day that is given to you is a blessing for all of you to live the great Laws of God and Creation.   Dear Earth is waiting for that great wave of Light from the Petitions to flow more powerful over the entire Cosmos.   It has brought Truth, Love, Light and Wisdom and Knowledge to countless souls across the entire Universe!  It, also has affected greatly to a positive degree all souls upon all Astral Planes.

Why do my Lightworkers have to wait again?  Some of the Petitions may need to be “beefed up” or important things added, etc.  It is important that every one of my Lightworkers can make their own Petitions for themselves those around them, and for all souls.  Do not forget the Power of Spirit within!

If Earth would turn right now, who would help the souls that need help to gain soul growth to graduate?  We, of the Lighted Realms, cannot do this, as it would be breaking the Law of Non-Interference.  It is YOU 3D ones of the Light that must do this WITH our help.  We work together!  That is how it works.  As each day passes more ones come awake, and I will say that it is just not on the Astral Plane, but throughout the entire Earth and ALL of the great Cosmos.  Do you now understand how important saying these Petitions are at this time?

The most important thing for each soul to do besides saying those petitions is to READ the JOURNALS, and re-read to understand their message to each of you. Meditate with the Lighted Realms and listen to their words of encouragement.  Some souls may not hear the words, but they have intuition and their God Spirit within to convey those great messages from the Light.

You are given ONE day at a time.  Yesterday is passed, and you cannot change that.  You cannot live in tomorrow land, either.  YOU HAVE THIS DAY!  Live it to the best you can to follow the Laws of God and Creation.  Help others as you can.  Say the Petitions, read, and especially CLEAR yourself of all negativity.

If you have your own Clearing, use it.  You are welcome to use the Clearing written for you to say before you say the great Petitions. 

My great LOVE to all.  The end is near, but I say again to stay focused, calm and balanced, and clear yourself many times a day if you get angry, frustrated, or depressed or……, and ask that the Violent Flame of St. Germain to transmute these evil energies to the ethers and be uncreated.   Always ask this to be done in the name of Sananda and the Blue Light of St. Michael.






SANANDA:  I AM SANANDA OF THE LIGHT ONE WITH CREATION, I greet all my Flock of enlightened ones and all souled ones upon Earth this 3rd Earth-day of May, 2022.

Since Earth is supporting for the last time a 3D civilization, life upon a third dimensional planet is based on space and linear time.  Youmeasure each day by seconds, minutes and hours. 

In the Lighted Realms there is no “time” or space.  However, when we communicate with you upon Earth, we do so in 3D perspective.  When I say “soon” about Mother Earth turning, I am giving the message according to 3D time, not eternity of the Lighted Realms, as that is not understood by 3D people.   Remember the old saying, “A thousand years is like a day in eternity?”

I see in my Flock of enlightened ones some discouragement and frustration that nothing good is happening.  The world is getting worse as the U.S. has been take over falsely by the Satanists (Communists/Sociaists/Naxis.  Their plans are to destroy the great U.S. and make it a third world country with mass starvation and death, leaving only a few “slaves” left to do their bidding.  They have made a good start at this.  Know that Mr. Biden is only a clone doing the bidding of the controllers!

Food prices are soaring, gas prices are skyrocketing and executive orders are flying by taking down all the goodness that has been put in place.

Now I tell you that what you see happening for good is like a tiny tip of a huge iceberg.  You look at this “tip” you see and think it is just a small chunk of floating ice.  You did not realize that the greatest portion of that tiny piece of ice hides what is beneath the surface, for there is a tremendous iceberg below you can’t see. 

Do you get the point?  Great things are happening of which you are not aware nor told, for if all these plans were to surface for everyone to seek the Darkside would have all the ammunition to destroy those plans. To whom do I refer?  I refer to Sananda’s Flock, for they have come forth in the power of their God Spirit and thwarted many plans of the Dark One, or as I call them the Dark Brotherhood.   This helpfulness, also, includes the Moon and the Cosmos.

To speak in 3D time, the great “BOOM” shall be very soon and unannounced.  You do know that means Mother Earth tipping on her axis.  The Dark Brothers know of this and have done everything in their power to stop Earth from turning with their advanced technology.  They have, also, attacked the Lightworkers in every conceivable way to eliminate them However, nothing, and I mean NOTHING can harm my flock or stop Earth from graduating,  as she has done thousands of times In the past.

However, I want all of you to know that ALL souls are precious, even tie Dark Brotherhood.  Of course, if a souled one is cloned and then births more clones, these ones would have no soul.  Therefore, when Earth changes happen, those clones, according to Hatonn shall go POOF!

I need to mention again that all souls, have been given choices.  Rather than repetitiousness, shall have Anne place herein the Petition that Creation, Creator Source, and the Council of Light have approved:


We petition by our mighty God Spirit within, for a great, great Love of our Creator, all the Lighted Masters and all of Creation.

By our Mighty I Am Presence we petition for every single soul of Creation, still here on Mother Earth, Shan, and for every single soul of Creation, that has ever been created in the entire Cosmos, to be brought back to the light immediately, or given a chance to learn all their lessons by coming back to the astral plain whether they went to the void, the pool of reincarnation, were afraid to step into the beam or doorway of light and perished in Planetary transitioning changes, turned away the Truth, or they didn’t learn their lessons while they were in a 3D life stream.

We petition all souls to have a choice to go and live 350,000 years of 3D life streams or as many life streams they agree to, or they can start on the level of the astral plain of their present soul growth and work extremely hard and learn their lessons and graduate from there.

We humbly understand that each soul has a contract with their Creator. We also humbly ask that they be given more than one choice for lessons and soul growth. We understand the choice is up to each soul.  We humbly ask for this petition to be granted to all of Creation.

We petition, for all souls in the entire cosmos to have learned their lessons and have graduated before the great sleep!  We petition for no soul to go through the AGONY of the great sleep in 3D, in the void or on the astral plain.

We petition for the Cosmos to be continuously washed with Love, over and over and over again and to have the love washing continue on forever!  All souls are so precious!  All souls are amazing and beautiful!  All souls deserve to be home or to graduate!!!

Please surround us all, in the entire Cosmos with the white light of God, Aton, and the blue light of St. Michael!!  We ask this to be done in Sananda’s name!!!  Amen!!!!


I speak now to those of you, who are awakened and have found the Truth.   Have you relaxed your learning?  Have you said to yourself, “Well, I made it to the ships!  Now I can sit back in my easy chair and rest a while, do what I want.” Have you kept balanced, centered, focused and calm?  Have you asked for your frequencies to be raised to the Harmonics of 169443 so you can step into the beam of Light without bodily harm?

I say to all of you again that the evil darts never ever stop each moment of the day, for if they see one teeny, tiny, miniscule moment when they can attack the Lightworkers, they shall do so.  How do you throw off these subtle attacks?

You keep reading and above all meditate with the Lighted Realms.  Do not relax one moment on your journey to home, and to know that I am here to take your hand when the going gets rough.

Mother Earth is holding at this point, even though she is at the last point of tipping over on her axis. We are on Red Alert, knowing that this tipping event could happen any time.  However, you are to take each earth day that has been given to you to gird up your enlightenment with more reading and meditating and helping others when asked.   No one can do it for you, for you are the one to see that you do your part and we will help when needed.

So, pick yourself up and carry on, knowing that you can reach the top of that mountain with all the help that we of the Lighted Realms can do, but it shall be your course and you that shall be victorious.

Remember!  You of my Flock are in our beam of light, and coming home to the Light is imminent.   I come as a thief in the night when least expected to bring my enlightened ones to the Lighted Realms! 

Lo, I am with you always!







Beloved ones, little is the world of men; small indeed is the Earth—yet precious in Our sight, for the Earth surely is a will­ing servant of the Lord.  For long has she been in bondage, and long has she suffered.  Long has she served in the capacity of the Footstool of the Father; for long has she served in the ca­pacity of asy­lum and laboratory, and she is now in quarantine, yet she shall be delivered out.  She shall be cleansed and brought out of bondage, and once again she shall send forth Her radiance into the forests of the universe; she shall be a shin­ing orb.  She shall bring forth a new generation, and it shall serve The Father and therein she shall know great joy and there will be great rejoicing within the heavenly realms.  I tell you surely, the Earth has tra­vailed long in Her sorrow and pain.  Now she shall be delivered up.

She shall be delivered up.  Be aware of her travail and be pre­pared to share her joy.  Be ones which have suf­fered and pained with her and ones which shall also be delivered, for it is now come when the Light shall con­sume the darkness, and the Light shall go forth and all creatures shall be made new.  They shall be as they were cre­ated to be, for they shall no longer be as the ones bound in dark­ness.  This is mine word upon which I place mine seal this day.

Ye shall rise as on wings of dawn and you shall have the Rod of Power, and it shall serve you true and well.  Be as ones in alert­ness and let peace be within you.  MINE PEACE I GIVE UNTO YOU THAT YOU NOT PULL FROM ME IN FEAR AND TRIBULATION.  I AM THY ROCK.  SO BE IT AND SE­LAH.







Greetings to all souled ones upon Earth. Although I speak to all souls at this time, my first words of encouragement are to my Lightworkers, who are struggling with most difficult lessons at this ending time.

I think back on my lifestream upon Earth as ”Jesus”.  I was in a boat with some of my disciples.  We were fishing and had caught nothing.  The wind came up and the waves became higher and higher, causing great FEAR with the ones with me.  The waves splashed into the boat and they feared of drowning.  They cried out to me.  I calmed the storm and the waves stopped.  My fearful disciples were amazed at this feat, but they thanked me for saving them.

I tell you this because for some of you Lightworkers, the lessons have become so fierce against you, that you FEAR physical harm, or you become so stressed and fearful that you become unbalanced.  That is what the Dark Ones want. 

It was no different for Anne and Patrick at the ending time of his passing, for the troubles surmounted fiercely.  However, with our help the waters were stilled and the Great One passed on, leaving Anne to take the helm of Fourwinds and continue on, knowing that she could speak to the Lighted Realms at anytime for help and guidance.

As I look at my Lightworkers, there are ones, who spouse is not on the same page, nor cares about his or her partner and the Lighted Realms. It is a distressful time, for the attacks on all you Lightworkers increases, as the days pass.  You must know that we are but a heartbeat away and can still the storm within that other spouse to be calm and not create any physical or mental abuse to you, as a Lightworker. 

Ask for the waves of any abuse, whether it be mental, emotional or physical you are suffering, to be stilled, and the waves of doubt and fear to subside.  I shall calm those waves immediately if you but ask.  You have this one day in front of you to become victorious. 

Now, for all you souled one, who have not accepted the Truth, and are living yet in the lie of illusion, time is running out for you to wake up.  None the less, I love all of you dearly and do hope and pray that even at these last hours you may accept that you have lived under the lies and have been swayed to the dark- ones bidding.

No matter how big of a house you have or all those things you have purchased, all shall vanish in an instant, when the great waters rush over the land when Earth tips over. Remember, at your physical death, you {your SOUL) shall stand naked before God and judge yourself about what you have done to live the Laws of God and Creation.

If you pass that test you graduate!  If not, it may be that you shall have to choose which cave you wish to live, for your soul needs to start over with thousands of 3D lifestreams to gain soul growth again.  I cannot awaken you.  You must do that for yourself.  Your soul again, as I emphasize, is ETERNAL!   THAT is the REAL YOU, not your fleshy envelope you have borrowed for soul growth.

To my Lightworkers:  Stay strong.  Ask for the calming of the “storm”.  Believe your prayers are answered.  Cast that FEAR from you, for it is only the tool of the Dark Ones.  Let THEM fear, for their life ahead is most distressful!   These  souled ones captured by the dark ones need your prayers.  Remember, every souled one is on his/her own pathway. 

Yes, all were great Masters that volunteered to reincarnate, and if they choose another pathway that is not of the Light, just remember the soul is eternal, and they have more 3D lifestreams to awaken to the Light.

You Lightworkers have all the Power within to make it through each day given to you.  This day is one of them.  You can win, you can grow in soul growth, and we stand ready to help at a moment’s notice.  We do NOT EVER leave you alone in agony.  I still the waves around you if you but ask. 







I coma to you all souled ones this day upon Earth Shan, one of her last days of her 3D trial, for indeed over the past 20,000 civilizations she has had never before has there been one so evil like THIS one!

Oh, man of Earth!  You were created in the likeness and with the power of Creation within you.  You were created as the highest form of anything Creation has created!  Oh, that you all could realize your greatness, your great power within!

I see you writhing about in frantic pursuit of Earthly desires, having no concern for your great God Spirit within, let alone know anything about it.  You all came from the Higher Realms in grandeur, as you had graduated prior to coming to Earth. 

Alas! Alas!  Most of you still slumber on, caught in the great net of materialism, gaining all you could for selves and have forgotten your mission and to help Mother Earth.  Almost all!  Almost all!

Yet, at the last moment of this civilization, there awakened those, that we hope would see the Light.  The Satanian Empire in power at that time was desperately making sure that these ones fought among themselves, and slept on, to the desire of evil.

The Lighted Realms thought that these ones would never awaken to the Truth.  We sent the Phoenix Journals in hopes that the Truth revealed would be successful to awaken souls to serve their mission, as they had planned.

Did that happen?  I am so grateful to say yes, it worked! work, for out of the billions of you souled ones, there has come one tiny drop of those dear souls that opened their third eye to the Truth!  I call these ones my Flock! 

There was one dear soul that we sent back to Earth hoping that this one would see that a remnant would awaken!  This one soul awakened at an early age, knew of the mission to be accomplished, but had to endure the great attacks of the Satanists to see that this Mission would fail.

It did NOT fail! Finally, finally, of this tiny group of souls, there were those that picked up the gauntlet and surged forth with their God-Spirit within, and my help and the help of all the Lighted Realms, to conquer the evil, including the uncreation of the Satanian Empire.

Many other evil deeds were thwarted, making Mother Earth a most beautiful blue planet again, instead of the dark planet of evil spuing her deadly frequencies wracking devastation to the entire Cosmos.

Earth has come a long way, but only a very few souled ones talk to her as a sentient being with a soul, feelings, and to talk with her with any souled one that so desires.  Most people think Earth is just a planet to live on and dig and take her elements for themselves and WAR. 

How many of you souled ones talk to Mother Earth?  How many of you realize that everything, every blade a grass, every flower, everything HAS A SOUL?  Oh, but man has the greatest soul of all, because he has REASON.   Man was to take care of the Earth and treat it her kindly with love and respect, and to take care of all those souled creations.    

Some of my Flock has shown this most wonderful trait in helping Earth, talking with her, and for that reason she s lonely no more.  She hesitates to let my Flock to go home, for she was fearful of being alone.

We have assured her that she is cared for and loved, and that if my Flock needs to come home for further work, she should allow that to happen.  She agreed.

So now what?

Stay tuned…….