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SANANDA: We of the Lighted Realms have given these Petitions to the Lightworkers.   However, at this time the Lighted Realms have asked for these to be posted on this website for all souled ones on Earth and in the Cosmos to say daily or several times a day!

May it create a great UNENDING WAVE of GOODNESS, LOVE AND LIGHT to flow back and forth across from Mother Earth to the entire Cosmos, NOT UNLIKE A GREAT A MIGHTY UNENDING WAVE OF THE OCEAN.

You must clear yourself first and then say the beginning prayer given to you by El Morya, the first Ray of the Cohans.  Also, you may use the following “clearing” given to you by the Lighted Realms.

NOTE:  The word “Chalice” means your SOUL and ”WHITE” means Heavenly.


I petition by my Mighty God Spirit within and for a great, great Love of our Creator, all the Lighted Masters and all of Creation.

By my I AM Presence, I ask that all negative feelings of emotions, deeds, actions, words, all addictions, all anxety, aguish, any procrastination and distractions, all physical, mental and emotional illnesses, being unfocused, unbalanced, unhappy, being off centered, all regrets, self-humiliation, all evil and darkness, all ego an9 alter ego, condemning, all crosses of selfishness and self-indulgence, all black goo that I bear within myself, and within every being and creation on and within Mother Earth Shan that is, also, within every being of Creation in the entire Cosmos, be cleared away immediately and transmuted by the Violet Flame of St Germain from this Lower [3D] Octave to the Higher Octaves to be uncreated!

 I ask for complete protection for every creation in the entire Cosmos from all evil and evil technologies.  I ask for all the Lighted Masters and our Creator to right the chalices within all souls, and fill them with Love, Knowledge, Wisdom, Healing, totality, and centralization.

 I petition for all our harmonic frequencies be continuously raised to 169443.  I ask for Divine humility and purity of thought.  I ask to keep us all centered, focused and calm within this Lower Octave of illusion at this ending time, and to keep our emotions and energy in the Higher Octaves of the Cosmic Consciousness which will help us master our freewill.  Remember, there is only goodness in reality, and evil is of the illusion like this low 3D octive in which we live on this planet.

Please surround and infuse us all with the White Light of God Aton and the Blue Light of St. Michael.

 I ask this to be done in Sananda’s name.  AMEN! 


We ask for humility, and to hear the bell tolling, calling us forth.  We ask for the Will of God Aton, and for Love to surround all beings in the cosmos.  We are his humble servants, and we draw from his well-spring (Creator Source) of the Living Flame within our hearts!  We transmute away sin, disease and death, for they are of this illusion.  We transmute away this quasi (seems like) reality, in order to invoke (call on) our Sacred Spirit within to allow us to strip away the darkness from the molecules of light. We shall then have full memory once again, as the illusion falls away and is uncreated.  We ask for the thrust of thought, beyond the plane of consciousness into the entire Cosmos, and protection for all we petition!!



We petition by our mighty God spirit within and with great love, to set ourselves and all living beings in the entire cosmos, whether it be person, plant, animal, mineral or element, free of any mental or physical pain! We refuse the sentence of pain and pronounce all to have served the warden long enough! We remove the binding shackles that have bound all and ask that they be released through the transmutation ray of St Germain to a higher octave to be cast into the ethers and uncreated!!! We ask this in Esu Sananda's name! Amen! Please surround us all with the white light of God Aton and the blue light of Saint Michael!! Please return to all in the cosmos to fill their voided spaces with love, healing and light! Please right the chalices of all beings and fill them with love healing and light of the 7 Great Masters and the white light of God Aton. We ask this in Sananda's name! Amen!



We humbly ask to send all of Creation, our Creator, and the Great Lighted Masters all our Love, so they can return it to fill all chalices with Wisdom and Love.  We ask for St Germain’s Transmutation Ray to transmute all the Wisdom and Knowledge from all of the Great Lighted Masters through this Petition.  We humbly ask all the Lighted Masters help keep this Petition in the lower octaves, so it may heal and bring much Love to all.  We, also, humbly ask for the Violet Transmutation Flame of St Germain to transmute all debris and darkness out of our pathway, as we ascend on the spiral of enlightenment, and to transmute all darkness away for which we petition.

 We humbly ask for Divine humility and innocence like a small child, and to be open and remember again when we played with and loved all beings and creations.  We humbly ask for mastery of our pearls of the Cosmic Consciousness, and for the discipline to withdraw our energy from the dense matter of this octave and to bring it into the higher consciousness.  We petition for us to have the discipline to master freewill here in this octave, so that our Creator’s Divine Plan, and what each of us agreed to do, is revealed to us so we may fulfill it.

 We humbly ask for protection of our electric bodies that have been given to us for our soul growth and lessons, and to work with God Aton to find our cornucopia ever flowing with treasures of Wisdom, Abundance, Light and Divine Love.  We ask to experience the healing salve that comes from wonderful beauty, so that we remain inside the calm and harmonious whole.  We ask to become warriors of the Spirit, so we can move forward in our lives, right now, because we have full understanding of God Aton and ask for healing of our hearts!

We petition by our Mighty God Spirit within, and for a great, great Love for all that there is in the Creation, and of our Creator.  We humbly ask for all of us to have clarity of thought consciousness of our souls, and centralization of our beings.  We ask for our chalices to be righted and filled with healing rays of all the Masters and Love of the White Light of God Aton.  We humbly ask to uncreate all our crosses that we bear of selfishness and self-indulgence, freeing us of this lower octave’s chains.  This shall enable our Petition to ring true with Light, Love and Healing!

We petition for all the Lighted Great Masters Knowledge and Wisdom to be transmuted through the Violet Flame of St Germain to all of creation!  We petition that man once again will hear and understand the eighteen Laws of God and Creation.  We petition that all Alter Egos, sexual perversion, sexual confusion, selfishness and self-indulgence crosses that all people, souled, un-souled, cloned and all races of beings on the entire planet of Mother Earth Shan within and without have and bear, be uncreated immediately.

We, also, ask all addictions of all beings souled, un-souled, cloned,  and all races and animals on Mother Earth Shan, within and without, be uncreated immediately.   We ask that all Satanic cults, O cults, secret societies, witch craft, demon worshiping, religions, organizations, groups, gatherings or self-proclaimed gurus of all races in and on Mother Earth Shan, be rendered useless.  We petition for all of their evil teachings, books, war, hate mongering, lies, mind control, sacrificing, chanting, and complete 3D nonsense be transmuted away by St Germain’s Violet Flame to the higher octaves, be uncreated immediately to help all to awaken.

 We ask to transmute all chemicals and vaccinations that are being used to harm or destroy any races, animals, plants, trees, water or any creation in the atmosphere, on or within Mother Earth Shan, to a higher octave through the Violet Flame of St Germain  to be made into healing Gans water for all!

We ask for healing of all the hearts of all beings in and on Mother Earth Shan, so that all can give Love to then receive Love from the Infinite One.  We empty all chalices [souls] of darkness and fill them with Healing and Love from God Aton, and all the Masters.  We humbly ask all chalices within every Creation in and on Mother Earth Shan to bring back balance and light, so all will know and remember our Creator God Aton!

 We ask for all beings in and on Mother Earth Shan to have their electrical meters be brought back to center and be given that moment of stillness within,  so they remember, who they are.  May they remember the innocence they had as a child.  We ask for all the Lighted Realms to summon all the Mighty Arch Angles to go forth with their Legions of energy to cut free those souls, who are bound of nightmares, demons and discarnates  that pray upon their mind and body.   We petition for all to understand what the Light is, so the shackles of darkness that bind them in this octave fall away.  May all step into the beam when it is time for lift-off.

 We ask that all children be loved and protected, nurtured and cared for by all the legions of Angels of the Angelic Realms until lift-off.  We, also, humbly ask God Aton to help all souls to find their cornucopia.  We peititon for all the doorways, pathways, ribbons, wheels and roads of Light that have been created for the transcending of all trapped souls of all races of people, children, all water life, all animals, birds, bugs and insects from every civilization to present, that have left this lower octave on Earth and the Moon, to be protected by the Angelic Realms and kept open until lift-off.

We empty Mother Earth’s Chalice of darkness and fill it to over- flowing with Love from all the great Masters and God Aton, in order to heal her, all of the elements, and to ease her pain.  This shall help give Mother Earth Shan a wonderful and happy transition.  We thank her for sustaining us and loving us for all the long millennias, for she is a precious gem for placement and atunement.  We unshackle her chains and release her from her bondage, and transmute away man’s great confusion of turmoil and hatred in order to calm, heal and send love to all the elements.  Then he can become One again with his Creator for balance. He shall be able to understand and know he is never alone in this octave, in all octaves, and shall forever more be connected to the Great White [Lighted] Brotherhood.

We send love and healing to the entire Cosmos, and ask for the un- creation of all the selfishness, self-indulgence crosses, addictions, sexual perversions, and all Alter Egos that every being and creation have in the entire Cosmos in the lower octaves.  We, again, ask for the Violet Ray of Transmutation of St Germain to transmute all the darkness away, and to affirm the unreality of sin, disease, and death.  We invoke the Sacred Spirit, the cause and effect, record and memory of illusion that must submit on Earth Shan and all the planets in the lower octaves in the entire cosmos!   We send Love to all of Creation, and fill the chalices in the entire Cosmos in all dimensions with Love and the Light of all the Great Masters!   We send Love and Light of all the Great Masters, and fill the chalices of our Creator and Creation!!

God Aton’s will is our will in his Mighty I Am Presence, for I Am the Way, I Am the Truth and the Life.  We are all one in the end!  We ask this to be done in Esu Sananda’s name Amen! 

Please surround all of Creation in the Cosmos with the White [Heavenly] Light of God Aton and the Blue Light of St. Michael!AMEN!!! It is time for Mother Earth to come home! The Golden

Helmets [Arch Angels] surround her with love!!!!



Please send all we petition for, out to the cosmos, with all the energy of thought, Our Creator will allow, so we can ALL come into total fullness of faith, hope, charity and love; the greatest being love!!! Amen!!!


Please send energy through all we petition, continuously in a rhythm of light and love so the rhythm of the darkness is overridden completely and uncreated for all eternity!!! We ask this to be done in Sananda’s name!!!