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SANANDA:  Today’s Message is a special one I shall give to all Lightworkers.   I wanted Anne to pen this message as a separate article, because it is important that I clarify some of the that the Lightworkers are facing at this moment in time.

As I stated many times, lessons get harder and harder as you progress in soul growth upon this most difficult orb. However, I know you can complete your lessons with flying colors, for I am here to help, if asked.

Let me explain it this way.  Some of you Lightworkers and family or friends or even you spouse that have not awakened to the Truth.  You have hounded them with the Truth, you have explained the Truth and grieved over their pathway.  Nothing has worked as you had planned.

I ask you this.  What is the matter with you?  You spend hours of worry and fret because they do not listen.  What does worry do?  It takes YOU down, not them, for you have tried to control what you choose.

The demons have no power! They have been invited in and want others to join them.  How do they gain control?  It is the souled ones, who have with their freewill let the demons in.  Eventually they could gain complete control because the souled being has given them consent to come within.

Everything is based on freewill.  When you try to pound the Truth into ones unawakened, what are you doing?  You are trying to control that loved one or friend to do as you ask.  It will not work.  What you can do is tell them and give the Truth to them in the Phoenix Journals and let it go.  If they ask for help it is then that you can help them because they asked for it.   It is their choice and their choice only to make that decision to read and take to heart what you have said.  You must ask us for help for your friend or loved one. 

Above all, each of you enlightened ones are not alone, for you can pass every lesson no matter how difficult by taking my out-stretched hand to help you over the rocky thorn strewn path to Home.

Cast your heavy burden you carry about your loved ones to me, and I shall  carry it for you ahd give you andyour friends or lved ones all help I can.  It is by freewill only that these loved one over whom you grieve to choose the upper path.  I can shurely help if but asked to do so.

Your petitions and prayers are always heard and we respond when called.  You can ask that the demons within your loved ones or friends to be gone, however it is their freewill and only their freewill that can keep the demons out.

Right now the most evil of the demons have refused to leave Mother Earth. By request to have these demons removed, Hatonn is “scooping” them out of Earth and taking them to the proper placement.  You can also pray that the frequencies of Mother Earth be raised to the point that the demons cannot stand to live any longer, and would have to leave because their frequency is too low.

My words to you Lightworkers.  Keep strong with your own soul growth.  Take my hand and all lessons no matter how hard can be passed in honor and glory. Keep your frequencies high and nothing evil can penetrate that.

Cast your burden off you have been caring far too long about your friends and loved ones, and give it to me to carry, and I shall do all I can to help.

I am the Master of this planet, and I shall win over the darkness.  There is no hope for these demons. Together we shall have victory and I shall do all can to bring the Truth to your loved ones and friends. In short:  LET THEM GO AND LET GOD.