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JANUARY 25 2021


SANANDA:  My dear readers of Fourwinds, I have come to speak to you this 25th day of the new year.  This message is especially those Lightworkers, who have awakened, but I give this message to all souled ones even though they are still asleep to the Truth.

Many things have happened these last few weeks that has never happened before in your American history.  We have written many times about this last 3D civilization upon your planet but we cannot stress enough that that time is upon us.

Mother Earth has been around 4.5 billion years, and in all that time she has endured the sufferings of a 3D civilization, hoping that each time the civilization would awaken to help her graduate to 5D.  She has waited endlessly while war after war exploded upon her surface.  I need not go into detail of her suffering to the point of her death.

These last days upon Earth have been history-shattering.  By that I mean the Dark Ones of Lucifer/Satan, who have occupied this planet for eons, has come to an end.  It is not just the lying fiasco of Biden being put into place as your president, it is the end of all evil on your orb.  That is why there is such a great effort by the Dark Ones, as they are losing their home.

Mother Earth is ready and willing to graduate, and for that reason we of the Lighted Realms and all the 200 Star Nations observing this momentous event, are waiting patiently for this to happen.

What is going on in America at this time is the final battle with the DarkSide, whom we call the minions of Satan.  Shall this battle be won?!  YES IT SHALL BE WON BY THE LIGHT!!

Everything that we have shown you about the Biden fiasco has revealed their utter lies, disinformation, and the twisting of what really has happened.

We have shown you positive proof that all this a complete and ignominious failure with Hollywood sets, fake inauguration and above all, the person with a mask impersonating Biden, who was removed some time ago.  Nothing that was told by the MSM has any merit, for they are just repeating lie after lie.  After repetition day after day the lie becomes the truth to those, who think the MSM tells the truth.

Trump has pulled off the greatest Coup in the history of your world.  He still is your President, as he never resigned.  What has happened is so far above all the DarkSide's thinking it is like little boys and girls playing marbles on the sandy school yard, while Trump is playing 4D chess!l

The beauty of this whole mess, if I can say, is the invoking of the Insurrection Act.   It has allowed Trump to be in background unseen, giving authority for the U.S. Military to run the show.  That they are doing with great magnificence.

The Military of the U.S. has suitcases of treasonous actions by the Dark Ones.  They are in control at this time under the direction of Mr.Trump.  The Darkside has been totally fooled, as they are convinced they have won.  They are proceeding with impeachment of Trump, believing absolutely they are the winners of all.

They are totally unaware of the trap closing around them, stealthy and secretly until they shall realize the very last moment that their treasonous acts have caught them, permanently.  The dark spirit of TREASON awaits them. and has has surrounding them with no escape.  Even at this time there is a blackout in Washington D.C., the Washington Monumentt and the Vatican.  Also, there have been thousands of elite ones, who have met their final fate at Guantanamo.  The Tribunals  are happening quietly behind the scenes, and those of the Dark are in a horrible fright, for they know their turn is coming quickly and soon!

The great LAW OF RETURNS is absolute.  What ever they have done in lies and deceit, and the worshiping of Lucifer as their god, shall be returned unto them up to 100 times greater.   The vast net is closing quicly around them, without them even noticing what is happening.  Their placement, I may say, is most horrible, but it is what they have earned.  Some are clones, which shall go POOF!  Others, who are souled ones, have let their God-given spark of Light be diminished to the point of a very, very tiny spark, and some have no light in them left.

Their placement shall be what they have earned.  It may  be the VOID.  What is the Void?  It is a place where there is no goodness.  Maybe Creator God Source would check on them in a few thousands years to see any spark of life in anyone.  This is the future they have earned.

One of the tricks they have used is computer generated people, whom you think are real.  Other times they have dressed up a person with a perfectly made Biden mask to fool you over and over.  What more proof do you need to convince you ones that this great play by the Darkones has been known by Trump for a very long time?

You are seeing a movie made in virtual time.   Trump has allowed you to see this fiasco for your edification and to wake you up.

The big question is this:  where does Mother Earth stand at this point in time?  She is ready to tip, but when?  Is she allowing more "time" for this grand COUP to be completed?

Each day that you ones have is another day to keep positive and to pray for goodness to finally happen to your great country.  The evil ones have to be eliminated, as that is what they have earned. I request that you send Love and Light to all the Dark Ones.  Maybe someone will come back to the Light.

I do not have the answer to that question of when Mother Earth shall turn on her axis and graduate to 5D, but only to tell you that you have just one day at a time in which to keep your faith strong and to follow the Red Read of Truth to the stars.

I walk with you, showing you the way.  Stand strong for Truth and keep up your hope and joy.

You have today.  Make the best of it!!  😁





JANUARY 21, 2021



SANANDA:  Good morning to all my Lightworkers and all souled beings upon Earth;.  This message to you this morning is of utmost importance, as I shall tell you the Truth of what has just happened with this false election process in the United States.

I feel your discouragement, your helplessness and your frustration at what has happened by the evil election of Mr. Biden.

Why are you so discouraged?  Do you not see the better picture of a genious at work?  Do not think for one minute that this great PLAN by Mr. Trump has come to no fruition.  Far from it!  What is happening is exactly what has been planned all along.  You must remember that Mr. Trump has been trained for 35 years for this very event to happen.

My words are that this grand Plan for the Republic of the United States to finally take hold after hundreds of years of control by the Satanists.

What is so beautiful about the Plan is this. l  shall quote from The Marshall Report for today.  It is a very long read, but you all need to read every word to understand what is going on at this time.  Herein is a small quote that sums up what is taking place at this very moment.

Of course the Satanists are gleeful lat their victory!  Plans are to dismantle everything Trump has done bit by bit until all of you people are in their total control with no say, no freedom and only death to see for the future.

FAR FROM IT:  Read this statement for these are the key words you need to realize:


"The forming of this corporation in D.C.  is of major importance to understand, for when President Trump signed an executive order in 2018 on Election Interference/Fraud for entities both foreign and domestic, it outlined how assetts would be seized.  The President and the people knew and had the proof that a coup transpired out of the Corporation of the United States of America along with other foreign nations and was ignored by the Corporation in D.C.. They continued with their illegal steal, and the military is now in the process of seizing the assets of this foreign  country  known as THE CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.   It appears that President Trump’s executive order was actually directed at the Washington D.C. corporate swamp/cabal all along.  D.C. is now walled in and filled with military guard."

Do you understand the significance of this statement?  The Satanists have been fooled!  Their assets are being taken away and nothing is left!  They are physically walled in by the U.S. Military, and when they realize that their "Corporation of the United States" is broke and de-funk they will probably go mad.  They shall scream and holler and cry vengeance!,  Vengeance!,  but no one shall hear their cries of agony and hate.

Their time is done.  All of them shall be tried for Treason against the Republic of the U.S., and tribunals are already in process.  This Master Plan is what has been planned for years and it is the righteousness of the good that shall prevail.

So I tell all of you to rise up!  Get off your duff and start your prayers of hope for Mr. Trump and all who are working with him to accomplish this fantastic feat....THE END OF THE DEEP STATE.

Did I say it would be easy?  No!  It shall be a rough ride, just as George Washington crossed the Delaware so many years ago.

With the righteousness of the GOOD and the hope of GOD with all of you, victory is assured.  Pray that this grand Plan shall be completed with victory. 


So is Mr. Trump a dumb idiot, as he has made the Dark Ones believe?  Aho!  He is a grand genius and with the help of the Lighted Realms and the Mighty Arch Angel Michael, the Republic of the United States shall be victorious.

For your edification please read every word of THE MARSHALL REPORT:  THE CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES GETS A NEW CEO.

It is a long read with several vidoes, but you need to read it.  Also, I have asked Anne to repost a couple of of Patrick's articles that are really worth reading again and again.

Here are those titles and links:



DUN & BRADSTREET - with Comments by 'S'

What I have told you is the Truth of the matter.  Educate yourself, rise up and assist Mr. Trump and all that are working with him to succeed.  Your prayers for this mighty victory are needed!

Mother Earth has agreed to hold on a little longer giving Trump some time to complete this mission.  How long I do not know, but I do know that Satan has been defeated, and he will not go down without a fight.

God shall be victorious!  Keep that Light burning high for righteousness.  GOD WINS!




January 18, 2021




SANANDA:  Greeting to all my Flock of Lightworkers and all souled ones upon Earth.  I wish to give a message today that is to help mine Lightworkers through these last days upon 3D Earth.

When I was given charge of this planet I realized that I was the one, who was aptly chosen to combat the evil of my brother, Lucifer. I reincarnated many times upon Earth hoping to bring the Truth to those captured in the wiles of Lucifer.

When I returned 2000 years ago, the situation had not changed, as the religions Lucifer introduced had snared so many into believing the lie about me.   The minions of Lucifer, who is now called Satan, had done a very good job of mixing Truth with lies so as to deceived millions of ones into the net of darkness.

The real Truth of my reincarnation as "Jesus" was to bring Truth.  That false name was given to me, and what happened?  Millions of ones worship me hanging on a cross.  Such nonsense!  I did not come to save anyone.  I came as a Truthbringer, not a sacrifice for someone else's sins.  Such a lie has permeated Earth now for hundreds of years.

Even today, these false religions abound in numerable amount and no persuasion could ever change the mind of those, who follow Satan's War Book, the Bible.

With one last attempt the Lighted Realms send the Phoenix Journals to set the Truth straight.  They have now been spread world wide for all to read, and yet those, who have come to the Truth, are very few, indeed.

My entire flock is just over 300 enlightened ones.  Can you believe that out of the billions of ones upon your orb?  I realized that many are clones, but the many  souled ones, who came back this last civilization, are still asleep.

Now I look upon the United States, as there is a great fight against the evil ones, who wish to destroy your country.

Hatonn has played his last Trump card, and that my friends is the saving factor of your nation.  This one person has stood against the dark ones, who wish to destroy your country.  Because of the stance he has taken with the few, who are with him, he has done his part of the battle.

Because of this, we of the Lighted Realms can help in return, as the Law of the Cosmos is to give, and regive in return.  You do your part and we cn respond in return.  We cannot do it for you, if you understand.

You know what Patrick said in his last communication to you.  Your country has been besieged all around your coasts, and there is strife and unrest within, as well.  By that I mean to minions of Satan,  who wish to turn your country in a Communist hell upon Earth.

With our help, Mr. Trump has all under control, and the best is yet to come.  He has subtly snared the dark ones in the net of treason, and the they are totally unaware of the grand net that has caught them of their sedition and treason.

Trump is from his secret protected place, running the show, and is prepared for the onslaught that is planned when  the Deep State realizes they have lost the show.  Watch what transpires these next few days.

The United States has returned to the Republic and that, my friends has no place for any one claiming by fraud to run your country.  The Corporate Government that has ruled for centuries is DEAD in the water!

I do thank the Lightworkers for their prayers and petitions for your country.  There are, also, millions praying, and although they are still caught in he religious lie, their prayers have been heard.

Putin has been a help, as well, and as we see it there shall be no World War III, even though the DarkSide wishes to have a war to destroy the people aNd Mother Earth.  This is not allowed, for each has a freewill when they leave their physical body.  Creator God has decreed, also, that Earth shall NOT be destroyed.

As you have heard and read, Trump has secured Washington, D.C. in preparation for any trouble that may come as a result of the attempted inauguration of the false candidate.  The show begins.

You know who is in charge, and it is not the DarkSide.  With our help, Mr. Trump shall succeed.

Stay calm and in prayer.

God Wins!





January 15, 2021


SANANDA:  I have a most urgent message to all Lightworkers and souled being at this most important time.  I woke both Anne and J. at 1:44 a.m. this morning to tell them about an important message that needs to get out.  After an hour talk with both of them, including Arch Angel Michael; and Patrick, it was agreed that I shall give this message to Anne for to all who may read it at this time.

January 18, 2021We of the Lighted Realms have been monitoring all events happening on Earth, and this message is one of most importance.

I have, also,  asked Anne to post three articles on Fourwinds for today in order to informs the souled ones upon Earth to take heed.

Mr. Hal Turner put out some information that is now posted below this message.  It is called:      MULTIPLE CLAIMS: CHINESE INVASION FORCE LANDING IN CANADA TO COMMENCE PHYSICAL INVASION OF USA. 

Both Anne and J. asked we of the Lighted Realms if such is true.  My answer is YES, this is true.

A Chinese force of 250,000 soldiers is being flown into Canada to prepare for a physical invasion of the USA.  Their plan includes coming through any tunnels along the Canadian border as well as a directly across the border into the USA.  This includes tanks, military equipment and nuclear bombs ready to attack.  The Canadian government is complicit in this invasion.  

The Chinese, also, are preparing to invade along each coast of the US by submarine and stealth war.  They are coming in droves to take down America.

President Trump, however is totally aware of this coming invasion, so I shall proceed with his plans.

Trump has all the tunnels from Canada into the US under his control and has equipped the entrances with bombs to automatically detonate should any Chinese military attempt to use these tunnels.

He, also has watchdogs along the entire border to Canada, watching for any physical movement of tanks, or Chinese military equipment should they attempt to enter above ground.

He has control of the waters on each coast with surveillance planes watching any underwater movement of Chinese subs.


There is another scenario on hand of which you may not be aware.


Trump and Putin have been working together for a long time.  There are Russian ships and submarines, as well on both Coasts of the US. monitoring the waters for any Chinese movement to invade.


If you could remember history and the Civil War, you would know that it was Russia, who saved US from being destroyed.

Putin and Trump have agreed should any shot or bomb be prepared to be detonated would result in Russian using their Tesla technology to render all military equipment guns, submarines, planes and any other Chinese military weapons useless, just as they did to the two ships during Obama's reign of terror.  This would result in closing down the military equipment to be nothing more than a piece of dead metal.  The submarines would be dead in the water and all planes would stop working.

Is this going to happen?  It is a great possibility.  Where does Mother Earth stand in all this?

At this time, she wishes to have balance brought to her one last time, and she just may give Trump enough time to take care of this situation.  She would be ready to tip over if the situation would get worse, but at this time she is still letting Trump carry out his plans that have been in the making for a very long by day.

I have assured both Anne and J., that we of the Lighted Realms are protecting all Lightworkers, and should the situation demand, we would evacuate the Lightworkers and commence with total evacuation.

At this time the DB's are being rounded up by Trump and his military. Because of the Insurrection Act being activated, the US military is now in control .  The Demoncrats, as I call them, are in total panic.  As they are being arrested there are certain things that may occur.  There is planned a period of blackout, Internet, TV communication and cell phone shut-off except for any emergency broadcast to the people from Trump.

Have food, water, medications and cash on hand for a period of time, perhaps a few days until these DB's are rounded up.  Stay inside your home, for any travel may be dangerous for you.  Remember Trump is in control at this time, in spite of what you may hear on the lying media.  The mainstream media is to be taken down shortly.

In the meantime, I ask all Lightworkers and all souled ones to pray that is horrible planned event to never come to a war.  Mother Earth shall not be destroyed as have the other planets been destroyed by the DB's.

Remember, the DB's have been in control of this planet for millennia, and their demise is now at hand.  They lose their home and will not quit until the last of them is rounded up.

With that, just be aware of this dangerous situation.  We are in awareness and control, and are protecting Trump and his people.  Remember Creator God said his is playing his Trump Card.

With that, I take leave, knowing that you have read my message.  I am protecting mine ones and I shall be victorious over Satan, Light always wins.  We shall be victorious, together.