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Unto the Father's house from which he went forth, it shall be that he shall triumphantly return. Ah, yes, the Father shall rejoice, for it is given unto Him to wait for His beloved offspring to go out and again return. Therein, beloved chelas, is WISDOM! It is the Law; so above, so below and for this do they wait that they fulfill the Law which has sent them forth. It is the fulfilling of such Law that they return and that they be made new and groomed for another new and wondrous day; and in that day, they shall know peace and they shall rest from those things which have beleaguered them. So it is ordained. There is naught law of Earth which shall stay the Law which is established unto these things; and so be it and it shall come upon the Earth that which man feareth and that which he cannot comprehend. It will come within thy span and it is at hand.



Now again I say unto you which is repeated from the first time of its telling, that which shall be. They have not listened and therefore have not heard the call, nor have they heard the bugle's trumpet which soundeth. IT IS NOT SYMBOLIC BUT IS LITERALLY TRUE; THE CLARION CALL SHALL BE SENT FORTH; THE TRUMPET SHALL BE SOUNDED AND SORROW UNTO THOSE WHO HEED NOT ITS CALL.

There shall be a day when the Sun shall not shine forth; she shall be as a bowl of blood; and she shall give forth no heat. Then, as if in a twinkling of an eye there shall be a great burst of flame which shall be forged from within the Earth herself, and It shall be as the Earth has flipped her axis; and she shall roll and reel and she shall be in the throes of agony. Then the words of comfort shall he spoken which shall settle her down again upon her axis whereby she shall be as a newborn. She shall be as the babe within the bosom of its mother and she shall find comfort and peace. She shall rest.

No man nor woman shall know the hour that this is to come upon the Earth; thereby it is fair warning that ye ones who project in improper knowledge cease and desist from thy false projections for it is not given unto man to know. 'Tis the devil's work that would misguide thee. Know only that there is very little "time" for the fulfillment of these Laws and that which shall come; for it is already written upon the wall and most see of it not for they are as drunken with their own vainglory. They have not seen nor have they listened. Ah, 'tis such the pity, for it is given to man to turn backward and for this does he stumble and fall. So shall he have many injuries and bruises, and no place shall he find rest for his looking only backward, for his looking backward shall bring him much suffering. He can, therefore, be only the bearer of the past; and that is such the pity of it all, for therein is no wisdom.