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It is said that "I AM THE WAY," and it is so! None can come save by me, for I am the keeper of the gate and the guard at the door, and I guard my secrets well. Not a person is so foolish as those which plunder mine secrets. Man is given to take that which he can steal and pilfer without paying the price. Therein is folly! for it is the law; that which is earned is for the best part worth the works, and that effort is within itself that which is most prof­itable and bears merit unto thee. It is for this reason that much is kept from man--that he might increase and decrease strength and that he may learn to stand alone within the time when there is not help for him. Yet, there is no time when help is denied; but the wisdom of with holding it is the greatest of all good deeds that a man might reach fine stature.


Oh, precious ones, there are those who would "purchase" their fare into the place called Heaven where they perceive they might obtain a life of ease which should profit them naught. That which is not profitable unto eternal life is denied them by the Father, for He knows before they call, that which they need and that which shall profit them and matches within the heart place the mission of purpose of the soul.


Attend well now, chelas, these words for they are of great import.

P. 77